“Cassie. I’m shit with words. Everything always comes out so…crap. But I’ve been doing some thinking and everything is getting clearer. The thing is Cass, I’ve woke up this morning, the sun’s shining through the window and it’s making me think of you. Cassie, it’s not right you hiding away in that clinic. You’ve got to get out in the world! Cassie, I don’t care if you think you’re odd because I feel like singing when I see you and you’re beautiful. I’ve been such a fucking chapstick these past few weeks and all I want to do now is sit on top of Brandon Hill and hold you and tell you how wonderful you are. And I love you.”

Skins (2007-2013)

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Give me modern newsies high school au thing with who's in what clubs and on what sports teams go

Alright here we go

  • Jack is a solid D student, except in art class where he makes straight A’s. He isn’t involved in any “official” clubs, but the art teacher Ms. Medda encourages him to come into the art room after school and work on whatever he likes. He also attends all the sports events, not because he cares anything about sports, but because it’s time that he can hang out with his friends, especially Crutchie who goes to everything. 
  • Katherine is a straight A student who writes for the school newspaper that no one reads and the yearbook. She wants to write serious stories for the school paper but no one wants to read the serious stuff so she’s always stuck going to all the sporting events and writing about those. She’s the daughter of the president of the school board. 
  • Davey is a straight A overachiever. He is involved in as many clubs as possible. Whatever could help him get into a good college. Debate team, model UN, student government, and chess club just for fun. He balances all this with looking after his kid brother Les.
  • Crutchie is a decent student, mostly B’s a few A’s. He is the manager/water boy of the football team and is a bigger cheerleader on the sidelines than the actual cheerleaders. He has unapologetic school spirit. 
  • Race barely squeaks by in school, and is the teacher’s worst nightmare. He’s the kid that makes loud comments in class that knocks the whole class off track. He’s often seen outside the football games running a betting pool on the point spread.
  • Spot is the running back on the rival football team. He’s little but he’s fast. (Some people say that they see Race inside the stadium actually watching the game when they play their rivals. But no one’s sure exactly why…)

Oh, you know. You know. Come on. Sometimes it’s okay with girls like this, they wanna have fun and it’s not because they got a broken wing, and they’re hurt, and they’re an easy target. And in this case, in this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed. And you gotta make sure it gets mended. And you’re gettin’ in the way of that right now, okay? Because she’s sensitive and she’s smart, she’s artistic. This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that. (Silver Linings Playbook, 2012)


It takes Stiles two days to notice. 

He’s in the middle of History, half-listening to Mr. Yukimura when an errant thought about what Peter’d have to say on the topic drifts across his mind.

And that’s when he realizes that Peter had been nowhere in sight during the visit to Eichen House. 

He dashes off a quick text to Scott, and then waits impatiently for the response. Nothing by the end of class, and Stiles dashes to Scott’s locker, pacing until he sees the Alpha and his girlfriend coming down the hallway.

“Dude, why do you never answer my texts?!”

Scott blinks and digs in his pocket for his phone, furrows a brow as he reads the message, and then tilts his head as he looks back up at Stiles. 

“How should I know where Peter is?”

“Dude,” Stiles vibrates a bit, “He’s supposed to be at Eichen but he wasn’t!”

Scott shrugs. “I really think we got bigger problems right now.”

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Do yknow getting married so young makes your youth wasted in a way cause this is all there is to life u nvr get it back, I've seen it happen to many ppl, didn't think it would be you :/ but all the best

lol. I feel just as young now as I did before I got married. nothing has really changed except that I have someone next to me in a halal way, I’ve moved out from home and I have a household to take care of. if anything I feel that this was the right thing for me, I felt so lonely practicing islam alone living at my dad’s place, if I felt lazy with my prayer then no one would push me to do it I had to take all the responsibility for myself. Now, whenever my imaan is low, my husband helps me and pushes me to still try to do my best, and when his imaan is low I try my best to help him. I don’t feel that I’m wasting my youth, maybe that’s your opinion but not mine. Thank you anyways for wishing me the best ✌️

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How about an indoor garden update? What happened to the black tomatos?

Poor Vlad the Tomater.

I think the indigo rose tomatoes still have some genetic issues to work out. Technically Vlad is still alive, and in fact he’s got several blossoms going right now, but the problem is that the stems are covered in small hairs and the hairs keep snagging on the blossoms and pulling them right off their stems. I don’t know quite how to fix it. I might try giving him a buzz cut.

Vlad and Brandywine, my “you won’t ever give me tomatoes, will you?” heirloom tomato plant, are in the kitchen under the aerogarden lamp, where I’m currently sprouting two types of basil and some chives. Everything else has moved into the solarium, where I’ve got another and larger grow-lamp set up. I can’t really say anything’s growing since I’m not seeing much evidence of growth, but nothing is dying? The poppies and paprika and Ned the Key Lime Pie plant and Ragtime the Aloe are all…existing. I mean you can’t ask for more than that from a succulent really, I suppose.

I did manage to take clippings of Ned and Ragtime that seem to be successful; if they’re dead they’re doing pretty good impressions of still being alive. Not sure what I’m going to do with them, maybe I’ll take them with me as housewarming gifts next time I couchsurf someone. 

Jonnor Rant

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Jude and how he doesn’t deserve Connor and how Connor can do better and honestly I don’t think that’s fair. Yes, I see how Connor is being neglected in the relationship, but Jude’s life is literally falling apart right now and just right after he got adopted. Jude is a sensitive character and has been through shit. All his life he’s moved from house to house and school to school. He was abused by his previous foster father and has had his sister, his one safe place ripped away from him numerous times. Marianna and Jesus were in an accident, they now have a new foster brother, his sister is once again being prevented from being adopted and his mom’s are going through a rough patch. So yeah, the kid is allowed to be upset and lash out. He’s only 13 and has been through hell and back again, so forgive him if his world doesn’t revolve around Connor 24/7. 

Also Connor hasn’t always been perfect to Jude either. In season 2 he was at fault a lot and led Jude on. Now don’t get me wrong, I love both of my babies and I want them both happy. I just don’t think it’s fair to completely write off Jude as a “bad boyfriend who doesn’t deserve Connor.” Both of our babies need each other and I will ship Jonnor until the end <3

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I'm 16 and I think I might be pregnant! I used soap over the top of my vagina and I think some dude jacked off and some got on the soap, my period is 5 days late and I'm freaking out!! I'm a virgin I'm so scared

okay babe caaaaalm down you are NOT pregnant.  a dude could get sperm all over the entrance of the vagina and it is still very unlikely that you’d get pregnant.  

two things here: you only think he did, secondly this is in the shower sweetie so there wasn’t any actual sperm to vagina contact okay?  periods can vary and depend on a lot of things like your stress levels right now.  or diet or moods or just because.

i can 100% guarantee you this will not get you pregnant.  do you know how hard it is for most people to get pregnant?  takes a long time.  

plus this was on soap.  i’m assuming maybe a bar.  you put water all over it.  sperm can survive a lot but i seriously doubt they can survive the fact that this was just on soap and then also rinsed off

for future reference though, stop putting soap anywhere near your vagina.  just use water soap is super bad for the pH balance of your vagina.  could cause infections!

you’re alright, no virgin mary today.  you aren’t pregnant.  sorry the lack of correct sex ed in this country has failed you so miserably.

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unpopular opinion: isayama can't draw boobs

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree 
? lol 
he had some problems but I think he got a lot better and I think he draws them just fine right now.
sometimes I wonder if he draws them a little differently because they don’t have bras like ours in that world? maybe? 

but I love love the fact that he doesn’t sexualize his female characters! so much respect for Isayama

the signs as quotes from my friends
  • aries:*yelling to some girl across bus* THAT'S WHY HE SAID YOUR PUSSY STANK.
  • taurus:i can't bring you chips during class, it's against the rules.
  • gemini:i made a friend in detention today! we bonded over snorting pills in the bathroom.
  • cancer:i got an offer from a modeling agency but i turned it down because i don't wanna leave my girlfriend.
  • leo:if you're gonna survive, you need to be aggressive as FUCK.
  • virgo:*while texting ex* i'm cutting everyone off. everyone. i'm not talking to anyone anymore. riding solo.
  • libra:if he has half the brain he thinks he does he won't start with me right now.
  • scorpio:i have to go, i'm gonna get a footrub. and by footrub i mean dick.
  • sagittarius:how am i supposed to fight anyone if nobody takes me seriously?
  • capricorn:your mom's so stupid, i'm ignoring you.
  • aquarius:i got a new puppy. let's skip school.
  • pisces:*crying into my lap* are you okay?

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But Dipper really doesn't have any friends besides Mabel.

That’s not true though. Of course, Mabel is Dipper’s best friend and their relationship is the one in the main focus, but Dipper HAS friends.
He’s friends with Wendy - they spend time together not just in the shack, but in their free time too. Wendy even made sure to tell Dipper that his friendship is very important to her.
He’s friends with Soos. They were shown spending time together a lot, heck, their relationship even got to be a plot point in ‘Land before swine’.
Plus, his relationship with Pacifica seems to be on nothing but good terms right now - which could easily develop to a friendship in no time.
And my point is that Stanford can’t possibly know that - i’m pretty sure he’s never met Wendy at this point and i’m also sure he didn’t think much about Soos’ role in the kid’s life. He has no idea of Pacifica. He has no idea of the nature of the twin’s relationship - he knows very little about Dipper. But he assumes he does. Which is the problem here.

i am so embarrassed so obv im gonna post it on the internet but literally i need to vent cos i’m just sat in bed cryin right now, had to go home from work cos i’ve got a UTI that came on VERY FUCKIN QUICKLY like i literally went for a wee and nearly passed out from the sudden pain, it got a bit better and i tried to work through it but made like 2 drinks and kept thinking i was gonna throw up from how painful it was so i had to ask to go home and obv had to tell my supervisor why (BECAUSE MY VAGINA HURTS), i went to the walk in centre after and thank christ it isn’t like an STI or anything, but anyway this all wouldn’t be THAT BAD EXCEPT EVERYONE AT WORK KNOWS I SLEPT WITH HOT WORK GUY LAST NIGHT BECAUSE WE CAME IN TOGETHER THIS MORNING AND EVERYONE WAS LIKE OOHH ERRR AND THEN I HAD TO LEAVE WORK BECAUSE OF A UTI THAT WAS ALMOST DEFINITELY CAUSED BY IT FMLLLLLLLLLLL

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Since you seem to be covering religious topics right now anyway: What alignment do you believe Jesus Christ is? Lawful Good due to being, well, God, Neutral Good due to preaching a message of love and tolerance to ALL people and ultimately dying for everyone, or Chaotic Good because His teachings were radical at the time, He often came in conflict with authority (religious or otherwise), and spent most of His time with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other "undesirables"?

lol, now you’re just TRYING to get me to lose followers.  This got longer than it needed to be, and I couldn’t think of any good gif, so I’m putting a cut here. to keep avoid the wall-of-text cluttering up people’s dash.  If you’re interested though, click the link and find out why there’s a better label than Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic Good.

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So since this shit day happened today. Before Louis "confirming" (weak shit ass confirming) the rumors i thought that Larry will CO when they drop out of modest, Nov 2015. But now, i look up to you and ur my only hope, when do you think they'll CO?

Oh jesus, I feel like Obi-Wan Kenobi right now. (Shameless Star Wars reference!)

I think people fail to realize that this whole thing can be over just as fast as it started. All it takes, as we’ve seen to start or stop a stunt is one news break. I’ve discussed two major possibilities with others:

1. November CO as anticipated - If this is the case they’ve got three-ish months. That may not seem like a long time, but it is. A LOT can happen in a ninety day time span. 

2. 2016 CO - It’s not everyone’s desire. Obviously people would prefer sooner rather than later, but a CO after the new year would guarantee that the story is separate from album promo. It depends, honestly. Obviously a CO could be very good for business and so a lot of people think it will be used for album five promo and I tend to agree, but if they want to ensure the “couple in a band” story and not “the Larry show”, it might make sense. 

I, personally, have decided to withhold judgments for now. For me, in the end, so long as Harry and Louis are happy, then they need to be the ones deciding their own story. 

18. things you said when you were scared

some-fantastic-url-name​ said 18, mavin pls :DDD

“Get down!” Michael yelled as he pulled Gavin into cover. “Shit, shit shit, this job wasn’t supposed to go like this, Geoff said it was easy.” Michael mumbled  as he checked Gavin and himself for injuries. “Any luck contacting anyone, boi?”

“I’ve got nothing, all the coms must be down, we’re in this alone boi.” Gavin tried not to let the fear show in his eyes. Out of the two of them he was usually the one to freak out in any given situation, but Michael seemed pretty scared right now. It was all Gavin could do to remain calm, as Michael sat trying to think of a plan.

“Okay, they have us surrounded so we need a distraction.” Michael said as he searched his pockets, “Fuck, okay, I don’t have any explosives left, what do you have Gav?”

Gavin held up his guns, both with only half a clip of ammo left in each. “I didn’t bring anything else because I thought it was just an empty warehouse.”

Michael briefly peaked his head around the wall they were taking cover behind and swore, “God dammit, this’ll last us a minute if we’re lucky and they look like they’re about to start closing in.” his voice rushed and low, giving way to the panic he normally kept well hidden.  

Michael turned back to Gavin and dragged him further into the shadows, holding him close, both men breathing heavily, trying to come to terms with their situation.

“Michael” Gavin murmured, turning his head to speak into Michael’s ear, “there’s no way out Michael, it’ll be okay, we knew this would happen eventually.”  Gavin squeezed Michael’s hand, trying to be as reassuring as he could about their inevitable death.

“No, Gavin, this isn’t supposed to happen like this, this was just supposed to be an everyday job. This is bullshit. I was supposed to keep you safe, I have to keep you safe!” Michael whispered into Gavin’s ear, pulling him impossibly closer, hoping to mask how much his body was shaking with fear. Not fear for himself of course, dying was never something he had been afraid of, but fear for Gavin. He had promised Geoff he would keep Gav safe, he’d promised himself.

Gavin scoffed before turning and facing Michael, their two bodies pressed as close as possible into the shadows. “Don’t be ridiculous, I can take care of myself, I’m not a child.”

Michael was about to protest and point out their current situation when they heard voices coming closer. The two boys locked eyes and both exchanged a whispered “I love you”, before they closed their eyes, braced against the wall for whatever was about to come round the corner.

A large explosion shook the building, knocking them both to the ground, but not harming them. The voices they had heard before stopped and it was deathly quiet, apart from the ringing in their ears.

“Alright boys, play times over, we have work to do.” Geoff’s voice called from the direction of the explosion.

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

My husband is amazing.

The baby decided last night was  really good time to wake up and STAY awake all night. I mean really all night: he woke up at 2ish, played quietly and then started throwing a fit by 3. I don’t think he slept again more than a half hour.

Josh, in all his goodness, got up with the baby and brought him downstairs to play and let me sleep. Because “You’re driving and need it for the BEEBE in your belly.”

I love that man. He worked until midnight, probably has slept a total of 3 hours and is playing with the baby right now as I finish last minute packing.

Updates on shop stuff

Another day, another broken lake monster and two more cracked tubes. This batch of tubes seems especially fragile – I’ve lost six, I think.  Here’s hoping the order of tubes that’s in the mail to me right now isn’t as troublesome. If nothing else goes wrong, I should have 13 lake monsters for sale, maybe next week.

MEANWHILE! I’ve got some Beastlies, Fillimanders and lake monster necklaces that will be up in the shop very soon! Tomorrow, I think!

Rules: Tag 10 followers you want to get to know better!

okay so i was tagged by chanyeolsho! thanks for tagging me i love doing these things!

Name: Ysabella

Nickname: Izzie

Birthday: December 2nd

Starsign: Sagittarius (aka im perfect ;))

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2″ im smol

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Favorite Color: all types of yellow and deep greens

Time right now: 11:13 am is that sad 

Average amount of sleep: usually like 8 but i need about 9 to be like Awake and Here

Lucky number: i dont actually have one i dont think 

Last thing I googled: jimins birthday because i was doing that astrology compatibility thing…we got 86% compatibility so like we’re soulmates now 

Word that comes to mind: clean (i just did a face mask!)

Happy place: the beach, any room where my whole family is together, a coffee shop when its cold outside, 

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 right now cause i live in arizona and its hot as f*uck

Favorite fictional characters: jesse pinkman! O-ren Ishii from Kill Bill, Lady Macbeth and more probably my mind is drawing a blank right now

Favorite Famous Person: Beyoncé probably 

Celebrity crush: im so far up suhos butt right now so

Favorite bands: paramore, exo, beach house, beach fossils, iration, deerhunter, death cab for cutie

Last movie I saw: well i just saw the last half of bridges of madison county and died inside so it was good 

Dream trip: Venice, Italy 

Dream job: owner of my own cafe/bakery

What I’m wearing right now: leggings, a sports bra, and a muscle tee 

okaaay so i tag: nibnoomayshxing, antheiia, leaderyoongi, teenvvlf, prttygurl, mantises, clementinecouchez, summerschoolsadness, girlwiththemasseffecttattoo !

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I think one of the posters of the Jumpscare video (Birbgem) got removed, i tried looking them up and it said that it wasn't there, have their been any other blogs that have it? (idc who answers, but Attilee answered the post about blocking them)

Yes I did notice that when I was checking back today, not sure if they were removed from the site or if they willingly took down the blog though. As of right now I haven’t noticed any new warnings from fellow fans about any other pop up accounts, but if I hear something I’ll be sure to pass it along.