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Omg hi! Could I please request a scenario? Reanimated Itachi is in a face-off with his best friend, who never believed that he killed his clan off for no good reason, during the 4th ninja war. They know his fighting style better than anyone and they don't want to hurt each other but they have to fight. How do you think Itachi would react to this? Sorry if this is confusing but I think it would be an interesting piece, and I love your work!! xx

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You eyed each other across the field, jaws locked and teeth clenched. Onyx eyes met yours even from such a distance and both of you analysed the situation. Each of you knew the others’ fighting style perhaps better than your own and your friendship was deeply entrenched within your hearts. You didn’t want to fight but you had to. You had to for Konoha and your family back home. You had always believed in Itachi, swearing to believe until your dying breath that Itachi had to do what he did all those years ago. You completely believed in his innocence and though you had been ostracised by many for not abandoning Itachi, you had held on.

Itachi briefly closed his eyes against the reality of the situation and when he reopened them, beautiful onyx had been replaced by the crimson brutality of his Sharingan. He was merciless in his fighting tactics and though a bond had long existed between you, there was no going back now and no easy way forward.

When his kunai pierced your heart before you’d even registered him move, the fight over so quickly it had barely begun but had ended in a mercy killing, quick and dignified, Itachi caught you as you fell, cradling you to his chest with tears dripping down his beautiful face.

“I am sorry, Y/N.” He was truly regretful but as the light left your eyes and you breathed your last still believing in his innocence, you both knew that it was far, far too late.

It had always been too late.

If they refuse to listen to our response on net neutrality

If you haven’t heard already, the fcc has admitted to not caring about the 22 million emails they’ve received unless they were in ‘legal terms’ meaning unless you talked like a lawyer who specializes in this specific category, they ignored your email. It doesn’t look like they plan on changing their mind, no matter what we do.
As hopeless as that sounds, we might still have a way to fight back. I’ve heard a few states are trying to make Internet access a state provided utility like electricity and water. If that happens, companies like Verizon would take massive blows. Spread the word, if we can convince our local governments to make internet a state provided utility, it would help not only to sway the votes, but help preserve the Internet in general.
I’m posting this on multiple fandoms because the net neutrality tag gets censored. Remember, without net neutrality your fandom will be completely destroyed.

not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it

The complete list of punishable offenses committed inside Wayne Manor, November 2017:

  • published a photograph of Bruce touring the newly-constructed Wayne Legal Library at Gotham University (note: photograph in question depicted Bruce coincidentally near a section labeled “adoption law,” immediately went viral)
  • brought an excessive amount of throwing stars to family dinner
  • thirty-two new stab marks in the dining room table (note: related offenses)
  • stole the good bourbon glasses, used them to drink apple juice
  • stole the good bourbon glasses, used them to drink cheese dip with a straw (note: different offenders) (further note: guilty party claimed to be fulfilling a dare, continued the behavior long past the time mandated by that dare)
  • staged an elaborate criminal conspiracy to avoid a social commitment
  • ate all the Oreos in one sitting, yet again
  • typed and sent memos to the Watchtower in purple Comic Sans
  • typed and sent memos to the Watchtower in lime green Zapfino
  • typed and sent memos to the Watchtower on a pastel pink background (note: guilty party permanently banned from memo duty, to their evident delight)

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Ever heard of the post, "the most serious character you know getting scared by a toaster"? Now I can't stop think of felix jumping as high as the ceiling.

i haven’t seen that post but i’m so glad i know about it now

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I want Rantaro to make a youtube nail channel tbh I would subscribe

i know you said nail channel but lifestyle youtuber rantaro who collabs with all his friends is one of my fav concepts ever

I wonder where they get all these fancy clothes in ME
imagined some special believer uniform for MC

❤︎ ❤︎ Soft boys n soft kisses ❤︎ ❤︎ (∪ ◡ ∪)

AAAA I drew this lil draw for @argentumsun for her birthday. She’s honestly been such a great friend and motivator in my life recently, a perfect wonderful bean. sjkfd HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ALEX ILY!!! ❤︎

I just wish I could fall asleep with my arms around you, and the last thing I hear before I fall asleep being “I love you”

not sure if these are edited or not, but apparently this creepy-ass Bendy is in the hallway Boris hides in before walking out during the cutscene at the end of Chapter 2. Can any hackers confirm this? :P