This here is a call post that, as the title states, is for the inbox. For my MUTUALS that are interested, this is just you giving me the a-okay to just jump into your inbox whenever muse strikes. This doesn’t just mean that I can just send you all the memes if I have muse for them, but also that if Moa herself wants to come in and say/do something, that it’s okay with you. It’s a fun way to still get some kind of ic interaction without always worrying about threads from time to time. And sometimes even I can’t bring myself to do threads but I know that I have muse for something.

There may still be some instances where I post mini inbox calls (and sometimes they may be themed if I can be that creative), but this is just for the long run!

ask-youngster-kaito  asked:

Hello there, Im KAITO!! Whatcha drawin' if you dont mind me asking :)

“This is for my art class. Miss Sakine asked us to draw our favourite sea creature in human form and the painting didn’t turn out good.”