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Does Jaws read slow too or is it only spoken word that troubles him?

His lacking speed makes him especially frustrated when he can’t understand the jokes in his joke books within seconds, or when he’s looking through a book about astronomy/math/science/physics and he doesn’t instantly wrap his head around what it is in front of him. Even when no one is pressuring him to understand things with the same speed he had before the accident - it still really bothers him when he can’t.

… But hey, because of this he’s got an excellent memory! Though it might take him a while to understand something new, once he wraps his mind around it he will likely never forget it! I mean, he blows right through fluffy bunny when he reads it to Sugar (Pretty much all from memory, honestly he only really needs the book so he can show Pap’s the pictures), and with all the goofy voices too! So its a “you win some, you lose some” situation. 

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can chibitalia do a pin-up pose?

‘‘ I don’t know from where you heard that rape rumor..b-but it is not true, I assure you… And Albert would never chose another girl..he promised me.

And I have no need of your pity or understanding you’re all the same..and stop being indecent..Why would I pose like those easy and indecent women from Papa’s Calendars?!Guards!Take them out!  ‘’ 

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65 klance

me: *posts this prompt half an year later*

this nony: it’s been 84 years

me: well…. hahaha.. funny story *runs away*

It has been a long time since Keith has last been to a hospital and everything was almost the same.

Same white and pale blue painted walls that looked even paler under the harsh lights. Same grey chairs that somehow didn’t worsen with the passing of time. Same magazines about celebrities scandals that his mother hated. Same plants at random places in the hallways that Keith never understood if they were real or not.

The only things that changed were how old he was and the reason he was here. He was no longer a six years old little boy with a deep bleeding cut on his eyebrow. He was twenty four years old panicking in a hospital chair because the brother he thought to be dead came back to him. He just didn’t know how much of that brother he got back.

“Shit,” he mumbled when he bit too hard into his thumb. He looked down at it and at the blood he drew out because he kept chewing on it ever since he came here twenty minutes ago.

So this wasn’t a dream. This was real. Shiro was here, or there, in that hospital room with their parents. Now if only he could find the courage to go there too. If only he could just stand up and open that fucking door and see for himself that his brother was alive and well and here again.

But the thing was that he was afraid. Shiro went missing for a year after a mission went wrong and the doctors said he was lucky he was mostly intact.

What the fuck did mostly intact even mean?

You’ll find out if you stepped inside that room, you know?

“Fucking coward,” he whispered again dropping his head in his hands and closing his eyes. How was he supposed to do this on his own?

He wasn’t sure he could…

“Keith,” someone called him, making his muscles tense up until he realized that the voice didn’t belong to his mother or father. He opened his eyes surprised but when he looked up he was frowning in confusion when he met a pair of blue eyes. The voice belonged to…

“Lance,” he said just as quietly as before and the relief and calm that flooded him when he saw him made Keith feel ashamed for some reason. “What are you doing here?” he asked, voice louder than it was before, but it was still a little shaky thanks to all the emotions that went in circles inside of him.

Lance searched his face for a long time instead of answering Keith’s question and, after sighing deeply, he came to sit down beside Keith. “I was worried about you.”

“Oh,” Keith breathed out, looking away from him and ignoring the butterflies that came to life as soon as he realized what Lance’s words meant. He didn’t need them now but Lance’s presence there was comforting in some way. And, it might make him selfish, but he needed any kind of comfort now more than ever.

He could feel Lance’s eyes on him still, but Keith refused to meet his eyes. He kept ignoring them until Lance shifted his attention to the closed door in front of them. Silence reigned between them until Lance spoke up again.

“Your brother, huh?” he asked, voice gentle and understanding, with no sign that he was actually expecting an answer.

Keith nodded, not trusting his voice anymore to not break while he was talking. He felt tears stinging his eyes and he bit down on his tongue till it drew blood, but he still couldn’t stop them from falling down his cheeks and creating small dark spots on his jeans. Keith tried to swallow down the lump that appeared in his throat but it was too big, and instead he choked out a broken sob.

He immediately brought both hands over his mouth and leaned over, his elbows resting on his legs so he wouldn’t fall face down on the hospital’s hallway.

God, he was so scared. He had no idea in what condition he could find his brother and no one came out of that damn room to tell him that Shiro was fucking fine. That his brother who he thought of as dead for a year, finally came back to him. And that the doctors were just being vague about his condition for some reason that Keith couldn’t think of right now.

He couldn’t think at all. His feelings created a tornado inside his mind that he had no control over. It was just too much and he just needed something…

He felt a hand tentatively touching his back, almost hovering from how gentle it was.

He just needed someone.

“Keith. Hey, Keith,” Lance called him, voice slow and almost like a whisper. For some reason, Keith felt like a little kid that was comforted during a big storm. “Look at me- just breathe, okay?”

Keith looked up at him, eyes wide open and glistening from the tears that continued to spill even after he took away the hands from his mouth.

“Breathe,” Lance repeated, taking in a deep breath and Keith doing the same without thinking. “Like that! Good!” he said smiling and they continued to inhale and exhale at the same time until Keith calmed down. He was still crying. He held those tears inside of him for too long for them to end just like this, but he didn’t care.

“It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling, okay?” Lance reassured him, his eyes not wavering once from Keith’s. Keith expected Lance to go on about how he had all the reasons to feel like this and how everything would be okay. He didn’t though. “But you also need to go inside that room. You need to be there for your parents- who are most probably feeling the same thing as you- and you need to be there for your brother. Staying here and letting your thoughts eat you from the inside out isn’t helping anyone. Especially you.”

Keith kept looking at him. “I don’t think I can, Lance,” he whispered back in the end. He barely felt strong enough to talk, let alone get up and walk inside that room.

Out of all the answers Lance could have given him, Keith never expected to see the other boy smile smugly at him. “That’s what I’m here for.” He got up from his seat next to Keith, who followed his movements with his eyes. Lance kept smiling at him and put a hand between them. “I’m not letting you do it alone. I’m here to support you, Keith. We’re gonna walk inside that room and we’re gonna face whatever we see there, together. Okay?”

Keith looked away from Lance’s serious expression to his hand and he stared at it for a few moments. In the end, he took it and Lance helped him get up on his own two feet. He was still looking at their hands when he said quietly, in the small distance between them, a “Thank you, Lance!”

Lance squeezed his hand and Keith looked up at him to see that smile he loved so much on Lance’s face. He tried smiling back, but wasn’t sure how much he accomplished by doing that.

He took a deep breath then and, with his hand still in Lance’s, he turned to walk towards Shiro’s room.

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Keith asking Matt about his scar and Matt refusing to tell him because he doesn''t want Keith to know it was because he tripped over a stick and cut his face on something

matt, casually leaning on the nearest counter: see i got it in battle, it was a vicious fight versus like ten guys–they were all twice my size, by the way–but i pulled through in the end. kept this scar as a reminder. *stares off into the distance* those kinds of things… you survive, but you’re never the same after.

captain olia, walking by: don’t listen to him, he walked into a pole.

I used to be one of those people who didn’t like Mary and Gray’s relationship and avoided their rival events at all costs. Replaying MoFT after seven years though, I realized how drab Gray’s life is if he didn’t befriend her (he’d just go to the Blacksmith shop, then the Inn and back and never got to visit Mother’s Hill or go elsewhere. Basically it’s the same routine for him). Plus, their relationship is so well balanced, they treat each other as equals who aspire to become better. It doesn’t just involve one of them being spoiled with gifts and compliments. They’re just simple and quiet people who enjoy one another’s company, and I think that’s what matters. Now, I see them as the best canon relationship in Mineral Town!


Dogs are so great. Look at the trust she has for me. She’s only known me a short time and has got to be in tremendous pain (I’m almost certain the bone is poking through the skin and we’re looking at a toe amputation), but she put her head on me while I changed her bandages and never once tried to get me to stop. When Roxy was in the same situation she was the same way. 👁💙🐶🐶

also, “good relationships are relationships in which no one ever fights” honestly sound like the same damn purity wank that got us “if you ship that, you’re a pedophile”

like, “if you ever get annoyed that your partner left dirty dishes in the sink and say wtf dude, you are not ready for a relationship”

I’m never gonna not say wtf dude to someone I love, and I’m never going to want a relationship where I don’t feel comfortable doing that, or where I know they are bending over backwards to never say it to me

that is… that is not a relationship, it’s some kind of fuzzy pastel mutant made up primarily of lies

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hold up, what's the tea with hazel? what has she done??? I'm genuinely curious, you mentioned something in your post about holding phil as accountable as dan(which i totally agree with) about hazel's shitty behavior and idk i guessed i missed that, what did she do?

Well it’s actually ironic because it’s pretty much the same exact situation. She said the n-word on twitter and then tried to back track and make excuses and refuse to apologize and she eventually just deleted it all and pretended it never happened, (she eventually apologized after lying about it 3 times but I digress). But in general her behavior is just really unprofessional. At the boncas she got drunk and got on stage and shaded dan that his video didn’t deserve to be nominated because he’s not a ‘real film maker’. And she and Jack are constantly harassing young female phandom members on twitter.

If literally anyone acted the way hazel has toward phil and their fans as hazel does, dan would have publicly renounced them and not worked with them, yet phil just pretends everything is chill and she’s done nothing inappropriate.

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when i was like 6 i thought both types of puberty happened the same way and i got so disappointed when i didnt end up sounding like my brother, so really some part of it is me being salty like. im owed something here. i was promised something im just here to collect it

Luckily you can get yourself some nice boy puberty juice in a syringe. Should’ve gotten it sooner but better late than never right?

- Michael

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when you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notification anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 💖

Thanks you sweet anon. My answer to this is always the same

1. Lee Jinki

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2. Kim Jonghun

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3. Kim Kibum

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4. Choi Minho

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5. Lee Taemin

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These five crazy “things” make me happy every day! :)

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The way he kept apologising for getting emotional damn near killed me. It’s like he knows that it hurts us to see him in pain and was trying to protect us. He’s got such a huge heart and I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and hold him!

Same here! I felt absolutely terrible to see him get so emotional which isn’t something you see out of him often at all. He’s usually so chipper and always has a smile on his face, but when he was like asking for a moment to collect himself and continuously apologizing for crying, I wanted to just hold him so tight and never let go. I hope to never see him get so heartbroken again. He deserves happiness!

Not the Same!

So this week was hard. There was a bunch of talk about bad stuff and abuse. It made me sad. Please dont hurt or force girls to do stuff cause thats not good. But i see see celebrities and feminists saying stuff thats not true also. Like you know what… its not real abuse if a guy you dont fancy hits on you or asks you out or something! Thats not the same. Its all different. How does he know if you like him until he smiles or flirts or touches you! see what i mean? 

And also. No one talks about how bad it is to not get any attention. Like no one flirts or touches you or nothing. Thats real sad. And like the only reason i ever got a boyfriend was cause a guy made a pass or flirted with me. If men cant do that stuff then we never get boyfriends and everyone is all lonely all the time. 

So dont hurt girls and scare us. But please please please dont stop flirting and asking out and touching us cause we need that a whole lot. 

thank you for reading!!! 

When I was working today, I had a customer come in and was like “this is our first time here, just so you know, my sons autistic” and just straight from my brain, without thinking, I said “that’s okay, so am I”. And I went like paranoid that she was going to complain or be one of those parents, but she actually was really cool and her son was awesome and we had a great time. His special interest though is Barney the Dinosaur. He infodumped a little, and I listened, cause I always want people to listen when I infodump and they never do, but at the same time, I loathe Barney with a passion.

Anyways, I also need to remember not to say things like that. I got super super lucky and that’s not going to happen again.

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I thought I fell for Taehyun and chose him as my bias but oh my was I wrong... I keep switching biases, I can't pick one - why are they all attacking me ?? Same thing goes for Nu'est. I've been supporting them for a while now but I never got the chance to properly stan them because of school. All these visuals are attacking me right now. 😂😂 How are you going to survive seeing them live?!

Honestly, I barely survived seeing all of them.

The only group that my bias list got completely FUCKED UP was NCT.

Taeil used to be my bias but after seeing Taeyong perform live I am completely and utterly under his spell


I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.

I don’t want the third years to leave.

I don’t want Bokuto’s setter to be anyone other than the person who understands him best. I don’t want Fukurodani to lose their heart.

I don’t want Kenma to be left behind by the one person he plays volleyball for. I don’t want Nekoma to huddle before a game and realize they’re waiting for a nerdy pep talk that isn’t coming.

I don’t want Seijoh to feel lost without their senpais’ antics. I don’t want Iwaizumi to constantly worry about Oikawa pushing himself too hard or injuring himself again or beating himself up over not being good enough. I don’t want Oikawa to try and toss to Iwaizumi because he’s in a pinch and realize too late that the toss was too low for his new team’s taller ace.

I don’t want Asahi to crumble without Noya to support him. I don’t want Kageyama to look for the bench during a game and suddenly realize he doesn’t have Suga to lean on, to compete with, to be guided by. I don’t want Ennoshita to feel like no matter how hard he tries he’ll never be as good a captain as Daichi. I don’t want Daichi, Suga, and Asahi to leave the team they believed in from the start, the team they poured their heart and sweat and souls and tears into, the team that is as great as it is because those three never gave up.

I don’t want the third years to leave.