Today (3rd Feb), a festival called Setsubun (節分) is celebrated to signify the day before the beginning of Spring here in Japan. On this day, people take part in a ceremony called the mamemaki (豆まき) where people throw soybeans and yell “Demons out! Luck in!” (鬼は外、福は内!) either out the door or at a family member wearing an ogre mask, an later eat the number of beans that is the same as their age in order to get happiness and luck.

we also have the whole dress code in France too if you’re in too short shorts and tank tops, and it’s still fucked up it basically only concerns girls but 1) if you actually break the dress code then you just have to wear a lab coat all day, or you have to go home but certainly not during class time (generally during lunch time), and 2) we never have been told ever that it’s distracting for boys, just about ‘dressing appropriately’ for work, like they expect you to do in a real job

Overdue -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

It was supposed to be a nice dinner between friends. Once a month we all got dressed up and went to a five star restaurant and just enjoyed each other’s companies.

This dinner was well overdue, especially since Taylor had been on his tour, Sammy and Skate in Omaha, and Cash shooting their movie, and you busy with your progressing singing career it was nice for all of you to come together and just breathe the same air, but you could cut the tension with a knife that was between Jack and everyone else at the table.

To be honest you had nothing against Madison. She never said a word to you and you didn’t say a word to her so as according to you everything was just peachy. The table would have a conversation or someone would tell a joke and it’d be loud for 5 minutes then die back to awkwardness. It was because of her and that’s what you didn’t like. The boys couldn’t be themselves and although they were idiots they were your idiots and they didn’t care what people thought of them so why was this 5’5 girl changing that.

You sat at the end next to Sammy and just talked to him until Madison decided to tell some old story. You tried to listen but the story wasn’t funny nor interesting. Once she was done you cleared your throat causing everyone’s attention to come to you.

“Something wrong?” Madison said while raising her eyebrow.

“No I just cleared my throat…” Giving her the exact same challenging look she was giving you.

“Well was my story not amusing to you that you had to clear your fucking throat right after it?”

You blinked twice and felt Sam’s hand land on your thigh trying to calm you down.

“Well now that I know that the world revolves around you princess I’ll just let the mucus in my throat know next time to just disappear so we don’t threaten your Majesty.”

Sam leaned towards your ear telling you things like “Y/N stop for me” “She’s not worth it” “You’re are better than this” it calmed you down a bit until she spoke again followed by a laugh.

“You know what I’m not even gonna argue with a bitch that’s not on my level.”

That was it for you. All you saw was red and just when you were about to let profanities flow from your mouth Jack FINALLY said something.
“Just drop it babe this is not the place…Y/N just apologize.”

You took a deep breath.

“I’m gonna say this once. Macaroni…the only level you’re on is level 3 of phonics. So why don’t you go reread the Junie B. Jones series to win your class the pizza party. I’m not on your level? The only thing you have that I don’t is a record deal that you didn’t even work for your Daddy got it for you and as a bonus for him not buying you the pony you wanted he got Justin Bieber to mentor you. I don’t get you Monkey Fist, you complain about how people don’t know the real you when you constantly shade and subtweet me and our fans on Twitter and get your fake ass friends to fight your battles for you. Tell me something Moccasin, do you think you’re cool just because your boyfriend is 18. Do you think you’re hot shit because your boyfriend is actually done with puberty while you are still going through it. You must think you’re on top of the world because you get to give the Jack Gilinsky two star handjobs. Here’s some advice Mud Pie, if you want people to respect you then be real and fight your own battles. If you’re gonna be seen with us then you need to act 18 and not 15. But if you insist on being childish and classless then when the adults are talking you just be quiet because children are supposed to be seen and not heard. Remember sweetie cause this isn’t Jericho 😘.”

Madison just looked directly in front of her with a light shade of pink of her cheek, you smirked.

“And with that I’ll be going guys we should do this more often.” You said while grabbing your purse and heading towards the door.

✨ I’m not gonna comment my feelings about this situation✨



See my faves @maybelline Master Kajal and @hdbrows Kajal

These are the best for a greasy smudgey smokey eye. They’re usually only found in indian shops on Whitechapel highstreet and a make up artists secret must have. However major brands are popping up all over with their own version.

They’re super easy to apply I always just run it all round my eye inside and out messy as you like and smudge a bit with your finger… and in 10 mins once you’ve finished the rest of your make up, brushed your teeth and got dressed its all sunken into the creases and looks exactly like Mary Kate!


Phantom and Christine costumes, with the “Art of the Mask” masks, Istanbul version. This is close to the food court.

The golden mask + the veiled ones were definite favourites!