Despite his name being in the title, Max is not the protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road. Instead, it’s Imperator Furiosa, which is good, because her story is compelling and rad. … And despite what some random assholes on the Internet think, this isn’t a problem with the story. It’s the best part. You know why? Because we already got Max’s story. In a movie called Fucking Mad Max.

As much as I love superhero movies, the fact that they’re so tightly focused on Character Whose Name Is The Title is like a brick around the neck. … This is also the big thing killing the Star Trek movies right now. The first Star Trek was cool; it patiently and effectively got the team together, building up to a final shot where Kirk, Spock, Bones, and The Gang are ready to take on anything that comes at them. But then Star Trek Into Darkness stumbled into the room and, like a drunk idiot interrupting a conversation, forced everything back to square one. Because they didn’t know what to do with the characters.

Hey, how about this: Make them help some other characters on an adventure. It worked for Mad Max (clearly) and, incidentally, almost every episode of a little show called Fucking Star Trek.

5 Lessons All Movies Should Learn From ‘Mad Max’

Avengers: Age Of The Most Controversial Marvel Movie

I think we can all agree that, despite our opinions about AOU, this movie drew the most controversy in the marvel fandom. Practically, we went on a civil war with half of the fans hating on the movie and the other half loving it. 

After having seen the movie two times and after all those posts  I have read, I would like to weigh in the pros and cons, let’s start:

Steve Rogers/Captain America:


Now, expect the “ripping a half in log with bare hands” which everyone loved, one thing that AOU got right about Steve is his sass and sarcasm. I personally find this side of his one of the best things about this movie. 

Also, him being unofficianlly at the start, and officially at the end, a leader proved one more time Steve’s leadership skills, one of the many things that makes Captain America who he is.

Furthermore, “Language”, was a comment that indicated how much he actually swears. “Won’t anyone comment on it?” Stark asks the others. 

At the end of the movie, when he finally accepted that the 40s are gone, showed that he has finally moved on from the past and that can live his life, leading the new Avengers.


The dream for me is controversial for this reasons:

1) On the one hand, his dream may be the time where he, subcusiously, lets go off the past, realizes that he can’t go back and finally moves on.

Furthermore, we get to see hints of depression and PTSD, as we see he still lives on a war, on the inside. Logicall of course, as he was born, grew up and subsequently “died” while on war. Hell, he even fought in WWII for four year. We see, through this dream, that even Captain America himself was scared from the war

2) It didn’t make sense with whatever we saw in Cap2, as he moved on from Peggy once and for all and decided to pursue another relationship, probably dated for some time. Also there were hints of him dating Sharon Carter in the future, who for me should have appeared in the movie, for reasons I will explain later.

No Bucky:

Now, shipping Stucky or not, I think we can all agree with this.The questions that pops up is why isn’t Steve looking for Bucky? Why isn’t he looking out for his best friend, his brainwashed bestfriend, the most important person in his life? Why?Where is Bucky? Is he in danger? Is he in a better condition? How is he coping? Has HYDRA or whatever remained from HYDRA found him yet?

Why wasn’t he in Steve’s dream? And since the dream was about fear, doesn’t Steve fear that he may never find Bucky or he might find him dead? Or have to kill him? 

Tony Stark/Iron Man:


He was really funny. My favourite moment was when he tried to lift Mjolnir and he couldn’t. Tried with the Iron Man hand again, nope. Rhodes helped him, nope again. At least, he tried.

Science Bros. Although, none of us is proud of their “design”, we got a good sum of moments of science bonding. I personally liked it.

Equipping and upgrading the Avengers and giving them a home. It was really nice of him to spend money on actually helping people, since the better equipped the team, the safer the people.

Tony and Ultron. I liked that scene, when Wanda said to Steve “ Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?” I think, through the interaction with Ultron we got see a deeper sense of Tony’s charachter.

Tony’s dream. We saw his actual fear: getting the avengers killed. And most of all, I think dissapointing Steve. Because, I think through his childhood, with his father’s constant attempts to find Steve, Tony was plauged with Captain America’s excistence. We see how much he looks up to him, how much he wished he could possibly one day be a hero, like him. Because from what we see, Tony never felt like a hero, unlike what he likes people around him to believe.


Mild mischarachterization. With Tony creating Ultron, completely erases his PTSD and the fact that Tony moved on from being Iron Man, since he threw away everything that had to to with his alter ego, back in Iron Man 3. The new Tony would never do what this Tony did. I get that his dream certainly drove him to building Ultron, but it comes to contradict the above, again.

JARVIS. We never got to see Tony mourning the loss of JARVIS. Jarvis was really important to Tony, as we know, since he was the man who raised him, when his father was too busy for that.

No Pepper. If Pepper was there, I am sure that she would sense that Tony was cooking something and she would have done something. Plus; more female charachters.



He was sassy and funny. He had really good moments in the movie, for example telling the others “You are all not worthy”. 

Calling out Tony for his bullshit. I really liked when he told Tony “this could be avoided if you haven’t played with something that you don’t understand”, and he almost chocked him. For me, that was the most realistic reaction I saw after everybody learned about Science Bros “baby”.

His dream. Even the mighty Thor has fears. His fear is to be betrayed. He was betrayed by his brother, who might be adopted, but again he is his brother. We get how hard it is for him, therefore he always believes Loki would become a better person, always had faith in him. Furthermore, we see how much he wants to protect his home and that he fears that someday, even now, something bad will happen and hell will break loose in Asgard.

Interaction with Cap. I loved their friendship because they are so funny to watch and so real with each other. “You had to ask?” Steve asks as he side eyes Thor for provokating Ultron and his robots. 


Abrupt introduction. When the hell did he decide to live with the Avengers? Does he visit Asgard? Does he actually live with the Avengers?

No Jane. Wait, where is she? Why didn’t she come to the party? Where is she now? How is Darcy? Is everything okay?

Bruce Banner/Hulk:


Science Bros!!! I talked about it earlier, we all loved them, don’t lie!

His struggles. We see that he struggles with being Hulk every single day. I liked that touch of humanity. How calm he is, despite the fact that he is so angry inside. How human he is. How normal he wants to be.Or pretends to be.

Lullaby. I liked that. It showed that him and Natasha can relate to some things and that he is afterall, a human. We see the struggle monster vs human in him again. 

Humanity. He cares about the destruction he causes, he is not a mindless monster. He cares about Ultron turning bad and shows it, even if it means arguing with Stark. He cares about Natasha and that’s why he left.

Hulkbuster scene. It was kickass and funny at parts. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep. Although it felt as if Tony betrayed Bruce, he was trying to help him afterall. Friendship points!


No dream. I think it was predictable for Wanda to make him turn into Hulk. It would be great to see him having a dream, maybe about killing the Avengers or something like that.

No Betty and Natasha. Betty where are you? When the hell did he develope feelings for Natasha? Did he break up with Betty? Is Betty dead or alive? What happened?

Him leaving. It was completely uneseccary for him to leave. You got all these scenes with him and Natasha about running away and shit, and now you are leaving? Although, I get he did it as to not hurt anybody, still, it looked weird with him being in Hulk form. 

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye:


Funny and witty. It was finally his moment to shine, after spending one movie without talking. 

Barton family. It was the cutest thing on the movie. I loved Laura and how supportive she was of his “Avenging”. Also his kids, Auntie!Natasha! 

His interaction with Pietro. One of the the funniest things on the movie.They really bonded and you could tell.

Him not getting a dream. He shoot Wanda in her face with a fucking “anti- brainwashing” arrow. How awesome was that?


Because of the fact that, he doesn’t have a movie or a series so we can learn more about him, it was abrupt for us to find out that he lives in a farm and has three kids and a wife.

Confusing relationship with Natasha. Most of us, even the actors, thought that Clintasha was a canon. Hell, even Marvel thought so. I found it confusing and I was sad that it didn’t happen. At least they are BFFs.

Maximoff Twins:


Wanda. Wanda was the QUEEN of the movie. Her powers were so awesome and we saw how dangerous she can really get. The highlights were:

- Avenger’s dreams

- Ripping Ultron’s heart out of revenge

Pietro. Everybody fell in love with him. Witty, sassy and also powerful as he punched Captain fucking America in the face. 

Their relationship. Protective of each other, as they are both orphans and the inside joke “I’m 12 minutes older than you”. Such a beautiful sibling relationship.


Whitewashing. Although I love the actors and their perfomances and got the fact that Marvel needed to do something to distance the Maximoff’s from their father in comics Magneto, this was uneseccary and bullshit, as we need more diversity in the superhero movies.

Pietro’s death. Uneseccary and condractiting to Aaron’s multi picture contract with Marvel. Also fucking sad. 

HYDRA. Uknown remains the fact if the twins knew that they were working for a Nazi organization or thought they were SHIELD. Hope we get some answers.


What I didn’t get is, why isn’t the movie dealing with the aftermath of SHIELD fall in a deeper level?

What is Steve doing about Bucky?

Where was Fury all along?

How is Natasha dealing with her covers being blown?

Where the fuck is Rumlow?

How is Sharon Carter? Is she still in CIA? Why isn’t she helping Steve with finding Bucky as a CIA?

Where the hell did Fury get the hellicariers? I thought everything was gone. He wasn’t in charge anymore. Did he speak with Coulson?

No reference to secret SHIELD. No Coulson.

Sam Wilson/ James Rhodes/ Helen Cho:

My beautiful dandelions. Finally some diversity. I loved all their scenes, and how important they were, and kickass as supportive charachters.

My only complain is that, they should have had a bit more screen time.


I have a couple of questions:

How did Stark come up with the idea of the Avengers living with him?

How the hell did they all agree?

What were they doing all along?

Most importantly, what does the media and the people think about the Avengers as an independent unit? Expect for wanting Banner arrested, what do they think of some random people with suits saving the world?

How are you supposed to move from this movie to Civil War if you haven’t grained the seeds to grow these arguments later? 

Other than that, I loved the multiple interactions between the members. We got to see some bonding ,at least.


I loved, as all of us, Vision! He is unique! “I’m not Jarvis, I’m not Ultron. I am…The Vision.” 

He knew he woudn’t be trusted from the first second. But he knew he was doing the right thing.

Also I liked the fact the he lifted Mjolnir, causing Thor to trust him and then the rest of the team to do as well.

I love the hints between him and Wanda. Hope we get more into this in the future.


“ You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change.”

He was an interesting villain, and made some pretty damn good points about humas, although his actions were extreme. 

I liked the fact tha he resmembled Stark in so many ways, as previously stated, making us kind of question Stark as well.

I didn’t agree with him being built by Stark, for reasons I mentioned earlier.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:


And last, but not least, my child a.k.a Natasha Romanoff!

Fighting scenes/Motorbike moment. Those were the moments when she truly slayed us all, with her MMA and fighting with Cap’s shield. Also the motorcycle moments was both kickass and unforgetable.

Interaction with the Avengers. For me this was important, as it shows that Natasha isn’t just there for her beauty, but that she is also an equal member of the team. I loved the mutual respect between her and the charachters. 

Interaction with Steve Rogers. Their relationship is growing stronger which I personally loved.

Bruce Banner. I liked the fact that we got to see a softer side of Natasha and that she cares about her teammates well-being. 


Brucenat or whatever. It was rushed because, well Betty, and the fact that since we don’t have a solo Black Widow movie and don’t know much about her emotional side, it feels as if it was violating to her charachterization.

What I mean is, look it this way:

Iron Man 2: We learn that Natasha Romanoff is Russian, agent of SHIELD, an excellent hacker and one of the best spies out there. Also, she is an extremely talented MMA fighter.

Avengers: Clint saved her life when he was sent to kill her, her skillset is actually manipulating and used it on “anyone”, and got in trouble. Also we saw how important Clint is to her. 

Cap 2: We learn that she worked for the KGB and thought that working with SHIELD would be less complicated. She got into lying for either of the two agencies, that can’t tell the lies from the truth. We see how much she struggles with trust, as nobody tusts her, even Fury, a father figure to her, and how much she needs to be reassured that she is being trusted. Also, blew her covers up to protect a million lives.

Avengers 2: “They sterilized me back in the Red Room”. Girl, bye. As a viewer, I never gave two cents about Natasha being able to have children or not. This is actually discriminating, viewing women as worthy enough only when capable of reproducing offspring. Not only is misogynistic but also, grow up. In our society there are so many people that don’t want to have children or can’t. And you came up with this? Seriously? What the fuck? And it’s actually dumb as fuck, because if she can’t have children she can as well adopt. Problem solved. 

I never thought that sterilazion would come up in a movie. Usually, I hear people talking about sterilazing fucking animals. 

Like, would anyone care if a male charachter was also strerilized? No? Why should we care now?

Instead of this, they could have focused on Natasha and her covers. How is she dealing with it? How did she create those covers in the first place? What was SHIELD’s involvement in their creation? 

And, if they wanted to use the sterilazation they shouldn’t have use it as moster-meter. 

Thank you for reading this, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you want. Now I have to go, my tea is ready.

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Top 5 tips not to be sad anymore for a little while ?<3

I can’t really think of 5 tips right now, so I’m just going to give you one, i hope that’s okay. One thing that I’ve learned that affected my mood was my surroundings. Sitting in my room every single day didn’t help me at all. Every day I’d be in the same sad mood and I was starting to feel crazy. For me, I ended up getting a job and made a few friends. This got me out of the house quite a bit. When I’m not working, I try to do something productive..writing, reading, going for a walk, laying out in the sun, anything that can help me improve my mood. You’ll find something that will make you happy, it may not be today, not there’s always tomorrow and I’m always here to talk :)

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Justin who??? Justin bieber??? JUSTIN BIEBER AND LOUIS???

It’s true. Loustin is real. Larry has been a distraction from Justin and Louis all along.

They’ve even got matching tattoos!

We’re going to get an article about them grinding their hips in unison for a quarter of an hour next.

I am bored with my game and I think it’s because I do the same thing over and over (legacies, babies, blah). So I’m going to stop doing the ‘wishacy’ challenge (I literally only got three Sim days into it lmao) and instead just focus on Aubrey, Alex and their friends (who I will introduce later) by rotating households. Kinda like a ts2 thing…I’ll think of a tag for it later so you can block it if you don’t wanna see it :)

I apologise to those who are waiting for more Iridescent stuff, I’m just not feeling them right now sarry!

“What fascinates me about this character is that the Joe MacMillan of Season 2 is so different from the Joe MacMillan we knew in Season 1, yet he’s very much the same man.

“It’s like if you had a friend who was out of control and then went away and got sober and now he has come back into your life, trying to do it right this time. That’s the best way that I can describe what Joe MacMillan is going through right now.

“He is looking for his second chance. And he is bringing the same ferocity that went into building that computer to rewiring himself. I’m really proud of the Joe MacMillan of this season. I think he’s doing something that’s hard to do, by fixing something that went wrong in himself.”

- Lee Pace on Joe Macmillan (x)


Okay, so basically everyone in the gmw fandom acknowledges this as a really sweet (if not, cheesy) scene–but you know what I can’t wait for?  Farkle noticing.  because right now, he’s still at that point where he “likes” girls, but he doesn’t notice them romantically. so I can’t wait until he starts seeing Riley (*cough* who he can’t stop staring at in this scene *cough*) in that way and freaking out, like “My palms are sweating, my pulse is racing–Lucas, I think I’m dying” and Lucas and Zay both laughing at him, saying “You’ve got it bad, man.”

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What the bloody Hell happened to Game Squad? I loved that with all my heart! Also P.S. You're cuter

I like that I only did 4-5 episodes of that series like.. a year and a half ago, and yet I get questions about it every day, haha, just blows my mind. Basically what happened is I think the concept was flawed, it was very time consuming to make, and the game choice initially was not very good. I’ve never said publicly that Game Squad is dead, and I’ve always Intended to work on it again. I’ve just got no time to work on it right now working for PBG, and trying to maintain a somewhat decent schedule with my videos (and failing). So I kind of had to cut GameSquad for now. Think of it on a hiatus though.

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Honestly, who really cares if Ashton has a girlfriend, right? We're here to support the guys, not play matchmaker (even though I know I would be perfect for him lmao) really the big thing I care about if she makes him happy, and if she hurts him, then we can be angry and tell him she wasn't going to be good for him. But for now I think we should all be happy for him and the rest of the guys because they're worldwide headline tour is going amazing!

in the latest interview he said he is single bc he hasn’t got time for a girlfriend…………….. lmao no comment

but yeah I agree

and ppl just leave this topic hanging pLS my only priority is malum (and cake & cashton)

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As a male, abortion is something that will never concern you or affect you really. Which genders voice do you think is more important in the abortion debate?

Okay I was civil with you before but now you’ve got me riled up. How dare you say that abortion will never concern me or affect me. Men are the fathers of children, who can actually be fucking aborted WITHOUT THEIR GODDAMN CONSENT. The mother actually has a right to kill their child even if the husband wants to keep it. And if he doesn’t want it, well then he just has to fucking put up with it and pay child support like a good little slave.

Plus, the aborted children are little boys and little girls. As a human being, I consider it my fucking duty to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Fuck you you piece of shit.

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so H&L are like any other couple right? and I know that the last relationship I had that was more than two years got bumpy at times, even to the point where we had to take a break and see other people. And that was with someone I loved verrrry deeply and she also loved me in the same way. Now. assuming harry and lou have been together for a long time (duh) do you think that they could have had big fights like that and haylor could have been a result? 1/2

2/2 Because Haylor was obviously very different from the others with how it affected lou and how harry acted around her. Hes not a very good actor and those certainly looked like dates to me, not to mention that he doesnt deny it anymore and louis STILL looks uncomfortable when someone talks about it. So im thinking that maybe Harry and Louis had a little break and harry dated taylor for a while and louis hated it and thats what couldve happened.. what do you think?

Hiii! Well, I personally don’t think they ever broke up and especially not during Haylor. Haylor was a stunt, plain and simple, every outings were more than highly publicized, paps were called, everything was a gigantic set up. It looked like dates because it was supposed to look like dates, and Harry looked like he’d rather to be anywhere else than there (remember his face on the new years eve pictures for example). I definitely agree that it was very hard for the two of them, because it was the first (and only) stunt of this scale (it’s what helped Harry get a name in the US so yeah, it was huge and everywhere, all the time). It was probably a lot of stress and pressure, also because it’s around that time that the iron closet really started if I remember correctly. I don’t even want to start imagining the state of their mental health at that time.

But let’s imagine, in an alternate universe really far away from ours, Harry and Louis break up, Harry decides to go out with Taylor, I think it would be extremely insensitive of him to just throw this whole haylor thing in his face when he was obviously hurting a lot. I don’t know, I don’t feel like Harry is the type of person to do something like that.

Bottom line is, this boyband is a giant mess and I never understand anything  but I’m sure of two things:

1) larry is real

2) harry neVER dated Taylor, ever, eeeeeever

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Just to know your POV, what do you think was the main reason Swiftgron finished? I think Tay fell hard for Dianna and I understand her perfectly, Dianna is the kind of woman who can make well grown man or woman cry and beg hahah but I think Dianna was not so in love with T... just my pov

I think Dianna got sick of hiding, and going on dates with Taylor’s “boyfriends” so they both just moved on.. They don’t seem nearly as serious as Karlie and Taylor are, and Taylor wasn’t making the efforts back then to set up their future like she’s doing with Karlie right now!

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I'm 13 and I've always been a really good kid. I've been really depressed lately but I'm getting better(on and off) but I'm considering drugs right now and idk what to do. Like I don't think I'd actually do them. It's just a thought that I keep thinking about. I can't tell my parents. Idk what to do

Aw babe. Drugs won’t help you! My oldest of friends got into a bad crowd. Got depressed. Took drugs, and now she’s just not in a good place.

Surround yourself with positivity and fun things. They really help the soul. Drugs will affect your mind temporarily, but then you’re left feeling empty and craving more.

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Wait so you know Arcanabreak and Derpfire irl?

Im sorry I just lovetthis question so much 

Firstly!!! Yes I have met arcanabreak in real life! She is just as short and adorable as you think she would be c:<

I assume that by “derpfire” you mean kiome-yasha? cause kiome and arcana often go hand in hand so im just assuminggg? 

And if you did mean kiome then YEP I met her too! And she is completely awesome and hilarious. We all got to catch up in New York when my friend and I visited! The four of us watched boxtrolls and went for dinner and all that jazz, super fun.

The hardest part was trying to find them cause I had no idea what they looked like ended up scanning the disney shop like “ok. we are looking for someone with curly hair and someone who is short" 

Meanwhile my friend is stressing beside me like “How curly? what colour?? how short!??!" 

"I have no frickingidea”

When Christians attack with help

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend and I broke up because he felt convicted from God. The breakup was peaceful and God-centered, but it still hurt. My friends don’t understand, and think he’s using God as an excuse. I got tired of trying to make them understand, so I ended up distancing myself from them, because I started to be more hurt by their response than the actual breakup.

I don’t have the energy to deal with my friends and I’m tried of feeling misunderstood. I know it’s not healthy to isolate myself forever. Truth be told, I am disappointed in my friends and their reactions, but I also understand that I’m sensitive right now. Right now I have no desire to be around people because I feel like they are getting in the way of my healing process. I wouldn’t say my heart is great with God right now either. Where do I start?

Unka Glen answered: Well, you don’t start with any of the stuff you’re talking about. Isolating yourself, trying to talk them into agreeing with you, dealing with being misunderstood, trying to get past disappointment with your friends and forgiving them. Nope. none of that. You start with the one thing you didn’t mention at all: confrontation.

Christians, bless them, when they think they’re on a “righteous cause”, they will give themselves permission to do and say anything. No matter how destructive their words and and actions may be, and no matter how far they are from the actual teachings of Christ, when they think they’re on some kind of “Godly crusade” they stop praying, thinking, or asking themselves if this is the right thing to do.

In more than two decades of working with murderers, arsonists, thieves, gangsters, and other criminals, I can say that all of them have been nothing but a joy to work with. Exactly 100% of the problems I’ve dealt with since starting a full time career in ministry has been FROM CHRISTIANS.

It’s great that you have friends who are emotionally involved in your life, and it’s adorable that they think they know what’s going on in your dating life better than, ya know, you; but once they crossed the line of trying to ram those opinions down your throat while you’re dealing with grief, it’s time to confront them, and that should sound something like this:

“My beloved friends, thank you so much for your recent care and concern for me, and what I’ve been going through. You’ve given me a number of “insights” and things to think about. I’ll admit however, I haven’t given much thought to the things you’ve said, and I’ll tell you why.

While I want to think of you all as deeply sensitive people who can use that sensitivity to gain deep penetrating insights into the inner workings of other people’s relationships, recent events have shown you to be sadly lacking in that specific area. My recent breakup has been bad enough, but having a bunch of clueless (if well-meaning) people trying to argue me into their “take” on things, has felt like someone rubbing salt in that open wound. A group of sensitive people would have stopped before they made a bad situation much worse.

So, to conclude, please make sure that your work as unwanted, and unqualified, and generally quite sucky psychologists is over, and make the apology you owe me a good one, because it ain’t easy to forgive people acting this funky, no matter how much you love them.”

You say that these people are getting in the way of your healing process, and that your heart isn’t great with God right now, and I think this is because it’s hard to be honest with God, and honest in confronting yourself, when you haven’t yet been honest in confronting your friends. It’s hard to heal from wounds when people are still…wounding you.

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i'm sorry if it will sound badly, but i can't really see the point of your comic. if i'm a girl who is confused about orientation does it mean that i should choose the "pink" road? that pink road is much better than blue? I think it's look like LGPT propaganda

That’s a valid point! I guess it does require some explaining. 

Addy is a character who is based off myself, because I thought I should base my writing off something I actually know. Personally, I have a crush on a girl right now, which is why she followed the pink path last. That doesn’t make the pink any better than the blue though. The blue path got her where she wanted to go, didn’t it? It might have gotten her back home again too, but she strayed off it and got lost again, which is her own fault. That’s why the final path that leads to her door is purple, the middle color on the bisexual flag, to symbolize that she liked both.

(so yeah also the only reason she paints the princess at the end is because fo my crush so that’s personal)


wanna re-create this bad-ass moment, but you don’t have the taste buds to eat a raw lemon??

well i’ve got a solution for you

these ‘lil frickers here are made from a magical fruit that can make anything taste sweet. They look p gimmicky, right? but I’m not kidding, they actually work. I’m over here right now downing straight lemon juice concentrate like it’s a kiddie drink. So far for me, it’s been working for about fifteen minutes and still going strong, but they’re supposed to last anywhere from a half hour to two hours!!

So you think something this cool would be hard to find, right? NOPE! you can get ‘em right here on thinkgeek!! Okay so fifteen bucks is a little steep, but these are neat if you wanna recreate the whole ryuko aesthetic without pulling silly faces. 

Thanks for your time!!

I know lots of friends are having hard times right now

but I hope you know I love you lots. Infinite amounts of love no matter how bad you think you’ve screwed up or how bad you think you’re being or how guilty you feel about feeling bad I don’t care I still love you

In fact you’ve got a lot of people here that care abt you so imagine like. 50, 60 hugs. They’re all for you.

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Question! Just how important is it for my SO to get the whooping cough vaccine? He's not sure if he got it during last bm's pregnancy, & I haven't asked yet if he's covered under my insurance for it or how much it will be. But like, seriously, how important is the vaccine? I intend on getting it. But he won't be around as much as I am (he works tons) & bub will be exposed to plenty of other people who probably haven't had it? Am I crazy for thinking he doesn't NEED it? OBGYN didn't say much.

You really gotta weigh the pros and cons based on your situation!

My SO is actually allergic and still got it, but we live in the southwest which is experiencing an outbreak of pertussis right now.

I won’t lie, to me, it was a big deal! I actually had her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and everyone else close to us get it too!

But it shouldn’t be very expensive. My SO paid like $20 at a Walgreens clinic for it and everyone else’s insurance fully covered it! It’s way easier to get than you might think, which is radical! There should even be public health centers that offer it for no charge.

Other factors to consider is that even though you’re with her all the time, you’re LESS likely to give your LO pertussis or diphtheria or any of the other covered illnesses if you aren’t working because you won’t be at as high a risk for contracting it. Especially if your SO works with the public, he could be at a serious risk for contracting illnesses and bringing them home. -Q

rejectsttr asked:

8 Luke

“Wanna bet?”

Luke hasn’t left you alone since you got home, saying that he needs you right now and he can’t wait and he’s been so hard all day thinking about you and he’ll just die if you don’t touch him soon.

He stops when you ask that question because he knows what you could do to him (or not do, in this case), and he doesn’t want that at all.

“What do you mean, babe?” he asks, trying to sound nonchalant but the tightness of his voice gives him away.

“Well, you said that you would absolutely die if I didn’t touch you. I want to see how long you’ll last.“

“What do you mean, babe?” he asks again, sounding more scared this time.

“I really need to finish up what I’m working on right now, but you won’t leave me alone. I love you, but you’re being super annoying right now. If you go sit on the couch and don’t move until I’m done with my work, I’ll give you the attention you want. But if you do move, you don’t get to come tonight.”

You’d never withheld anything like that from him before, but he’s really getting on your nerves and you want him to just sit down and shut up for a few minutes while you get done with your work.

“But what about you?” he asks.

“What about me?”

“You said I wouldn’t get to come tonight, so if that happens, what are you gonna do?”

“Oh, honey,” you say, looking up at him. “I don’t need a man to make me come. Just because you might not be allowed to doesn’t mean I won’t let you help or do it myself. But if you sit still and be good, you won’t have to worry about it, will you?” Luke shakes his head, leaving you to go sit on the couch while you get your work done.

You get done fairly quickly in the silence, but you make him wait a few extra minutes, just to make him squirm.

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