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Joonyoung’s dance rehearsal is my new favorite thing in the whole world : he looks like a robot trying to practise his breathing to pass for a human hahaha!

My Extra Life 2017 Highlights/ RECAP
  • Jeremy dressed as Rimmy Tim
  • Him then giving his mask to Matt who couldn’t even see out of it because of his hair
  • Everyone putting their name on the wheel to see who kissed Larry
  • Alfredo just go straight for the smooch
  • Michael and Jeremy just wanting to do shots
  • Millie being so cool about giving up her Xbox one X
  • How the RT Games didn’t actually test any of the stuff they brought to do
  • FunHaus!
  • The southern accents
  • Elyse breaking the wheel
  • How in costume, Miles looks exactly like Burnie
  • The Know trying to do the chip challenge and all falling apart 
  • Except Kdin who took it like such a champ
  • Becca’s pregnant!
  • Tbh the whole of Whose Spot is it Anyway
  • But especially the interpretive dance, Captain Hook vs Peter Pan, Jeremy as Trevors hands and of course
  • The Hoe down
  • Cole literally having a meltdown at the one chip challenge
  • Jacks third nipple paintball shot
  • Barbara skyping in for Always Open
  • Her unable to insult people except for:
  • “Mariel, you’re a cunt”
  • Miles spanking everyone and literally makes Mica fall over
  • Werewolves!
  • Kyle not telling anyone about the paintball rules and them all immediately plotting against him secretly
  • Yssa and Trevor constantly accusing each other while Jeremy gets away with it
  • The second game being over so quickly just to fuck Kyle
  • IRIS!!
  • She’s so cute!
  • “Iris dances across the stage”
  • The Mavin “kiss” 
  • Iris crying at the Mavin “kiss”
  • Alfreyco purposefully sabotaging Mavin in the piggy back race
  • Headgimite!
  • Gavin, of all people, being willing to lick it off
  • The McChip challenge
  • Gavin’s reaction to the McChip challenge
  • Andy and Gavin taking 28 paint balls and Gavin being so angry he storms off at it
  • Bob Ross! 
  • I was too busy trying to paint to Bob Ross to actually pay attention to what was going on
  • Blaine doing to milk challenge and all the puke that followed
  • Chris trying to cook 
  • “Is this even on?” “No”
  • Jon’s reaction to Patrick eating the fish
  • This whole segment also
  • The first game :
  • Murial and Yssa taking it like bosses
  • But Sam, oh Sam, poor Sam
  • Honestly, go Chad, Twice in the balls
  • Then I was distracted by all the kissed:
    • Jack and Chad
    • Ryan and Chad
    • Ryan and Chad
    • Jack and Chad
    • Go Chad!
  • The Blue Team failing at all the games
  • Chad’s vengeance! 
  • 2Sp00ky!!!
  • Then getting like 10 elite donations straight away
  • The shaving of Miles
  • The story that I actually got really into
  • Didn’t really pay attention to the next segment due to tiredness
  • The animation team and Chris!
  • The amount of determination that Chris was going to eat a bug was amazing
  • And boy did he eat that bug
  • And then promptly pass out afterwards
  • The Fanfiction of Camp Camp
  • How in the last 30 minutes we raised over $40,000!
  • Burnie: “After this you’re all fired”
  • The final total of $1,209,970.73!!!!
  • Jack getting all emotional which got me emotional
  • Matt once again singing us out!
  • And finally that little dance party

Honestly was amazing!! 



You’re back at your place,grinning as you walk over to Penny in the kitchen with your hands hidden behind your back.

“Guess what.”


“I have a surprise for you.” You smirk and show him the small packet.

“Pop rocks? What’s this?” He squints as you tear it open.

“Open up.”

He obeys and does as instructed,leaning down slightly.As soon as the candy lands on his tongue,you force his mouth shut and wait.Immediately,he widens his eyes and begins to take a step back,hitting the counter and dropping dishes as he stares at you in shock.

“How are you doing this?! Where is it coming from?!”

“You’re going to break my dishes!”

“Is this what dying is?!”


You try not to giggle as you open the pantry door and peek inside.Penny has hidden himself in there and is now upside down and pouting at you,eyebrows furrowed.Despite how amusing you found the situation,you still found it creepy how he was able to contort his body to be able to fit in such a small place.

“That wasn’t very chill of you.”

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Eight

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“Harry, we need to talk,” Uma stated, walking into the room he shared with Gil the next morning, receiving an uninterested hum in reply. She was surprised to see him out of bed. But, she felt a twinge of worry when she saw him staring out his window longingly while shining his hook. 

“It’s about Y/N,” She started, jumping slightly at the speed the pirate whipped around to stare at her. “What happened? Is she okay? She didn’t get hurt did she?” He rapidly questioned. Uma shook her head. Harry relaxed and turned back to stare out of the window, “Thank goodness.”Amazing how she just told him she hated him yet he’s still worried over her.

“No, Harry. It’s about her breaking up with you… She only broke up with you because Gil told her you were cheating on her.” Harry turned around, fixing her with a steely gaze. “What?”

“Back on the Isle, on the day Y/N broke up with you… Gil heard us talking about the bruises your dad gave you and… he thought we were sneaking around so he told Y/N you were cheating on her and that’s why she broke up with you,” She rushed out, noticing the way her first mate’s shoulders tensed. She felt uneasy by the laugh her first mate let out.

“He’s fishbait,” He growled, shoving past her and out of the room.


You and Harry were sitting together by the enchanted lake, taking in the view of the setting sun. It had been a month since you forgave him. He finally convinced you to give him another chance. When you surprisingly agreed, he spent every moment trying to make it up to you.

“Y/N, there’s a reason I wanted to bring ye here, today,” Harry started, turning to face you. You raised an eyebrow, “What is it, Harry?”

The pirate slowly pulled a small, velvet ring box out of his pocket. “Well…” He mumbled, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ring. “Harry…”You whispered in shock, heart nearly beating out of your chest.

“I want you to help me propose to Uma.”

You shot up in bed, rubbing your eyes. “What the hell?” You mumbled to yourself, looking out to see the sun hanging low in the sky. “Good morning, Y/N. I’m surprised to see you awake before noon,” Lonnie stated, looking at you in the mirror.

“It’s too early for you to be teasing me, Lonnie,” You mumbled. Lonnie laughed in reply. “Got that right. It’s eight in the morning,” She replied before giving you a smile. “But, I’m glad you seem to be doing better. I didn’t wake up to you crying and holding that tattered red jacket for once.”

Your face flushed red, “Never speak of that again.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it,” She retorted sarcastically. Giving you another smile, as she walked over to your bed. “Come on. You’re going to get breakfast with me. And after that, we’re going to the Tourney game together. Whether you want to or not.”

Uma shoved Harry down on his bed as they returned from the tourney match, staring at him with an intense look in her eyes. “Really, Harry? Are you fucking kidding me?” Harry rolled his eyes, “I can do what I want, Captain.”

“You can’t just go around fighting people!”

“He asked for it,” Harry grumbled.

“All he did was wink at Y/N and ask you if she was single.”


A knock on the door sounded, pulling Harry and Uma away from their bickering. “Gil if that’s you, you better have brought me the first aid kit like I asked- Y/N?”

Harry shot to his feet, peering around his Captain’s body to look out the door. He thought surely he had heard wrong, until he saw you standing there himself. “Uh, Gil sent me here to patch up Mr. MMA fighter.”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, come on in,” Uma replied, ushering you into the room. “I’m gonna go find Gil.” You raised an eyebrow at how quickly the witch left the room, before turning to Harry. You almost found it endearing at the way he kept his eyes to the ground, cradling his injured hand. Almost. If it didn’t break your heart at the same time. “Sit down.”

You sat beside him on the bed, opening up the first aid kit. “You shouldn’t have done that,” You mumbled, setting to work on cleaning the scrapes on his arms. “Not now, Y/N. I’m not in the mood.”

You shook your head, “You’re going to get yourself sent back to the Isle at this rate.” Harry scoffed, shaking his head. “Don’t get me hopes up, Lass.”

“You really hate Auradon that much, huh?” You asked, trying your best to keep your voice level. No matter how much he hurt you, it still pained you to see him so unhappy. “I don’t fit in here. I’m a villain. It’s what I do, what I’m good at. The only thing I’m good at.”

“Now that’s a lie. You’re better at more things than you give yourself credit for.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” He scoffed as you set to cleaning his bloody knuckles.

“Well, you’re the one that taught me how to fight with swords. And I haven’t lost one yet.” You glanced up in time to see the corners of the pirate’s lips turn up into a smile. “Ye’re just sayin’ that.”

“It’s the truth. You taught me how to steer a ship, fish, navigate by the currents and wind direction. You even taught me to dance, remember?”

Harry smiled, reminiscing the night you were keeping him company while he patrolled the ship. How the two of you got bored, so he decided to teach you to dance the waltz like his mother once taught him. You kissed him for the first time that night.

“Two hundred bottles of rum on the wall, two hundred bottles of rum, take one down, chug it all down, ninety-nine bottles of rum on the wall!” Harry sang as he walked around on the ship. “Actually, that’d be one hundred and ninety-nine, love,” A voice called out from behind him.

Harry whipped around quickly, just now seeing where you stood, leaning against the ship’s railing. “Look what the catfish brought in,” He teased, sauntering over to you. “I must thank the catfish for bringin’ me such a jewel.”

“As slimy as ever, I see,” You teased back as the pirate met your smile with one of his own. “Always, lass. Always.”

It took maybe twenty minutes before you got bored. And then three more minutes before Harry was ready to go overboard to get away from your endless complaining. “You know what, Lass? I’m gonna teach ye how to dance.”

“You know how to dance?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the pirate. “Me mum taught me. And now I’m gonna teach ye.”

It took a while, but you finally got the hang of the dance, following Harry’s lead as you waltzed and twirled around on the deck of Uma’s ship. “Ye look beautiful, lass,” Harry whispered as you slowly came to a stop. “You’re just saying that,” You chuckled, face heating up in the light of the ship’s torches.

“No, Y/N. I mean it. Ye’re the most beautiful lass I’ve ever had the pleasure of layin’ my eyes on. And I hope I get to do so until the end of time,” He whispered, eyes never leaving yours. “Harry,” You whispered, surprised to hear such sweet words coming from the lips of the pirate.

“Be mine, lass. Please. I may not be able to give ye the world like ye deserve, but I can make ye my world.”

You smiled, leaning up to catch his lips in a kiss.

“Ye looked beautiful that night.”

“Don’t go back to the Isle, Harry. You could do so much more here. Maybe if you talked to Fairy Godmother, you could get your father’s ship back.”

Harry instantly sat up straighter, “Really? Do ye think so?”

“I do. Besides, don’t pretend you don’t enjoy being on the tourney team and fencing. You’re a natural, probably the best on the team.” Harry smiled, before it fell again.

“Y/N, we need to talk…”

Special Place (For You and Me)

Request: Hey could you do a cute Steven imagine where he’s heartbroken because Nancy is with Jonathan and the reader kinda of confesses their love for him. They always liked him but are also Nancy’s best friend so never made a move? Thaaanks if you do it.
Word Count: 1817 (I may have went a little overboard)
Rating: T (some language)
A/N: IM ACTUALLY REALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE, SO GO ME! Requests are open btw so send those over! This is also dedicated to a special anon who recently got out of a bad relationship. This isn’t the actual fic yet, but just thought you might enjoy it. If you ever need anything, I’ll be here with some cool headcanons about Steve! 

“Alright, here we are.” Steve stopped the car in front of Hawkins Middle School. “Remember, once you get in there-”

“Pretend like I don’t care.” Dustin continued, shaking his head casually and shrugged.

“You don’t care.”

“I don’t care.”

“There you go, you’re learning, my friend. You’re learning.” Steve nodded. You stifled a laugh at how stupid and endearing he was being to Dustin and stopped as Steve turned to give you a look. You reminded yourself to tease him about that later.

Dustin checked himself once again in the mirror, obviously worried about his hair. You quickly reached over to him and swatted his hands away from the mirror, trying to reassure him. “Hey, come on, you look adora-great, you look great. Just great.”

“Now, you’re gonna go in there. You look like a million bucks. And you’re gonna slay ‘em dead.” Steve emphasized on this, looking Dustin right in the eye.

“Like a lion.” Dustin rolled his tounge, making a purring sound. At this, you and Steve rolled your eyes, so you shook your head, stopping him.

“Yeah, don’t do that, okay?”


Steve extended his hand out to Dustin, which he returned, “Good luck.”

Dustin unbuckled his seatbelt then opened the car. You and Steve watched in anticipation as he walked to the building, silently hoping that he wouldn’t wuss out, though you highly doubted that. Steve was smiling proudly, while you were biting your lip from excitement. Your boy was going to the dance!

He finally got to Mr. Clarke, who was handing out the tickets to get in. They seemed to make small talk for a minute, then Steve turned his head to look into the inside of the dance. You did so as well, and saw your best friend, Nancy. You forgot that she was helping with the Snow Ball, but there she was, giving out punch to middle schoolers.

You looked at Steve, and for a fleeting moment, you saw something in his eye. Memories. Sadness. Regret. Little did he know, as you looked at him, you felt what he felt for Nancy. You were about to speak up, but then Steve turned back to the steering wheel and started the engine. “Alright, missy. It’s just you and me.”

You let out a hum in affirmation, and Steve drove faster. “Where are we going, Harrington?”

“The best spot in this whole damn city.”

During the whole ride, he wouldn’t tell you where he was driving you to. In fact, he wouldn’t even talk at all, except for a few “we’re almost there” and “y/n, stop playing with the radio.” You desperately wanted to know, but you kept quiet. Steve was usually right about what he said, so what could possibly go wrong?

'Everything.’ You thought as you looked over at him. Ever since you started liking him, everything went wrong. From the minute you first saw him in your first year of high school, you knew it. This boy would be trouble. But you liked him anyway, because he had cool hair and an air of charm and casuality. Then, it turned to more than that.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just about him being cool. It was because he was nice and underneath all his “I don’t care” attitude, you saw what he was really like. Alone. In your sophomore year, you found him, alone, at his own party, silently sobbing, clutching a phone. Then, you noticed how his parents were constantly gone. He confided in you that night, and that single conversation formed a friendship between you two.

You thought that maybe he’d finally notice your feeling for him. And at first, you really believed he liked you, hanging around you and your friends more, doing stuff with you guys. Then, you realized that he was actually vying for Nancy.

Of course, you backed off, because Nancy was your best friend and no boy was gonna come between you two! But every time you saw them together, you couldn’t help but admit that there was a twinge of pain in your heart.

A year later, and Nancy and Steve broke up. You wanted to tell him how you felt, but you restrained yourself. He was hurt. He probably wasn’t ready to get into a relationship again, especially not with her ex’s best friend.

Finally, Steve stopped the car. You leaned forward, examining your surroundings. It was just a bunch of tall trees, looming darkly over you. You raised your eyebrows. “Is this your secret spot to hide dead bodies, Harrington?”

“Shut up. We’re not there yet.” Steve took out a few flashlights from his trunk and tossed one over to you, then lead the way. “You comin’ or what?”

“I am, I am, just wait.” Rolling your eyes, you ran up to catch up to him, and you saw him smile a little bit. You and Steve walked for quite a bit for a little while, and you were starting to get impatient, shining your flashlight on every random thing and clicking your fingers on your sides. “Are we there yet?”


“That’s what you said ten 'almosts’ ago.”

“Shhh. Be patient. We’re getting really close. For real, this time.”

That’s when you saw it. A clearing. You looked over at Steve, and he smiled. So this was it. You quickly ran over to it, and you were instantly confused. “Um… what am I supposed to be excited about?”

Steve rolled his eyes, then walked over to you. “Turn off your flashlight and maybe you’ll see it.”

“I swear to god, Harrington, if this is a trick-” You pointed your flashlight at him threateningly. “Your ass is grass and I’ll hunt you down.”

He feigned mock pain, placing a hand on his chest with a sad face. “I’m offended, Y/N. Why don’t you just trust me?”

You switched off your flashlight and Steve did so as well, and you waited. You were about to give up and start doing your “i-told-you-so” speech, until you saw it. Oh my god, he was right. This was the best spot in the city. On the sky, were the most stars you had ever seen, scattered about endlessly, and you wondered how you had never seen a sight like this in Hawkins before.

You whirled around to face Steve with a bewildered look on your face, both amazed and curious. “How the hell did you find this place?”

He shrugged. “Meh, a little blind luck and some tips from a few friends. No big deal.”

“No big deal?! This place is so cool!”

You heard some rustling and the small sound of a pop! from Steve and you smirked. “I know what’ll make it even cooler.”

“Did you seriously bring alcohol?”

“It’s Pepsi, so don’t get excited. I have to make things PG ever since Dustin found my stash.” He walked ahead of you and sat down, taking a large swig out of the bottle.

You lazily made your way over to him and reclined, motioning for him to pass the bottle. As you took a small sip of it, you smiled. Pepsi. Oh how King Steve Harrington had changed. You gave it back to him and lied on your back, relishing in the view. But it wasn’t the stars you were looking at.

Steve was hunched over, taking sips from the drink occasionally and looking at the sky. You could tell he spent a lot of time here from how he studied the stars carefully and smiled when he recognized some constellations. A smile crept to your face too, and Steve looked over at you. “What?”


He rolled his eyes, then lied down next to you. “I can tell when you’re lying, you know.”

“… Fine. I was thinking.” You placed yourself on your side, mindlessly playing with the buttons on your jacket. You chewed your lip nervously, afraid of what you might accidentally say next.

“About what?”

“You.” Avoiding his eyes, you took the bottle from him and took a large drink of it. You could already feel his gaze on you.

“What exactly about me?”

“Just… random stuff. Stupid things.” It came out as a whisper, and even you could tell that was a lie. And you knew he saw right through it too. There was only silence for a long time, and you went back to your original position, looking at the stars and being grateful that the darkness hid the redness of your face.

“I was thinking about you too.” Steve smiled sheepishly. At this you  furrowed your eyebrows, curious. He took this as a sign to keep going. “Do you remember when you helped me ask Nancy out?”

You hummed in agreement, and he nodded. “I told you that you should take her to a special place you liked and tell her how you really felt.”

His voice broke, then he chuckled in fear. “Well, I took her to the library.”

You snorted. “The most special place on Earth.”

“Y/N.” His voice was serious now, and he sat up to face you. “This is the special place for me.”

Slowly, you connected the puzzle piece together, and your eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

“I like you, Y/N.” Steve said it so fast that you almost missed it, but you heard it as clear as day. “It’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything but I just wanted to say-”

“I like you too.” You gulped. “I’ve liked you ever since the first time I met you.”

“… Really?”

“I wanted to tell you, I did. But, you had Nancy. And you were so happy. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Shyly, you finally got the guts to look him in the eye, and you saw the brightest smile you had seen from him in months. A genuine one.

Steve straightened up, smiling even more. “Well then, Miss L/N. Since we got the admitting thing out of the way now, I’d like to take you out on a date.”

You laughed at the formality but went along with it. “I’d love that.”

He laughed too, and it sounded like music to your ears. He got up and whooped to the sky, screaming and shouting in glee and you grinned and cheered as well. And at that moment, everything felt… right. Like you were where you were supposed to be all along.

In which Harry is a stripper…

3943 words / Mature

The boy who delivered our drinks was only wearing a flimsy, black apron, which was tied carefully around his waist. With the tray perfectly balanced upon the palm of his hand, he began to pass our drinks out, a huge grin on his face, and his cock just inches from my face.
I turned to the rest of the girls with wide eyes.

“Special occasion?” He asked, a thick Irish accent.

“I’m getting married!” The bride to be piped up, as smug as ever.

“Congratulations!” He beamed. “Sad to see you off the market, Gorgeous.”

All the girls sat around our table let out almighty giggles, swooning and fanning themselves, whereas I was too busy trying not to turn back in his direction and stare at his groin. I figured he was used to it in his line of work, but it still felt a little intrusive.

“What’s your name?” Katie barked at him.

“Niall.” He replied. “I’ll be your waiter for the evening. You need anything, just give me a shout.”

“What about your number?”

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New Trailer Breakdown

So I’ve watched the new “trailer” a few hundred times now, and I would like to comment on a few interesting tidbits I noticed. From what I’ve gathered, it’s a spliced compilation of “The Collector” episode, and what I presume to be, Chloe’s birthday/a school dance centric episode.

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