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Please show a picture of each of the gazette members that you think is the funniest.

THAT’S A TALL ORDER and i’m honestly not sure if it’s even possible to choose anything considering the 15 (more if you count pre-gazette images) years of nonsense we’ve got to choose from

but the funniest picture of ruki is probably this one

Don’t go to BIGHIT’s Page!

As you might have heard or seen, Bighit’s website has been hacked, but please don’t go to the page!

When you go to BigHit’s page you see this (this is a cache since the page is overloaded with visits rn). The hack was placed as a link.

When you click the link you’re taken to this page, with the popup verification that “Unknown was here.”

This shot is the hack page

The page plays Twice’s song. Funny, until a look at the code shows the song is STREAMING FROM YOUTUBE, SET TO LOOP.

The other links lead to the same page, but if you scroll down you’ll see the MV itself embedded on the page 

Do NOT let your curiosity get to you! This has literally given them more views because thousands of ARMYs have flocked to see this hack!

Credit : Penelope 

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D


i decided to come back to the bujo since i was getting lazy with the ready-made planner. also decided to start a little photo journal/moodboard on the back pages!

 ++my fave supplies for journalling :D


Finally got the NoZLan pictures from Abunai! I had such a blast cosplaying Anti and Marvin. Especially Anti since I love that dress so much. I have since improved my Marvin, maybe I’ll get better pics of that soon. You may have seen the Marvin pics before, cause I had them printed and then I took phone pics of those, but these are better quality!


i dont remember where i got this picture from and im 99% sure it was intended to be taken seriously in a rule 34 way but every time i see it i lose my shit because its so fucking funny


“I was born and raised in Scotland. I lived there for the first 11 years of my life, until my parents decided to take our family to France where we lived for a couple of years. We then moved back to Scotland, and that is where I feel most home – where I come back to myself, and I love more than I can say.”


I’ve been waiting for the excuse to draw Sakumo for so long, so here he is! 

╰ ( ゚ヮ゚)╯ 

Day #2 - Sakumo

Modern au, where everyone is alive and happy because I’m the artist here and I do what I want
Both he and Kakashi are classy dudes and scarf lovers. Sakumo is all about warm earthly colours, tweeds, and knitted sweaters; and if you think that he wouldn’t like to dote on his grown-up son from time to time you clearly haven’t met the guy.  He tries not to be too overbearing, but sometimes can’t help himself.