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daenerys “What kind of a queen am I if I’m not willing to risk my life for them” targaryen is not going to be sent somewhere else or be sidelined just because she’s pregnant lol but go off I guess (not directed at you, the dummy saying all that)

I agree, I know people have been speculating this forever but to me it doesn’t align with her personality. I think she will of course be very concerned for her baby after what happened with Rhaego but she is a khaleesi. The Dothraki women don’t take to fainting couches when they’re pregnant, they ride horses till the day they give birth. So I can’t see Dany acting like a wilting flower especially in the middle of a war for the very survival of the human race. Not when the NK has a dragon and she is the only one who can currently control Drogon and Rhaegal.

That said…if the plot requires her to be out of commission for whatever reason, D&D are going to make it happen. If she gets injured in battle, I can see her being sent somewhere to recuperate, especially if the child is in danger. I don’t like it, but unfortunately when you have men writing a story, pregnancy becomes a way to conveniently sideline a female character when the plot requires it. Also she apparently comes back in episode 5 to do battle probably because shit is going terribly wrong and she decides she must fight. Dany could once again swoop in like the badass she is and it could very well be a triumphant moment for our queen like we’ve come to expect. I just have to wonder if, IF, this happens, what do they plan to do with the dragons in the meantime? Will Jon attempt to ride a dragon in Dany’s absence? It might be how they get Jon on Rhaegal, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️