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Gency week, day 5 - Role Swap!

Previous and next of the week!

I had a bit of a trouble with this prompt, but then I thought Body Swap au! Because who doesn’t love a body swap au. (And don’t lie to yourself, you know you love it!)

And I forgot to mention, but this was partly inspired by Zee’s lovely art and the discussions in the gency discord server! :)

Appropiate tags: Body Swap, light fluff, feeling stuff. (You know. Stuff)

Please enjoy!

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Didn’t you do this(left her key in his car) all on purpose to try and seduce me?

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Any "we've been talking online but don't know each other" sterek fics? Or "I'm in love with this online dude but it's actually my friend the whole time/or he's been in front of me the whole time" sterek fics? Or anything close to this sort of trope?

Got a bit of both for you!  -Emmy

Originally posted by nitratediva

When You’re Ready by Julibean19 

(3,008 I Mature I Complete)  *veteran!derek, disabled!derek, librarian!stiles, online dating

He wasn’t going to do it again.  He wasn’t going to let another date look at him in horror.  Derek refused to be seen as a freak.  He was just going to find a new job, move out of his parent’s house, and die alone.  

“Just one more date Derek, please!” Laura begged, following him down the stairs and waving her phone at his back.  

“I said no!  You don’t know what it’s like,” Derek muttered, suddenly defeated.

“I know babe,” Laura told him, coming up to wrap an arm around her little brother, standing up on her tippy toes until she could lay her head on his shoulder.  “But look at this guy.  He’s gorgeous.”

Derek couldn’t resist a quick glance at the dating app.  Damnit.  Laura was right, as always.  The guy was gorgeous.  A mole dotted face with an adorably upturned nose smirked at him from behind a pair of square framed glasses, and he could feel his resolve crumbling.

(500) Days of Sitting in Front of the Computer by orphan_account

(4,115 I Teen I Complete)  *gamer!stiles, gamer!derek

The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles’s affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel.

But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles’s virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous.

This is a love story.

Catfish by ericaismeg 

(9,165 I General I Complete)  *online dating, alive!hale family

“You make it difficult for a guy to get a date in this town, Danny,” Stiles says.

Danny snorts. “You do not have to follow the Guy Code for people I’ve only gone on one shitty date with, you know.”

OR: the one where Stiles gets Erica to sign him up on OK Cupid and tries some online dating. Also, maybe circumstances lead him to hanging out with his crush more than he expected?

Do You Wanna Date my Avatar?  by Renmackree 

(18,399 I Teen I Complete)   *gamers, online dating, online relationship

Scott frowned, grabbing the game case and reading it out loud.

“Become the Hero you’ve always wanted to be. Battle monsters, witches, dragons, and all the mythical beasts of the World of Fantasy. Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf and other special races included in the basic game. Stiles this so stupid. Who the hell would want to play as a Werewolf?” Scott threw the game back on the bed and leaned back in the chair.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon by secondstar 

(21,317 I Explicit I Complete)   *online friendship, highschool au

Being a teenager sucks. Being a werewolf teenager sucks even more. With a life full of holding back who he really is, not having any privacy whatsoever, and the seemingly sudden appearance of one Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale’s life just got a whole lot harder.

I Should Meet You Because I Love You by derekstilinski 

(22,573 I Mature I Complete)

Derek and Stiles meet online, and then in real life.

For Science by grimm, Tsuminoaru 

(35,959 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, craigslist, werewolves known, minor Deucalion/Stiles

From his textbooks, Stiles had gotten the impression that vampires had a weird, stretched out look to them — slightly too-long limbs and pale skin. This guy, though, he looked human, broad-shouldered and clearly muscular even under a loose sweatshirt. He wasn’t pale at all, his skin lightly tanned, hair dark, eyes pale. They narrowed at Stiles and Stiles froze as the man looked him up and down, clearly judging him. He must have passed the test, though, because the man kind of shrugged and said, “Take off your clothes.”

On Building a Family from the Ground Up by itschristaleigh (lizleminem) 

(38,455 I Explicit I Complete)  *online dating, kid fic

Erica signs Derek up for an online dating site as a joke. At first, he’s just pissed about it, but then her and Boyd announce they’re getting married and suddenly he really does need a date. Meanwhile, Laura becomes a foster mom, and Derek worries about growing way too attached to kids who are eventually going to be given a new home anyway.

Or, how, five years after the fire, Derek learns to open back up and create his own family from the people who occupy his life now.

Alpha and Omega by XX0Jessie0XX 

(58,579 I Explicit I Complete)  *high school au, omega!stiles, werewolves known, online relationships

High School AU: Derek is the head Lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High School and Stiles is an Omega that no one really knows. Stiles had been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won’t ever happen. He could only wish.

My Heart’s Been Offline by thepsychicclam 

(58,893 I Explicit I Complete)  *famous!hales, online relationships

31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he’s a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek’s part of a famous family.

The Silence Between by GoforthAndConquer 

(66,492 I Explicit I Complete)

When Stiles began volunteering at the Beacon Hills Crisis Center, all he hoped for was to help out kids (like him) that needed somewhere to turn. He didn’t expect to find something that he needed in a stranger’s voice on the other end of the line.

Prior to season one. Mostly canon-compliant.

Can we just appreciate the fact that no matter how mad Yuri Plisetsky gets when people call him cute, or pretty or beautiful, he he never denies that he is?

He even utilizes it as a tool to win. Being pretty and feminine and cute doesn’t make him weaker or less capable. He even won.

He got mad at JJ calling him ‘lady’ (was it lady? I forget) but while he got mad he never said anything else.

Maybe it’s because Yuri knows that being called a girl isn’t a disservice to him but no one likes being misgendered (I think a lot of you could agree on me on that). Yuri knows girls aren’t weak. They can lift you over their head (Mila), they can be scary (his fangirls), they are deserving of his respect (Lilia) but they can also be kind (Yuuko).

And when his fangirls fawn on him he gets mad but still defends them when they come under fire.

Victor and Yuuri might be my favorite characters in YOI, but Yuri Plisetsky is a good kid and a damn good character.

Okay now that I’m on the subject I’m gonna rant about it.

I’ll preface this with that I love Voltron. I love it so much. I think it’s a super fun and clever show and that Tumblr has placed such ridiculous expectations on it in some aspects that it’s no wonder people are somewhat disappointed. I think this was a great season and I had a fun time watching it. But that being said…

Voltron treated a lot of its characters like tropes this season.

I’m going to fall back on an old quote from Alex Hirsch to start this because it really spoke to me when I first read it.

The important bit here? “I try not to pigeonhole these characters into “ONE TYPE.” They lose their humanity if you do that.”

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance all got shoved into tropes this season. Lance and Hunk’s treatments seem particularly worse just because they were shoved into “comic relief” tropes, but Pidge wasn’t treated too great either. Just look at what each of them does this season:

Pidge: Techno Babble. Boy, does she do a lot of it. There’s some sort of problem? Well, Pidge is SMURT, send her! And make sure she talks about it quickly and unintelligibly to show the audience that she’s so smart. Make sure someone, usually Lance, replies with an “IN ENGLISH?

This trope exists to establish one character is smart and it CAN be effective… But not if you’ve pre established that the others are smart too. Hunk is the mechanic. Hunk is not an idiot. He should be able to follow at least a few of Pidge’s ramblings. Hell, most of them were super easy to follow! (Especially the hypothesis one, that was completely unnecessary). See this post for discussion on how easy it would be to fix this trope from the Hunk/Lance side of the equation.

It’s honestly not even fair to Pidge to reduce her down to that. More on this in a bit.

Lance: Flirting and dumb jokes. I don’t even have to link to a trope because they’re that basic. Lance (when he has screen time this season) is basically going to be the one to make a pass at a woman when he doesn’t have to or to make an irreverent comment the whole team just looks at him for. 

Sure, it can be funny. Sure, you’ve written his character to be such. But this can’t be the ONLY ASPECT YOU SHOW THE AUDIENCE. Give them good moments outside of that “one time they do something cool to show the audience he isn’t a complete idiot.” I’ll get back to Lance in a minute.

Hunk: Food jokes. This poor guy. 90% of the time in this season, someone will say something and Hunk will relate it to food and mention how hungry he is. Not mentioning the harm of giving the fat character the food trope, let’s just go with the idea that it’s a part of his character. Fine. But there are still right and wrong ways to pull this off and the irony here is that Voltron does both in the span of a single season. 
Right: Baking cookies to calm down and clear your mind. Taking over the mall food court to make people happy. Both of these things are positive uses of Hunk’s canonical love of food that make sense in the situation and even add to his character. Neither are played strictly for laughs.
Wrong: “What are you guys thinking about?” “Zarko-” “CALZONES. What? I’m hungry.” (The OTHER irony is Voltron has pulled off this interrupting with irreverent stuff well with Hunk before with the whole sporks thing. That pulled it off SO MUCH BETTER and was honestly one of the funniest things in season one. This was so forced and so stupidly written)

I think the reason Voltron falls into this is because its main cast is HUGE. Seven characters total. Six if we don’t count Coran, because honestly I don’t see him getting a character arc at any point (which I can accept because seven is just too many characters to give equal attention to). But still. Six. For comparison? The original main cast of Gravity Falls was three. Steven Universe started with four. 

You know the whole “modern cartoons season one is fun times and season two is ENTER THE APOCALYPSE”? There’s an important reason for that. You need time to develop your characters. You need time to give them moments to shine and let the audience get to know them. That way, when plot stuff happens, they all have reasons to act the way they do. Voltron season one was IMMEDIATELY overly plot heavy, and the characters suffered for it.

The way Voltron chooses to show us its characters strengths and flaws is through character arcs. Pidge goes through one in season one where we find out about her past and her motivations. It was great! Created a three-dimensional character! Hunk has one in season one where he discovers what it really means to fight and why they’re all out here. He wants to protect the Balmerans more than anyone else and sees why Voltron is needed. Great writing! 

Yet the writers seem to have forgotten this! There’s no point to a character arc unless you keep that growth and have the characters act on it from that point on. Take my other main complaint with this season: how Galra Keith was treated. It was built up amazingly and had a fantastic episode for its reveal.

And then… nothing. We didn’t see Keith react to it much, we didn’t see him tell the team (and man, that would have been a GREAT scene), and I’m afraid it’s just going to be written off next season as a plot point. Is he going to have trouble accepting it? Is he going to want to talk to the others about it every now and then? Is Hunk joking about it really helping him normalize it for himself? Or are the writers just going to make it “okay now Keith can open doors and shit?” I hope with the reveal of Altean Haggar we’re going to get some cool parallels and character moments, but I don’t know.

Point being, Voltron writes these great arcs but then re-tropes their characters when they’re done with them, which is sloppy writing. It’s mainly because there are so many characters that it’s tough to give them all great moments in every episode. Which I get it! I get that you can’t let them all shine every episode! Occasionally someone should step back and be a bit more trope-ish for the sake of keeping a good flow in an episode. But not all the time, and certainly not because that character has already had a complete character arc and “had their moment.” 

Lance is heavily hinted at getting an arc next season about his self-doubt, which will be amazing. But this isn’t enough. The show must remember its character growth and keep it with the characters. 

Characters are more than just their most prominent trait.

So I’ve been hearing a lot about people wanting a monster man dating sim

And I had an idea

So a group of teenagers go down to a log cabin camp for the summer, standard start to a bad teen horror movie
You got all your character tropes there:The sluts, the obnoxious jocks, the druggie, the nerd and finally

The virgin, who you play as
A quiet, kinda frumpy girl who only came along because she’s friends with one of the sluts or something
And while her friends are doing everything that dumb teenagers do (drinking, fucking, drugs) and getting their asses killed, the virgin somehow remains immune, and is learning all about the lake legends and what not and how to defend herself from them

As the last of her companions are slaughtered, and she’s staring down the massive, heavily scarred, chainsaw-wielding, seemingly immortal murderer

He kneels down, propping up his chainsaw, and looks our MC right in the face

And asks her out on a date

There would probs be a bunch of different routes, depending on what legend you study the most

Like one is the buff hockey mask guy with a chainsaw
Another is a wendigo-type skull head beast
And one more is a Freddy Krueger type, knife fingers and all

Horror Trope Monster Man Dating Sim

why have manchild!tony trope,,,,,, when you could give me an ‘in the zone’ tony striding through his home with a phone nestled between his shoulder and ear to hold negotiations with the un about the accords while simultaneously looking through some of the paperwork he needs to sign for stark industries, and still making sure hes got enough time to help kamala and peter and harley with their homework and any other issues they might be having (and doing good at all of it too, not just the un and business stuff but also looking after his kids because fuck what the ex-vengers might think and fuck what the media will say, tony would die for them and will always do everything he can to look after them and make sure theyre happy while with him because he’ll never allow himself to make the same mistakes howard did)

instead of manchild!tony you should totally give me competent, team parent, BAMF!tony stark instead

quick fic #22: what do you know?

“This is bullshit.”  

Sam rolls his eyes at his brother’s dramatics.  “Dean, he’s done this before.  Sure, he hasn’t had as much practice as we have, but…”  He pauses, seeming suddenly unsure, then repeats himself.  “Well, he’s done this before.”

Dean gives Sam a look.  “He interrogated a cat once, Sammy.  And he can’t even hold a goddamn badge the right way!”

“I am in the room with you two,” Cas says dryly, his arms crossed as he leans against the motel room wall.  “I can hear you.”

Dean ignores him, turning away with a huff.  

Sam sighs.  “Dean, he’ll be fine.  Jenna will make sure he’s careful.  She’ll take care of him.”

“That’s exactly what I don’t want,” Dean mutters mutinously.

He flinches when the light bulb nearest to Cas bursts, sending shards of lightweight glass outward in a five-foot radius.  

Calmly, Cas picks a few pieces of glass from his trenchcoat as he says in a mild tone, “Sam, I think it’s best if you step out for a few minutes.”  

Sam holds up his hands in mock-surrender, but it’s clear he’s holding back a smirk.  “Got it.”  

When the door closes behind him, Dean meets Cas’s eyes.  “Done peacocking now?  Or are you gonna blow the windows out too?”

Cas meets his gaze unflinchingly.  “If you’re going to again imply that Sheriff Jenna and I are going to engage in romantic or sexual exploits, then perhaps I might.”

Dean rolls his eyes in derision but says nothing.

“You are aware that she is interested in women?”

“So what?” Dean asks, raising his eyebrows, “Doesn’t mean she can’t also be interested in guys, too.”

Cas tilts his head.  “You mean bisexual.”

Dean looks away.  “Yeah, I guess.”

Cas takes a step closer.  “You mean - like you.”

“Whatever,” Dean mumbles.  He turns toward the door.  “Do what you goddamn like, Cas.”  

If Dean ever forgot Cas was an angel, he is definitely reminded now, when Cas uses one hand to spin him and pin him against the door.  The doorknob pushes painfully into his back.  

Cas’s face is close - his mouth is even closer.  Dean can’t seem to tear his eyes away from it, even when Cas begins to speak.  

“Let me explain something to you, Dean Winchester,” he says in a low tone.  “Sheriff Jenna is not interested in me, nor am I interested in her.”  He drops his arm and Dean feels the pressure on his back lesson.  He would rejoice if it didn’t mean Cas was stepping away.

The angel looks down at his shoes, seeming suddenly bashful.  “I am not interested in her because I am already - “ He pauses here, his eyes slipping closed.  “In love with you.”

On some level, Dean already knew.  But to hear it spoken aloud so plainly makes his heart do tumbles, painful and exhilarating all at the same time.

“Yeah, well,” Dean says, face warm, “You’re a dumbass who interrogates cats - what do you know?”  Despite his tone, his feet carry him forward and his hands find fistfuls of Cas’s coat.

Cas looks up at him, pink-cheeked but stubborn.  “I know you’re jealous of a lesbian woman, and I know that’s why you don’t want me on this hunt.  I also know that you secretly enjoy it when I blow the lights out.  Also, I know you’re still not comfortable with the idea that you are bisexual.”  He blinks, then swallows, then says, more quietly, “Or with the idea that you return my feelings.”

Dean pulls him closer by the front of his coat, closing his eyes.  “I’m trying, Cas,” he says, voice raw.

There’s a hand on his cheek.  “I know that, too.”  There’s a pause, then Cas says softly, “May I try something now?”

Dean nods, squeezing his eyes so tight he sees stars.  

In the next moment, he feels the soft give of lips against his, simple and asking for nothing in return.  Despite that, Dean’s ready to give Cas everything.  The breath he releases when Cas draws away shudders in the space between them.  The kiss barely lasted two seconds, but it lingers - a reminder, a possibility, a gift, a blessing, if only Dean reaches out to take it.

He opens his eyes and reaches up to curve his hands around Cas’s face.  Cas looks so hopeful, so joyful, his eyes blue and brimming.  It’s all Dean needs to be convinced.  He wants Cas, every day of his life.  

He smiles and kisses Cas and kisses him until they both have to pull away to smile.