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Recently, as some of you know, I made a Youtube video( of ME:A featuring all the various glitches I have encountered in the main quest, and various side quests(mostly party members and other things for planet viablity).

As usual with any sort of content, you get all kinds of comments. Faggot this, faggot that, dicksucking, memes, nothing anybody should give a shit about if you spent any time on the internet.

This time around, I got all sorts(as did other commenters) of comments accusing me of being a “terrorist” and a “psychopath”. Presumably because my video shows off all the various glitches in the game, something that can be taken as anti-BioWare. If you go a step farther by association: the video, myself, and others, are anti-social justice. You can continue this farther and farther on just by constant associations until you get the strawman you want.

Most seem to have been removed but here’s some interesting ones that others and I got. So here’s some youtube comment, reddit pms, and another comment from a different guy that I still struggle to understand what they mean.

Reposted, since tumblr sucks.

Best New Player Strategy

I got the following bug report from Capostrophic on Reddit:

“In this session, which happens in the experimental branch, players somehow bypass the supposed second Black Queen fight and the Black King fight completely by god tier clock revival after an incredible failure in BQ fight:

‘Victory is not without it's price.’

There wasn't any victory. FIX THIS. kthxbye

My response:

“Oh shit. I can’t stop laughing.  I get why you want me to fix this. But no, this is the most hilarious victory of all time.  Like….total party wipe, the bosses get bored and wander off, everybody revives…and then…just…tries to pop the frog into the skiaia hole???  Oh god. Amazing. I want to see a session where they actually pull it off, instead of not having a full frog.  I will call it the Opossum Victory.  It will be beautiful.  This is going onto my Tumblr.”

I’m gonna see about adding special text for death by “it taking so long to god tier revive that the Black Royalty fuck off and go play cards or some shit”.