got these from dave's facebook page


When I got my ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’ tattoo, I was so thrilled with it that I posted a picture of it onto Neil Gaimen’s Facebook page. He, to my surprise and utmost pleasure, reposted it. The replies started coming in, first, with a very cool exchange of Gaimen inspired tattoos. Then, other replies showed that some people were confused because I didn’t post it with a reference photo to show it was illustrated by the talented Dave McKean and that came from the deluxe edition of the book. However, I ended up having to walk away from the post because of some of the negativity and cruelty (This was my first taste of internet fame and I never want to go back).

But, one of the responses ended up being a wake up call. It accused me of being a hipster because it was a tattoo that people had ask me about to understand. Firstly, that person mustn’t have a tattoo because you ALWAYS get asked about ‘meaning’ of your tattoos by all sorts of people. Secondly, I honestly couldn’t believe that someone would actually assume that I spent a hell of a lot of money and hours of discomfort, so people would just ask me about my tattoo? Thinking about it (after the smart had worn off) it made me laugh and prove that the only reason I got this tattoo… was just for me.

So, all you need to know is that this is a homage to a book that touched me deeply.