got to love old people

Can we take a minute and talk about how fantastic Harry’s voice sounds on this song?  It’s rich, it’s not strained, his technique is on point for rock.  his falsetto is clear and pure. The beginning in particular is clean and precise.    His belt at the end is open and fully supported.  His breath control is spot on.  And the little details like the way he transitions from chest voice to falsetto in the bridge on “will we ever learn?” is SO SMART.  He’s using such strong dynamics.  He has grown so much and I’m just so incredibly impressed.  And so incredibly proud.  

I made my own ashkore/masked man!! (actually i want him to be a grandpa buttttt it was 2 am when i sketched this)
i hope he has a pet dragon please let him have a pet dragon
also: he doesn’t have vitiligo, those are burn scars


I used to work in a breakfast food truck because I love breakfast so much and I got to get free breakfast in there. One day I got home from work and I drew these lol. (The food truck’s name was Toast Monster.)


Guess whose friend got her two new owl beanie boos when she was on vacation??? 💖🦉

It’s me! 😁My owl family grew again! The gold one’s name is Konoha, and the new grey one is Koutarou! (Because yes, he is also a Bokutowl) I love them so much, I’m so happy. ❤️

(From left to right: Akaashi, Konoha, Kaori, Koutarou, Komi, Bokuto)

the irony of the female titan arc is the fact that all the people who died in the right flank was due to reiner, who had the information that eren was in the right flank & told annie as such.

Clint takes to twitter to rant about how you got the final kill on a mission.

Promo - @phan-is-our-resistance thanks for playing my game!

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Back when lost was airing I was in middle school and we had a lost club and I'm telling you at least 3/4 of the members headcanoned him as trans


thank you for telling me this!

One day I’ll stop drawing crappy Undertale anime crossovers. Today is not that day. I present to you - Osomatsu-Sans. 


edit: upon searching tags I’ve found that someone beat me to the punch both on the punny crossover AND on Papryus-Iyami and they aren’t crappy like this haha. Dangit. I’ve had the idea for weeks but just now decided to doodle it as a reward for getting 2/3rds through my film layout, I failed. 

the best part about my job is when dogs come into the store


We all how EXO got their supernatural powers right? What if they never know where home actually was? 

In MAMA they talked about how cold the world is and how people are changing. But what if they’re talking about the reactions of people after people who were close to them found out about their gifts aka powers. 

So in WOLF they basically put up a wall because they saw what people’s reactions were, until this girl came and she treated them as normal people. So they fell in love with the only person who accepted them for who they were. 

But in GROWL they get extremely possessive over her, so possessive to the point they scare the girl away from them. 

So in MID they lost the only person who accepted them. 

In OVERDOSE their powers start going out of control and can’t control them anymore that they almost go insane. Suddenly they lose their powers after they couldn’t control them anymore, so their confused but also happy they’re finally “normal”. They got away from their old loves and start a new life living as “normal people”. 

But in PATHCODE they suddenly start getting their powers back, and one by one they’re being hunted down by the order of the teasers. Jongin is the first one to realize he’s being followed. After they were caught the people who caught them promised to give them the “normal” life they desired by taking away their powers. But in reality they never wanted to take away or weaken their powers. They wanted to make their powers even stronger. 

They thought they were the LUCKY ONES, they thought finally they were going to be freed from their powers, but in reality they were being turned into MONSTERS.

cr. KAlRlS

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wish everybody a great start into 2017, may this year be good and kind to you! I wish you all much strength and endurance for any and all challenges and battles you might be facing, as well as good luck and much joy for every bit of happiness you will find. Take good care, everybody, and stay safe!

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wow, i’m so annoying and ugly. how do i have so many followers? I never really thought i’d ever get passed 500 followers. thank you so much to everyone i follow, you guys make it worth running this shitty blog. i’ve most likely pissed all of my followers off at some point, thanks for sticking around for so long. it means so much to me! sorry this is really shitty, i have no inspiration and i’m very lazy. i’d say i’ll bold all my favourite blogs, but all of these are my favourite blogs.

anyway, thank you again for following me when i’m a horrible person who obsesses over tobirama 24/7. i feel so the need to say sorry about my shitty blog, i’m so so sorry. just kidding, i’m perfect.

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Got characters based on real life people?

Love drawing cartoon creators as cartoons

^old Genndy Tartakovsky drawing

Gonna make a bunch of them cameo / Easter eggs in my comic.