Jon and Daenerys | Love’s gone mad (7x06)

The best Jonerys video!!!

i honestly hate the ship war between jonsa and jonerys bc either way you look at it both relationships are beautifully written/acted 

like i ship jonerys but that scene when jon and sansa reunite still takes my fucking breath away. it easily one of the sweetest scenes in GoT history. sure i don’t ship it BUT i love that relationship for what it is in my eyes. just like you can like the sweetness of jon and dany’s relationship—how they look at each other with hearts in their eyes; how they marveled together over the children of the forest drawings; how jon bonded with drogon as dany watched; how jon called dany DANY; etc. 

this is suppose to be fun. ship who you want. chill out smoke a blunt

If Daenerys’ father wasn’t the mad king would you still say she’s becoming a mad queen?

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Alright people

“The Song of Ice and Fire” its neither Jon Snow nor Daenerys and Jon. Because GRRM wouldn’t spend so much time developing all these characters if only one was going to matter in the end. The song of Ice and Fire refers to the battle between the White Walkers and the Dragons. The title means the clash of opposites and nothing more. Is Jon Snow a super important character? Of course he is. But so are Dany, and Bran, and Tyrion, and Arya, and Sansa.

Is the show going to make it seem like only Jon and Dany truly matter in the end? Probably. But thats not how its supposed to be.

So please, stop belittling some characters because you prefer others. ♥ 


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