got will never be the same


She has lost time before. Entire months, even, and she never got them back. All she has still are scraps of memories: metal tables, metal tools, the sense that she had lost something that could never, ever be returned to her.

After Frohike’s letter, Scully loses an entire day. She could not explain how she got home, only that she must have, because when she is present in the world again it is mid-afternoon on the following day and she is lying on the couch in Mulder’s office. Covered in blankets, with his body warm and familiar behind her.

It’s the same couch he had in his apartment in Alexandria. To her mild irritation, the couch has followed them all these years: first to her apartment, after Will was born, then to their Cleveland Park condo, and finally all the way to the little lake house. The leather is worn and a conspicuous hole appeared on the back a few years ago, which Mulder repaired with black duct tape so it would “match”.

When Scully wakes up, her face pressed against the cushions, it could be twenty years ago. Just for a moment, she pretends it is. Mulder’s arm slung low across her waist, his nose pressed against her neck. She counts his uneven breaths. He’s not asleep either.

She shifts in the small space, just enough so he’ll know she’s awake. No — awake doesn’t seem like the right word. Back.

When his mother died she held him just here, just like this. This old couch that remembers their bodies, that knows better than she does the ways that they have changed. Scully wonders where her mother’s body is, who found her, who typed her name.

There’s a sob, sharp and sudden, and it takes her a long moment to realize it’s in her own voice.

“I’m here,” Mulder says, his voice rough.

Scully doesn’t open her eyes. “Why didn’t I know?” she says. Her throat is raw, and she doesn’t remember why. “I should have—”

His arms tighten around her. “There’s nothing you could have done,” he says, because that’s what you say, and she has told him the same thing a thousand times before. His sister, his father, his mother. There’s nothing you could have done.

Knowing is supposed to be easier. That was the gift they gave so many families: the knowledge that their daughter or brother or friend was at peace — that’s what she used to tell them.

But they lied; this isn’t easier. Her mother’s name on a piece of paper: is that what knowing is? Not to see her or bury her, or to know how her story ended. Is this all the comfort they ever gave to anyone?

Scully is shaking and Mulder is steady, steady behind her, whispering against her skin. She thinks he’s saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

All of those families, all of those years. She thinks, I am sorry. I am sorry.

Sharon Raydor vs. Winnie Davis

Finally have the time to do some written reflection on the Sharon vs. Winnie Davis theme. There has been a lot of talk about the similarities between a Winnie walking in and wreaking havoc on Sharon in the same way that Sharon did with Brenda Leigh and I totally see that. But, I also think there are some very real differences between Sharon and Winnie.

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kaylacsu  asked:

I'm just wondering if anyone else has a parent who says they're fine with you being on the spectrum but at the same time you feel as though they aren't because you get told things like "if you find a nice boy you don't have to tell him and ruin it" or "don't talk about your opinions and push them onto other people" (meaning don't talk about you liking anyone of the same gender). Anyone else having this problem? Feeling like the parent doesn't actually accept you? And how do you deal with it?

“on the spectrum” is a term used to refer to the autistic spectrum (which i don’t think is what you’re talking about here). but yes! yes, mod jay is here to tell you that indeed, i’ve got that problem.

to be totally honest: i stopped dealing with it. to be fair, i’ve never had the greatest relationship with my father in the first place, but i reached a point where i decided i didn’t need him to accept me– accepting myself was enough.

❤️ mod jay

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Ok let's not compare juvia to the main girls then, but what about Cana? Cana gets a fight but Juvia doesn't, wt? :( that makes no sense.

Well Cana was around before Juvia and she has never had a real fight before, so if anything, out of all the secondary girls Cana got screwed over the worst throughout the series. I actually was hoping she’d finally have a fight in this arc, and I’m glad it’s alongside Gildarts (who I like A LOT, and am also happy about finally getting another fight). So I’m definitely not going to begrudge her this. It should have happened a VERY long time ago.

Hell, even Mira got screwed (she suffers the same fate that Juvia often does), by having her main fight be Irene’s swords. But even she got to defeat a Spriggan (OFF PANEL UGH), eventually. 

Again, my issue isn’t with any of the FT members who got fights. My issue is with the non-FT ones who did, while Juvia didn’t.

I understand what Mashima was doing. Like with Cana, he wanted to give some characters who never, or rarely get fights, some glory. That’s fine! I LIKE that. But as a writer, you take care of your core characters first, make sure they have something worthwhile to do, and THEN give those other characters some spotlight.

But that was not the case as far as Juvia was concerned. She’s just behind Gajeel (and maybe Laxus sometimes) in terms of character importance, but she got neglected in favor of far more secondary characters like Sting and Chelia. THAT is not ok.

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*hugs Mama Fuboo* I'm sorry that your wrist hurts! Have you ever broken it? If yes, I understand completely! I broke my wrist in the 5th grade from my friends accidentally tripping me in a game, hurting my growth plate. Then in the 6th grade, I saw them playing that same game...but with kindergarteners (-_-') (^u^)

I never broke my wrist, no. I’ve just been drawing a lot, and last time I got careless and over worked it without giving it a rest.
Sorry to hear about your though! DB

So I’ve never read the manga. I’ve only ever seen the original anime.

So this whole series is throwing me for a loop! Everything is so different and SNJDKDKSNDBJSKWNALZJNDNDE

ITS AWESOME! I never dreamed I’d be able to re enjoy a series like this. It’s still got the same feel of sailor moon and the same basics. But it’s like I’m seeing it all for the first time. I’m on the verge of tears and exclaiming at the end of an episode and super pissed cause I have to go to work and can’t find out what happens next.

I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! It’s the joy of newness mixed with nostalgia. ^.^

I’m so happy.

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If I was gonna have sex w someone and they got pouty about pubes I would...dump them so fast. No disrespect to ppl who shave but I'm not a 5 year old and I don't want my body to look like I am. When I first figured out that ppl shave their pubes I was like firsT of aLL that's scary af like!!! I would never put something sharp down there 👀 but basically I just really wish everyone felt comfortable w their body and did what they wanted instead of worrying about what their partner thought :(

yesyesyesyesyesyesyes !!!! same same. like i dont want to shave? I dont want my pussy to be shaven. if someone can’t deal with a bit of hair..they aren’t gonna be worth fuckin/being intimate with anyway. the hair is there for a reason. i always compliment the people i am with and say i like their body hair!! its so nice!  && I know people have shaved since a very young age and thought that was what i was supposed to do. its crazy!!! shaving is time consuming and i would always end up with cuts down there. i wonder how many people would stop shaving if they didn’t feel pressure too. thank you for this message hun

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How would the Nordics react if they found out Finland was related to Russia? (Since they look pretty similar, their eyes are the same color, similiar hairstyles etc)

Finland: SCREaMs FoREVER. He cries and drinks a lot of vodka. Then, in a vodka induced rage, he goes over to Russia’s and tries to fight him. They’re both drunk and only end up rolling around on the floor or something.

Sweden: He feels really sorry for Finland. Personally goes over after the “fight” to rescue Finland and bring him home. They make a pact to never speak of this.

Denmark: Oops it got out somehow. Denmark is ambivalent to Russia but he knows about Finland’s history with Russia and sends Finland some flowers with a card saying “sorry you’re related to your worst enemy”

Norway: Sends a variety of curses and hexes Russia’s way and pretends like he doesn’t know who did it when asked.

Iceland: Sends Finland some absinthe and some Icelandic schnapps to alleviate the pain of this discovery

Mod Amanda

betaetathetahata  asked:

Cass seems more open, even desperate, for a normal civilian life in the current continuity compared to her original version, who seemed to be fine with just being occupied with training and crimefighting. Which seems more accurate to you, and which do you think has more opportunities for development and growth?

Well, I think it’s important to remember, before comparing anything, that Cassandra by the time we met her in the Preboot, was seventeen years old. We haven’t exactly got an exact age for her in the Rebirth continuity, but I don’t think it’s impossible to say that she feels and is written as much younger than her previous counterpart. She has skills to gain and also confidence she’s lacking.

I, of course, am a huge fan of the way her story was told before, but I also am sort of encouraged that as much as they are obviously leaning on that previous version of Cass, they’re choosing to not retell the same story. 

Cass never came to terms with her self-loathing and death wish until halfway through her original series. We got to see the depth at which that affected her psyche, how it all but ruined her various opportunities and desires to be accepted by people outside of her life as Batgirl, and how little value she saw in allowing herself those things she saw as a privilege and pleasure. By Batgirl (2000-2006) #25 we had seen Cass at about as low as she could feasibly go in her feelings of self worth without the desire to confront those feelings. 

In the current continuity, she’s given something she was never in her previous incarnation: forgiveness. And more importantly, forgiveness from someone who was not herself but a victim of her one crime. Of all my very legitimate criticisms of the choice of Cass’ victim and its ultimate changing of her circumstances, the fact is that it’s territory that even old Cass never got.

So current Cass has this confusing perspective of having received forgiveness from a victim of what she thought was an unforgivable act, but she still doesn’t feel resolved herself. And more importantly to your question, while she has more interpersonal relationships that expand outside of her vigilante identity thanks to her friendships with Steph and Cass (and a much more supportive Bruce and Kate compared to early 2000s Bruce), she still doesn’t understand how to make that connection. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn in the upcoming issues that she personally still doesn’t know if she feels she deserves to make those with her conflicting feelings on retribution and forgiveness.

So, to me personally, both situations feel very accurate to her character, but it has to be acknowledged that there’s a huge difference in circumstances, maturity, and general desires here. Cass’ one goal previously was to save all other lives but her own because she couldn’t see the possibility of forgiving herself for the longest time. Current Cass is faced with the somewhat existential crisis of getting the acceptance and forgiveness she never expected she deserved, and isn’t entirely sure where to go from here. 

I’m done with it!!

Dear my good followers.

It’s been two weeks since I first saw my OC being use as advertisement for the porn bloggers for their website.

I’m mad, really mad. I blocked them, post warning on my blog, and I even report them to the tumblr staff. Yet, I got no respond.

All of bloggers use my art promote on the same website. And, it’s been twelve times a row.

And I’m really, really done with it.

After this post has been release. If I ever see any of those porn bloggers using marina to advertise that website again.


And I’ll never post my art that include Marina or any other of my OCs that wear clothes that reveal their skin on Tumblr ever again. No matter how much I want to share them with you guys. For the sake of my OCs.

This post might upset many of you and also me.

I’m sorry for doing this. But, I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t bear to see my art being use like that. Like I said I love to strolling around, watching those who reblog my post really made my day.

But now seeing those who reblog my art in nasty way coming in. Use my favourite OCs in such way. It’s make me sad and angry. I don’t want any of it and I want them to stop.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

As always. Thank you for everyone who following my supporting me up until now. And thank you for your attention.

it’s still super surreal that the switch is gonna be out this friday.

like, amazon is gonna take my money on wednesday and the console will be at my house on friday. it doesn’t feel real. 

I got that same feeling from MGSV when it came out, where the game felt like it was never gonna come out up until the day it was out. Like, even after Amazon charged me for my order it didn’t feel like it was gonna be out. I was just like “oh, MGS5? lol yeah that’ll come out in ten years” and then the next day i had it at my front door

i know it’s almost time for issue 27 to come out BUT i never posted any of my thoughts on issue 26 and they’ve evolved a little since i read it for the first time so i wanted to share

  • the panel where persephone starts yelling to baal that amaterasu hung up is a little funny to me? in some parallel universe persephone never got a hold of amaterasu and she spends the entire fight yelling back and forth with baal about who’s next on the phone tree
  • amaterasu in general is still kind of…strange to me? we’ve gotten glimpses of that same viciousness that she showed in the first part of issue 15 but it’s still jarring to see her go from watching tv with her mom to having the most unsettling reveal of laser eyes ever. at this point i kinda just want to see her let loose completely; or more accurately, what could possible make her do that?
  • baal aka valentine campbell is so interesting and i get more invested in him the more we find out. actually i would say he is by far my favorite male character
    • ‘all i do is win’ tell me that dj khaled wouldn’t love meeting baal
  • love how the gang just went back to valhalla for their meeting! i’m not being sarcastic i think it made the whole thing more sinister and ananke-ish. i also noticed that mckelvie drew cobwebs to show how empty the place had gotten, which was a really nice touch.
  • what is the purpose of putting out those ornamental skulls. obviously they got it from ananke but if the skulls are fake why keep doing it? is baal just really dramatic or is there some kind of meaning there?
  • the best part of woden this issue was how mad he was at being left out, 
    • speaking of woden i desperately want to know what he actually did when he made baal’s necklace. when laura first goes to valhalla one of the first things she sees is woden given baal his lightening bolt chain and telling him he finished it. baal has been wearing it pretty much continuously since then, which wouldn’t be a huge deal except woden isn’t some crafter on etsy-what the fuck is that pendant for?
    • also does woden even know what the pendant does? he built the phones for baal without knowing what they were for and claims he doesn’t know what ananke’s machine does. i wonder if baal ‘commissioned’ something and kept details from woden.
  • cass honestly was being mean this issue, when she said that thing about baal’s dad i was taken aback
    • same with sakhmet
  • what was baphomet gonna choose…at this point i think you could argue either way; we just don’t know enough about what he’s been up to since ananke died to say for sure
    • my personal guess is fight, just because baph doesn’t seem like the studying type
  • cassandra telling everyone to fuck themselves and give persephone a vote minutes after persephone cut her down so badly cassandra didn’t even have words to respond…who’s crying because i’m not
  • the hair page!!! y’all know what i mean
  • the ‘i’m not inanna line’ broke my heart a little bit.
  • i think everyone’s pretty much had the ‘omg’ reaction about cass’s sexuality and the norns but here’s mine: omg!!!!!!!!!!!
  • just logistically speaking, when persephone crashed her bike what did she do to keep her hair looking so good

anonymous asked:

Was I the only one giggling with happines when Aaron said Robert's full name?, I was SO looking forward to them saying each others full names but Aaron saying Robert's got to me more and I think it's cause he has a middle name but it was just so special because when Aaron's said Robert's full name in the past it's normally been in connection with something bad like 'the great Robert Sugden' etc but now he said his full name with such love and I just died basically.

That was the first time we’ve ever heard him say it all (same with Robert, I’d never heard him say his own full name before). There is something about hearing them say their full names I rather enjoy


So I had a very ghetto photo shoot today. Basically it was my iPhone, two lace panties and a cute bra in the handicap stall with semi good lighting in my dorm building lol. But I took pretty decent pics. I posted a new ad on BP and I’ve been flooded with texts. It’s the same exact ad I always post with my other shitty pics that never got any traction. But now with these new pics people seem to be noticing !

I’ve set my standards a little low since these are BP men and the area around my college is lower class. I have two dates lined up tonight and I couldn’t be happier !!! I’m working hard so I can afford to post a great ad on Eros and start my escorting journey


@elizabolt here you are! The first one I got in college with my best friend, but it’s a crappy one and it is starting to fade. Don’t ever spend only 30 dollars on a tattoo.

The second is my dopamine. Not the best photo but I’m currently wearing sweatpants so it’s the best you get :)

Seretonin is going in the same spot, on my other leg. They are high enough to never show in a professional setting but low enough I can show them off without being a perv.

Treat Them Just the Same || Ruslan

He sat on the stool, feet dangling and not quite reaching the floor. If he stretched, he could just touch his toes to the floor to keep his feet steady, but he didn’t stay that way for long. The hat was placed on his head and he closed his eyes tightly, trying to take deep breaths. The hat was whispering in his ear, hemming and hawing, but he barely registered its words. It didn’t matter—there was only one option, only one house that he could be sorted into. After what seemed like an eternity, the hat went silent and then bellowed, “HUFFLEPUFF!”

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I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”

i just can’t get over how perfect the weasley family’s presents were to harry and ron on their seventeenth birthdays, even though superficially they’re the same thing

ron, who grew up poor and often got hand-me-downs from his brothers, got a brand new watch - he probably wasn’t that used to getting new things

whereas harry, who never really had much of a family history to connect to, got molly’s brother fabian’s watch, something with a lot of history and personal connection behind it that linked him to and made him a part of the weasley family