Seven days

Word count: 18.4k (this was meant to be short ffs)

Summary: Dan was known as a ‘man-eater’ at his school, accepting dates from whoever offered, but he had never stayed with anyone for longer than 7 days. He never expected to change this lifestyle either but then again, he never thought a boy that asked him on a date to see a 'kids movie’ would change any of that.

Warning: mentions of depression (but nothing bad, just saying Dan was sad in the past really) and a panic attack which isn’t too bad

Day 1

“Did you hear he stopped with Sarah-”

“Only lasted three days!”

“Wasn’t his longest seven?”

“He needs to stop…”

“It’s hard when he knows he’s that hot.”

Dan chuckled as he heard everyone whispering about him as he walked down the corridor. Got to love Fridays.

Dan loved being the centre of attention, 'Man-eater Howell’ they called him, although he’d accept anyone who asked him out. Eyes for everyone. But they were right, Dan had never had a relationship for longer than a week, and that was how he liked it. Easy sex, a date or too- depending on how interesting the person was- and then no more.

People were boring anyway.

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This is our little Black Friday baby. His name is Ghost and we got him on Black Friday in 2014. He is the sweetest, snuggliest, biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet. ❤️


Welcome home Juzumaru!!!!! 

I actually got him on Friday a few hours after the event started when I came back from Uni. I had Jijii as my leader and used all 950 and a Pine ofuda and he arrived after 30+ attempts. 

I’ve always had more luck with smithing than drops so I am really freaking happy I got him now and not in whatever the event in May will be.

Now Nikkari won’t be lonely anymore~  :D

Also I can’t be the only one who wants to hold that beautiful fluffy hair

fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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Kaneki gets ready for something he hasn’t been in a long time since meeting Hide: alone on a Friday night. He enjoys being by himself, he’s always got a book or five to keep him company, but on a Friday? College kids are supposed to be doing something. At least, that’s the atmosphere that permeates on campus, and he’d be lying if he said it doesn’t get to him from time to time, making him believe in things he’s never cared for. He goes through a mental list of solitary activities before giving up and settling on the usual sprawled-out-on-the-living-room-couch-reading-Takatsuki-Sen-with-a-side-of-homemade-hamburger special.

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I’m back, well slowly coming back .. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise. I guess this is gonna be a heart to heart post, even if this blog is about studying. Here I go.. I met someone on february and after less than three months, he dumped me. So it didn’t even last 3 months. Yeah, I got dumped this friday. Before him, I was with someone else who I believed was going to be the one. But he fell into depression because of something and he started to ignore me. Haven’t heard from him since november. I tried to get over, but you just don’t forget a 3 years (and almost 3 and a half) relationship. That’s when I met this new guy, but now it’s over too.. I feel lost but I’m trying to be ok. I guess it wasn’t the right time to get into a new relationship. I decided to take a break from relationships and to focus on my studies. The finals are just around the corner and I can’t fail. Anyway, thanks for reading ♡ And thank you so so mucb for the 0,400k followers! Love you all ♡♡♡

The message on the left was one he sent five days before the one on the right. He had told me earlier that night that he felt we were moving too fast and that he wanted to keep things casual. I asked him if it was because he met someone else. Or maybe he didn’t like much as he thought he did. And he said no to both. And I said okay. We hung out that Friday and I gave him another opportunity to end things. I gave him two options. I told him we could keep seeing each other and try to work things out, or we could end things then and there. And he was very adamant about trying to make it work. We had a great night that Friday. And Sunday I texted him and got the message on the right. I waited for him to get off work later that night so I could give him back his shirt and some other things he had given to me. When he walked up to his car, he was with another girl. I shoved everything into his hands, got in my car, and drove away. I’ve blocked him on everything. I gave him an out on two separate occasions, and in the end I was right about my suspicions. Trust your gut, people. Avoid being led on.

Hard To Explain - A mix dedicated to Hikaru Hitachiin and Haruhi Fujioka! Basically from Hikaru’s perspective for the most part!  (My first mix, please go easy egg on me). 




YOU - THE 1975







Soaryn & Sammie || Closed

Samantha had just moved in with Soaryn while they waited to hear about the house. She’d been there for a week when she got the call. Having just rolled out of bed, he was still asleep so she went to the other room. 

“Baby!!!!” Sammie jumped on the bed right next to him, “We got the house! We can move in on Friday!”