got them out today


Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Hinata is really, really good at remembering birthdays.

He’s not so good at remembering much, honestly, but he knows all the birthdays of all the people that matter: his mum, Natsu, Izumi and Kouji, every character in his favourite tv show, Sugawara and Daichi, Nishinoya and Tanaka…it’s a very, impossibly long list.

So it’s…odd, embarrassing, really, that at no point on that very, impossibly long list, does it remind him that Kageyama’s birthday is on the twenty second of December, or that the twenty second of December is today.

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Chanyeol told the other members he will go to the bathroom and then go with them out to celebrate the awards they got today. 

But instead he came on Vapp and did the good night broadcast to thank us for the winnings they got, to assure us everything is fine and to promise us EXO will be even better next year and work even harder for EXO Ls.

How can you not be proud to stan such a kind and amazing person. I am literally crying right now

i started playing ffxv and igor is my favourite final fantasy

Tbh he was hanging around the house hoping to see a teary eyed Zero lingering around so he could act like he doesn’t notice him.. but Fenix kicked him out just in time.

not to be that person but……… why are fans always complaining about line distribution when the members made it clear that they dont care about this, and like they know something about composing songs. like cant you appreciate what they release without complaining ? yall asked for more jin and taehyung and you have it, why cant you just appreciate it

I got asked why I ship them today, and guys. I started out as just loving their bromance. Still do, but one fic writer, @omgbeersforqueers , who I’m now happy to call a friend, changed my mind. They’re really good for each other. It’s the same as the friends but with a different chemistry. ❤️
This show inspired a lot of what I do today

Feynras wearing the clan’s ceremonial body/face paint, heading to the annual Rite of Passage.

i really loved the way hayley directed it so that there was never an obvious main love interest. she showed us all the individual girls in an intimate and beautiful way, you could see that she admired every one of them. but in the end it wasn’t a story some shitty high school crush, it was about moving past negative people and learning to love yourself.

one of my favourite full band gifs, they all look so damn happy (larryquinnn look at the hashtags)