got turned into a rose like gaston

So I have a new Rumbelle theory......

I definitely think we are getting a True Love’s Kiss by this end of this season and the curse of the Dark One will be gone, but I still haven’t been able to think of a way that we would get to that point. But then I thought after last week, what if we get this True Love’s Kiss full on Beauty and the Beast ending style?? Meaning everything would parallel the way the Beast’s curse was broke in the movie.

What if there is a big showdown between Rumple and someone. Maybe Hook? Can’t be Gaston like in the movie because he’s turned into a rose and gone. They battle for the dagger and then the Rumple gets stabbed with the dagger and starts to die as the Dark One’s curses starts transfers to the other person. Belle (who would have been watching everything) runs over to Rumple, starts crying and says she still loves him and doesn’t want him to die. Then Rumple could give everyone MAJOR BatB feels by saying the famous “At least I got to see you one last time”. Then Belle goes to kiss him one last time, and True Love’s Kiss starts to happen. Then Rumple would be saved and they could live happily ever after! And the Dark One curse could still transfer over to someone and then we have season 5 setup! 

Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up but I would cry tears of joy if this happened!