the fall is back tonight (rte one, 9:30pm GMT)

and here’s the mandatory ‘im not a spoiler-free blog’ post :)

PLEASE blacklist #spoilers: the fall if you do’nt want to get spoiled!!
(i’ll continue to tag for spoilers until the day after the ep will have aired on bbc on thursday)

during S2 we got download links soon* after the eps had aired on rte, here’s hoping it’ll be the same this time.
i’ll post a quick heads up when i find any links. if you want to search for yourself:

and if anyone has a working livestream for rte one** they feel like sharing, that’d be awesome :)

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Last night dream. Allura and Coran discussing with Paladins how they should start keeping in mind of choosing potential substitute pilots of their lions and then..

Hunk: Like, we can choose anyone we think has potential?

Coran: Yes Hunk, like I sai-

Hunk: *slams hands on table* SHAY


Gendry put the hammer down and looked at her. “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.” “I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns.” “Nice, though. A nice oak tree.” He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change