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The day I said I was going to get to drafts, I got knocked back with some… personal issues, let’s say. And I’ll be gone today to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my s/o. So I never got to post them. I want to publish all of the drafts at once, to be fair.

So, in order to kill the time…

I’ve redesigned my oooooooooold OC, back from friggin’ grade school. He’s changed quite a bit; from a fox, to a bird. I think I like him better this way. He’s got more personality. Whether he has his own blog or just appears in threads, who knows. But until he has purpose, I think he’ll stick with my friend’s OC.

Permission to come aboard, Cap'n Delphi.

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Ever wanted to get that book edited? Now’s the time.

Hey all. I just landed a great job in Japan that starts in March, but because I let my present employer know ahead of time, they gave me the boot. This means come January, I’m out of job. If I can’t find work, I can’t get to my new job. That’s why I’m coming to you.

I am an experienced long-form editor with a degree in editing and publishing. I have over 2500+ consulting hours with a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

  • Need something proofread? I got you.
  • Is your plot being a ninny bitch? I can help you charge ‘er up.
  • Don’t know why your murder scene has no tension? Boy, I sure do.
  • Revising an area paper? A thesis? A dissertation? Get an editor.
  • Totally new writer? Never worked with an editor? No problem.
  • An old pro? Give this pair of young eyes a try.
  • Is your resume in need to new life? I LOVE MAKING RESUMES
  • Need help with a query? Trying to find an agent? Are you unsure about the entire publishing industry? It’s my job to tell you all about it.
  • Trying to get into med school? Grad school? Just school?? Not to brag, but I have a med school essay success rate of 100%. No shit.

And as a sample of my work:

Now, if this intimidates you, please don’t worry. These clients were all ready and prepared for some hard-hitting feedback. If that’s not you, no problem– I can be gentle.

Because my life is literally about to tank without some form of income, I’m reducing my normal rate by half.

I normally charge $45/hr for developmental editing, $30/hr for copyediting and $25/hr for proofreading. My prices are already cheap.

Right now I will do any type of editing you want, on any kind of document, for only $12/hr.

That said, I will happily negotiate.

I can edit about 10 pages an hour, depending on how polished the work already is.

My goal is not only to correct your document, but help you understand your mistakes so you don’t make them again. I literally want to make you a better writer.

Basically, writing without an editor is like going outside with only underpants on. Not only will I get you some clothes, you’ll be damn stylish.

Sarah J Maas fan video chat

Guys we just had a fan meet and had a video chat with Sarah, shes such a cutiepie, her cat was at her lap almost all the time and her dog was barking at the door cuz the mailman was there but she ignored him to talk to us! She was a total sweetheart, she told us how when she first got ToG published her husband made a video of her at the bookstore, she almost fainted..
We all know about the ToG series, she said that shes looking for the spirit in the actress for Caelena, not looks.
She said she has a few projects she wants to write…
And ACOTAR and ToG worlds wont collide but basically u can open a wyrd gate from one world to the other… and that some creatures escaped from one world to the other one … (Amren?)

She said that Rhys appeared in the storyline spontaneously and she was just.. ure the one .. oops

Basically she said she’ll be releasing some news soon…

Galactic Insanity AU

space space space wanna go to space i love space space space i’m in space—-


the space au! everyone is in outerspace, has space based powers and literally everyone has sharp fangs for literally no reason, all characters act the same except for some tweaks to their personality’s shown on the text, some are edgy, some are sweet, some are nerds, some are sassy, everyone’s having a star-tastic time! and almost everyone is blue dabbadeebaboodie because space.

this au is literally just Inanimate Insanity, BUT IN SPAAAAACEE!!!!

PLEASE reblog this, this actually was pretty freakin hard to draw

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Too Subtle (Part 1)

+ Prompt: Hi there, I’m new to your blog but I’m enjoying it. Can I request numbers 62 and 94 with Spencer please? 😉 Thank you. Xx

62: It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.

94: I bet I can make you scream my name.

Requested by: tippy06

a/n: omg so this is sooooo supposed to be smutty but my laptop broke, i’m writing this from the communal computer here at home and honestly, it feels weird. plus i REALLY want to write smut, but i need more time and patience and i just wanted to write something tonight and publish it already. anyways, there you go +

Part 2

(Y/N) wasn’t tired. Quite the opposite, actually. She couldn’t help but think about the case they were working on on this small town in Illinois, her mind racing with several thoughts and theories on the recent murders. Sighing, she got up, put on the hotel robe and went downstairs to ask the kitchen for some coffee. She was all out in her room. 

Spencer, however, was very tired. He drove all the way to the hotel that day, having lectured that morning at the University of Chicago. He was grumpy, sleepy, exhausted, and the last thing he wanted to hear from the receptionist at that moment was that they had lost his reservation due to his tardiness and there were no available rooms left. He groaned, placing his hand on his head, asking the woman in front of him to check again.

That was when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hi, Reid,” she said, a small smile making way on her face, holding an empty mug. He was upset, angry even and had very little patience for anything at that point, but couldn’t help but think how cute she looked on that fluffy robe. Spencer shook off the feelings bubbling up inside him. “How was the lecture?“

“It was good. Garcia filled me in on the case while I was driving here, but I should really wait until the morning to talk about my theories. That is, if I ever manage to find a room.” He sighed, looking at the apologetic woman behind the desk.

“I’m sorry, sir. The Newton Hotel Chain will refund you promptly and we’ll make sure that as soon as there’s a room available, we’ll contact you. There’s an inn in a nearby town, it’s just thirty minutes away. Would you like me to call them?,” the red-headed woman asked.

Spencer sighed and was about to say yes when (Y/N) interrupted: “No, it’s okay. He’ll come with me. Thanks for your help.” She grabbed the genius’ arm and made her way to the kitchen. “I’ll just grab a cup of coffee and we’ll go to my room, okay?”

He gulped. ‘Not okay’, he thought. The insane crush he had been harboring for the agent in front of him for the last few months would make it impossible for it to be okay. The nice, intelligent, fierce, kind agent smiling at the waiter who was about to fetch her some coffee. The agent who could probably break him in half and who still looked cute as hell in a fluffy robe. ‘Shit’, he thought to himself.

“Your room,“ he stated.  



“You will stay in my room until there’s a vacant one, silly. How is your genius brain not picking up on that?,” she said with a laugh, and Spencer could swear his heart skipped a beat. ‘Shit’, he thought again.

“Oh, (Y/N). That’s, um… That’s very nice, but I couldn’t possibly impose this on you. The inn is only a half hour from here, there’s plenty of…,” he began, while she just stared at him through her kind and stubborn eyes.

“Spencer,” she interrupted. “It’s fine, you’re not imposing. Plus, it’s like, super late now and I can see you’re beyond tired.” She took the coffee from the employee’s hands with a thank you and grabbed Spencer’s arm one more time, taking him to the elevator. He laughed to himself at her demanding ways. “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.

“Share the WHAT?!“ 


“Jesus Christ, man.” She laughed, staring at him. He was still standing in the doorway. “Come in, Reid. It’s fine.“

"How is this not imposing, (L/N)? You were gonna sleep alone in this tiny bed and now we’re gonna s-share it.” He tried really hard not to stutter. Really hard. 

Spencer never called her by her last name, it was always (Y/N), and she really liked the way her name sounded coming from his lips. Now she just thought it was weird. Like he was trying to distance himself. Maybe they weren’t as close as (Y/N) had imagined. 

“First, it’s not that tiny. Second, it can fit us both, come on,” she said, taking the bag from him and pulling him towards the room. When she closed the door behind him, Spencer was sure he was gonna have a heart attack. “Third, if you are so uncomfortable, we’ll make a wall of pillows dividing us both. But I honestly have no problem sharing a bed.” She shrugged her shoulders, taking two of the four pillows and placing them right in the middle. “The last time I slept at Garcia’s, I woke up to her cuddling me and having a dream about Chris Evans and it only bothered me when she tried to kiss me.” She laughed and could see Spencer’s expression lighting up. “I mean, as long as you don’t have a dream about your celebrity crush, we’ll be fine.”

Spencer didn’t have a celebrity crush. He only had one crush and right now she was making their bed. For them. So they could sleep there. Together.

“That chair looks quite comfortable…” He pointed to a chair in the corner and (Y/N) laughed out loud. Spencer was yet to find something that pleased him so much as when he made her overtly laugh.

“Spencer, it does not! Come.” She laid down and patted his side. Spencer sighed and mumbled something about taking a shower, but she couldn’t quite listen to him. (Y/N) thought it odd, but said nothing and just rolled her eyes.

While the genius was taking a shower, he couldn’t help but wonder about what was expecting him on the other side of that door. (Y/N). Probably just in her pajamas, which he had no idea what looked like. Maybe it was a cute two-piece with an animal print. Maybe it was her Harvard T-shirt and tiny shorts. Maybe, just maybe, she slept naked. 

“No, Spencer. Stop,” he thought, staring down on his member and seeing it harden lightly. He took a deep breath and thought of something else. He thought he was being rude, thinking of (Y/N) like that when she had done nothing to make him think she was remotely interested in him. The frustration that took over his mind also took over his body, and he sighed in relief. Well, part relief, part sadness.

When he left the bathroom, Spencer started tidying up his things, thinking she was already asleep. She was lying with her back facing him. He couldn’t help but look at her figure longingly. Thinking about he’d never touch her, he’d never feel her skin on his fingertips, he’d never taste her. 

“Do you ever regret taking this job?,” she asked startling him. (Y/N) turned around, facing him. Spencer was taken aback. What did she mean by that? Did she regret working with them? Was she going to leave the BAU? Was she going to leave him?

The doctor became nervous for a whole different reason. 

“Wh-why are asking me that?” Spencer inquired, fearfully. She seemed to ponder the question, and he got even more afraid of what her answer might be. 

“I don’t know,” she said, now staring at the ceiling. (Y/N) sighed. There was a long moment of silence. 

“I-… I don’t think regret is the right word.” Spencer sat down on the bed, his back to her. “But I do wonder what would I be doing had I not accepted the BAU’s offer.” He could hear her sigh lightly.

“I don’t mean that, I mean… Do you ever think about leaving?”

He could feel the moment his heart stopped and completely ignored her question, instead asking: “Do you?”

There was a long moment of silence.

“Sometimes,” she stated, and Spencer’s heart dropped. Again. It was about to happen again. Someone he loved dearly was going to leave him. Someone he loved not only as a part of the family, but also as a person with whom he could see himself sharing his future. The only person for him. Her.

Spencer started to make a list on his head of everyone that has ever left him until she spoke again: “But then other times, I think it’s selfish to leave.”

“I don’t think so, (Y/N)”, he said, and she was glad to hear her name coming out of his lips once again. Spencer mentally cursed himself. Why would he say that? It is selfish, and awful, and she should not be thinking about it, he could hear himself scream. But then again, he wanted to make her feel better. Spencer laid down next to her, both staring at the ceiling.

“Will you?,” he asked, and (Y/N) turned her face to young man next to her.

“Will I what?”

“Leave.” He pursed his lips, his mind going a million miles an hour. 

(Y/N) saw the fear in his eyes. The nervousness while he fidgeted with his hands. The sadness dripping from his mouth. She couldn’t bear seeing that, someone who held a special place in her heart shouldn’t be suffering like that. And specially not at her hands. (Y/N) knew Spencer had lost too many people to count, he had gone through a lot of suffering, and yet she found herself reading into his reactions. Was he sad because they were friends and to see a friend leave is a horrendous thing? Was his reaction a mere reflection of thinking about having to adjust again to a new agent? Or was it something more?

As a woman of science, she decided to test her theory. For the last time.

“No,” she stated simply, and could see Spencer’s entire body relaxing. “I don’t think I could do that.”

Spencer scoffed, recalling their entire conversation. It was then he turned his face to her, both staring at each other. 

“Why not?”

(Y/N) had been dropping subtle hints, not wanting to invade his personal space, for a while now, but he seemed unaware of her feelings. She had been too subtle. She didn’t want to be blunt, or too forceful. She thought she might scare him. But maybe a combination of subtle and blunt was the way to go.

“I have… I’m…” She stopped and sighed, readying herself. “There’s something, uhm, very special about the uhm… BAU. And I-I… I quite like it there. I’ve grown very accustomed to being around the BAU and uhm… to experiencing what is like to be very close… To the BAU, I mean. To seeing it grow and become this amazing… uhm, thing. And I’m quite proud to consider myself a… a part of the BAU. And-and, uhm… The BAU is very, very special to me,” she said, carrying as much importance and significance in her eyes as she could. “I’m not ready to let go of you-I MEAN, it yet.” She let it slip, but it didn’t matter.

Spencer knew. 

He knew what was probably on the back of his mind these months. The teasing from Morgan, the looks from JJ and Emily. 

The young doctor had scoffed at them, dismissing it much too quickly. Low self-esteem can sometimes make you blind.

But then. Then everything fell into place in a matter of seconds. The stolen glances he sometimes caught her doing. The way she seemed to gravitate towards him. The beam on her eyes every time she listened to him.

He knew. At that moment he knew it, because he could see it, he could hear it. He could almost feel it.

And it was that almost that made him get closer to her, throwing the pillows on the floor, and kiss her.

He could feel it the way she reciprocated his feelings, by deepening the kiss that was at first so fearful and chaste. He sensed it in his skin, by the way she sent her arms flying towards his hair. And the best part was that he could hear it, when she sighed into the kiss.

A happy sigh. A longing sigh. A this-took-too-long-but-I’m-so-glad-it’s-happening sigh.

When they separated for air, much to their dismay, Spencer kept his forehead to hers.

“I-I… (Y/N), I…” He began, sighing and grinning widely.

(Y/N) smiled. “Yeah, me too. At one point I thought I might have to scream it to you.” Both laughed. Spencer kept his hand on her face, caressing her cheeks, the feeling burning his hands in the greatest way possible. “It’s a good thing we’re sharing a bed then.”

(Y/N) immediately regretted it. She tried to lighten the mood, still nervous at what had just happened. Still fearful. And now she had been forward in a way that Spencer would not like. And specially now, when they had finally, finally kissed.

Spencer could see her face overcome with worry and just shot her a smile.

“Yeah.“ He laughed, kissing her cheeks and moving slowly towards her neck. "It is a very nice thing we’re sharing a bed.” His lips could feel the pulse of her heartbeat rapidly increasing. He smiled, still kissing her neck and moving up to her ear. “You don’t have to scream it, I should’ve known it.” He said, and then whispered: “But I bet I can make you scream my name tonight.”

The sound that came out of her mouth, that lovely, hasty, impatient and surprised sound made it obvious she would be screaming it in a matter of seconds.

When the phone rang at the bedside table, Spencer groaned lightly and stretched his arms to the object, his eyes still closed trying to shield him from the glaring sunlight of the new day entering the room through the curtains.

“Good morning, Sir. This is Barb Danes, from the reception,” said the perky voice on the other side. “And I’m pleased to inform you that there has been a check out this morning. We can accommodate you in a room.”

Spencer looked at the naked figure of (Y/N) at his side, her arm stretched across his torso, messy hair on her face and observed intently the steady and calming rhythm of her breathing. “Um, you know what? It’s fine. I don’t think I need it.”


The page on the top right is the only page from You Are The Great Horned Owl that made it into Sound of Snow Falling. I had a hard time making a matching page for it. The page on the upper left I later rejected. I painted the early version of the cover on top of it.

Later I also rejected this cover because I didn’t like the direct gaze of the great horned owl. Breaking the forth wall just felt wrong here. I got rid of every single page with direct eye contact throughout the book except one point of view shot.

Sound of Snow Falling will be published by 2dcloud in early 2017, but it’s available for pre-order on amazon


Cencoroll - directed by Atsuya Uki (character designer for Tsuritama and Digimon Adventure tri)

Cencoroll was singlehandedly written, designed, directed, and animated by Uki. This movie marks the first time Aniplex agreed to fund a project that was animated by one person. 

Cards on the Table (Taron Egerton)

Originally posted by senxrfoggy

Summary: They dealt the cards in their hands when it came to their relationship, but there was always one that they kept hidden in their sleeves.

Author’s Note: I don’t normally write imagines for real actors, but my thirst levels are off the chart and I couldn’t help myself when I got this idea. I wrote it mainly for myself so I just want to publish it here for fun. Enjoy!

Their relationship always seemed a bit simple once they laid their cards out on the table.

Being cast as one of the main bodyguards for the villain in the new Kingsman movie meant spending quite a bit of time with the main cast. Even more so when her role involved seducing Taron Egerton’s Eggsy Unwin in the script. They got along quickly, and it didn’t take her long to know that she was attracted to him.

Who wouldn’t be? He was very cute and sweet and made her laugh. She had almost let it develop into a crush. Almost.

After a long day of shooting on the set, Taron, herself, and a few of the cast went out to a nearby bar for drinks. A few rounds in, the conversation had turned in the direction of relationships and types. She had no type, she said. If she was attracted to a guy, she was attracted to him; it didn’t matter what his hair color, eye color, or race was. Simple.

Taron’s was simple as well. “I like older women,” he answered. That was his card, and that was when she knew she didn’t stand a chance; she was two years younger than him. One of their co-stars said that people always end up dating beyond their types. She (almost) wanted to believe that was true and keep that glimmer of hope, but her thoughts quickly shut it down. Why wouldn’t it work between Taron and an older, more mature woman?

She was most definitely not that.

Keep reading


So Phillip Pullman is publishing a sequel to the His Dark Materials series. The Amber Spyglass, the last novel in the series, was published seventeen years ago. That must be very exciting for fans of the series.

Here’s my question: Is he getting any of the same flack JKR got for either Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts? I mean separate from the formats (play/movie). Is he being accused of “not letting Lyra go” or “milking the series as a cash grab”? Or are fans just thrilled to be getting new material after all this time?

I looked through the tag just now and it seemed to be the later. What do you think makes the difference?

Fic Rec Days - Published in 2012 and 2013.

So considering I’ve got saved over 500 fan fics dated back from 2012 to now. This list was extremely difficult so I decided to just do 2 lists. One from 2012 and the other from 2013. This was when I was beyond obsessed with Everlark that my husband was seriously worried about me LOL. 

All these stories I LOVE to go back and revisit - some I remember reading when I was going through difficult times and they brought me comfort and others just spoke to me and put a big smile on my face. So thank you. And I’m sorry that I wont know everyone’s tumblr’s so I can tag you.

2012 (in no particular order)

Worse Games to Play By Belmione

The Long Walk Home By Peski0piksi

A Blessing In Disguise By cd291104

Everything Grows By Everlark Pearl

I Don’t Want To Forget By books-are-better @books-are-better

A Slow Burning Fire By books-are-better @books-are-better 

Legend By HGRomance @andshewaits

Not In Our Favor By Twilightcakes @twilightcakes

Different Worlds By ILoVeRynMar @thegirlonpeetamellark

Speed Date Everlark Pearl

The Darkness Behind You By Streetlightlove @streetlightlove1

2013 (in no particular order)

Windfall By Court81981

Crash My Party By Court81981

When The Red X Is On The Door By Madam Beth @madambeth 

Performance Anxiety By Nmoreblack

In Name Only By Izzy Samson

Go Easy On Me By Amelia Day @awhiskeyriver

No Surprises By Nmoreblack

Swing By Atetheredmind @muttpeeta

Open Book By Abagail Snow

Gravity By NmoreBlack

Flesh And Bone By BaronessMeggie @krousewrites

For those who may not know, earlier this year I got the chance to work on illustrating a children’s book for an author back in June!  It was my first experience as a freelance artist and I am glad I got the opportunity!

Just today, my physical copy of the book arrived in the mail!  It’s still so surreal to see my work published into an actual book, and I have Mr. Gary Adolph to thank for the amazing chance to work freelance for the first time!

If any of you are interested in purchasing your own copy, it’s for sale on Amazon here:



Somebody…please…I need some kind of program that stops me from accessing any online shopping after midnight. My self control just disappears at that time and I just buy and buy and buy.

But then again I can’t be too upset because I got these sweet new tarot cards.

I had never heard of the Light Grey tarot before and I can’t think why because they’re so cool, I would have thought that lots of people would want them for their own collections. 

This deck is independently published and comes from the people at the Light Grey Art Lab as part of their “Tarot, Mystics and Occult” Exhibition. It brings together 78 different artists, one for each card.

I think it’s such a neat idea having a different artist design each card. In some of my other decks you sometimes get the feeling that the artist had much more passion for some cards than others. Not criticising at all, designing 78 cards is a gargantuan task, but especially in the pip cards you get the impression that the artist lent more of their energy to particular cards. In this deck each card feels so complete and fully realised. 

Despite coming from 78 different creative places, the deck doesn’t feel mismatched at all. I don’t know if they adjusted the tone of each card (is that even the right term) or what, but the cards don’t clash with each other even though they differ greatly in colour and style. 

Some cards have astronauts exploring alien worlds, some have Victorian ladies taking tea in their parlours, some are bizarre and fantastical, some depict everyday scenes. It’s by far the most interesting deck I own. 

I love, love, love it and I wholeheartedly recommend this deck! 

anonymous asked:

002 sloth pair please?😄

ABSOLUTELY! This anon gets me XD Here go my (probably very obvious) opinions! Beware of fangirling~

when or if I started shipping it: After the C3 introduction arc in volume three. The way Kuro cared about Mahiru and how he got all secretly happy after Mahiru told him he wanted to be a team really got to me. And then volume 5 happened and… well, you can safely say my life was ruined…
my thoughts: O TO THE T TO THE FLIPPING P. Behold the pairing that ruined my life while simultaneously saving me, the pairing that helped me become an active part of a fandom for the first time in my life and motivated me to publish fanfiction for the first time in years and helped me find so, so many new friends, including my best friend. This ship was fate.
What makes me happy about them: THEIR RELATIONSHIP MAN. Just… the way they care about each other so much and trust each other with their lives and are comfortable with each other and the way Mahiru accepts that Kuro has trouble opening up and doesn’t pressure him and the way Kuro would do literally anything to protect Mahiru and the way Mahiru helped Kuro overcome his century-old guilt and the way they understand each other better than anyone else and just… they’re made for each other.
What makes me sad about them: The thought that Mahiru is human and mortal and Kuro is not, and unless he makes Mahiru his subclass he’s gonna be left behind eventually, forever stuck as eighteen while his Eve grows old.
Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Not really fanfic, but fanartists often have (had?) a tendency to put Mahiru through a lot of wimpification and I will not stand for that. Also, I don’t like it when writers/fanartists make Kuro too forward, this boy has literally been alone for centuries and has serious issues with opening up and showing he cares, someone like that would rather get super awkward or pull away than anything else.
Things I look for in fanfic: Cute, loving fluff, romance and hurt/comfort. These two are so precious, they deserve only happiness!
My kinks: Uhh… mutual love and respect?
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Nobody, honestly. I can’t ship these two with anyone but each other, it’s just physically impossible.
My happily ever after for them: They defeat Tsubaki together, Mahiru becomes Kuro’s subclass, and they stay together for the rest of eternity as a cute domestic couple and Kuro opens up more because he knows he’s never gonna lose Mahiru and never has to fear about being alone again.


I just really like this color scheme, and I want to share it with the world, okay? Also, you will not believe how many books I got from my two literature teachers last Friday (four, I got four) and three of them were gorgeous French published books.

(So if anybody ever has questions about French or needs help with any French, please, just hit me up!)

I’ve been spending my days reading New Yorker articles and designing promotional posters for my school’s TEDx event. As much time as that means I’ve been wasting on devices, I’m satisfied living in my happy pile of sick tissues. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be well enough to go to practice though (go hard, for that matter!) but today I tried to go shopping and I swear I almost passed out.

4/100 days of productivity
ig: hanstudy

shikitoga  asked:

just wondering is you comic going to be more than your fic? or will it just contain the 2 chapters? I'm just about to read the fic so i was kinda curious

Oop I managed to log onto tumblr right as I got this ask xD How handy.  Going to publish if you don’t mind, in case other people were wondering the same thing!  (I can delete this if you want me to respond privately.)

The first chapter of my fic is just a little one-shot that’s in Keith’s POV that expands a little bit on his time back at the Garrison; it won’t be covered in the main comic, so it’s more a bonus side story type thing.  Second chapter was just some artwork reposts from my tumblr and an announcement about the comic coming soon, because I had some people on AO3 asking about it that subscribed.

Comic is going to cover a lot more story than the little bit in my fic, since I just wrote that on a random impulse.  I have about ten comic chapters tentatively planned, plus five bonus mini comics for each of the paladins’ backstories.  If I get randomly bored one day in the future I might write more short one-shots like my Keith fic, but it’ll depend on how much time I have available.

Thanks for the ask, I hope this answered your question!

anonymous asked:

hey em!! i'm just getting started with publishing my writing online, and it's really intimidating!! i just wanted to say how much i admire you not only for your writing skills, but also for being able to produce so much content all the time! i have a quick question: do you have any advice for new writers? anything you wish you'd known when you first got started?


First of all, congrats on getting started!! It’s a major step to take and I’m super proud of you for taking it!! Secondly, thank you so much!! <3

I do have some advice for new writers (although if you mean advice for people who are new to publishing their stuff online, let me know, and I’ll make a separate post for that)!

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail. This is the most important piece of advice that I have. When you’re getting started, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re probably going to stumble into some cliche writing. It’s really okay - part of improving is learning from your mistakes and evolving into your own writing style. When I first got started, my writing was objectively awful. It was riddled with continuity errors and cliche, contrite phrasing. But the only reason I can recognize that now is because I made the mistakes in the first place, and I grew from them, which brings me to my second piece of advice…
  2. Don’t stop writing. The only way you can learn and evolve is if you keep writing. Sometimes it’s painful and sometimes writer’s block has you beaten down, but you absolutely cannot give up on yourself.
  3. Find a support group. Preferably a group of other writers, with whom you can collaborate. Finding a group of people whose writing styles are similar to yours who are willing to read through your work before you post it is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. But please be warned, this advice comes with a pitfall: you absolutely cannot ask someone to read through your work if you are not willing to do the same for them. Sharing your writing with another person before it’s published is a show of intense trust; speaking from experience, it’s very hurtful when you’ve taken the time to read through someone’s work but they aren’t willing to do the same. So please don’t ask that of someone if you’re not willing to return the favor when they need you.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t find your inspiration. I know I said earlier to not stop writing, and while I stand by that, it’s also important to acknowledge that sometimes you just don’t have anything to write. And that’s okay. Just know that it isn’t permanent - writing comes in seasons, and everyone needs a break every now and then. The most important thing is to not let it completely discourage you into thinking that you’re no longer capable of writing at all. Let yourself rest, and let the inspiration come back naturally.
    1. Often, when I’m going through a dry spell, I find that when I let the inspiration come back on its’ own, my writing skills have actually improved in the interim.
  5. Read!!! Read whenever you can!!! Find stories you love, find writing styles you love, and figure out what it is that you love about them!! Try to recreate those concepts and feelings in your own words. God knows 90% of my writing style comes from 3 books that absolutely changed my life because of the story they told/the way they were written!

Anyways those aren’t original in any way, shape, or form, but they’re all solid and they all helped me tremendously when I was first getting started (and tbh they still help me today). Let me know if you need any other advice!! Also, feel free to come off anon if you want - I promise I won’t publish any asks if you don’t want me to haha

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I just wanted to let you know that I think you're a fantastic writer, and even if you decided to never write again, the fics you have done are so good, and I really appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to write them. Honestly, I've read many popular published books with such shitty writing and plots. You've got a real talent for writing. Thanks for all your hard work xx

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NONNIE THIS IS SO NICE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You’ve made my heart so happy today, *squee* <3

bad bob zimmermann cried when his son graduated and if you ask him about it he wholeheartedly admits to crying and starts telling you about how much he loves is son and how proud he is & he might even start showing you some pictures of jack again and honestly if you don’t walk away too soon he might get choked up a lil bit and tons of people thinks it’s ridiculous but what bad bob doesn’t tell them is that the worst feeling he ever experienced was the way his heart seemed to ice over when he had to face the reality that he might not be a father anymore and he is just so gosh darn happy he doesn’t feel that way anymore because his son was so strong and he pulled through and he got better and bob loves him so much and he’s so proud and did he tell you about the one time one of jacks grade 11 history essays was published in an academic journal his son is so smart and

PSAT FANFIC (I’m so sorry)

Herminia was just a normal girl. A girl who loved to write poems. She wrote about many things; love, family, her problems, but the one thing she was most passionate about, was her love for her country and for her freedoms. She couldn’t stand the fact that her people were suffering so she used the only outlet she had to express herself, which was a pen and paper. Recently, a man had approached her about publishing her work in the paper and she was all for it. It was all she ever dreamed of, so she accepted whole-heartedly. But, the day the paper came out, her father got extremely angry. “What’s wrong with you?” He screamed. She couldn’t look him in the eye, she felt like her wolf pups. Of course he was angry, she just risked her entire family’s safety. “But Papa! This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Everyone loves it! Even Mama! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life why can’t you understand?” she yelled back. “Yes miha, but why did you have to drag us into this?” He said softly. That tone always scared her but she looked into his eyes and said, “Well maybe I’m just going to leave. You can live in your little bubble, while I, I’m gonna fight for what I believe in.” And in the flash of a pan, she grabbed her belongings, summoned for her wolf pups and left forever.

She didn’t know where to go. She felt tears streaming down her face and the gaze of the confused people on the sidewalk but she ignored it all. Herminia went to the park and pulled up a bit of Spanish moss and cried. She cried until she couldn’t feel her face anymore, but she felt NO CHANGE. She looked around until she saw a cafe and right on cue, her stomach growled. She had $2 so she figured she could get some water and a cookie.

As she walked in she noticed a young man at the counter yelling at the barista. “No miss, it’s not all for me are you insane do you think a human can eat all this by himself? Yes I’m the one who ordered the cookies and water. Yes, I know 45$.” He paid and turned around. They made eye contact and Herminia was struck by this man’s beauty. He gave her a goofy smile and walked over.

“Hi…” He said.

“Ummmm… hello…” She replied shyly.

“I’m Thad.”

“Nice to meet you Thad, I’m Herminia"

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”  

At this point she was blushing profusely. “Ummm thank you.” She managed. “Herminia, would you like to share a cookie with me? You look like you could use a cookie.” Thad said. “Yes please thank you.” They went back to the park where they ate their cookies and water and Herminia introduced Thad to her anti-social wolves. They didn’t look him in the eye either but that was normal. They talked and talked until Thad realized he had to get to a meeting. “Herminia it was so nice meeting you.” He said. “You too Thad.” Herminia said. There was a pause and simultaneously at the same time they blurted out. “WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO OUT TO DINNER WITH ME?” They smiled at each other. “I work at the museum if you want to meet me there. I can set up a ticket for you, and you can stay for more than four hours.” He said. “Okay!” She said, “It’s a date!”

Later that night, Herminia met up with Thad at the museum. They spent some time at the  Texas Longhorn Dinosaur exhibit before they left. They went to dinner at this fancy restaurant downtown called Affect… or was it Effect… Anyways it was a very posh place. Thad was a perfect gentleman in the beginning and Herminia talked to him about her poems and her family. He seemed to be genuinely interested. They ordered their food, which was tilapia.

They continued to talk until the food came, when Thad grew a concerned look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Herminia asked.

“I think…. I think this is farm grown tilapia…” Thad whispered.

“Yeah, so what?” She replied with confusion.

Thad slowly looked up from his food, his face filled with absolute rage and shock.


“Oh I’m sorry… I just don’t think that’s too big of a deal. I mean the fat content in salmon is higher on farms soooooo…”



And with that, Herminia rushed out of the restaurant.

This was becoming too much. She had lost so much in one day. Her family, a promising romance with the man with the cookies. She wasn’t gonna be able to fix this. If only she had a calculator for her life, but she probably wouldn’t be allowed to use that. Herminia was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t even realize that she was about to walk into a man on the street.

“Oh god I’m so sorry! That was totally my fault!” She exclaimed. “Oh no no my dear the fault was mine.” The man replied. A loud boom came from down the street and fireworks lit the sky. “Oh wow, I totally forgot! It’s July 4th isn’t it!” She exclaimed. “Actually, it’s not that exciting. IT’s such an unfair holiday I mean the slaves don’t even have their freedoms yet why should they have to hear us celebrating it?”

The man looked down at her in shock. “…yes… yes indeed…” The man whispered. “Yes… THAT’S WHAT I ALWAYS SAY!!!! My name is Frederick Douglas. What is your name my good lady?”

“Herminia.” She replied. She could feel herself getting a bit hot. The Mississippi Delta was starting to get wet.

“Herminia, I have not met a single person who thinks like me. I gave a speech today about this and everyone just booed at me for making them think I was siding with the whites. Do you think I could take you out for some coffee?”

“Why I would love that.” She said.

And the rest was history. The two hit it off really well and eventually fell in love. They were both strong willed and wanted to show the world their ideas. Later in life, they moved away to Minnesota so that they could study the Spanish Moss together and use it to do research on dog pups and wolf pups. Surprisingly, the wolf pups actually made eye contact with Frederick, and that was how Herminia knew she made the right choice. But she never forgot about the man from the museum who ordered too many cookies though, and she was never bitter about their fight. He led her to Frederick and that was the greatest thing in her life. She couldn’t be happier.



- Dad might is actually really protective of izuku bc he’s grown attached to him but he doesn’t want it to show during his classes but he can’t help it when izuku gets hurt/sent to the nurse’s clinic all might will be really distracted for the rest of the class until he just can’t take it anymore and will just suddenly be like “FORGIVE ME CHILDREN I MUST CHECK ON SOMETHING REAL QUICK I WILL BE BACK BEFORE YOU KNOW IT” and he just sprints towards the nurse’s office to check on izuku and making sure he’s okay before he can begin functioning normally again.

- Izuku likes making decobens or decorative bentos so when Dad Might surprises Izuku by asking him to eat lunch with him he gets so flustered and says yes immediately and gets even more flustered the moment he opens his bento to reveal a decoben of All Might. Dad Might was so touched that he coughed out blood and reverted to his smol might form with Izuku screaming in embarrassment in the background. All Might thought it was v cute 10000/10.

- All Might can’t look at puppies the same way anymore because they remind him of Izuku especially the small fluffy ones. It doesn’t help that he wants to take them all home.

- Izuku’s ringtone is All Might’s signature line “I AM HERE!!” and when they were out training Izuku forgot to put it on silent mode so it rang and All Might just stared at it and a red beet Izuku before laughing loudly and ruffling Izuku’s hair.

- Izuku likes to make small doodles of all might on his notebooks. All Might sees them and finds them very endearing.

- Izuku and All Might have accidentally called each other Dad and son more than once and every time they realize it they both explode into embarrassment but they’re also both secretly really happy about it.

- All Might thinks that being called Dad Might isn’t so bad.

- Izuku thought more than once to give All Might a world’s best dad mug but quickly gets flustered at the idea that he thought of All Might as his Dad AAAAAAA

- Dad Might and Izuku always have a set date where they spend time together whether it’s training or just hanging out. They both get very anxious when either party doesn’t show up.

- Izuku likes crepe with bananas because he asks the person to cut the banana slices into all might’s “V”. All Might bumps into him one time holding that crepe and couldn’t handle the cute.

- When Izuku gets badly injured Dad Might goes into a huge overprotective papa bear mode and emits a rather deadly aura that screams “JUST YOU TRY TO LAY ANOTHER FINGER ON MY SON AND I WILL DETROIT SMASH YOUR FACE”

- Dad Might stays in Izuku’s hospital/clinic room in his deflated form once everyone leaves just to watch over him and he doesn’t want to leave the boy alone.

- Izuku likes to copy All Might’s laugh so when Dad Might walks into his room when he’s trying to do it Dad Might just blows up bECAUSE HOW IS THIS CHILD SO CUTE WTF.

- Izuku literally owns all the All Might actions figures available.

- Dad Might stumbles upon childhood photos of Izuku wearing an All Might onesie and bLOWS UP ONCE AGAIN BC CUTE but All Might secretly takes a photo of it and makes it Izuku’s contact photo in his phone. AAAAAAAAAA

- Dad Might is a very overprotective dad to Izuku and every time someone seems like they want to court Izuku he would low-key make them do challenges during class just to test them and he would always suddenly show up when the two of them alone appearing with the lines “I AM HEREE!!” instantly ruining whatever atmosphere they had bECAUSE NO ONE GETS TO GET TO MY SON BEFORE GETTING THROUGH ME.