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Male wrestling fans: “women only like wrestlers because they are dirty ringrat whoresluts who think the wrestlers are hot”

Male wrestling fans:*record women’s wrestlers butts at shows* (real thing)

*constantly judge women’s wrestler’s on how sexually attractive they are* 

*constantly make creepy comments about what sex acts they’d perform on women’s wrestlers*

Most people who knew Ted Bundy described him as being very friendly and quite normal. No one knew the deviant, aggressive thoughts that dominated his mind. Around friends and family he was able to maintain a very normal, non-threatening persona - but not always. There were times when Ted’s inner self reared its ugly head, particularly after he began killing in early 1974.

On Saturday, June 29, 1974, Ted went on a rafting trip with Susan Reade, Becky Gibbs, and Larry Voshall. Larry was an active young Republican, just like Bundy. The part of the Yakima River that they rafted down was very close to where Ted had abducted and murdered Susan Rancourt. The location most likely had something to with what happened on the raft that day. Larry Voshall began to notice something strange happening with Ted. “While we were rafting to the Diversion Dam, his personality seemed to change. It was like he wasn’t concerned about our safety or our enjoyment of the trip. He had tied an inner tube… to the back of the raft with some rope he got from his car. Becky rode in the inner tube and at one point he untied the rope, holding the inner tube to the raft and this initially frightened Becky very much.” Ted also untied the straps of her halter top, naturally causing Becky to become embarrassed. Larry was shocked. “During the trip I observed Ted Bundy wasn’t very friendly and this did not seem like the Ted Bundy I had heard about.” When the group got to Diversion Dam they trekked through the woods for a bit, and Larry noticed that “Ted seemed to know the area quite well.”

Larry’s story taken from The Bundy Murders by Kevin Sullivan

Falling For the Perfect 10, Chapter 1

This is my first time posting fanficiton to Tumblr. And it’s my first time writing a story with Tye Dillinger. I don’t like to point the finger but since it was the writing of @wwesmutdonedirtcheap and @hiitsmecharlie that inspired me to work on the fanfiction in my brain, I’ll blame them.

If you want to find some incredible stories, check their pages.

Story Summary: Told from the point of view of an original female character we follow the ups and downs of dating, and falling in love with, Tye Dillinger.
Pairing: Tye Dillinger X OFC
Chapter Summary: It is Becky Lynch’s birthday party and she demands that her friends go out and have some fun. Tye Dilinger complies, only to find himself in a position he hadn’t expected –with a shot at getting the girl he’s wanted for nearly a year.
Note: No warnings for this chapter. Sexual tension, innuendo and other such things can be found but at this time, this chapter could be considered safe for work.

Please let me know if you like the start of this story and I will happily post more!



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It has:
•An entire species that are polyamorous and its like treated really well not made out to be “wrong” at all
•Different sexualities and its just normal and accepted 100%
•Cool space adventures
•It’s honestly so good and actually realistic? About how different species might interact
•space lesbians what else do you need to know

holdinglines  asked:

I know this is a kinda silly question but...I wanna get into wrestling. Since they're stories and arcs, is there, like, a good place to start?

Ooooooh you’ve come to a good place!
Lemme set you up with some good feuds, I’m gonna skip the Attitude Era because that stuff is good for humor but the drama is way too extra.

First things first, EVERYONE’S favorite underdog story featuring scrappy Daniel Bryan going up against his bosses ie. The Authority.

There’s also the company’s embodiment of hope, Sami Zayn vs capricious Elf King Neville!

We’ve got a fantastic feud from the ladies featuring former friends Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks!

Next, my absolute favorite; The Shield vs Evolution.
The Shield started out as a trio of mercenaries who employed themselves to the highest bidder and they found themselves being the hyper-competent attack dogs of Triple H—the COO and the head of The Authority. They were willful but were dead loyal to each other and no one else and Triple H realized that this was an issue when they disobeyed his orders to eliminate a target they didn’t believe deserved it and so he sought to destroy them with aid of his old terror trio, Evolution.

In order;


Through shared enemies, they’ve kindasorta reconciled!

If you want bayou cults, a little darkness, a little betrayal, a little arson and grave desecration because this is fun for the entire family, I’d suggest Randy orton vs Bray Wyatt for entire new levels of fuckery. 

All in all there are many MANY stories to delve into, too many to list but it doesn’t have to be entirely melodrama that pulls you in! The sheer spectacle is is good enough too, like Shinsuke Nakamura entrances which are part Michael Jackson, part Madonna and part reanimated contortionist with live violin solos, practically every overblown Wrestlemania entrance ever (Including but not limited to an entire conga line of druids, a fucking tank and a massive box of breakfast cereal), the entire 205 Live division which is great if you don’t have 2 hours to spare (because RAW and SMACKDOWN are both 2hrs and entirely too long sometimes but 205 is 1hr and perfect for quick action, easy to follow storylines and light viewing) 

I hope this helps, and do have a good time!

Just got back from watching the new power rangers movie. It came as a surprise how much I really LOVED it, cause I really didnt set my expection too high. You know how it is with reboots. But in my opinion, they literally save 2017. Im not even joking. 

Oh and everytime I saw Trini, my head did this thing: 


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Too Cute to Be Real II

Part 1: Hi, I’m the Prophet

Request: okay um @olgaplaygames‘s request is a little too long to describe, but I’ve kinda deviated from the original request to suit the storyline better, so it may not be exactly as they requested…

Pairing: ‘prophet’!Chuck x Reader

Summary: Reader babysits the prophet Chuck Shurley during the Apocalypse, but over time finds herself falling just a little bit deeper in love with him every day

Warnings: sad pining after your best friend

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In The Air Tonight ~ Enzo Amore

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Enzo x You 

“ Y/N! I’ve been looking all over for you” You turned your head, a smile made it’s way to your face as you see one of your good friend’s and your boyfriend’s, Xavier Woods. 

Enzo who stood by you was telling you something when Xavior cut in. “ What’s up?” “  Here is the thing, the fans would love to see you on UpUpDownDown as a guest this week, would you be up to it?” 

“ Really? Awe, sure” You smiled wide, Enzo mumbled some words under his breathe, his arms across his chest glaring at Xavior. He didn’t mind you being friends with him but he was going to tell you something important. 

You began discussing when should you come and what time and what will you do with Xavior while Enzo huffed as he walked away from you.

Laying in bed with Enzo, you laid your head on his chest snuggling to his side. Today was the day you and Xavior did UpUpDownDown and now telling Enzo about how it went.

“ You should of seen me Zo, I had him beaten , he whined about it but I let him win the third time” 

By now Enzo was listening to you but he was annoyed on how you were talking about Xavier. Instead of listening more, he faked yawned before you looked up, frowning. 

“ You tired?” He nodded closing his eyes. It was dark, you couldn’t see but heard nothing from him but his breathing. His chest rose up and down, you thought he was asleep so you settled in, falling asleep as well. 

But Enzo opened his eyes as he stared down at you. Why did Xavier got all your attention and he didn’t?

“ New Days Rocks! New Day Rocks!” You just did a promo with the boys ending with their chants, dancing as Xavier blew his trumpet. Enzo watched from the sidelines , jaw set seeing Xavier wrap his arm around you with one hand while dancing with you. 

He was jealous. You were his. 

As the camera stopped rolling, Enzo walked over to you pulling you close to him pulling you into a rough kiss which you returned. Kofi, Big E and Xavier all stopped dancing as they felt awkward as soon as Enzo kissed you. 

Xavier put his trumpet as he coughed. You pulled away from Enzo, blushing as you looked over at Xavier, “ Yeah, see you later” 

Later on the night, WWE had posted a picture of you with the New Day on Twitter, tagging you in with the New Day boys. 

Enzo was looking through his tweets when he saw that picture. It was picture of you on the ramp, but what threw him off was Xavier’s hand around your waist. He shouldn’t be touching you like that. You were Enzo’s and no one else’s. 

He flared his nose in anger, running a hand through his hair before he looked to the side seeing you giggle with Xavier as he let you wear his  unicorn horn headband. 

“ Does this look okay?” You twirled around for Enzo, Xavier, Becky, Seth , Dean, Renee and Cass. You were going out tonight with the group for drinks. 

“ You look stunning Y/N” Xavier said as he smiled over to you. Enzo who was on his phone, he side glared at his friend. Then he glanced at you and his breath got taken away. He was speechless. 

He didn’t know what to say, “ You look-” 

“ Let’s go, you need to strut that booty of your on the dance floor” Xavier got up  along with the others. Enzo felt uncomfortable , you were his girlfriend not Xavier. Why did he have to go and steal you?

Following behind everyone, he put his hands in his pockets as he walked out of the room. 

You were having so much fun with everyone except Enzo. He sat at the table, staring at you across as you danced with Seth on one side while Xavier on the other. 

He glared at the two. He was getting fed up with Xavier. 

His glare harden as he saw Xavier put his hands on your waist. That was the last straw. He didn’t want you to be touched. 

Walking over to the crowd, he pulled Xavier by his shirt as he laid a punch. “ ZO!” You shouted stopping dancing as you stared in shock at your boyfriend. Why would he hit one of his friends?

Enzo got on top of him beating him, punching him over and over.

“ Get off of him Enzo!” You shouted trying to stop it. “ Seth! get him off!” You yelled to Seth who stood there watching before he sprang into action pulling Enzo away from a bleeding Xavier. 

Xavier had a bloody nose, kneeling down next to him, “ Are you okay ?” Xavier sat up putting his hand on his nose seeing blood.

“ What the hell man!?” He shouted at Enzo getting help from Cass as he got up. Becky came over with Dean and Renee to see what was going on. 

“ Get off of me!” Enzo brushed Seth of of him as he straightened out his jacket he was wearing. Glaring at Xavier, he pointed to him.

“ You keep your hands to yourself bud. She is my girl” 

You were confused to why he was acting this way. “ Enzo, apologize right now. We were only dancing” 

“ Apologize? Ha!” “ Right now apologize , your being ridiculous “ 

“ I am being ridiculous? He’s the one trying to steal my girl” 

Xavier chuckled, “ I am not stealing her. She’s my best friend” 

“ Enzo, you don’t need to be jealous. I love you and only you, you silly goose” 

Enzo hung his head before he turned to leave feeling embarrassed. He walked out of the club, feeling the cold air, be zipped up his jacket before he heard the door open and close.

A small hand laid on his shoulder turning him around, he turned and faced you. A small smile placed on your lip, “ Zo..” You put your hand on his cheek stroking it. He leaned into your touch, “ Why were you acting so jealous? You have nothing to be jealous about. I’m yours” 

“ I’m scared to lose you. You mean the world to me Y/N” 

“ You won’t lose me. I am not going anywhere. There is not a chance that I will walk away from you” 


Tousled hair is the hottest look for fall.

Fall brings cool temps, hot chocolate mugs, and cute beanies, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch the sea-swept hair you spent all summer perfecting. Those keeping a keen eye on the runways know textured hair is still a big deal this season. To keep that look going, master this tutorial with the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand. Its tapered barrel creates natural, gorgeous waves. With a little spritz of hairspray, you’ll spend these chilly months looking like you just got back from an extended tropical vacation. BECKY PEDERSON

Part your hair down the middle and then section each side in half, clipping the back sections out of the way.

Take a small, diagonal section of hair about four centimeters above your ear and mist with Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray. Keeping that sprayed section of hair flat, place the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand under the section at the root. Starting at the base of the barrel, wrap hair toward the cool tip. This will create volume.

Hold your hair section in the wand for 5–8 seconds and then unwrap. Leave it to cool. Repeat Step Two on the rest of your hair, starting from the front and working back and up.

Unclip the back section. Starting at the center part, take diagonal sections and repeat the same technique in Step Two until you’ve curled your entire head.

Shake out curls using your fingertips. Use a comb to dress out the look. Finish with a mist of Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray.



Chris McMillan, Living Proof celebrity stylist, shares his secrets to using these new hair products.

Curly girls, rejoice! There’s a new line of hair care products designed especially for you. “Living Proof Curl is for every kind of curl,” says Living Proof celebrity stylist Chris McMillan. “From the slightest wave to coiliest curl, we’ve got you covered.” The formulas are built to repel humidity for frizz protection, provide residue-free cuticle smoothing for long-lasting definition, and deliver touchable, un-crunchy hold. We got the details from McMillan on how to handle these innovative products. BECKY PEDERSON


Curl Conditioning Wash cleans and conditions in one step. Sulfate-free and non-lathering, it gently removes all product buildup while leaving hair smooth and conditioned.

Curl Detangling Rinse is NOT a conditioner. It is a breakthrough detangler. This one-of-a-kind, water-activated, clear gel-like formula instantly detangles hair the moment it hits water, setting hair up for frizz-free styles. For conditioning, we recommend using No Frizz Leave In Conditioner on towel-dried hair. 


The difference between the two Curl stylers, Curl Defining Styling Cream and Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse, is the level of hold and conditioning. For more hold, use Curl Mousse. For more conditioning, use Curl Cream. You can also combine both Curl stylers to boost the level of hold and conditioning by layering them into hair. 

For prepping and extending styles even longer, apply Prime Style Extending Spray to damp hair before applying your Curl styler of choice. 

To treat drier curls, use the Restore Mask Treatment once a week. To mend and keep split ends at bay, use Restore Instant Repair Lotion


After applying a Curl styler to damp hair, wrap curls around your finger or pen to create definition. 

To get a looser curl pattern, brush or comb your hair while damp before applying product. This will elongate your natural curl pattern.

If your hair is prone to frizzing, don’t touch or disrupt curls until they completely dry; in general, air-drying is a best practice.

To reactivate curls, apply No Frizz Weightless Spray to dry hair. This will reactivate hold and conditioning of the stylers. You can also add water to a Curl styler, mix in hand and apply to dry hair to reactivate.


It’s super weird how I repress a lot of memories where I’m targeted by blatant racism. I feel pretty meh and numb to it at this point where an eye roll is the most you’ll get out of me as a reaction.

Let’s start with the more mild, everyday things: I’ve had close friends take pictures with me, look at it, and want to re-take it because their eyes look Asian; I’ve constantly had people ask me if it’s really true that Asians eat dogs; Other times I’ve had my hard work and good scores in school dismissed because it’s somehow natural to my ethnicity. And yet Becky from home room got a new car because of her straight Bs in remedial classes because her parents paid for a tutor. Nothing against Becky either—she would share her snacks with me, so she a homie; people ask if I’m from the “good or bad” Korea not understanding how traumatic it is for North Korean refugees to even talk about escaping that country, especially in a casual conversation. By the way, my family is from Seoul and if you don’t know where that is then you’re not allowed to ask me “which Korea”.

The funniest one is when dumbasses ask me to say their name in Korean. Your name does not change because it’s your fucking name. You’re still Becky and you still my homie.

The more aggressive racism is when I used to get prank calls in middle school by peers. They’d call me constantly—sometimes disrupting dinner or sleep. And when I’d answer it was always some kid going “Herro? I’d like to order the Chinese food. Where is my fucking order, you chink?” I honestly would go along with it if I was bored enough because as soon as they realized I wasn’t all bothered or outwardly raged, they get frustrated and bored. Also in middle school, I once had a random high school kid scream at me that Asians need to go to Hell because they can’t drive and will kill people on the road. I grew up in California, too, and went to school with plenty of Asian kids so that seemed peculiar.

All the while I’m growing up in an environment where both sides of my culture were saying I was a misfit almost? Korean is my first language but I’ve lost a lot of it. I still have a slight accent and my friend used to make fun of the fact I can’t pronounce “th” and instead say it as a “d”. I’m pretty self-conscious of that when I have to read stuff out loud in front of people which only makes me sound weirder. So now my parents and grandparents really resent me for not being able to communicate with them and not embracing the culture they grew up with, while I get reminded frequently by strangers that I’m a natural outsider—I am more Asian than I am American even though I feel like I’m full American trash through and through.

Now I work in entertainment. A lot of people have told me I should move to Korea and pursue projects there because I’d get more work. I highly doubt it since I’m extremely uneducated in that culture. It’s also a little bit harder because it’s comedy. You don’t see Asian comedians on SNL, hosting late night, being interviewed because they’re the star of anything. Literally a handful of names being the exception. And if they are in the spotlight, they’re almost always expected to address right away their Asian background as part of their comedy or content.

I’ve been in meetings and writers rooms where I’m either the only girl or the only non-white or both. And I get talked over constantly. I’ve had multiple moments where I throw in a joke, nobody hears me except the person next to me, and they repeat it back louder to laughs. Then I have to be annoying and petty going “Hey! I said that first!” I’ll address a room and people are on their phones not thinking I’m speaking to them. I don’t know if this more so has to with the fact that I’m a young female or what.

And with all of this in mind, I just kind of go “meh. whatever” and keep living. One time I told these stories to my ex-boyfriend and a close friend who were baffled. They couldn’t relate and were so outraged on my behalf. That was the weirdest part maybe to see how unaware others are to the experience of those in different circumstances.

I wonder how Becky is…also I have never met a Becky in my life. The name simply makes me laugh. In a positive way, not in a mean way. This late night stream of consciousness is also way longer than I thought it would be. I’m on my iPad so I can’t put that “read more” thing, so reward for reading this whole thing if you did: bubble butts. 🍑

Meryl and Maks Daily Recap August 18th, 2014

Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a great day.  I almost didn’t want to stop to type this because we’re all waiting with breathless anticipation for Ice bucket challenge videos from Meryl and Maks.  It is speculation central right now.  Can’t wait to see who’s right!


Maks was photographed with a fan this morning in the airport in Seattle.  We all assumed he was catching a flight to Hawaii.  I still think that is the case and he is in Hawaii.  There is a video of the BWAT cast swimming in HI and I think I spy him in the water.  We shall see.

We got a few more BWAT details that have come in from the last few days in Seattle.  airitw posted a few more details from the meet and greet she attended where Maks signed the photo of himself and Meryl right after their win.  Handily enough, you have only to shift your eyes to the left to see said photo, as it is my favorite, and therefore, my avitar.  He said it was a great photo, “he went from joking and goofing off to being very genuine with me.”  "He was so sweet in his interaction with me".  Her mom even said that he had a “wow” look and looked surprised and touched and that he had a huge smile on his face when he looked at the picture.  He also couldn’t stop hugging her, so take note all going to BWAT in HI.  Bring a great photo of Maks and Meryl (preferably two so you can give him one) and you’ll get lots of hugs from Maks!

We got two great new videos.  One of Maks telling the story of how Meryl ran to him and hugged him after her time with Val and how she had two broken toes and was scratched and bruised.  It’s adorable and you must go see it.  The next video was from right after that story when someone asks if he is dating Meryl.  He starts to answer, then Val interrupts him, goes on for a moment, then answers “no”.  To which Maks reacts by doubling over with laughter!  He tries to answer yet again and Val makes them move on to the next question.  Obvious much? ;)

Lastly, we got a report from someone through Becky who asked Maks if during rehearsals of all those “near-kisses” if they had ever “slipped up” and actually kissed.  There is a photo of Maks’ stunned reaction.  Totally priceless and totally busted!  He never recovers enough to answer before Val steps in yet again and claims the almost kisses were added in to “fill choreography” (yeah, right)!

I will forgive Val for all of his “maksblocking” this week as he dropped us a little breadcrumb this evening.  He filmed his (pitifully weak) ice-bucket challenge and said he had been nominated by Garret, MERYL, and Danica.  Well, Meryl hasn’t even uploaded her video yet, so I guess someone’s been talking to Meryl or has already seen her video (even though we haven’t)!!  I love how Val slips when he’s been drinking!  Keep those solo cups coming and hand the man his phone!


Meryl and Danica were officially challenged by Amy Purdy and Candace Camerom-Bure to do the ice bucket challenge in their video today.  She tweeted that she accepted and later tweeted that it was in the works.  We are all still waiting…..

Also meryldavisisperfection did a wonderful job of starting a twitter campaign to get Meryl on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine.  Please participate by tweeting or re-tweeting to Women’s Health Magazine with the hashtag #merylonthecover, or sending asks to their tumblr page.  Meryl has been favoriting everyones tweets on the subject, so she’s behind us, let’s make it happen!

In other SM news, Meryl and Maks were on SM at the same time today, following their pattern of when one is far away from the other.  Interestingly, an anon asked today what Cheryl Davis thinks of Maks IG posts.  I learned something new, Cherly Davis was only following 7 people on IG, Jaqui, Meryl’s cousin, 3 other people (unknowns), Meryl, and Maks.  Very interesting!  some are of the opinion that it must not really be Meryl’s mom who runs the account because Meryl doesn’t follow it. I disagree and I will summarize why:

  1. This account only follows others and comments or likes photos.  Cheryl doesn’t post any photos so there is no need for Meryl to follow the page.
  2. Charlie doesn’t follow his own mom’s IG page, it’s not uncommon for young people not to follow their parents.
  3. The person who runs this account comments on Meryl’s cousin’s photos.  If it were not the real Cheryl, wouldn’t the cousin block this person?

To add a little more interest tonight.  Cherly liked a BWAT video of Maks.  I think it was one of the ones with the audience on stage where he’s shaking his booty.  So, I guess we got an answer to that anon’s question!

Last, there was a tweet from a girl in CA who says her mom will be meeting with Meryl tomorrow.  So, I guess Meryl must be in CA.  Her mom is the President of Hybrid/Edit Advertising  Studio based in Santa Monica.  Should be interesting to see what is next for Meryl :)

For all those who are curious, here are some of the advertised upcoming events for Meryl and Maks.  I did not write down who compiled the list, sorry, I will credit you in the next recap.

Meryl Davis:

August 23. Sun Valley

Sept 26 Special Olympics Opening (Ann Arbor)

Nov 2 Charity Skating Event(San Jose)

Nov 27 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Dec 13 Progressive Skating and Gymnastics(Jamestown NY)

Dec 16 Shall We Dance(Bloomington, Ill)

Dec 20 Pandora Unforgettable Moments(Las Vegas)



August 19th and 20th in Honolulu

September 27 Alfalit Event(Miami)

Tentative September “Byrd and the Bees” filming Scotland

Dec 16 Shall We Dance(Bloomington,Ill)

** I would like to remind everyone that BWAT is going to Clinton, Michigan to the McComb Center for Performing Arts on February 8th, 2015 at 3:00pm.  the cast has not been announced, but it is about 30 minutes from Meryl’s hometown ;)

Youtube Follow Train

So I got this idea from ffs-becky yes you can bathe in the credit, and she did a Phan follow train but I felt like everyone should be included. So basically the rules are simple 1. You must post about the youtube community 2. Follow the people who reblog this 3. Make friends 4. And have fun!!!