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hello! i was wondering if you could recommend me your favourite jikook fics when you're free? preferably new ones but if you can't then that's alright, thank you though!

You bet I can!!

honest you do by mnsg [T, 26k]

The Omega Revolution by PinkBTS [jikook, E, ongoing]

expensive lips by flitter [M, 12k]

Eidolon (Come Back Again) by TrappingLightningBugs [T, 8k]

you make my life colourful (i think you’re magical, i think you’re wonderful) by sunkissedyoongi T, 7k]

past the point of no return by busan_brat [M, 11k]

-admin talia

  • *two guys look at each other*
  • The internet: omg!!11! They're sooo in love!1!1!!
  • *two girls actually make out*
  • The internet: wow :// they're rlly good friends :// wonder what their boyfriends look like ://