got to get fit

So um. Got the Buildaboy today, but the shop didn’t have the Team Rocket hoodie for some reason

So I got the next best thing.




Favorite Malec Moment(s) - Alec + falling in love


//even draws when I’m out camping and being eaten alive by bugs//

waahhh I haven’t done watercolors in so long *0* I miss digital art ;v;;;;;


He’s always gotta break my heart.

Based on recent episode and done during yesterday’s livestream.


“I’ve always heard every ending is also a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time, I’d like to believe that’s true.”


Motivational Cassian I did earlier today for the lovely ladies who’ve banded together to get our asses tight and triceps chiseled.

@cassiancalore thanks for stepping up and making this happen! ❤  @courtofpainteddreams @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn @azrielsiphons @paperbacktrash @feysandlover @feysandfeels @fandomfun13 @raconteurwitch @queenzofillea @winnowing-highlady @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty @cassianvanserra @vannserra @kkiyomizu THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS!!

Hope i didn’t miss anyone!


In the painting scene, there’s a really well edited moment that goes from a shot of Thor putting on a hat on that cuts to a similar shot of Shaolin putting his helmet on before revving up his motorcycle. But did anyone else get a good look at the type of hat he was putting on?


It’s a really quick shot (the time stamp is between 32:46-32:47) so I had to rewind a few times to get a decent enough picture. But I really only noticed it because he’s holding onto the same top hat, positioned right behind Dizzee’s head, when Shaolin walks in.

Maybe it was supposed to be a cute, blink and you miss it thing, but the top hat is an important part of Rumi’s story/symbolism/imagery. So now I’m thinking about the meaning behind Dizzee letting Thor wear the top hat instead of wearing it himself, and now I’m emotional about this scene all over again.

so many headcanons for all ma ladies that i need to start writing down


“But they just fucked with the wrong guy.” [requested by: @kteague]

party at the blackwatch HQ  🎶 ✨ 🎶 ✨

(dont delete the caption p l s)

hi can a dysphoric trans boy have some help? won’t cost a thing

i’d just like to see some cis guys (or post-op trans guys) taking a picture of what their chest looks like when they look down (with some clothes on please!) to have a comparison bc even wearing a binder when I look down I get huge dysphoria. Idk if it would help but maybe seeing some cis guys with different body proportions/shapes from the same perspective might help?

signal boosts appreciated


too weird to live too rare to die + subtitles

Pros of losing weight:

  • confidence
  • health
  • i look hella now

Cons of losing weight:

  • i literally just got cornered in the street by a guy that pretty much begged for my number on wednesday until i gave in, then when he texted me i ignored it because i clearly am not/was not interested, and asked why i didn’t reply. bear in mind this is on the street i live on, where i should be safe. his friend was near by. when i said i wasn’t interested, he said ‘but i am, i wanted to get to know you’. when i repeated that i wasn’t interested, he said ‘why’

Cons of losing weight and getting more ‘desirable’

  • men suddenly think they’re entitled to me.