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Fics Coming Soon

Hiya again, lovelies! Here’s you new list!! 

*A GoT fic called “Of Hounds and Stags”: Sandor Clegane x fem!Baratheon reader(+)

*An Avengers one-shot called “A Date with HYDRA”: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader (+)

*Another Avengers fic titled “Do Not Anger Her”: Loki x fem!reader (+)

*GoT one-shot called “Love Again”: Tyrion x reader (+)

*Another GoT fic titled “Family Troubles”: Samwell Tarly x fem!reader (+)

*Avengers fic called “The Other Stark”: Steve Rogers x fem!Stark reader (+)

*A GoT one-shot titled “First Words”: Jojen Reed x reader (+)

*Avengers Song!fic based on “She’s In Love with the Boy” by Trisha Yearwood: Clint Barton x fem!reader

There you have it! All GoT and Avengers fics this time. And a Song!fic. I haven’t written one of those in a while! Thanks for your patience, lovelies! Lots of love!


How do I even process all this?

This is gonna be a long post. I just feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get this out at some point so read at your own risk.

I just need to process everything that’s happened to me since last summer. It’s been half a year but so much about my path has changed and I’ve got so many thoughts. and Fuck I am so in love with Loki.

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And because I’m super duper lame and forgot I’m doing this at night.

So when I started my blog it had been so I could save a fic with bookmarking it. And then I thought “hey maybe I could write something” so I wrote a one shot and posted it. Not going to lie it was pretty darn crappy, but @imagine-assembling-the-avengers read it over and gave me a few good pointers, and with the advice I continued.

And slowly I started gaining more followers and more people would comment on my fic and then the best thing happened. I got an anon love letter from Loki for one of those character things. I was amazed by this persons writing skills so I asked if they could tell me who they were. And on September 1st I started talking to one of the most amazing person that I have ever talked to and that was @iwillbeinmynest .

@iwillbeinmynest Kate, my dear. Words cannot describe my feelings for you. You have been my rock in dark times and my laughter in brighter times. I know this past month or so we haven’t talked but when we do its like we never stopped. I love you so much and if I was on my laptop I would insert the “I love you” gif of Seb

@livforthegames Liv!! Babes, you are one of the greatest friends I have had. I can tell you anything and feel zero judgement when you reply. I know we both have our own problems at times but I know that if I need anything you would be there if you could and I hope you know I would be there for you too. Also, CUDDLE BUDDIES FOR LIFE!!


@obsessedwithatwell @thosefuckingxmen @that-sokovian-bastard @the-real-tony-stank @beccaanne814-blog @meunicorn @evependragon @bxckytrxsh @andhiseyesweregreen I would write a whole thing for you all but I’m super duper tired. Just know I love you all

I have met more amazing people and I am so glad to call everyone of you guys a friend even if we don’t talk often.

The best decision I have made recently was getting a second cat. I wasn’t even planning on getting another cat any time in the near future, but one day I was browsing through the adoptable cats at the organization that I got Loki from, and I saw Pip. I loved him right away. After I saw his picture and read about him, I became obsessed with the idea of bringing him home. I knew he would be perfect for me, and for a buddy for Loki.
They have been inseparable since I brought Pippin home. They play together, chase each other and hang out right by each other when they’re not playing. I love my little snuggle bugs so much.

“Find solace in the night and your constellations.” Bard comforted, running his fingers through the elf’s silky hair.

“You’ll always have a place in my constellations, Dragon Slayer..” The king purred, stroking his cheek and trying not to break down right there.

For loki-the-elvenking and their story ‘You’ - Keaton Henson by AriannaLaufeyson on AO3. A songfic for one of my favorite music artists, and art now for what was a lovely, sad ficlet. 


A shy Loki story where he literally turns anyone into a small animal if he embarrasses himself in front of them. They’re not in a relationship yet. Something happens and he turns Tony into a cat or something equally adorable. He tries to flee, but Tony just keeps following him around. Loki can’t escape him even with magic. Tony bears witness to every embarrassing moment of Loki’s life. Loki is dying of embarrassment and finally turns Tony back, but only if he promises to stop following him and not say a word to anyone about what happens. When he’s human again Tony tells Loki how cute he is and frostiron happens.

Fan fiction appreciation day!

I’m here to testify. I am preachig the gospel of great writing.

I read a lot – it’s my problem. Here is a short list of writers/works I adore and some of my favorite titles by them (short, because I know I’m leaving some off the list, but I had to squeeze in this post between madly cleaning the house, and going to the grocery store so I can bake a birthday cake for my now 14-year-old – aaahhh!!!). Go find their fics. You will not be sorry.

freudensteins-monster​: I love her Loki fics, but Frostbitten is what got me hooked.

incredifishface​: Educating Mr. Oakley and The Dog Inside the Heart, both on Ao3

lokilickedme​: Chemical on Ao3

icybluepenguin​: Fistful of Loki, but really all of it. Really.

laterovaries​: what’s not to like?

crescent-moon-rising​: Theory and Practice

clojury: Would You Be Mine?

museofcherry: all of it. She’s cherry_mandarin on Ao3

loki-in-winterfell: I Know What You Are

missviolethunter: Theology for Beginners

larouau12/ latestarter58: a little something for everyone, just go look

angryschnauzer: currently, I’m really enjoying Road Trip

andlifeisgrand: Wildest Dreams

lokiofmiddleearth: go find her Loki stories

whittyonernc: you need to start reading that Adam story she’s started on Ao3, Counterpoint and Consequent

marvelousmindloki: Leave the Demons in the Dust

peskipixi: just found her, and wow, very sexy

indomitablemegnolia: not fandom stuff; mostly flash fiction/prose poetry – it’s wonderful

And let’s not forget my favorite rp-ers:

notpedeka/ nightmareofcat

martinssonconstruction/ fayefolke/ rebeckalindahl / detektivmartinsson

Go forth and read, my wonderful followers!