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My Warby Parker home try on kit came today 

I’m thinking the second pair, what do you think?

[Fanart] Continuation(?) from this: because I want to sleep and this needs to get out of my system ; v ;)/

At some point you realize the idea that God is actively doing things in your life is just your own wish fulfillment and subjective projection. For most people this is related to the “timing” of life events. You’re single, you think you’ll never meet someone who fits your relational vision, but then you suddenly meet them, and think “it was meant to be” and “God putting you together” but later it doesn’t work out and you separate and you’re left wondering what God’s “role” was, if any, all along. Or you’re trying to afford a place to live or school etc and you’re hoping that something will finally work out, and when you finally get some great deal you think “ah, I was meant to have this happen, so this must be extra meaningful.” But if you have to leave or drop out etc, you’re left saying “maybe it was all just coincidence.” It’s human to fear the randomness and coincidence and contingency that structure our universe, because it exposes the meaningless void just below the surface of all our meanings. But you’ll help yourself more if you allow the world to be what it is, random. Then you won’t be let down when what you invested with so much fate and providence and “meant to be” actually doesn’t work out. You realize that it’s just us, all the little events of our lives are not being manipulated by some force or will, there is only what we do with what we have and how God is presenced in what we do.