got these pictures from their instagrams btw



thank you chandler Riggs I finally got noticed by a cookie dough company 

this picture is on chandler riggs’ twitter btw that’s where’s I got it from 

DNA donor or the Terrible Incubator. RANT 2/2

Turns out she is still stalking even though she is blocked on everythin. She got a pic from hubbys account so she made a fake account so now his is privated and deleted ppl. (INSTAGRAM BTW)

so she stole a picture and posted it saying some bullshit about how serenity looks lile her with hastags

A hashtag saying i love you and i miss you and 8 years old


My sister in law and i left commwnts for her to delete the picture and my sil ripped her a New one too.

End result was her blocking but also deleting the picture finally thank god.

We do not play when it comes to her.
She doesnt even deserve a picture. She knows nothing about her and got her age wrong

Serenity doesnt even know her or her existence

Hella pissed

Hopefully she fucks off for good this time

My Brother Taylor Caniff- Matt Espinosa Imagine

My brother is the Taylor Caniff. My boyfriend is Matt Espinosa. I have to hide that I’m dating Matt from Taylor becuase he gets really over protected. I’ll have to say, it hasn’t been that easy to hide that I had feelings for Matt.

“Taylor, I’m going to Y/F/N’s house.” I yelled at Taylor. I’m actually going to Matt’s.

“Ok! While your going there, can you pick up my pennyboard at Dillon’s place.” He said while putting his bandanna on.

“Fine.” I groaned. I walked out and went into Taylor’s Range Rover. “TAYLOR I’M GOING TO USE YOUR RANGE ROVER!” I screamed since the door of the house was open and Taylor nodded. I drove out and I parked infront of Dillon’s and saw him on his phone at the porch steps. “Wheres Tay’s pennyboard?” I asked him try to be patient. Only Taylor’s friends and the Magcon boys knew I was dating Matt. I’m surprised none of them has said anything to him. 

“I think its by the pool in the backyard.” He answered. “Why are you so jumpy?” He asked me. 

“I need to go because I can’t be late for Matt and I’s date again.” I said quickly. He nodded and I headed to the backyard. I grabbed the board and quickly ran once I saw the time on my phone. “BYE DILLON!” I scream as I started to drive. Wow, I’m just like my brother, Taylor, just driving fast on the streets, not giving a fuck about the speed limit. I finally reach the mall and I ran into Matt. He spun my around and he kissed my lips.

“Hey there shawty.” He said fixing my snap back to match the way he put it. 

“What’s up Espinosa.” I say kissing his cheek. We began to walk and we went into Tilly’s. Then I see Taylor. “Oh shit.” I say under my breath.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me with worry. 

“Taylors here.” I say worrying, he’ll catch me. He just pecks my lips and hear a familiar voice approach us.

“Y/N? Matt? What are you both doing here?” He said very getting furious.

“Were…Dating.” I said as I looked down.

“Y/N, didn’t I tell you that you couldn’t date becuase you are still 16. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me either. Y/N time to head home. Or I’ll tell dad.” He says grabbing my hand.

~~Car ride~~

The car ride home was silent. I just looked out the window the whole time, not saying a word to Taylor. He kept talking, but I didn’t reply at all. We were home and I just headed into my room and just stared at the ceiling.

~~Weeks later~~

Taylor and I eventually started talking again, but still was pissed off since I couldn’t see Matt anymore. But today was brother and sister day. It was me, Taylor, and Tristen. We were going to Nashville today and we were going to the Lake house and go boat skiing. I was so excited. Taylor said he had a surprise for me so I was very hyped.

~~Car ride to Nashville~~

The car ride was fun because we were blasting buck wild in the car and listening to other songs that Tristen was allowed to hear. So far Taylor is trying not to swear in front of Tristen. I suddenly got a facebook DM from Matt. Good thing Taylors distracted. 

(Btw I made this^^ lol)

I really missed him. We got out of the car and I see a familiar blondish haired boy sitting on the dock. I see Taylor just unpacking his stuff and Tristen over there just riding his little hummer car. I giggled and sent the picture of Tristen driving his hummer at the Lake House. Dad posted it on Instagram and I posted it on Twitter. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see Matt.

“MATT!” I screamed causing Taylor to turn around. Oh shit.

“Y/N-Matt!” He said going up to Matt.

“Hey Man!” He said.

“Well now that you’ve took time. I approve my sister being my brother’s girlfriend. Matt your a like a brother to me. Don’t make me regret this. So treat my little sister right.” He says smiling. “By the way when its that time of month. Make sure to be extra good to her. She can get sassy as fuck."He says chuckling. I rolled my eyes and covered up Tristen’s ears so he wouldn’t hear him.

"Ha Ha. So funny.” I say sarcastically. “Tay, you know you just. Oh forget it.." 

~~Water Skiing~~

I was on a boat with Matt and once we finished we sat on the boardwalk and sat there lookig at the sunset.

"I love you baby.” Matt says.

“I love you too, but I love you more.” I say kissing his lips. After we kissed we ended up passing out on the boardwalk, but the good thing is that we were in each others arms.


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