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three stupid dollars || jack kelly

i hope you enjoyed the first chapter (crutchtie is a deliGHt) and i hope you don’t regret sticking around for this next chapter

i’m think maybe a davey or a race one next? 

anyways, jack is kind of an asshole but he comes through and i also am shit on ending stories. 

                                 tw; arguing, violence, sexual assault 

        “Youse lost three whole dollas?!” You took a step back as Jack raised his voice. You had been helping Jack save up money to take some of the sick Newsies to a doctor. So far, you’d managed to save up $7, that is until you somehow managed to lose $3 of said dollars. You didn’t know how you had lost them. Maybe they’d fallen out of your pocket or someone had stolen them from your hiding place (in that case, it would have to be one of the other Newsies). It had taken you two days to tell Jack. You knew he would get mad, you had mentally prepared yourself to be yelled at but it still scared you. Jack was rather frightening when he got angry, especially when he was at least a foot taller than you.  You tried to think of a response, but what where you supposed to say? Guess I did, oops, sorry ‘bout that!

        “I-I still have $4 left, i-it’s e-enough for o-one of t-them.” You stammered, hoping that that would ease Jack a little bit. It didn’t. He rolled his eyes and huffed at you. 

        “Dat’s not de point, (y/n).” You flinched a little bit at the venom when he said your real name. That’s how you knew that Jack was truly angry, when he used one’s actual name instead of their Newsies name. The wide eyes of other Newsies burned into you, shocked at what they were witnessing. You felt your hands shake a little bit when he spoke again, this time a little calmer, “When did youse notice it was missing?”

        “About two days ago.” You admitted quietly, hanging your head. Jack’s jaw clenched and he slowly closed his eyes, taking in what you just said. He took a breath so deep that it found the bottom of the ocean. 

        “Youse waited two days de tell me dat almos’ 'alf of our fund had gone missing.” It was more of a statement than a question. More guilt welled up inside of you. Why had you put it off? Why hadn’t you told him as soon as you realized the money wasn’t where you had put it? 

        “Yes.” You whispered as you gulped. Jack’s eyebrow began to twitch and he took another deep breath before opening his eyes to glare daggers at you. 

        “You waited two damn days. How could you do dat? How could youse even be so irresponsible as de lose it in de first place?” He was starting to shout again, making you shake more. 

        “I-I don’t know. I thought maybe one of the younger boys had stolen it.” You said. You suddenly felt as though you were drowning. Tears pricked at your eyes and you couldn’t steady your breathing. Jack shook his head.

        “Dat’s ya excuse? Youse thought dat maybe one of da younger boys 'ad stolen it, den why didn’t you try ta get it back, huh?” You had no response, instead you just looked down, not wanting to look him in the eyes as he was trying to do to you. When you said nothing he shouted a couple of curse words, making some of the Newsies skitter back up the stairs to their rooms. 

        “Jack-” Specs tried to intervene, reaching out to put a hand on his leader’s shoulder before Jack cut him off. 

        “Don’ try ta defend 'er, Specs. She done messed up a simple task an’ she knows it.” He turned his heated gaze from your would-be-savoir back to you. “I knew I shoulda never let a girl become a newsie.” He spat.

        At this your head shot back up. Your mouth dropped in horror and the tears finally escaped. You wanted to yell something, anything back but all that came out was a little gasp. Pushing past him and Specs, you ran out the door. You heard voices yell scolding Jack and calling for you to come back. You ignored them and continued to run until you ran out of steam.

        It was dark outside and you had taken so many twists and turns that you didn’t know the way back. You had also lost your little cap in the process. This made you even more upset and the fear that came with being lost overwhelmed you. You collapsed in an empty alley way and began to sob. You should have taken note of the streets you were turning on. You should have come back when the boys called to you. You should have kept better track of that money in the first place. Drunken laughter distracted you when your wishful thinking. Someone else was entering the alley. 

        “Looks like I'se found me a little birdie!” The stranger taunted. The man had to be in his late twenty, his hair still had it’s color and his face wasn’t quite drained enough. His eyes were filled with lust and you started to panic, wanting nothing less than for that man to touch you in anyway. “Ya got any money bird?" 

        You shook your head no. It was the truth, you’d given the rest of the money to Jack when you’d told about the the three missing dollars. The man grunted in disappointment and you backed away from him, fearing his anger. He continued walking towards you, looking up and down your body. You were dressed in boy’s clothing and you hoped that that would be enough to turn him off but today was really just not your day. He reached you, hoisting you up by the collar and shoving you against the wall. You tried to move your hands to cover your chest but he pinned them flat against the wall. 

        "Guess we’ll just have to do somethin’ else, won’t we?” His breath reeked of alcohol and it was all you could do to keep from gagging. He chuckled at your disgust. His hands released your wrists and began to search your body, finding their way up your shirt. You squeaked when he began to kiss you, trailing from your lips down your neck. One hand pulled out of your shirt and traveled down to your pants, snaking past the top. It was there that you finally struck him with your now free fists. “Bitch!” He yelled, striking you back. You fell the ground as he released all holds on you. “Wasn’t really even in the mood anyway.” He grunted, giving you a swift kick before leaving you alone. Your cheek pulsed in pain and your breathing became even shakier than before. You forced your aching body to curl up into a ball, as though that would protect you from anything else that could happen. You stared blankly at the wall opposite you. Your mind was at a blank, your tears had run out. Footsteps echoed on the two brick walls of the alley again. This time they were steady, even. 

        “(y/n/n)?” This voice was different from all the others you had heard in the past two hours. It was soft, quiet and full of concern. You looked up from your little corner of despair to see Davey standing over you. “What happened?" 

        Sobs racked you again as everything hit you. Jack had lost all faith in you, you had no idea where you were, and you could still feel that drunk bastard’s touch. Davey scooped you up, murmuring comforting things. 

        "Let’s take you back the house, Jack is worried sick about you. He was almost in tears when he asked me to help look for you.” You nearly laughed at that. After what you had seen from Jack today, you doubt he cared about you anymore. 

        “Jack doesn’t want me back, he doesn’t want me to be a Newsie anymore.” You argued, pathetically hitting Davey’s chest. Davey shook his head, which caused a flair of annoyance to shoot through you. 

        “He didn’t mean that (y/n/n).” He whispered. You said nothing the rest of the time he carried you home. 

        You never thought you’d be so glad to see the Lodging House again, but all you wanted was to lay down in your bed. Cheers welcomed you home as Davey awkwardly opened and closed the door with you still in his arms. You smiled weakly. Another pair of strong arms took you out of Davey’s grasp. You felt the reverberations off Jack’s chest as he thanked Davey. You had never been this close to Jack before. He didn’t smell as bad as you thought he would. 

        The boys on the stairs moved aside as Jack passed by them, entering the dimmed sleeping quarters. He was carrying you to his bed. You thought back to the man you had encountered earlier that evening. Was Jack about to do the same thing to you? Paranoid, you trashed around in Jack’s arms until he set you on the bed, taking your head in his hands. 

        “(y/n), I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He promised sounding almost… defeated. This time when he said your real name he wasn’t trying to shame you, he was trying to relax you. You calmed down, looking into his eyes. He wasn’t angry, not anymore. The expression he wore now was one of guilt and worry. “Sweet'eart, where was youse?”

        “You were mad and I felt really awful so I ran. I don’t know where I ended up, I’ve never been there before, but I was in this alley and t-there was this man a-and h-he was drunk and c-came u-up to me and h-he s-start to t-touch-” You ran out of breath before you could say me, covering your mouth as you lost it yet again that night. Jack was horrified. It was his fault that you were attacked. He should never have yelled at you, he should have never said the things that he said, he should have at least tried to analyze the problem more carefully. Now all he could do was wipe away the tears and rub your shoulder. 

        “I’m so sorry.” He said. You had never heard him talk this gentle. “I shouldn’t have yelled at youse, (y/n/n), I’m so so sorry. Youse was right anyways, turns out one of da kids took it dinkin’ it was someone else’s. I told 'em he still shouldn'ta taken it.” You stopped sniffling for a moment, glad to hear of the return of the money but stilling contemplating anything aspect. 

        “Did you really mean what you said? About how you knew that you never should have let me become a Newsie?” You asked. He looked like he’d been slapped in the face, like he didn’t realize that he’d ever said that. 

        “Of course I didn’t means that, I don’t know why I said it in da first place. I’ve never 'ad any doubts about you or any o'dera Newsie. I’m sorry, (y/n/n), I really am.” Now he was the one in tears. You leaned into his touch as he buried his hand in your hair and stroke your temple. 

        “I forgive you.” You smiled as you did so. Jack grinned at you and then he did something you would have never expected. He kissed you. It wasn’t like your attacker, no, not at all. This kiss was gentle, sweet, mutual and broke a year’s worth of sexual tension. 



        “I lost my cap.”

        “Youse can borrow mine til we get ya a new one”

        And he pulled you back in for another kiss.


        You woke about one in the morning, wrapped in Jack Kelly’s embrace. It took you a minute to realize where you were and remember falling asleep. You sighed, glad you hadn’t woken up Jack. You pecked his chin and snuggled back into his chest. At lot of things had happened to you, but finally being with Jack Kelly was the best of all.

white folks be duct taping they shoes and shit like how you never been homeless AND ya family got money but you rocking kicks that look like they been buried on a dead nigga for 6 years?????

Purple - Jack Kelly (Inktober)

Anonymous asked: omg your davey imagines are 122/10 so i was wondering if you can do one where the reader gets hurt (in someway, you can make it bad if you choose to do so) and Jack like freaks out. it’d be much appreciated. :’)

You knew the strike was going to be dangerous. You even knew that some people were going to get hurt in the process. And honestly, you still believed in the cause. Fighting for something you believed in, especially if it meant that you and your friends got treated better by your boss, was exhilarating. 

That didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt when the bulls had pushed you down in an alley after you had helped stop the wagons. And it definitely didn’t mean that the bulge and bruise forming between your wrist and elbow didn’t hurt like hell.

You cradled your arm into your abdomen as best you could as you made your way back to the lodging house. You knew you should see a doctor immediately, but there was no way you could afford one. Not after not selling papes for a few days.

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Coming Clean- Roadrat

So trans Junkrat is one of my favorite headcanons, but I always imagined him having gotten top surgery and not bottom surgery (cuz he never had the money or whatever). A friend and I were tossing around h/cs for him yesterday too, and we ended up talking about how he might not like showering cuz he’d probably end up being super uncomfortable due to dysphoria and his missing limbs and all, and I impulsively wrote this. Also Roadrat cuz I’m an asshole.

Read it on AO3!

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I’m a serious animator who does serious things


updated my commission info!!

some extra rules:

i only accept usd through paypal

i won’t do nsfw stuff lol

how to do this:

if ur interested, send me a message with what you want (references are super helpful!!) and i’ll respond later with the total cost. then, you can send me your paypal email so i can invoice you. after you send the $$, i’ll start drawing and send it to you when i’m done

reblogs would also really help! :v

i love this picture of calum u know why ?? bc he looks so $$$ like not like a sugar daddy but like a 19 year old guy whos got young money ya know his family is minted and hes gonna continue on w the family buisness and he drives u around in his gorgeous car that he almost ALMOST loves more than u and he buys u all the kinda shit u see on ‘girlposts’ accs like makeup palettes nd shit nd he stacks $100 bills on dAT ASS DAILY