I can’t stop thinking about how John lives alone and he just kept that birthday banner up for years and he’s ALONE and he’s bored and he so readily engaged caliborn… he’s depressed and he needs some kind of stimulation an fulfillment. everyone else was doing things! rose got married and raises a bunch of grub babies! Jane and jake started companies! dirk builds robots and takes care of the consorts! Dave and jade are like embassadors to the troll kingdom! roxy is a queen! everyone is doing fulfilling things except john! and then he got that message and he was so ready… he is gonna hurt himself in search of fulfillment because he’s BORED.

anonymous asked:

i thought hs was finally dead??? was there a new upd8?

Anon: Wait did homestuck just update again? Are rose and kanaya married?? 

yeah we were hoping it was but it wasn’t and there will also apparently be another update with the actual epilogue who knows when (413?)

(I want to break free plays in the distance)

and yes they got married lol

the update is on MSPA!

The fact that they actually got married is just

So alien to me, in a good way.

Like I still can’t believe I’ve witnessed this. An endgame lesbian marriage between two girls who went to hell and back together and it’s just… So refreshing ? So satisfying ? And so surreal, so strange. I keep thinking about it and I don’t know why but I just want to cry at how unreal this is to me. I don’t even know. It’s just good. And kind of out of this world. I don’t know.

Hussie you will never read this but anyway: thanks, man. This is the fullest I’ve felt in years.

I can’t believe rose and kanaya got married and then adopted thousands of grub children together… what kind of lesbean goals….

the BEST ending

homestuck is over! (i got teary eyed, leave me alone). anyway, i think hussie went the right route, because:

  • johndave shippers can assume what they want. it was never confirmed if they were pale or red.
  • davekat shippers can assume what they want. it was never confirmed if they were pale or red.
  • johndavekat shippers can assume what they want. it was never confirmed if they were pale or red.
  • johnkat shippers can assume what they want. it was never confirmed pale or red.
  • rosemary, the one ship no one ever argued about, got married.

this was actually a great way to diffuse shipping arguments - you go, hussie! you go!

Lifelong Partners

Today everyone under twitter’s Christian Borle tag is talking about the new trailer of Gilmore Girls, in which Sutton Foster and Christian Borle not only showed up in the same episode, but also appeared in the same scene singing a duet and dancing in puritan costumes (for less than 1 second though)!

Sutton and Christian got to know each other in college, fell in love during doing a show 8 times a week together, got married for 4 years, and have been friends ever since.

Sutton knows Christian’s love for books and would recommend what she appreciates to him. And Christian would recommend that to us through BOOK NOOK! 

Christian knows Sutton’s obsession with Gilmore Girls and felt extremely happy for her when she joined the series:

“When we were together, we were obsessed with Gilmore Girls. Now Sutton’s working with Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, so it’s a dream come true.”

Christian mentioned Sutton (indirectly) in his interview right after his second Tony

And Sutton texted Christian recently saying no matter what, we got married 10 years ago, so happy anniversary.

she’d recently sent him a loving text message marking their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Christian once said,

“Sutton and I separated delicately and respectfully and amicably with very little drama”

And with all these comforting interactions, I think they’re just the kind of lifelong partners. Although they can’t live together anymore, they will still love each other in their own way for the rest of their lives.

james wilson attended from an elite new england boys’ boarding school where he discovered that he loved poetry and shakespeare and boys but was then bullied out of those interests by his father, tried to escape his family by going to mcgill but ended up going on to med school and becoming a doctor like his father wanted, got married, lost touch with his younger brother, ruined his marriage by having an affair with a man, got into a bar fight at a medical convention because another customer wouldn’t stop playing “leave a tender moment alone” by billy joel, was bailed out of jail by gregory house, and was suddenly forced to confront the fact that spending his whole life trying to be the person his father wanted him to be in order to make up for his brother’s personal failures has left his life miserable and empty