got twins

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I've been fucking my dad's identical twin brother since i was 10 (I instigated it) . He was the 2nd cock i ever had in my pussy. He was known for fucking lots of women at the time & he looks exactly like my dad except a few minor details only someone who's fucked him would know. I officially fucked my dad at 18 but I know him and my uncle would actually switch out ever since i was 11 and thought I didn't notice but i did. Eventually I did get them together & got a twin stuffing in my pussy. :3

Glad they know how to share.


#two very different relationships for shaw yet both so important #they both loved her so much but in different ways (one platonically and the other romantically) and its big because for someone that always thought something was wrong with her and no one would ever take the time to GET her #she ended up gaining two people that legit would’ve died for her and vice versa #they BOTH understood her and never judged her and loved her exactly the way she was #not to mention root and reese’s love for her even helped THEM bond in a way that made them start to care about each other #i just have a lot of feelings about these three tbh

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Now a question... If you could create the story of the real reveal episode of ml how would it be??? Love your art :D

So, I don’t really think the reveal would be like this, because I want something dramatic and action-y but I figured i’d give you something cute. 

Several of us were chatting last night about a ChloNath family. I was struck by motivation. @powerdragonmoon suggested twins and as everyone knows, Twins are right up my alley. So strawberry babies for her!