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  • Me, accidentally finding LGBTQ+ books: yess my gaydar's getting so good now
  • Also me: *crushes on straight girls year after year*


The fruits of my labour today. Took me four and a bit hours to make this figure for an upcoming paper. Names and specimen numbers have been redacted to stop cheeky blighters nicking our research, obvs. Scale bars indicate 1 mm.


its todaayy im getting old now! here comes even more adulthood!

Hope everyone has a good day!! happy birthday to anyone else sharing a bday with me too~!

The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 36) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Hospital Clearance”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: The way I explained this to @maddie110201 was “if you have gone through a situation kind of like it, you will get the chapter and relate to it and be like yea, i know this feel. but if you haven’t, it’s like, this was the worst most pointless chapter she’s written yet, she needs to be stopped.” so take that how you will.

First Song: I’m not giving you a link. If you don’t know Whitney, we can’t be friends. #legend #rip

Second Song: Flood Pt. 2

y/f/i = your first initial, y/f/n = your full name, y/n/n = your nickname

Summary: Stiles gets his stitches out and goes to surprise Y/n, hoping to finally be able to have sex again, but when he gets to the Argent’s, Y/n has a meltdown and Stiles spends the rest of the night trying to find ways to distract her.

Chapter Thirty-Five - Chapter Thirty-Six - Chapter Thirty-Seven

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Stiles: Hey Al, are you home?

Allison: “Yeah, what’s up?

Stiles: “is Y/n home?

Allison: “She’s in her room playing guitar, why?

Stiles: “the front desk guy let me come up, can you let me in? I wanna surprise her.

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anonymous asked:

hey a suga scenario where you are the sweet innocent girl and he's the school bad boy, and one day you are like on the roof of the school chilling and suga comes up and he thinks you're really pretty and then he takes you to the janitors closet where you give him a bj

Sure love~^^

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You sit at the top of the roof of your current school building sighing as you look out over the city. You can see a few stores from up there a few pedestrians walking the street so you poke your tongue out at them thinking they got it easy.

Today was a hard day for you. It started this morning when you woke up late and cranky. To make matters worse you couldn’t find your school uniform so you had to rush into a nearby store and buy a whole new one. Only problem was the skirt was way to short stopping a few inches below your ass. And your shirt was to tight making your breast pop out.

That would have been fine if you were just a regular girl. But your not. Your a sweet geek. Top student of your class. Everyone comes to you asking for the homework which you always give to them after you sigh in frustration because they threaten you. A few guys tugged on your skirt saying if you didn’t give up the homework they’d flip it.

But then you had a few good moments today. Being teachers pet has its perks. Like getting to leave class early. And since you are known for being really sweet and respective your school outfit was free. And your lateness was over looked by your teachers.

You play in the strands of your hair humming a song trying to calm down from a previous argument with another smart girl. But you wouldn’t be able to dwell on that to long. You hear the door swing open to the roof but you didn’t turn around. You continue to look out over the horizons.

Suga see’s you. He watches you from afar licking his lips at the sight of you. The way your legs are curved and outlined in that tight short skirt. Those heels that hug your feet making them look very attractive. The way your shirt clings to your body as if any breath would make the buttons pop off. The way your hair is flowing down your back in the soft breeze. He takes note of the side of your face. Cute little jaw structure kissable nose. And then his eyes lands on your lips. Those plump pink lips that he always pays attention to every time you walk by him.

He sucks in breath thinking what those lips could do to him. He’s had a rough day today getting into three fights almost getting kicked out. Someone ran over his homework that he dropped getting him detention today and he has to work at the same time. He groans as he feels his dick jump in his pants. He palms himself thinking he has to get you before you slip away.

“Come here often?” Suga asks approaching you. You jump looking up at him seeing a smirk on his face and you blush softly taking in his outfit. A untucked white shirt with the red tie hanging loosely around his neck. Baggy pants that sag off his waist with a chain and nice white Jordan’s on his feet. You look back up to his eyes looking off as you feel your cheeks tint.

“N-not really.” You say softly hating how easy you melt whenever he is close. It’s no secret you’ve found him attractive. But your polar opposites and his reputation with girls aren’t really all that good. Hanging with him would send the wrong impressions but he has never given you the time nor day.

“Oh so you just needed to enjoy a breeze?” He questions sitting down beside you, so close that you can feel his body heat pressing up against your arm making you shiver.

“Something like that. Rough day.” You say with a pout and Suga just wants to pounce on you but he knows it would be weird. He has to hold his composure.

“Yeah same here. What happened to you?” He asks staring at you with interest and you shake your head.

“It’s a long boring story.” You say with a sigh and he laughs taking out a cigarette lighting it up.

“I’ve got time baby.” He says sending you a wink.

“I’m Suga, you are?” He asks already knowing your name but why not play it out .

“It’s —.” And with that you begin your story.

You recall everything that happened to you that morning to Suga. You don’t know why you confide in him but you barely had friends and the one’s you did have were in class being good prestigious students like you should be doing. When you get done you sigh ruffling your hair and he softly knocks shoulders with you.

“That’s a fairy tale compared to my day.” He says.

“Oh really? Indulge me then.” You say cocking an eyebrow at him and he licks his lips.

He tells you the story of what happened to him and the whole time your eyes drift from his eyes to his lips to his hair. You don’t know what’s happening to you but you know you want him. If you could just lean in.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Suga says with a smirk placed on his sinful lips.

“I..” You trail off not sure what to say as you stare at him.

Suddenly the space seems much to crowded and your to hot too fast. And before you know it Suga is leaning in pressing his lips to yours in a rough kiss. He wraps one arm around your waist as your lips mold with his, kisses being placed on both lips over and over. You feel a moan wanting to bubble up from how soft his lips are. The biter taste of the cigarette lingers on your tongue when he presses his tongue against yours but you could care less as he pulls you closer.

“Not here.” He rasps breaking the kiss much to your disliking. He smirks biting your bottom lip.

“I know a way you can help me relieve stress.” He says rubbing a hand up and down your left thigh.

“H-how?” You ask him your skin heating from his touch.

“Blow me.” He says and your eyes open wide.

Your cheeks heat up as you push him from you standing up. Suga looks at you with a confused face. He was sure he had you. So what went wrong? He stands up looking at you as you brace your hands on your hips.

“I’m sorry I’m not that kind of girl.” You say and he scoffs looking off.

“Oh so your not the kind of girl to get on your knees but you can kiss people you just met?” He asks you becoming frustrated. He knows a way to get you. Call your bluff.

“I-I. You started it.” You say trying to defend yourself.

“Yeah and you were more then willing to finish it. Look whatever I got to go my mistake for thinking you could help me.” He says walking off back to the school building. You debate on whether you should let him go or not. But you don’t have anything else to do. You might as well have fun for once. And it’s with him. It’s a win-win thing.

“Wait.” You say running after him before he can get in the building. Suga turns around to look at you and you look down as your fingers hold onto his wrist.

“I’ll do it.” You say looking up at him. Suga smirks before he nods his head intertwining your fingers as he pulls you into the building.

You guys end up going to some janitor’s closet and he shuts the door behind you both. He turns on a dim light thinking it’s just his luck when he finds a chair pressed against the wall. He picks it up pressing it in the center of the small closet looking at you.

“Come here often?” You tease him pulling a smile and a laugh from him.

“You do a good job and you’ll be cumming here often.” He says with a wink making your knee’s buckle.
Suga sighs seeing how tense you are. He knows you don’t do this often. One of the reasons he likes you more. He decides to give you motivation. He takes his hand and rubs himself through his pants a soft moan leaving his lips. He digs the heel of his hand down into his crotch bucking up as he stares at you a wicked smirk playing on his lips.

Before you know it your walking to him slowly your eyes eating his body up. Suga can just cum at the sight of you looking at him like that as you approach him slowly. The way you watch him unnerves him makes him nervous. He isn’t like that with people. He likes it.

You slide his legs open once you get in front of him and you get on your knees swatting his hand away as you reach yours up his pants. You trial them over his bulge making sure to press down on it when you pass it eliciting a moan from his lips. You unzip his belt slowly as you watch him watch you. Your hands undoing his button. You lean up on your knee’s dragging his zipper down with your teeth.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” He moans watching you. You smirk inwardly thinking all the porn paid off after all.

You pull his pants and boxers down together enough to free him. Suga’s dick pops out and he moans as the cold hair hits his length, his cock laying against his clothed stomach looking angry and red. Your mouth waters at how big he is and all you want to do is have him buried in your throat.

You grab his cock with your hands gripping him tightly as you fist his shaft up and down slowly watching him. Suga moans bucking his hips up wondering how the hell are you so good? But it’s always the smart shy ones that are the freakiest.

You see precum oozing from the tip so you swipe your thumb across it wetting his tip before you press your nail in his slit and he groans shivering. You hoover your mouth over his cock darting your tongue out to lick at his slit. Suga pushes his bottom lip between his teeth biting hard on it as you start to lick from the tip to base. You trace your tongue over his lengthy thick cock sucking on different veins before you decide to stop teasing.

You slide your mouth slowly onto Suga’s cock stopping just below the head. You suck harshly at it watching as Suga bites down harder on his bottom lip, his breathing starting to pick up as his hands start to grip the chair. You suck harder swiping your tongue back against his slit as you lower your mouth more taking all of him into your mouth.

You feel yourself choke a bit as he hits the back of your throat and even then some of him still hangs out your mouth. You flatten your tongue against his flesh looking up at him as you pull your head back only to push your mouth back down slowly.

Suga’s mouth falls open as he watches you peer at him from under your lashes, his cock buried between your pretty lips. The way they wrap around him mixed with how warm and wet your mouth is, is slowly driving him mad.

He grabs the back of your head tangling his fingers into the hair at the base of your neck pulling you off of him just to push you back down faster. Moans start to spill from his lips as he controls your head and you open your mouth wider relaxing your jaw so you can pleasure him.

Suga starts to buck his hips up into your mouth trying to push down your throat because damn the sounds you make when he chokes you is just to good for him to want to stop. You bring your hands up playing with his balls sack and that results in him throwing his head back your name flying from his lips.

You graze your nails across his skin pressing them into his ball sack and you feel a shiver from the man under you as he fucks your mouth. You watch him intently as his thrusts gets faster his cock sliding in and out of your mouth at a fast pace. His head is thrown back. Eyes squeezed shut tightly as his breath becomes ragged and all he can manage to do is give short quick pants.

You start to flick your tongue against him every time he pulls your head up only to shove you down farther on his dick. Suga pushes your head all the way down until your forced to take his cock deep down your throat your nose nuzzling the pubic hairs at the base of his dick. You feel tears starting to pool in your eyes as you swallow around him your throat dry and burning from how stuffed it is.

Suga looks down at you many moans leaving his dry throat as he takes you in. Your hair plastered against your face from sweat. Your sweet innocent eyes looking up at him with tears running down them. Spit is sliding down your chin spilling past your stretched lips. He feels himself tensing up at the sight not wanting this to be the last time.

He pulls your head back starting to thrust harder into your mouth and all he feels his end coming. You can tell he is close when he starts to throb in your mouth repeatedly his veins swelling up under your tongue. You bare your teeth letting it graze over his skin and that’s all it takes.

“—!” Suga cries your name out as he releases his load into your mouth. It shoots down your throat and you thank god he tastes sweet. You lick up what you can eagerly some spilling out of your mouth and down your chin.

 After Suga empties himself into your mouth he pulls out his cock that falls limp. He sees you trying to lick the cum up and he moans willing himself not to get back hard. He leans down tilting your chin licking his own cum off before he crashes his lips back against yours. Your tongues slide along each other as you kiss with bruising force. You stand up while you both are still kissing and you grab his member making him jump a bit. You tug at his pants so he stands up helping you pull his pants and boxers back up. He pats his member as he breaks the kiss looking down at you. Your face rosy from what just happened, your lips looking bruised and chapped and he hopes you continue to look this way so people know your taken. He hears the bell ring and he sighs.

“You better get to class. You’ve had your fun. I have detention today but I want to come by and maybe hangout after?” He says taking his phone out of his back pocket. You smirk nodding your head as you put your number in his phone. Your not letting this opportunity pass you bye.

“Bye Suga.” You coe kissing his lips but pulling back before he can prolong it. You walk out the closet shutting the door and make your way to class, your panties soaked. But you know he will fix it later.

Suga walks out of the closet a few minutes later still seeing your figure walk down the hall. He bites his lips before he turns the opposite direction heading to his own class. Yeah he’s defiantly chilling with you tonight.


The Llewellyn tarot is so beautiful! It caught my eye right away online, but I’ve had trouble feeling a connection with it. The cards were a bit sticky out of the packaging, making them tricky to shuffle and I’ve been ignoring them in favor of my other decks and I’ve felt a bit guilty about it. So today I’ve got them out to handle them some more, hopefully some shuffling gets the stickiness off them, but I also love handling decks as a way to connect with them and get us used to each other. 

What are some of your favorite ways to try to spark a connection with a deck?  

i made another oc i’m sorry HEK

she’s called Hanami Dango, based off of the japanese mochi by the same name because i’m an uncreative toot!

i really love the colours of the sweet, and i realized a few days ago that i could actually make an oc based off them, so I got around to drawing her out today c:

 i’ll do a full body when i’m not ill weh