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came across this on my twitter feed and can I just say incredibly sweet this is :D I’m so glad jack got to finally relax a bit and spend time with his family. by the looks it, it looks like it was a grand time :) lol (btw this is from his brothers twitter, idk how to link it sorry)



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even if you only like the show, don’t care if we get more, or just want to do something nice for me/us then please please please please help with this

Galavant is a wonderful, clever, hilarious, massively underrated, and sorely overlooked tv show that has had every chance against it since its inception. Confined to only Sundays in January (such a bad time for ratings to begin with that they purposely DON’T air shows like ouat so they aren’t affected) THEN because of the timeslot and the day it is up against things like the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl, etc (seriously what show has any chance against them??).
If you haven’t already seen this annoyingly short show and haven’t already skipped past this post then please check it out! (preferably in a legit way like hulu plus if you already have that because every bit of ratings helps)
It has the sense of humour of Monty Python, Robin Hood Men in Tights, and the Princess Bride. All of the music is written by Alan Menken (yes, THE Alan Menken who composed a good majority of our classic Disney movies) and Glenn Slater (casually Oscar nominated, Grammy winning, classic writing lyricist, nbd). It is witty and regularly enjoys flipping all of the classic troupes we’ve come to expect on their heads while maintaining a heartwarming charm to it. It references EVERYTHING from Seinfeld, Game of Thrones (so many times), Princess Bride, Les Mis, West Side Story, Grease, modern inventions, etc - seriously EVERYTHING. And the fourth wall is pretty much nonexistent (something, btw, that everyone keeps praising Deadpool for). And there is always umpteen number of wonderful celebrity guest stars in it (not even going to listen because there’s so many but you will never guess who is a singing monk).
Seriously, go check it out (and if you’ve already seen it then go enjoy it some more!!)!!!


This btw is especially important right now because the man at ABC who helped ensure that we got our second season of Galavant (Paul Lee - also who we have to thank for many other shows like Quantico and Agent Carter, etc) as of yesterday is no longer in that position. His replacement is now Channing Dungey (congrats to her) so we HAVE TO CONVINCE HER THAT WE ARE WORTH INVESTING IN.



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5 beautiful places in my country

Thank you so much @cat-sophia for this particular tag. I love my country so much that I was so thrilled to do it :D

And the pictures that you put were amazing. I had no idea Poland had so many beautiful places in it.

So for the places in my Israel:


This is my “home town”. I just feel so lucky to be among the people who were actually born in the place my people dreamed of returning to for 2000 years, and maybe the most holly city in the world. I had to put two pictures of the two places that are most exciting for me. The Tower of David that every time I pass near it with my car I feel the privilege of living in such a special city that combines between old and new so wonderfully, and the western wall, which every time I go there I feel so spiritual and amazed by this 2000 years old wall and the feeling of peace that comes by just touching its stones. 

The dead sea 

This is the lowest place in the world (you feel it in your ears when you go down because of the pressure). It’s a beautiful sea of very salty water (that are used for healing) and on the side of it there are amazing desert cliffs. It got to the final nominations for the 7 wonders of the world a couple of years ago (and I still think it should have made it to the last 7, lol).

The sea of Galilee

This is the only lake of sweet water (and also in general) in Israel and therefore is very unique to us. Whenever I have the chance to go there I just can’t stop looking at how beautiful it is, and I have a lot of childhood memories from this place because we used to go there each year and sleep next to it in tents each summer.


I think I like this place mostly because of its history that tells an heroic story about my people from 2000 years ago, but it also beautifully situated next to the dead sea that you can see from above it (BTW, if you check out the twitter account of  Fred Di Blasio, Lana’s husband, his cover picture is from the top of Masada, taken in their trip to Israel where they got engaged).

Tel Aviv (and mostly its beach) 

Many people love Tel Aviv because it’s very rush and full of activities, young people, many cool places to hang out. But tbh people that are connected to Jerusalem like myself that enjoy the peaceful atmosphere enjoy it less. But there’s also a peaceful side to Tel Aviv, with lots of parks and quiet places. But I think the most beautiful things in this city (and in all this area around it) are the beaches of the Mediterranean sea that are just breathtaking. 

Well, that’s my beautiful country that I love very much. With all the troubles that we have here sometimes, this is my home, and it’s a beautiful one :) You are all welcome to visit any time! We are very warm and welcoming people :)  


I was at David’s show last night in Pittsburgh so I decided to type down what happened:

It took 4 hours to drive there and I freaked out the whole ride and then when we finally got in front of the venue, I met a few people I know from Twitter and when I told them I was Duchovbutt, they instantly knew who I was and they like my vine edits. We got there really early so we were sitting outside on the steps from 2:30 to 6:00 and it was pretty cold and we could hear him practicing from outside and I realized how close I was to him and I died. So at 6:00, they let in the VIP people and we all stood in a line against the bar. After like five minutes, David walks in the room and I HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!! He was right there.. In front of me.. And not on a phone or computer screen.. He was actually there in the same room as me! The fans started going in order to take pictures with him and talk to him. I made my dad go before me and my dad told me he said to David “you sound good, man. I never knew you could sing” and David said “yeah, me neither” after my dad took the picture with him, it was my turn and I was shaking and nervous and I knew David saw how bad I was shaking and he gave me this adorable smile like ‘it’s okay, don’t be nervous’ and I went over to him and he shook my hand and asked me my name and I told him “Aleah” and he goes “Aleah? Nice to meet you, Aleah!” And he put his arm around me to take the picture and I, being the dorky retard that I am, put up the peace sign and David looks at me and goes “are you throwing up gang signs, what is that?” And I laughed and he laughed (you will never understand the joy my heart felt when I heard his laugh, in person, 6 inches from my ear) and I could tell he knew he was driving me insane because he could see how nervous I was. Then after the picture, I asked him “do you remember on your birthday when uh.. The paragraph with all the emojis?… Because that was me..” And he looked like he didn’t remember at first and made this adorable thinking face and then I was like “and then you tweeted me 'your use of emojis is impressive’?” And he was like “oh, yeah, then I remember that! Well thank you, Aleah” And then I was like “oh my god, I love you and all my friends love you.. Can I hug you?” And he was like “of course!” And then pulls me in for a hug and pats my back and then I walked back outside where all the people that got done meeting him were and the people I met saw how in shock I was and they said something along the lines of “omg how was it? How did it go?” And I couldn’t even talk, I just covered my face and shook my head and got on Twitter and tweeted the picture of me and David and after I tweeted, someone tapped my shoulder and said they follow me on Twitter. And then we waited there for a half hour and they let us in and then the non VIPs in. We had to just stand there for another hour, waiting for the band to come out and my back hurt from standing for so long. (I was in the front row btw) then David and the band walked on stage and started playing one of his songs. The whole concert was kinda a blur but it wasn’t that freaking out feeling I had when I was meeting him anymore, It was more of a 'I’m so happy to be alive right now and in this moment’ feeling and I enjoyed every second of it. He dad danced the WHOLE time and he kept making the “okay this next song is from our first album” joke (dad joke much?) and he was practicing his Pittsburgh accent, it was cute. There was a lot more dad dancing than I expected there to be though (not at all a complaint). One time, in between songs, I yelled “DAVID I LOVE YOU” and he said “thank you” into the microphone. Another time, he put his hand out for people to touch and I got to touch it a little bit and during the song after that he did the hand thing again and I put my hand up and this man grabs my hand, I didn’t even grab his, he grabbed mine! And he held it for a good 3-5 seconds. He is such a sweet man. He’s so down to earth and humble. He’s really tall too and he has a big head, it reminds me of a pit bull’s head, how it’s like big and adorable and you just wanna hug it. And the way he looked at me when I laughed at the gang signs joke was amazing. Best day of my life by far. I love and appreciate this man so much more now and I didn’t even think that was possible