the recent fudging up is with my crowntail moriarty
honestly im a mess, hes a mess, we’re a mess
i’m working on finding a solution for this one tank (cuz everyone else is doin really well, so thats a positive)…possibly going to need to rehome some snails :T

moriarty has fin rot and im having a hard time getting ammonia to go down (.25ppm last night) and it was all good and 0s before but then it wasnt. and i thought it was just bacterial fin rot not caused by bad water quality cuz i’d been keeping up with weekly (shooting for 2x a week, but at LEAST doing 1x a week of 50-75% wc) water changes and siphoning and the anubias has been growing great (like 2 new leaves unfurled this past week >w<) and ive got to do some more research on

- whether or not to medicate with the kanaplex thats coming this week
- to rehome the snails (which cuts the bioload by like 80% i swear. the snails love snacking on the driftwood and they just poop 24/7/365 and its just way too much for me to keep up with honestly…like they poop more than any of my other snails cuz theyre constantly eating really dense stuff) and then go crazy with water changes for a week or two and then try kanaplex if it doesnt get any better

so feel free to leave me some advice on that ^^^ if ya like
also idk how water changes + medication work ._. so i’ll probably be asking around about that as well >.>

i feel like day-1-fishkeeper-me rn tbh…i have done a 60% wc today and i’m going to be doing daily testing on his tank (yay fish science!) to MAKE SURE ammonia stays at 0 cuz weekly testing just aint cuttin it with anymore.

on a good note tho, bubbles’s and triton’s tanks are both at 0/0/<10, triton has made a lil more tail regrowth (his edges are looking clear and smooth instead of raggedy!) and bubbles just gets prettier by the day (dont tell the boys but i think she’s my curent fave <3 she’s just got this really vibrant red and turqoise coloring and her rays are lookin good and she’s just like 100% sass). 


Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…

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What I absolutely love about your art style is their lively facial expressions! Could you please show us a tutorial on how to draw them?

Thank you! There is a tutorial that I’ve been looking for everywhere to no avail so I will cook up my own thing real quick. Mind you, this is not really a tutorial, more like a demonstration.
What I want to show you here is how a little detail can change the whole facial expression. To give you a good example, here are some Buttons faces with the only difference between them being the change of one feature in each row.
Let’s go with eyebrows first:

Then we got eyelids:

The focus of the eyes, the dilation of the pupils and even the size of the iris:

The mouth:

And though this might be more “body language” than “facial expression”, but I think the position of the head/neck counts as part of an expression:

Of course there are other things you can change on your subject’s face like squishing-stretching the whole head or just some of their features, scrunching up their nose, messing up their hair, etc. It all depends on how cartoony your character is. Buttons is semi-realistic so I don’t really go to the extremes with his face.

Another thing: when it comes to conveying an expression, I first think of the basic pose (angle of the head and neck, body language), much like how you start animating lipsync by creating the body language first. You don’t get to draw in the individual mouth posings until you got the body language down.

Same with drawings. Try not to start with the details, work your way to them!

That’s all I could think of for now. I got some more references and thoughts collected in this post from a year ago.
Have fun! :)

On Camera

Or that one time Lance decided to live-stream when he really should’ve been resting. The (established) klance YouTuber AU that no one asked for, but you’re all getting. Domestic klance sharing an apartment is my jam, and throwing a little angst in there is a bonus.

I’m actually really happy with this, and if people like it I might do an actual long AU thing with this setting, so feedback is appreciated! For now though, just a one-shot. This is also proof that the best writing for me happens at 3 AM… oops. I hope you enjoy!!

Psst @taylor-tut this is that thing I not-so-discreetly mentioned in my tags, have a wonderful day.

Lance McClain was a rulebreaker in every way, except for one thing. He believed it was always necessary to have a routine, and never stray from it. If asked, he’d inform you that a steady routine was the foundation for a steady life.

Showering every morning, brushing his teeth every night, thinking of a cheesy one-liner for Keith each day without fail, the list went on. Little things.

One of his many routines was to live-stream, always on Sundays. Because who did anything besides sit at home, definitely not with a hangover, on Sunday?

New videos went up on Wednesdays, but the carefully edited ones on YouTube and his live-streams were very different. Many fans even preferred seeing him live, mainly because he couldn’t stop himself from making bad jokes, and was usually too lazy to straighten his bedhead.

And they would always ask him to go bother Keith in the next room, which Lance more often than not was obliged to do.

So when he woke up late one Sunday with a killer headache and a stuffy nose, Lance wasn’t about to let it get in the way of his routine.

He discovered a note from Keith on the kitchen table that said he’d be out running errands, and Lance lamented that he hadn’t been awake to tell Keith to get soup. After shooting him a quick text, the only response Lance got was “You don’t even like soup.”

Lance chuckled softly, which quickly led to a series of wet coughs. Clearing his throat, he began to set up his camera, wrapped himself up in blankets, and started the stream.

“Hey guys,” he said with a small wave, and winced at how raspy his voice sounded. He sniffled, and edged the off-screen box of tissues closer to him.

The chat was quickly flooded with “HELLO”’s and “LANCE!”’s. By now, all the fans knew when he went live. Lance was, however, surprised to see several inquiries about his health.

There were quite a few “Are you okay”’s, and even some “You seem sick”’s, with one of Lance’s personal favorites being “You look like shit.”

He read off the last comment with a short laugh. “Thanks, KeiththeKutie05.” Then, as an afterthought, he added, “Nice name.”

After a short pause of him continuing to scan the chat, he spoke again. “I’m fine though, just got a cold or something. Nothing could stop me from live-streaming!”

As the viewers seemed satisfied with this response, Lance wasn’t surprised to see the usual repetition of “Where’s Keith?” in the chat. He sighed.

“Mullet Boy is running errands,” Lance told them, rolling his eyes for effect. “Probably going out to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves.”

Keith and Lance had been sharing an apartment for some time now, and the Internet was very invested in their relationship, or so it seemed. Keith was annoyed by the whole thing at first, but Lance found it entertaining that his fans seemed to like Keith better than him. Lance could, admittedly, relate.

Eventually, the accidental publicity that came with dating a YouTuber inspired Lance to make a collab channel for them, though Keith never got his own. He insisted that he was too awkward to film anything by himself, which Lance secretly found adorable.

Numerous people began telling Lance to prank Keith when he came back, to which Lance grinned. Playing tricks on Keith during live-streams had become somewhat of a tradition in and of itself. “Maybe I will,” Lance tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You guys got any ideas?”

Lance read through some of the responses but saw nothing particularly appealing, then perked up at someone asking when he’d do a video with Hunk again.

“Actually, I got some good news for you guys,” Lance declared, sneezing into his elbow before continuing. “Hunk and I are going to be playing videogames on Pidge’s channel sometime next week, and Hunk has both of us coming over to his and Shay’s for a baking video. I haven’t decided what we should do for my part yet. Maybe a Q & A?”

Once again, Lance’s eyes scanned through the suggestions until his eyes snagged on one he liked. “Cards Against Humanity, huh? With YouTube’s shitty new rules it could get demonetized, but I do love that game, so why not? I’m positive Pidge owns it, and I can tell them to bring it over. Maybe I can even convince Keith to play with us.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic response that got.

“I think I’m going to get myself some more coffee,” Lance decided, looking down at the empty mug resting on a coaster. “Last night Keith made me watch this really scary movie, so I naturally had trouble falling asleep. Gotta have coffee to keep myself functioning. Do you guys prefer coffee or tea? Keith and I are both coffee people, but he likes his black. No sugar or anything, disgusting if you ask me.”

Lance almost regretted this comment as a war of opinions on black coffee slowly took over his computer screen.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna go to the kitchen real quick. I’d bring my laptop but… I’d probably spill coffee on it, and we can’t have that.”

Lance stood, and was about to start towards the next room when his vision abruptly blurred and refocused. He knew immediately something was wrong.

His legs felt like jelly, and the room seemed to spin as he took a single step forward. Had he only been fine when he was sitting? Lance had half the mind to sit right back down, but his brain was growing muddled, and direction simply didn’t make sense.

Lance’s migraine flared abruptly in intensity, and then suddenly the wood floor was rushing up to meet him. Everything went dark.

Keith glanced at his phone as he moved around to the back of the car, where he’d stored the groceries, and had to repress a fond smile at the Twitter notification on the screen. Lance was, apparently, live-streaming. Keith thought he might actually miss his time-slot for once, but he figured by now he should be used to the Cuban boy’s dedication to routine.

Lance’s channel got some negative feedback from more ‘sophisticated’ YouTubers for being… all over the place. A dedicated beauty guru, or PrinceLotor as his channel was called, had dragged Lance on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Lance was anything but consistent when it came to videos. He did whatever he felt like doing that week, and the fans loved it. Sometimes he played songs on his guitar, sometimes he did prank-calls. He would film Q&A’s, or tell stories about all the interesting stuff that happened in his life— Lance’s bad luck was rather famous. He recommended TV shows, did hauls of what he got for holidays, vlogged on occasion when he went to stores, you name it.

But Lance’s favorite thing to do were collabs.

Hunk, an incredibly smart engineer, had a baking channel as a hobby, and Lance was his favorite assistant.

Pidge was a newer gaming channel, but their obsession with theorizing about the game’s lore while playing and busting other fan theories made them grow in popularity quickly. For two player games, Lance was ideal.

Allura was an extremely popular beauty channel, and Lance let her give him makeovers whenever she wanted to. Shiro could use extra actors in his short films.

And Keith… well, the two of them had a channel together that had no pattern whatsoever, much to Lance’s dislike. Absolutely spontaneous and random, usually doing things by popular fan request, like dancing or karaoke. And uploads were by no means regular.

Keith was surprised at how much he had started to enjoy it. Lance had been telling him he should start an art channel, with animations and speedpaints and the like, and Keith wasn’t… that opposed to the idea. It could be a useful source of income, to help with all the debt he would come into after graduating college. But he’d never tell Lance.

Without thinking too much of it, Keith swiped right across his screen, taking him to Lance’s tweet about the live-stream in order to like it. He was about to close his phone again and begin taking groceries up to their apartment when his eyes snagged on something odd.

Lots of the replies to Lance’s tweet mentioned him, particularly the recent ones, even tagging him in it. Keith couldn’t fathom why they would be talking about him if he wasn’t on the stream, unless Lance was complaining about him live again.

Keith bristled. Lance better not be still annoyed at him for the movie the last night. Signs wasn’t scary at all, and not even a real horror movie! Lance simply stated that ‘he didn’t mess with aliens.’

But when he looked at all the mentions, Keith felt his irritation give way to confusion, and then panic.


Keith slammed the trunk, all groceries forgotten as he sprinted into the apartment building and ran for the stairs. They only lived on the third floor, and he was not about to wait for the slow, crowded elevator.

He fumbled to fit his key in the lock and opened the door to the living room, only to spot the live-streaming set up, with no Lance. Keith rushed forward, but drew up short when he realized that Lance was in fact passed out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Oh my god— Lance!” Keith sank down beside him, turning his boyfriend over. “Lance, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Lance’s eyes opened slowly, and Keith felt relief flood his system, despite the uncharacteristically pale skin. “K-Keith? Wha… I thought you were shopping?”

“I’m back,” Keith answered shortly, wincing as he pressed a hand onto Lance’s forehead. “Jeez, you’re on fire. Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?!”

“Are you a fire?” Lance mumbled under his breath, and Keith furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What? No, Lance, I was saying you have a fever.”

“Because you’re hot and I want s'more,” Lance continued, as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Keith was suddenly painfully aware that the live-stream was still going, and that his face was even more flushed than Lance’s, and not because of a fever.

Keith glanced at the computer sitting on the coffee table briefly, noting that most of the chat was full of random keyboard smashing. He smiled apologetically. “At least he’s conscious,” he shrugged, hoisting Lance up off the floor and propping one of his arm’s around Keith’s shoulder. “I’m going to take this idiot to the hospital, he’s way too hot.”

“So you finally admitted it,” Lance’s voice was barely audible, and Keith glanced back down to see him grinning up at Keith tiredly.

“I meant your temperature, dumbass. Next time, tell me when you’re not feeling well.”

And with that, he shut off the stream.

Percy/Annabeth Swap
  • Ok so I was thinking about what it would be like if Percy was the one who went to Camp when he was seven
  • So imagine an AU where Annabeth’s stepmom was actually nice and Annabeth never ran away
  • In this AU, Percy’s the one who ran away when he was young
  • Sally died when Percy was only six (I know, I’m so so sorry), and Gabe wasn’t exactly willing to look after him
  • Gabe knows someone who runs a care home in Virginia, so he takes him there
  • But Percy isn’t willing to go to it because anyone who is a friend of Gabe is not someone he wants looking after him
  • So he runs away in Virginia, and decides to look for his real dad
  • It’s only been a few days when he meets his first monster, a hellhound
  • Percy’s next to a river when he sees it, and desperately he jumps into it
  • Despite the current, he manages to swim to the other side pretty easily, but his clothes are wet (at this point he doesn’t know he’s a demigod, so he hasn’t learnt how to use his powers properly)
  • Shivering, he ends up in an empty alley, when another monster shows up
  • This time, it’s a sphinx, and Percy would’ve been killed for sure if a blond boy hadn’t come out of nowhere and stabbed it with his sword
  • At first Percy’s scared by this boy and the dark haired girl with him, but they soon convince him it’s alright, they’re like him, there’s no reason to be scared
  • They tell him they’re called Luke and Thalia, and they explain that he’s a demigod
  • “What’s your name, kid?” Thalia asks
  • “My name’s Percy,” he responds, “Percy Jackson.”
  • From then on, Percy’s life becomes a bit easier
  • Sure, they’re still on the run, and they still have to face monsters, but Percy has friends now
  • He admires Luke completely, and pretty soon he’s his role model. Percy will do anything to try and impress Luke.
  • Thalia’s like the big sister Percy never had, and always knows what to say to cheer him up. In the aftermath of Percy’s mom’s death, she’s a massive help
  • Of course, Thalia adapts to the big sister role pretty quickly. It’s almost like she’s had practise
  • Percy starts to get better at facing monsters
  • He starts training with the dagger Luke gave him, determined to do well
  • After a while, Grover finds them, and leads them to camp
  • Like in canon, Thalia is turned into a tree as she sacrifices herself
  • That hits Percy hard
  • Luke’s changed too
  • Luke still looks out for Percy, and helps him through that stage, but he’s more emotionally detached
  • In the beginning, Percy stays in the Hermes cabin, because he’s unclaimed
  • Every night, when he offers food, he prays his parent will claim him
  • Chiron takes sympathy on Percy, having developed a liking for the boy
  • Finally, two years later, Percy’s wish is granted in a game of Capture the Flag
  • When Percy moves into the Poseidon cabin, he’s lonely at first
  • He misses his friends from the Hermes’ cabin, like Travis and Connor, but he remains friends with them
  • He soon gets used to it, but he misses being in the same cabin as Luke
  • Luke’s training harder and harder these days, and it’s almost like he’s shutting Percy out
  • Later, Luke goes on his quest, and when he comes back with the scar, Percy can see he’s more angry, but when anyone brings it up with Percy, he denies it vehemently
  • By the time Percy’s 11, he’s well settled in camp, it’s his home
  • He has friends (Grover’s his best friend), and he’s become really good with a dagger, since he trains with Luke’s dagger all the time
  • He knows there’s a prophecy, and it’s got something to do with when he turns sixteen, but he doesn’t know exactly what it says. He does know that Chiron won’t let him go on a quest because of it
  • One day, Chiron says there’s a gifted demigod at the school he’s been teaching in
  • Grover brings her to Camp, but not easily: they suffer from a minotaur attack on the way, and apparently the girl’s father was taken to the underworld
  • The girl’s knocked out, and Percy volunteers to look after her, and the first thing he notices is her blonde princess curls
  • (Update: Part 2 can be found here)

I need help. Like seriously… I also need more voltron episodes, because I’ve already rewatched the 1st season like 4 times now.

I want this to be an Family AU series, I’ve got some more pages I’m working on, but I’ve got so much other life responsibilities to handle first.. so yeah, stay tuned? 

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Hollllllyyyy Shiiit!!! I just saw your cuddly OCs!! More more more please!!! ❤️❤️❤️

as luck would have it I’ve got some more OC doodads I can share :’D I wanted to revisit Diego’s design and revamp it a little (the last time I’d touched it was….2015-ish oh god) and the boys in crop tops are all new OCs too! 

The left is Alec, middle is Hamish (Alec’s older brother), and Taemin is the one on the right! 

They started as glorified OC’s i made for VLD (and MysM for Taemin), but I’m hoping to use them in a story someday soon! (I promise I have cis female characters too. And nonbinary characters! I just haven’t gotten around to drawing them all yet)

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


Cheap Pleather

Summary: You and Bucky have been given what was meant to be a simple task - but is it?

Word Count: 1,042

Warnings: Language

A/N: It’s short, it’s (hopefully) sweet, and I hope you enjoy it. The idea for this came as I was settling in to my new apartment, and dealing with the same frustrating task. 

“Just put it in.”

“Like this?”

“Ow, oh -”


“No, no, I’m okay. Just go a little slower.”

“What in the hell -”

Sam’s voice broke your concentration, and you cursed when the heavy section of couch you’d been supporting slipped.

“Damn it, we were so close!” you huffed, dropping from your crouched position to sit roughly on the floor. Bucky, who’d been carefully maneuvering the back end of the couch, collapsed beside you. His face was flushed and sweat had beaded across your forehead; the pair of you were breathing all too heavily for the simple task you’d been given.

“You two still don’t got that thing together?” Sam chuckled, leaning against the wall behind him as he appraised you with amused eyes. You glared at him as Bucky spoke.

“It’s not as easy as you think.”

“It’s IKEA,” Sam snickered. “How hard could it be?”

How hard could it be?” You mimicked Sam in a dopey voice, screwing up your face stupidly as you turned your attention back to the disassembled couch. Sam guffawed and you swore you heard Bucky snicker, but when you shot him a quick glare his face was suspiciously expressionless.

“Alright, well,” Sam sighed, his voice much too jovial for your liking. “As much as I’d love to watch, I’ve got some real work to do.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky groaned, pushing himself back to his feet. You remained on the ground, glaring at the piece of hardware that had been giving you so much trouble. “Ready, doll?”

You peeked over the couch, satisfied to see that Sam was leaving, and nodded.

“It’s just gotta go - there, see?”

You were sweating again, having just carefully jammed the base of the couch into place.

“Hand me those screws,” you pointed, not daring to let go of the couch with your other arm. Bucky passed them over, and you had to practically crawl inside of the couch to put them where they belonged.

“IKEA,” you muttered under your breath, reaching blindly up into the innards of the couch and hoping the screw was going into the right place. “Swedish for fuck you.”

Bucky laughed, taking a few of the screws and getting to work on the other end of the couch.

“Just imagine what it’ll look like when it’s done,” he squinted in concentration, reaching just as blindly as you were.

“Like a cheap pleather couch,” you mumbled, starting to work on your last screw.

“Yeah, that reminds me,” Bucky said. You were somewhat annoyed that he was already placing his final screw - he’d worked so much faster than you had. “Tony could afford any piece of furniture in the world. Why in the hell did he order from some company that gets paid to deliver stuff unassembled?“

"Because he’s got a sick sense of humor,” you muttered darkly. You gave your screw a final, hard twist and then clambered to your feet, tiredly tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Bucky finished just after you did, and you stood back as he positioned the now-assembled couch against the wall.

“What do you think?” Bucky asked. He moved to your side and slipped an arm around your waist. Despite the fact that you were quite certain the air conditioning needed to be turned up and the heat radiating from Bucky didn’t help anything, you didn’t protest.

“I don’t know,” you sighed heavily, letting your head fall onto his chest. “Think it’ll hold up?”

Bucky’s chest rumbled with quiet laughter, and before you could question him, you were off your feet and in his arms.

“Only one way to find out,” he said, his face twisted into a mischievous smile. He twirled around and dropped you lightly onto the couch, which was just big enough for him to place his knees on either side of your hips. You stared up at him, your eyes narrowed despite the butterflies fluttering around in your stomach.

“Could be a bit bigger,” he shrugged, leaning over you so that his long hair fell forward and tickled your cheeks. “But I think we’ll make do.”

And then his lips were pressed gently against yours, and any stubborn sullenness you’d been holding on to vanished.

As your lips worked together, you felt a refreshingly cool hand slip beneath the hem of your shirt and you shivered. Bucky chuckled huskily, and then his tongue brushed across your bottom lip and you let out a soft moan. The hand at your waist slipped to the small of your back, pulling your body flush with his as he deepened the kiss.

“You guys about - oh, come on!”

You and Bucky broke apart instantly, your face turning a deep shade of red when you saw that Sam had returned. Bucky snorted, sitting up and pulling you with him so that you were tucked beneath his arm.

“I thought you had work to do,” you said, going for an accusatory tone that came out more like a squeak.

“I was coming to steal your man for a few hours,” Sam answered, folding his arms over his chest as his bright eyes danced between the pair of you. “Steve wants to-”

“Later,” Bucky interrupted. “We’ve got some more, uh, work to do.” You’d have thought it impossible, but your blush deepened. You smacked Bucky’s chest as he laughed and Sam made an exaggerated noise of disgust.

“You two have a room, you know,” Sam said, shaking his head and twisting on his heel to leave.

“We’ve earned this!” Bucky called after him. You rolled your eyes, listening as Sam’s footsteps quickly disappeared. Several quiet moments passed, Bucky absentmindedly strumming his fingers across your hip.

“Well,” Bucky sighed with contentment, slapping a hand down on the pleather couch cushion beside him. “I think it’s safe to say it’ll hold up just fine.”

You snorted softly, a small smile on your lips as you nestled against his chest. Your eyes were growing exceedingly heavy, and keeping them open was a losing battle. Bucky’s fingers ran soothingly through your hair, and the sound of his heartbeat gently lulled you to sleep.

“I love you,” Bucky whispered, pressing a light kiss to your temple. Even in your sleep, you smiled.

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Since it’s been so long, if you’d like on/off my tagging list, let me know!

after being rescued by kageyama, hinata has to stay in his tub! he’s ridiculously embarrassed (not just cause hes around kageyama now, but he also feels like a burden) its very awkward in the beginning :’)