OKAYYYYY! I’ve seen spoilers, I know what happened - all I need is to watch it! But now, my little theory to calm some of you down a little…First, yes looks like Bea got stabbed, laying on the ground in pile of blood, we all think ‘right she’s dead for sure’, then Allie wakes up (I believe in last seconds of the episode). Think clearly and logically, what Allie will do without Bea (who’s the majorly main character in the show)? Allie without Bea is nothing and thinking in other way she might end up with suicide coz without Bea - no reason for her to live, especially when she’s so in love and loves her so damn much! Second, chill the fuck down guys…Don’t you think the beautiful Danielle Cormack on her Twitter would sound so hella excited about Season 5 if her character died? And third, clearly in this newspaper it says that she’s gonna continue the roll as Bea Smith in S5…Soooo?? Why shitting your pants? Yes the episode to me looks like am gonna cry my eyes out and end up having Wentworth diarrhea, but I know everything is gonna be just fine - Bea will once again survive death, Allie (as we all now finally know) alive…more of Ballielove storylines… So bring it on May 2017!!

Peace out!

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Steve Rogers shivered in his chair, toeing his foot nervously against the smooth, grey carpeting.

Steve Rogers shivered in his chair, toeing his foot nervously against the smooth, grey carpeting.

He’d braved worse situations. This wasn’t even a bad situation, not really. Awkward, sure. The beginning of way too many bad pornos, definitely. Well. He glanced up at the clock again; in porn at least the student was usually on time.

He should probably not be thinking about porn right now.

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Homecoming (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hii again. Could you write a 40s bucky in which he leaves y/n behind when he goes to war and she thinks he died but then he comes back when Steve rescues him? Before the howling commandos? Thanks so much, I love your writting:)

A/N: I AM LOVING 1940S BUCKY. I’ve got The Andrews Sisters playing right now (OK, so the versions of their songs that I sang) and I am feeling great. Also sad, because this thing has a lot of feelings. Sorry. Thank you to @littlethin-gs for the request!

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I kno you don't know him but what do you think he's looking for in a person? If I meet him I wanna know what to do

Harry’s got a heart that’s constantly searching. But I think he’s also got a heart that doesn’t want to get tied down right now… Like, he wants the affection and relationship but just can’t COMMIT, so he doesn’t get too close, right yet. Anyways I think he’s looking for someone who understands being busy and jerked around. Going hours without talking. Someone who loves their family just as much as he loves his. Someone who can laugh at his jokes, make fun of him a bit, and PLAY. Someone who will challenge him at scrabble and make him ice cream. Someone to kiss him when he’s insecure and love him hard when his heart is burning. Someone to keep him company and hold him, someone he can have a deep conversation with, and go to hole in the wall spoken word nights. Someone who is spontaneous as much as she is homely, someone who won’t take shit from fans or paps. Someone who will get a tattoo with him, and hold his hand the whole way. He needs a deep love.

I think for the time being he’s got someone taking care of just his need to be touched … At least, I hope.

He needs to be taken care of, but I don’t think he’s looking for commitment right now. His career is SOARING.

So today has been a pretty hard day for me.
I ended up fainting yesterday (most likely bc of low blood sugar). And it was really scary for me. I was in a bar with my friend and really hadn’t had much to drink at all (maybe 1 beer? So definitely not drunk at all) and started feeling awful and got up to go to the bathroom and basically losing my sight and hearing and walked into a broom closet.

My friend got me out of there and pointed me to the bathroom but then I just literally collapsed.

I recovered after a couple of minutes and felt a lot better after eating some pizza (broke veganism but my friend insisted that I eat something and that was my only option really).

Talked to my mom today who is a doctor and she thinks that it is not a good idea for me to continue veganism- at least not right now- because I am clearly being too restrictive and hard on my body right now (lost 10 lbs in these 3-4 weeks and then fainted).

So I have decided that I am going to slowly try to incorporate other foods in now but still keep the emphasize on plants rather than animals.

I’m sad that I cannot continue as a vegan right now, but I have also mistreated my body too long to not be wary of all these signs.

Once I get my body back on track and have a chance to sit down with my dietician at school to really figure out how to do this right I hope to get back!

Here’s to happiness, health, and hope for the future!!

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what gender do you identify as? xx

gender is an interesting one for me

i’ve always said i’m cisgender female but the thing is, i don’t always feel that way. if i’m perfectly honest i don’t feel like any gender at all sometimes.

i’m not super-girly or anything; i love wearing make-up but any gender can wear make-up obviously so it’s hardly gender specific.

i identify a lot with bigender but also agender. 

i’m biologically female and i like a lot of ‘feminine’ things but the thing is i don’t apply gender to things anymore and this is what got me thinking about it all because anyone can wear anything or do anything and gender doesn’t come into it y’know?

i’m just me! labels confuse me a lot, idk, i use she/they pronouns and that’s all i really know right now. it might not be something i ever fully decide on and i’d be fine with that, it’s not a huge issue for me :-) 

  • HUNTER:I can try. I can’t promise anything. I’ve not got the same empathy that Benjamin does, you know that. I’ve always been the harder one of us, the one more like our father I suppose.
  • TOBY:I know that, trust me, we were pretty good friends in high school. So trust me. I know. But I think family will help him right now- but you don't need to compare yourself to your Dad.

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Tbh, I don't think Ariana has dated a LOT. It's normal that a girl her age likes to date around... and it's not easy to keep a relationship under the public eye. Anyways, I was in the fandom 2012-2014, how's everything going right now?

I would disagree with this statement. I think she has- it’s not necessarily a bad thing but… I’m a believer of finding out who you are as a single person and Ariana hasn’t been single since she was 14. It might be the root of her identity problems, and her penchant for changing for every boy she dates. 

Right now? It’s getting better, she got a haircut- it was quite the event tbh

We just got the CT scan information back and there’s a really bad infection and crap going on in his chest, possible foreign body he might have eaten (so glad it turned out not to be cancer!!), and so they have to cut his chest open and we got the estimate and we’re trying to figure out how to get the money together. 

The only thing I can think right now is appeal to the people, for anyone to donate if they want to help out, anything, or if anyone knows anything about how to get help for this stuff… anything. Total cost has risen to approximately $12,000 (O_O) (hospitalization, x-rays, medications, CT scan, surgery, large dog fee…)

I got paypal, We’re probably going to try to do a gofundme, though we’ve not really had good luck with that in the past…

Thank you, everyone, for your support in this. Kind words go a long way <3

I need to express my anger

I fucking hate shippers. Listen i honest to god hate you if you think supporting a ship that is abusive/pedophilic/etccc is okay. I dont want to keep the face of “oh ya cope shippers :)))” because non coping use them are their excuse

And i hate fucking reylos the most. You guys are the scum on earth. Rey is looked up to by thousands of little girls who now got a strong woman as a lead in the biggest sci fi saga right now, and shipping her with the man who TORTURED her waters her down to just the pretty love interest, and would normalize abusive relationships even further.

Not to mention the shippers are fucking awful. Their arguments are some of the most dumb shit I’ve heard during my time on this blue hellsite.

“Fiction doesn’t affect reality” or “its just fictional!1!1! Uwuwuwuwuwu” yes it fucking does you dumb prick.

“all the antis are just stupid kids who need to get off the internet” you’re actually going to say that to a community that is mostly made up of minors, survivors, and mentally ill ppl, and some are all three!!! You hate abuse survivors and don’t even try arguing on that because its true.

“Rey is gonna forgive and redeem kylo!1!1” no she fucking isn’t. I’d much rather see her viciously kill him then for her to redeem him. Rey doesn’t owe kyle ron anything and the only person who would redeem that emo hunk of shit is leia.

“Antis shipping kylux and hating reylo is hypocritical!” No it isn’t. I for one am a coping kylux shipper and i can tell you that its the shippers that make it 100% unhealthy with shit like the myspace au. Torture =/= workplace rivalry.

Im honestly so upset over this help

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ok so i know that gifset of the panel talking about cas&mary interacting is all light and funny but. i just had a thought. cas knows mary's sons better than she does at this point. cas has literally pulled both her boys out of hell. cas got to be there for them at their lowest when she couldn't. hnnngh there's so much potential for cas and mary i'm so scared they're not gonna do it justice!

I knowwwww oh my goodness do I know. I don’t want to get my hopes up. Every time I think the writers are going to do something, they do the exact opposite of what I expected.

Seriously, best thing right now is to lower your expectations. Prepare for disappointment. It’s what I’m going to do this year :D 

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27 and 30 !!

27. any prophetic dreams?

OMG YES once i had a dream that i was hanging out with my friend and we had to take care of this baby, and then the baby like hit a wall and got a concussion and then the next morning i was telling my mom about the dream and she was like “wow thats pretty weird because (my friend) just got a concussion last night” and yeah since then ive pretty much been convinced that im psychic nbd (ive had some other ones but i can’t remember them now)

30. have you witnessed any “miracles” or strange coincidences?

uhh yeah probably but not any that i can think of right now (except my friggin PSYCHIC DREAMS)



From around the mid/end of 2015 to the start of 2016 I got really into Vaporwave. Went to the Yung Lean concert in January. I still listen to Lean, Bones, Bae and a bunch of other chillwave/cloud rap. PaidProgramming2 is so good right now. So around this time I got into that sort of style and wore a bit of reebok and nike. Bought sneakers and stuff haha. I also bought this one flannel in Korea and had like a one month phase of being a tiny bit punk-inspired. So denim skirts, chokers, black nails etc. But I quickly reverted back to the school-girl/preppy look. I think it’s super clean, easy to put together, timeless, and really cute :). I reckon I look better in brown hair but I really miss my long black hair. It was really really healthy and pretty. It still is super healthy n all but not nearly as much as my virgin black hair. Dying hair changes the way it is it’s hard to explain. It just isn’t the same. 

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So, I think I'm autistic. I feel like I might have aspergers syndrome due to research, and my therapist. But I don't know as much as I'd like about the disorder. Is there anything you can tell me about it that I can't find on Google? ☺

My theme got totally screwed up so I apologize if it’s hard to read right now, but this is (nearly) everything on my blog about autism. Read as much or as little as you need!

-mod har

I’m doing a lot better right now. I have plenty of work from my rotation to keep me busy for the week and I get to see my boyfriend soon. 

Unfortunately, I have to go home again to my parent’s house for the weekend (you all know what happened last weekend…) because I am volunteering for a local folk festival at a food booth. BUT, I think I am going to be ok this time because I will be out of the house for most of the weekend. I’ll be with Avo, his family, and other people I know from the community. :) 

Right now I’m just packing up and will wind down for the night by catching up on some reading, scrolling Tumblr, and checking out Instagram (oatsandandrea - recently got more active there and learning the ropes!). I’m also reading some photography tips because I’m looking to improve my photography!

Just wanted to give a quick update and I hope you are all doing great. :) 


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yo im going through the vault rn and im goin through the one page shit first bc ive got no attention span and i jsut gotta say i didnt think id see a ghostfruits short comic id be more into than flower bones but the new years one is solid gold


windy made that one but nobody can find windy right now. they probably would have drawn something in response to this??? i will not attempt to jack their swag and do that myself. the next thing i draw independant of this post u have technical ownership of bc then i will be outside of ws jurisdiction

In less than three weeks I will be departing to Oakland to start a new chapter of my life. I know three people there. I don’t have an art community in the bay. All of my money I have saved right now will be depleted once I get there. I don’t have a job lined up yet. I have an apartment but I can only afford to ship a few boxes of my things. I question almost everyday why I’m doing this move for a plethora of reasons but I’m trying to trust in my decision and not think of this move as a possible failure but a learning experience regardless of outcome. If you got good energy to spare I could use it. ✨

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So, I won’t be going on a “hiatus”. I decided that was stupid as hell, and I don’t think my emotions should refrain me from being on this website.

However, I most likely won’t be as active. Yesterday, my emotions got the better of me, and so I kinda just fell apart. I won’t go much into detail about what’s going on with me, but I’ll say that it involves my mom and us not being able to speak with eachother right now, along with some other things that I’m going to keep classified.

So I’ll still be here, and chances are I’ll be fine in a few days or so. But the truth is, I’m most likely not going to be as social. Hopefully, everyone can respect that. I’ll still reblog things and stuff like that, but I probably won’t be “out there” as much as I usually am.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Revengecast S02E22 - Truth (part 2)

Listen Up!

Can I kick it?

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to assume you replied “yes, you can!”

Because it’s Revengecast season 2 episode 22: Truth (part 2), the long-awaited Season Finalé, and we’ve got less than no time to waste!

Events Are Happening! Such as: Jack putting a heartbreaking end to all of his friendships–fast or otherwise–and smashing his cellphone ‘neath his hoary old boot to assume the mantle of Stealth Jack in order to infiltrate the highest & deepest echelons of the Conrad Grayson Gubernatorial Security Apparatus. Why? Because that asshole tried to kill him! Or wait, right now we think it’s Ashley what did that, but (bearing in mind the title of this episode), I have a feeling that lie won’t linger longly. Especially not after Ashley points out a Logical Fallacy in Jack’s Emotiona-Driven Emoji Argument via the unremitting iron gavel of the Jashley Investigations Charter. Looks like there’s no room to “Jash” It Out on this one, Jack-o!

Emily is freaking out! Danny is freaking out (and punching people!) Aiden is on a somewhat uncharacteristically even keel, but don’t worry about it because Nolan is picking up the slack by writhing on his fainting couch, sobbing hot tears of worry and clinging to his body pillow (an I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs dakimakura, natch) while the world turns to shit around him. Victoria’s freaking out! Conrad’s freaking out about Victoria’s freak out (while standing gubernatorially on top of a car in the middle of Neo-Ground Zero) and, finally, finally, finally the true TRUTH of the Initiative is revealed in a  way which might surprise you.

(if you haven’t been paying attention)

Briefly, we devote some thought to Why Did We Have To Leave England WHERE WE AT LEAST WE HAD SOME G-D WINDOWS??

But enough about that!! The catastrophic moments that change everyones lives aren’t about to let up, no matter how much Conrad won’t shut up about the chopter, and so, neither can we!

As the winding and weaving events of this season draw a bead on the climax quick as a lazy-eyed sniper, Maple, the golden retriever with a heart of gold (and a nose to match!) briefly ignores her whelming love of beavers, badgers, and all other aquatic mammals and/or rodents to foil Aiden’s escape plans at the Canadian border (HI!), Declan, eddied about by the aftershocks of a desk that kinda fell on him, reassures Chocolate that they will definitely be the Best Teen Moms Ever while secretly planning a long convalescence in the Grey Havens (the dust got him all sniffly!), Stealth Jack dons his greatest disguise yet (y’know, of the two featured in this episode) and struggles to overcome his (possible) Manchurian Candidate conditioning, Victoria receives a strange and [expected] unexpected Thing on her Doorstep, Nolan’s heart is shattered into a million-billion pieces as he finds himself posthumously betrayed by the only woman he ever loved, Conrad just grins a lot (jerk!), and Emily finally lays her bare soul as things ultimately come to an ultimate head in what we can definitely declare is definitely a season finale of a second season of a TV show called Revenge!


Topics for Consideration:

Illegal Greenland Anime Server/Bug-Out Bag
You Can Reach Me Through My Nolan
Slim Phillip: The Terror of Midtown
Retcon(rad grayon)s
Neil deGrasse Tyson — The Martyr We Created, The Hero We Deserve
Ashley: Cyberpunk CEO to the Stars.

Target Status:

If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow!

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