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Have you seen that there’s a new part in shoulderbone’s fantastic fic series? With Even visiting Isak in Berlin! On another note: if you find out the name of the piano piece please share! It was so beautiful

have i? HAVE I? that fic is my religion, sweet anon. gosh! SOOOO BREATHTAKINGLY BRILLIANT. It is written to perfection. All these little details just flooors me. So, the series is called Pointing at the Moon, and it has 3 parts. 1 and 3 Isak’s POV fics and 2 is Even’s. It’s not a light read, but fantastic if you’re travelling and if you want to read it one go. Or taking it slow is your style, then GO FOR IT. It is definitely in my TOP 5 for sure. 

@odeto-psyche, you know I love you. Your talent is a gift and I stan.

I don’t tend to put politics on this blog, but I’ve just watched a televised debate on whether or not I should be legally recognised to exist. That has a certain effect on a person, so if you’re against trans and nonbinary rights, kindly unfollow and choke on an angry cactus.

hmmm im sorry for only posting text posts askin for stuff lately but ive been in such a bad art/writers block the last few months


anyway ic u have anything-pls tell me sometging youd like to see on this blog! even the most mundane thing could spark an idea

Sansa and Arya finally having a scene where both sisters acknowledge each other's strength and struggles throughout the years and promising to protect each other like Ned would have wanted

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