Hey @zaltia happy birthday! hahaha yeah no not the main gift yet but really wanted to draw this. Just so you know I still blame you for getting me to ship PeridotxPaulette hahahaha!

bday gift collab with @anjus-fungus

Pencils and colors done by me

Lineart by @anjus-fungus

Also you guys should really give Bite Me a read hahaha!

anonymous asked:

ok ok but like, imagine Lance and Pidge have been pining all this time (canon? heh) and meanwhile everyone has noticed but decided to let them find out by themselves (mostly because it's fun watching them so oblivious to their own feelings) and then they get Matt back, and Matt just doesn't do subtlety when he sees what's happening between them and starts teasing his lil sis and she's like "??? whaT nO" and now she's Aware and a Mess

Listen I live for meddling big brother matt okay. He’ll think he’s helping but he’s just making awkward dorks even more awkward and dorky. He’ll be talking to Lance and something just vaGUELY RELATED to pidge will come up and he has to talk her up. Lance just chalks it up to good sibling relationship but Pidge is mortified when she finds out. 

Pidge just gets mercilessly teased like she did when they were kids. Its the worst. Matt’s usually good about only teasing her when it’s only the two of them but sometimes he slips up and says something telling in front of everyone. Lance is heartily confused and everyone else is secondhand embarrassed.