got this with my auction winnings


So I just thought I’d update everyone on the Outlander Art Auction I held for WCC!

In the end, I raised a little bit short of £200, so I made up the difference and sent the donation to them at the beginning of this week!

Alice Castle, Community and Events Executive, soon got in touch to ask me how I raised the money so I explained about the auction.

And this is the result - a lovely card arrived this morning, thanking me for my efforts, signed by several of the WCC team.

So can I pass my huge thanks onto the winning bidders, @fittergirl, @pattmich and @teresaargo - you made this donation possible!

And just think, ladies, we have possibly helped save the lives of 4 children in Ghana. That’s no small feat.


namco opened a haikyuu popup shop in shibuya yesterday. it has exclusive goods and games where you can win prizes! i went and got my hands on all the tendo stuff (i had really good luck game luck for once so i got all the tendo prizes after only a handful of tries). the last pic shows my haul, everything is prizes except the rectangular acrylic keychain and the pass case. (the 2nd to last pic is the blind packed stuff i secured through online auctions earlier.)

there was also middle blocker merchandise, but it featured tendo overshadowed by three other middle blockers, so i don’t count it as tendo merchandise and refrained from buying it >:U

My character is up for "auction" in one of those charity fundraisers.
  • SEND ME ONE . . .
  • $ : My character will react to your character winning mine after a long bidding war with another bidder where the price got pretty high.
  • ✖ : My character will react to your character getting into a bidding war with someone but eventually giving up and letting my character be bought by the other person.
  • ‼ : My character will react to yours paying an enormous sum for them that they know yours can't truly pay.
  • ⁇ : My character will react to your character buying them only after a long and awkward pause where no one else was bidding.
  • ✔ : My character will react to yours buying them... along with buying another of the people up for auction!
  • ⊙ : My character will react to yours buying somebody else and not having bid for them at all.
  • ➨+ : Send this symbol coupled with any of the others and my character will react as if situations were reversed and yours was the one up "for bid."
Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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How did Henry and Scully meet?

She wore navy peau de soie and nude stilettos, a beaded bag on her wrist. Her hair hung in sculpted waves just covering her collarbones.

She chatted, she mingled, and she ducked into the kitchen with unnecessary frequency to check the flow of the food.

“Everything’s fine, Dr. Scully,” the staff assured her each time. She pursed her lips, scanning the bison tartare and vol au vents. She sampled a grilled shrimp, nodding tersely.

Scully calmed herself with a third vodka tonic, a poor decision, she knew, but the bar was open and her nerves jangled.

“It’s perfect, Dana,” her intern said, a glass of white wine in her manicured hand. She was a child, scarcely old enough to legally consume her drink. Her father was Someone.

Scully smiled, thanked her. The crowd was too dense, the room too warm, and the talk too loud. There was drunken laughter, cloying perfume. She longed for home, for the reliability of solitude.

Next to her, a man in a grey suit ordered a 15 year Macallan, neat. Scully appraised him out of habit, saw the fine tailoring and coordinating pocket square. The haircut was good, the shoes excellent. She sensed funds for her pet project.

“Dana Scully,” she said, holding out her free hand.

He took it with his left. There was no ring. “Henry O'Keefe,” he said. “You’re on the committee, aren’t you?”

Scully blinked in surprise. “I am,” she said. “Have we met?”

He shook his head. “My firm’s the title sponsor and I recognized your name.”

She smiled in the way she knew people liked, all her teeth on display. “Impressive. Have you checked out the auction items yet?”

He nodded. “There’re a few things I’d like for my kids, I put in some bids. Quite a variety this year.”

“It’s much appreciated. I hope you win them.” She left a tip for the bartender, turning to go.

Fingers at her back, and she sucked in her breath at the ghost of a memory.

“Dr. Scully?”

She turned back to Henry O'Keefe. “Yes?”

He looked into his drink, then at her. “It’s a very good cause.”


“Perhaps…perhaps you could tell me more about it. About how you got involved. It would be nice to hear from someone with passion rather than just a calculation for client endearment.” He offered her a hopeful smile.

Scully set her empty glass on the bar. “I’d love to,” she said. She rested her hand on his offered forearm, and waded back into the fray.

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28? (Also, 28 for Viktor. You bought any of your fiance's merch?)

28. do you own any merchandise (share pics!!) 

Okay, so this is only a FRACTION of my merch. I have a lot of artist prints/posters from conventions that I haven’t been able to put up yet. I also have a few of the magazines that YOI was featured in with the official art/posters as well. And I also have the Viktor and Yuuri official plushes in the mail and arriving in a week, the Yuuri Katsuki Nendoroid as well as Viktor’s, and a lot of other things like clothing (both official and fanmade) as well as cosplay! 

And I’m pretty sure this isn’t even close to the amount of merch I’m going to end up having at the end of the year, to be honest… Not with the announcement of the new VIktor figure, the casual clothing Yuuri Katsuki nendoroid and the coach Viktor one, too. 

RIP my wallet, tbh~ 

(Note: Most of these were gifts, or me winning penny auctions on ebay and other bidding websites! There’s no way I’d be able to afford half this stuff if it weren’t for my close friends enabling my YOI addiction. I have them to blame. So if you see something and want to know where I got it, I’m sorry ;; I don’t know!) 

Yuri!!! On Ice Ask Meme for Mun - Send me a Number!

My Miraculous Fic Recommendations~

(I apologize for the long delay! I intended to have this posted a week ago, but got caught up with holiday/family things, working on my comic, and a having a cold! yikes >_<’)

As requested, here are some really awesome fics that I have read, or currently reading (in no particular order) that I think everyone should take a look at if they interest you, and if you have not already read them!

Teen and Up:

How to Fail at Dating a Superhero by emerald_moons - (complete) A fic that examines what happens after Adrien bids on Ladybug at a celebrity auction and wins a date with her. Things spiral out of control after that when he’s torn between how she feels about both his identities.

Truthful Scars by @frostedpuffs - (complete) A wonderfully fluffy story about Adrien discovering his feelings for Marinette, and doing his best to become closer to her as both himself and as Chat Noir.

The Tendencies Series (Obsession, Glaze, Quiver) by @kryallaorchid - (complete) A truly remarkable series of stories that encompasses an unbelievable expansion upon the miraculous magic and the growth between all of the characters. A very long read, but worth every moment with the amount of detail and emotions incorporated from start to finish.

My Last Thoughts are of You by @skaylanphear - (complete) An incredibly moving story that is raw with the painfully intense feelings of Adrien, as he is faced with gut wrenching possibility of almost losing Marinette and Ladybug from a horrible accident.

Telltale by Zizzani - (complete) After Ladybug is slightly injured from an akuma, she pieces together who Chat Noir really is. Meanwhile Adrien also notices Marinette like never before, and they grow closer as friends and more, until things threaten to keep them apart.

Pick-Up and Chase by SKayLanphear - (almost complete) A light hearted and flirty story featuring a very flustered Adrien. When Marinette discovers Chat Noir’s interest in someone using pick-up lines on him, she starts saying them to Adrien, and the poor boy doesn’t know what hit him.

Miraculous Beauxbatons by @inkjackets - (in progress) A very interesting Harry Potter crossover au that creatively mixes the origins, episodes, and characters with the HP universe and Miraculous magic. Instead of placing them at Hogwarts, they meet at Beauxbatons school of magic and witchcraft, where all of the show’s paralleled adventures take place instead. (which makes a lot more sense since they are in France after all!)


Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman - (in progress) This hilarious story, filled with ridiculously perverse innuendos is an on going masterpiece of comedy. As well as the brilliantly described farce, the sweet romantic moments between Adrien and Marinette are just as touching and heartfelt to read.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear - (in progress) An incredibly epic tale following the end of canon season one. This fic is often recommended, and with good reason. The beginning may be calm, but it quickly becomes a dark and intense story focusing on the character’s connections, intimacy, friendships, and learning about some miraculous history.

Découvrir by Yilena @xiueryn (in progress) Non-miraculous or magic AU, Marinette knew she used to have a childhood friend that lived next door, and he was a celebrity actor named Nino. Unfortunately she suffered from amnesia after an accident as a child, so when she starts reuniting with her friend once again, she may have made a mistake in who she thought she was e-mailing. Adrien on the other hand has never forgotten his feelings for that little girl he used to play with.

A Beautiful Mistake by @maerynn-blog - (recently completed!) Non-miraculous or magic AU, Marinette intended to message Alya early in the morning, but it gets sent to Adrien instead. From there, a touching story unfolds with Adrien and Marinette unknowingly growing closer through anonymous texting as they also reunite years after graduating, and begin working together. Marinette faces a painful scar of her past in order to move forward with her heart, but luckily Adrien’s affection and acceptance is what she needs to heal. [ ;D I saw you Maerynn!]

A Werecat in London by @i-am-thornqueen - (in progress) I am so excited for this fic to continue!! An amazing and gorgeous world-building tale outside of the miraculous universe featuring werewolves, witches, demons and much more magic beyond that. During a summer in London, Marinette and Adrien are caught up in a strange magic mix-up from an akumatized witch, that causes Adrien to fuse with Plagg and become a werecat when he loses control. Now his senses are overwhelming, and Marinette smells so much sweeter than he’s ever imagined. Possibly the key to helping him will be when he and Ladybug can finally be on the same wavelength. [please don’t stop writing this, I love it!]

Bare Necessities by @reyxa - (complete) Marinette is a student at University Art School taking a figure drawing class. So when Adrien walks in her class one day as the model they are going to be working from, she realizes that he’s going to be posing nude, and she’s seated right in front. Despite the embarrassment from both of them, they hangout and grow closer, with Adrien helping her art progress in secret. This makes things between them even more interesting when they still have to be crime-fighting partners as well, and Adrien’s nude modeling job may come back to cause problems later.

Explict: *cough*

Allez Savoir Pourquoi  and its prequel Amour Fou by Yilena @xiueryn - (complete) A non-miraculous AU, Marinette wasn’t sure if she believed the legend of seeing your soulmate in the mirror, until one day she did see him. For many years she watched him, not knowing who he was till she meets Adrien at his newly opened cat café, and suddenly decides to work for him. Then the prequel from Adrien’s perspective: he sees a photo of a girl named Marinette, and he never thought he could be infatuated with someone simply from pictures before.

Lady and the Tomcat by SKayLanphear - (in progress) [I like a lot of Kay’s fics sorry] Marinette is starting to experience ladybug pheromones and mating cycle for the first time, which wouldn’t be so bad, except for how it’s going to affect Chat Noir when he starts to feel the heat. This fic has only a few chapters, but promises to be filled with amazing amounts of subconscious attraction and tension!

Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day
Tsurugi Takuma (CV: Miki Shinichirou)/Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu)/Kagari Shuusei (CV: Ishida Akira)
Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day

Psycho-Pass Radio CID 24 Hours a Day: Mandatory Happiness #05
Let’s Play Video Games! I Won’t Lose, 24 Hours a Day

This is the audio drama from episode 5 of PP Radio - Mandatory Happiness.

In this episode, Kagari invites Kougami and Tsurugi to play a game on an old Xbox One during their time off, and those who lose need to participate in a penalty game.

Translation after the cut. Have fun listening~

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Got news back about a big art competition I was in…..

Yeah, as expected I didn’t win BUT they will be using my art as a promotion for the art show/auction.

Slightly disappointed but I did try and there may be an opportunity for me to submit a different piece. 


3 months after winning the bid, I finally got (and finished to pay…) my batch from Hannibal TV show! Some items (clocks designed by Will Graham during his sessions with Hannibal Lecter, and his medical record) who served on the filming of a TV show that is so important in my life, I couldn’t dream better :)


I forgot to post about it but I got my second Blaine bowtie in the mail a few days ago, and I love it. Thanks to Johnna ( @yanks02 ) who gathered 20 people to bid on one of the bowties lot, we managed to win and got to pick each one bowtie. This was my first pick so I’m very happy because it’s so pretty. <3  Now I just need to learn to tie a bowtie! ;D

hey taylorswift! this is my most prized possession, a Red CD signed by you! last April, you donated an autographed Red CD to Nashville Cat Rescue. i heard that they were auctioning it off on eBay and that proceeds were to go to the shelter.

i knew at that moment i had to have it. but i only got a small allowance each week for food/gas purposes. guess what i did? hehe. i ended up saving my money and eating minimally each day so that i’d have enough for the auction.

i ended up placing the winning bid using my phone, literally seconds before i took an important test. worth it.

i hope you do something similar for the 1989 CD because i would totally bid on that too!

oh and i guess my cat’s in the background. hmm i didn’t see him there.







It ended up going for 57,950 yen (including the fucking ridiculous and asinine 10% service fee; from now on I’ll probably be using a different deputy), which is $476.94. I had around $437 in donations, so I ended up paying about $43 out of my own pocket, which is way less than I was expecting. I guess I’m the one who covered that service fee, haha. It would have cost less though, if some people didn’t appear at the last minute and start driving the price up. It was so frustrating, I wanted to scream “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M DOING THIS FOR EVERYONE?!?!?!” at my screen, haha.

I may need some help with the shipping costs, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for an item to arrive at the warehouse, so it will probably be very late December/early January before I get my hands on these babies. I’ll start scanning immediately and keep you all updated on my progress.

Only three people donated, but I totally understand why it’s difficult for people to donate this year; after all, you need to buy presents for your friends and family! However, the people who did donate were extremely generous; I got one donation for $5, one for $137, and one for a whopping $300. If it weren’t for these (and that last donation in particular), I would have never been able to win this auction.

So, donors, if you ever need ANYTHING from me, anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll do anything for you, and I’m sure that the fandom feels the same way! 

I’m just so excited! This is such a wonderful Christmas present!

Negative Review: Artemystica #134749

Who: Artemystica #134749

What: Dragon auction

Why: Tried scamming, backing out of bid after auction ending

When: March 15-29

Explain: I did my first ever dragon auction, and Artemystica bid on it. Unfortunately I made a mistake in the beginning, having a wrong ending date. They continued bidding even after I pinged and therefore noticed all previous bidders about it though, so they definetly knew about that. The notice was posted around 4:30pm FR time, their last bid was at 8pm FR time.

External image

So artemystica won, I sent them a message and CR (one day late. Mea culpa)

Nothing happened. After nearly a week had passed, I went to their page and saw that they were actively playing and posting on the forums AND had a specific topic where they were searching for 5 digit dragons, which they bumped every so often. I went ahead and posted in there that my lady had been sitting in CR for nearly a week. They said they’d shoot me a message as to why they hadn’t accepted yet.

External image

Funfact: As a first time auctioner, I had gone ahead too and asked for advice from the Old dragon collectors association. The quote I got in there was just a tiny bit higher than what Artemystica’s final bid was.

I’ve written them a reply, saying that by backing out of their winning bid, they’re forfeiting their chances to that dragon and that one shouldn’t bid on things one isn’t willing to pay for.

Seven years ago today LOST 5×17 aired and broke our hearts. Juliet Burke is my favorite character and it is so hard to accept what happened to her. When LOST ended one year after that, ABC sold costumes and props from the show on “LOST: The Official Show Auction” and I was so lucky to bid and win Juliet’s costume from “The Incident.

When she died I was so desperate, but having this costume makes me feel like I somehow saved her. Every time I look at it I feel like she fell, but I got her. I think this costume is my way to feel better for what happened to her.

I wanted to share this with all of you, because I know you love Juliet as well and her death still affect your heart too.



WOW! All I can say is WOW! I had the most amazing time with my best friend Kitsunari and Aqual+Spiral at the LA Dolpa. Without a doubt the most fun doll related event I’ve been to. I know people have a lot of issues with Volks as a company, but after this experience I feel so enamored with their dolls and their gratitude for their customers. I know there were people who were disappointed with certain aspects of the event, but for what it was, I thought it was an excellent re-introduction of Dolpa back into the US. The GM of VolksUSA said his dream was to do more Dolpas in the US and I for one am fully supportive of that!

General summary for me: I went with my bestie and we arrived the Friday before the event. Funny enough none of the staff at the hotel knew about the event, so it was funny to watch all the “O_o” faces as doll people began to invade. I got in touch with some old friends and met some long time friends face to face FINALLY!…Aqua+Spiral ;)

The day of the Dolpa we lined up with such anticipation and of course we drew numbers. I drew 82… lo’ and behold 28 was drawn as the front of the line! :P No worries, we still got a great place in line, and before we knew it we were in the shopping area. A few minutes before, they announced the “Dollfie Life Design” Boxes sold out. :( Bummer… But of course, I don’t let it get me down! As soon I went in, it was like being a kid in a candy store. Outfits galore! Wigs everywhere! So many cute Volks models… and as I approached one table, a staff member placed one of the sold out boxes on the table. I ask “Is that for sale?” He replies “Oh yes, it’s the last one. Someone returned it.”

 SNAG! So I got the very last box! MSD sized outfit and shoes inside. My BFF managed to snag an SD box later at the swap meet so we fared well! As I approached the register, I saw the Best Selection dollfies against the wall. I was going to apply for only one of the Best Selection dolls (YoMidi Williams), but I assessed my odds weren’t too good to win. So I spied the standard models sitting on the table and decided to bring little SDMidi Mako home. <3 I named her Praline, and she became my Dolpa win! :P

 Lastly, the Tea Party!!! All my friends I went to visit got in, so we managed to snag a table in the middle. It was such a fun experience, but my favorite part was seeing and listening to the Shigeta family talk about the company and the dollfies. Mrs. Shigeta was very passionate when she explained the origins of Dear SD, and how that doll was made for her mother. Mr. Shigeta gave us a speech in English! I felt really touched that this company’s president made such an effort to connect with us. When I said hi to him, he said he loves Texas because they get the Texas Ranger show in Japan. :) Everything about meeting the staff and company made me love Volks even more. Winning a small prize during the raffle was just icing on the cake!!! During the tea party we got to break bread with friends, take loads of pictures of the beautiful one-offs and the auction Alice that went for a whopping $7500 bucks! I got to take pics in one of the Volks sets and then Volks gave us a little parting gift of a Thank You Rose for myself and my dollfie as a souvenir. Not to mention a cool little Blackjack teaser… @_@ SD17 Kiriko anyone??

 Although I didn’t win any doll lotteries, I walked away with such a fun experience, a beautiful new little girl and memories for a lifetime! Many friends did manage to win their dream dolls, and that in itself was something to celebrate. I really hope anyone who couldn’t go this round, can go the next time they host a Dolpa. I know for certain I will be coming back!

For all my Dolpa photos:



omg i was so excited that i had to do a quick unboxing and breakdown of the pieces included in my “helipad mechanic” costume lot.  the pictures say a lot…..packaging was great and i got a ton of stuff in this lot, so it was a great auction item to win!! 

the stuff actually might even fit me (the boots are big, but workable), so this may have to make a convention appearance at some point!

breakdown of pieces for anyone interested in specifics….i will add more to this once i can look up a few of the more standard lab-type pieces for provenance:

  • rubber boots: “made in usa” logo on sole, no brand, but look like standard commercial white rubber boots
  • striped undershirt: black and grey, henley style, brand is Divided (H&M)
  • sweater: waffle weave, cotton/poly, from Old Navy!
  • beanie hat: cotton, brand is Brixton
  • raincoat: feels like light windbreaker material, military surplus (H.P. Gilbert & Fils, Parka, Men’s camouflage White 1954, made in 1983)
  • jumpsuit: neck tag has logo i don’t recognize (will investigate further), 100% cotton, these are a heavy twill with a very subtle vertical woven tone-on-tone stripe in them. PPDC tag on chest is rubber and the “PPDC” looks like it’s been cut with a hotknife or woodburning tool.
  • goggles: lab-grade, uvex brand “strategy”
  • gloves: look like lab-grade black heavy duty gloves, no label
  • belt pack: pouch is military surplus (HILARIOUSLY stuffed with a roll of TP to make it look full!), belt is poly webbing, utility box thing is wood and is handmade

i’ll do a whole separate post for the ID badge….i’d like to take it to work and scan it (it has a front and a back!) because i bet so-i-did-this-thing wants some hardcore details on it!