Emilia Clarke.

Ragna finally has the spotlight for once…and strangely eating a whole slab of brie cheese. It was the only thing left in the fridge since Kirby ate majority of the food except that last chunk of brie. He is just going to accept the offer and hearing his stomach gurgle loudly. I guess it was better then nothing.

Baaaaabes does anyone have a gif for when Sherlock is like "got it!" In tsot when he and John are playing celebrity heads? (Idk what people in other countries call it (rizla?) ? But you know the scene I mean anyway

Increasingly often I feel this gif is relevant to what I have to say espesh when I’m accidentally drunk like nowwww

nakedtomcattime asked:

Hey, been following you for a while and me and my house mate just got our first snake (a bredli I think) and was wondering if you had any tips for first timers. We had a lizard for a while too but he just got old so we git an 4 month old python

I personally don’t own a carpet python of any kind, and I am actually not sure of anyone who does o.o But! Here is a page on them I found: 
And here’s a pretty extensive care sheet:
Tips for general new snake owners? Basically just do lots of research, do your best to give your snake the best environment possible, and don’t let random spurts of grumpiness discourage you, even the best snakes can have bad days! :)
You should post pictures of them! They aren’t a super common species on tumblr, I’d love to see yours :) Also, do any of my followers know any more info on this species? Like, general attitude and experiences that come straight from the horses mouth rather than caresheets? :)

Got a million words and phrases on the tip of my tongue

words heard and absurd the things they can make up and convey

tip tap fit fat git gat got rot its crazy the sequence you place them in

Fibonacci taking the extent to the max not having tax and sending from their Grabs

green mean machine teen dream i mean nothing clean dream scene of thee see the words flow like water under the bridge again

words are infintinomail which is not even a word showing why words are absurd bird wird not the same i heard

linguistic static of the fanatic with all this miss match classic erratic fiction

the cast of the cask are sealed with gold lace and silk spider webs waiting to suck out the thoughts i possess 

lifting the seas from under the knees iron clash for steel wont you please thick with the must of old lifeless dark

the colors of words you see are meaningful all which was can be the most stunning thing in the world are here to see

listen to me as i bend the words and phrases cased in velvet blue the rabbit missed the date cause time shook the shapes

im walking on saturn with your mat term up in my head with dread with anything and things that i cant speak of the things that i can dont make much sense 

even if well i cant diff the either or from the niether nor 

Friend ship

Oh look a wild pun
Oh no
Oh well there’s the weapon it’s an energy cannon thing
She dose have fast fingers
She don screwed up
Oh South America
Did pearl pour red bull in her coffee
Oh good
Bruh amathest
Woah violent piriodot
Leave them in there so they can talk
Ams they gonna fuse
Oh dat whip
Wut not Steven!!!
Oh no the whip
Yay a fuse wait how they dance
Gon git got
Touch stuffs
Perfect defense flicking
He got a sovinere

anonymous asked:

If every person in your class were in love with you would u prefer any of them to not love you if you could? ( sorry weird question )

that would probably never happen 


I think if I had the chance to decide I would actually prefer any of them to not love me bc it’s feels like it would be a heavy burden knowing you could break someones heart at any point, and we are a few in my class…*cough 27 cough* but idk I don’t even know if I got the question right.

aND I like weird anons :3