got to that point


Commander Iverson: Everyone in the garrison thinks you’re paranoid.

Keith: If it’s “everyone”, THEN IT MUST BE A CONSPIRACY!


2016-17 Goals Game 49/82 (vs Vancouver Canucks)

Goal 1: Panik (Campbell got his 500th career point on his assist on this goal)
Goal 2: Kane
Goal 4: Toews
Goal 5: Hossa (empty net)
Bonus Gif: Crawford’s amazing series of saves (Crow recorded his 200th career win)
Game Notes: The UC sold out the 400th straight game

Just wanna re-state that my march, and many of the marches across the country, were very intentional about centering marginalized communities. Our march had a specific route for the disabled, and chairs marked off for them and the elderly at the rally. We had speakers talking about the fact that the women’s movement in the US was started by Black women. We had people from Fight for $15. We had people with “Water Is Life” signs. We had Black, queer, undocumented, Muslim speakers. At one point someone got on the mic and said they were marching for Tamir, Bresha, and Sandra Bland, and a roar went through the crowd. I saw so many other Black women at that march. In fact, I saw all kinds of people at my march. It was among the most empowering and uplifting political actions I have ever been part of, and I will resist the fuck out of any attempts to marginalize the fact that what we did *around the world* yesterday was deeply important.

walmart really stepping their game up
I walked to the beauty section, grabbed what I wanted and tried to leave and at my walmart there’s a register for the beauty section and the SA was like “ma'am you have to purchase cosmetics here.” so I waited and asked if I could leave the stuff at the counter while I got my groceries (I just wanted to dip at this point) and she went ahead and put security tags on the brushes and the other shit in a little box so fuckin extra I’ll get you one day greedy whores

fucking listen…. Brandon was in front of me for hi touch and told Jaebum “she really loves you” and pointed back at me and then I got to him and I held his giant ass hand compared to mine and just kinda let out a “Iove you…” and he glance me up n down (he noticed the jacket) and just he just gave me this proud grin on his face and touched his heart and it stabbed me in the heart and I’m just so shook staring into his eyes like that?

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Brianna my heart is in pain and only your opinion can help. Infinity War starts shooting tomorrow, Black Panther already started and no Sebastian nearby. Is Marvel benching Bucky because of their homophobia and gay panic? I'm so worried, Seb is still sporting an awful mustache and shooting I Tonya, how can he be a part of the next Marvel movies? I'm worried ugly Marvel is quietly writing Bucky off so they don't need to deal with Stucky fans :(

I, Tonya is a small budget independent movie, meaning it’ll probably take 3 weeks to film at most. Seb’s already been shooting it for a week and a half, so he’s probably around halfway done with that now. Black Panther and Infinity War are huge budget studio movies, they’ll take at least 2 months to shoot, Infinity War closer to 3 or 4. So if he’s in Black Panther at any point, he’s got plenty of time to film after I, Tonya is done. And he’s already confirmed for Infinity War so he’s gonna be in that. And as far as I know, both BP and IW are filming in Atlanta? Which is where he’s at rn, so he’ll probably just go from one set to another 💖

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Was coming out difficult for you?

Coming out to the world was never that big of a deal to me, although it was not easy at first because I feared that I would lose my close friends due to them not being as open to certain things. But then it got to the point where I was like  “ fuck who doesn’t like it, I only have one life” and checked myself quickly. At the end of the day people are going to say nice and hurtful things so why would you care if it doesn’t change how a stranger sees you or what a stranger believes in. I like what I like and that’s what makes me me :)

Give Me A Break…

So this is my nephew, Isaiah. He’s a bit of a handful. I gave him my phone to play games… Not even two seconds and he’s already pretty much managed to go through Tumblr. He tells me, “Mm… Unc’… Why you even got this blog though?”

At this point I take my phone back but no… He isn’t finished.

“Like really, Uncle A’. These dudes is all tens and you maybe like a solid 3.5. You saw @no-chill-mack?? You saw @thatboydri? @drvcopierre? You needa step up, fo’real. You got no chance. I’mma grow up to be just like them, aight? I got that #mixedboymagic, okay? And when I do, I’mma get a girl like @loftybabe. The chicks finna love me. Here. Let me bless yo’ dash, bruh. Take these pics of me and the notes will flock in.”

He decided he wanted to say more about it and I decided he needed to go to bed. You guys have these cute 3 year olds and I have… this.

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i marked the quads in red to make it easier to read (+ the fuckening GOE points he got for all of them) because Holy Actual Fuck

Lily Evans Headcanons:

-She was rlly curvy
-Her middle name was Margaret
-She smoked occasionally
-Lily also drank (only at parties, but she couldn’t hold her liquor very well)
-Homegirl totally couldn’t dance
-Lost her virginity at age 16 to a muggle in Cokeworth
-Slept with plenty of boys (safely!!!)
-Hexed anyone who called her a slut for it
-Her best friends were Alice, Marlene, and Mary
-Lily loved Queen, to the point that she and Sirius (who she got into the band) would dramatically sing Bohemian Rhapsody in the common room
-Had huge self confidence like you couldn’t tear this girl down if you tried
-Was pretty emotional and empathetic, like if someone she cared about started crying, she would too
-If someone insulted her tho she’d just laugh
-Her big flaw was her pride
-Was the friend that would make you tea and comfort you and cry with you when you were upset
-Always remembered a name
-All the little Gryffindors flocked to her because she was so nice and cared so much
-After a night of drinking she’d have a rlly bad hangover
-Super melodramatic at times
-“Lily get up it’s just a hangover” “Alice I am fucking dying” “Lily” “Tell Potter that I hate him”
-Held a grudge pretty well
-“Hey Evans” “Leave before I hex you Potter” “That’s really aggressive” “Well on this date three years ago at 3:47 pm you decided it would be funny to push me on the way to class”
-Swore like a sailor when she felt like it
-F E M I N I S T
-Definitely spoke out against Muggle attacks
-Had a very soft heart
-Was the “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness” kind of person
-Bisexual? I think yes
-100% an ISFJ (their title is literally “The Nurturer” okay)

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go cry over Lily Evans and the fact she deserved the world, not death

today at formal hall the conversation somehow got to the point where i blurted out the exact words “i used to be in the online fandom for les miserables” and i just had to stare into my soup for about 5 minutes to contemplate every life decision that led up to that moment

Today i worked and it was a good shift i didnt embarrass myself then i walked home and the sun was so hot even tho it was only 28° at that point then i got home and idk why im making one of these posts cos i literally did nothing. Had 2 muffin sized brioche buns one filled with pastry cream and one with butter and raspberry jam i also ate scrambled eggs on toast and miso soup and a coffee. I had a swim at 4:30 then did nothing again and had “fried” rice for dinner. Gonna have another brioche bun with pastry cream for dessert. Dad mentioned going for a drive but i left the room. Is tomorrow hot becos i have to walk to the library sometime to return a book or else ill get $110 fine. Also i have a driving lesson tomorrow trying to go into it with a better mindset im excited to improve!! I will watch the tennis later then go to bed early

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Someone mentioned the Women's March in Idaho so I thought I'd bring up how the only altercation I've heard come from these marches was in Driggs, Idaho and it was some person getting mad at protesters for blocking the road. No one got hurt, which is good.

I mean, that’s the point of protests though, isn’t it? It’s to cause a disruption to force people to pay attention and understand the frustration we have to go through