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Monsta X kink and where they fuck?

OH MY JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. Literally Monsta X has been RUINING my life and I just got into them like a month or so… (MORE MONSTA X REQUESTS FOR THIS THIRSTY MONBEBE PLEASE💘)

- its going to be hella intense
- hair pulling (especially when you’re giving a blowjob)
- hes not rough or soft
- name calling only sweet things like princess, babygirl etc.

Oh lord
- He would be super open to trying new things aka real kinky
- I see him as a switch though
- him whining tho
- he’s gonna be super straightforward when he wants sex

Minhyuk (sunshine)
-Boy is such a giver
-He’d be such a tease tho

Kihyun aka biggest bias wrecker
- ok lowkey i think kihyun would be like real rough but definitely can be slow and passionate
- overstimulation
- wants to get head like everywhere fam
- phone/skype sex would love hearing how he makes you feel and would be lowkey cocky about it and tease yoh

- Hair pulling oh my
- Sexting like boy wants pics
- he’d be sorta cocky (“no one can make you feel better than i can, right princess?”)

- K he wouldnt be rough or too soft just like normal but if he’s in the mood no stopping this boy
- light bondage
- sex with music playing (yo like the weeknd or frank ocean’s music in the background👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼)

-DOMMM totally rough
- dirty talk (um his deep voice like RIP)
- although he’s dom he definitely would think its hot when you would like be stubborn and really make him work for it

Where they would have sex:

Shownu: Seems more romantic so he’d like in the bedroom or like a hotel room

Wonho: Public sex in like a club

Minhyuk: Car sex (something sort of risky)

Kihyun: Kitchen sex oh my (he can cook for u after)

Hyungwon: He’d want to do it where he knows others can hear how good he’s making you feel aka the dorm

Jooheon: Bathroom sex would like that can be really romantic or like really rough

I.M: like every damn surface in the house



(Disclaimer: im writing this at like 3am on my phone so i apologize for spelling or grammar mistakes)

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Think maybe at some point in the future you could do dark! Silena?

there are whispers about her in night clubs 

speculation about whether or not she truly exists 

long black hair and piercing blue eyes that can bring even the most stoic man to his knees 

legend has it she can spot an abuser from a mile away

she can smell the way his cheap cologne curls around women too drunk to say no and pulls them into dark corners; see the hatred for women in his soul; can see the narcissism in his stance and cruel intentions in his smirk 

they never see her coming until it’s too late

her final words to them are her true legacy 

they echo through hallways and alleys, haunting them like a ghost 

her full red lips curled into a wicked smile as she hovers near their ear and sings 

“All’s far in love and war” 


All these sims 2 pictures chillin’ on my dash got me feelin some type of way!!  (Good way that is….) 

So. I dusted off my old flickr for some sweet nostalgia time.  Damn, how far I’ve came-how far the simming community came. The wonderful friends I made, and all the DOZENS of tutorials I slaved myself to years back.  Back then NO pose packs were known to man.  Simmers had to manually Frankenstein parts of the sims body to make one whole pic. Sucked big time and an edit could turn into weeks.  I subconciously gave up my entire social life with RL friends and silently replaced them with online friends. lol

NO such thing as ‘popular blogs’ or tumblr famous back then.  We all just chilled, swapped editing tips and laughed.   Because then, it wasn’t about popularity, but about the sims.  That’s it.


So now, after I feel a gajillion years old, I will silently lurk back into the shadows from whence I came. 

More edits on FLICKR if anyone cares to see. 

/self promotion end 


Chapter 10


“Babylove, don’t you think you should relax?”

She and August kissed three days ago and she was still stressing over it. Personally, I didn’t see the problem. It was obvious that something was bound to happen between those two sooner or later. It was only a matter of time. The chemistry between those two was ridiculous. 

“Isis, how am I supposed to relax after what I did?” She said. “This isn’t something I can just relax about!” She sighed loudly and buried her face in her pillows. 

Honestly, I would of sworn she had committed murder with the way she was acting. There was no doubt in my mind anymore. August was special. He had to be. Any man that could make Mariya Owens lose her cool like this was special. I knew I liked Summer Rains for a reason. He made my babylove happy, whether she knew would admit it or not.

“Everything happens for a reason, Mar Mar. I’m actually surprised it took this long. Summer strikes me as a fast one.” I teased.

“It shouldn’t have happened at all!” She mumbled into her pillow. “But it did.” I sighed. She was making this so difficult. I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t admit it. “Adriana’s going to kill me.” Oh, yeah. Her absentee girlfriend.

“Aren’t you ignoring her too?” I questioned, eyeing her vibrating phone. I wonder who the message was from this time? August and Adriana had been blowing up her line since I made it here. “She broke her promise to me, but I guess I’m wrong too now.” Lifting her head from the pillow, she turned to look at me. “I’m wrong, aren’t I?”

“You’re human.” I said. “We all make mistakes, though if you ask me, I wouldn’t consider what you did a mistake. It might have been more of a wake up call." 

"A wake up call?” She questioned. Mariya stared at me a moment before suddenly shaking her head. “Isis, no. It wasn’t that serious.” The fact she was denying it so vehemently made it obvious it was true. “It was just a kiss. Nothing more.” She stressed, bringing her knees to her chest. “There was nothing behind it.”

I sighed. Still being stubborn. “So, answer me this, Mariya.”


“Do you have feelings for August or is he just a substitute for Adriana?”


“Nigga, you lookin’ like yo dog died or some shit.”

Munchkin had my dawg acting depressed as fuck. I’ve never seen Aug act like this over a female before. Looking all sad and shit, like a lil lost puppy. “She can’t ignore you forever, man. Chill.” August just shook his head and sighed.

“I fucked up, bruh.” He responded. “I shouldn’ have kissed ha.”

“But you finally got past just talking with her. I don’t see the problem.” All the times this nigga said he was gonna fuck her and here he was emotional over a lil ass kiss. Nigga sprung and don’t even know it. “And she kissed you back. Munchkin knew what she was doing.”

August ran his hand down his face and exhaled. I sighed and grabbed my phone. A small smile appeared on my face when I saw the name on my screen. Me and Isis kept in touch after the party that night. Lil mama was cool as fuck. She was a nice change from the usual females I kept around. 

From her last few messages, I knew Munchkin was acting the same way Aug was. I just didn’t see what was so hard about admitting this shit. It was obvious to everyone around them. They were both too fuckin’ stubborn to admit it.

“Aug, I got a question.”

“What, bruh?” He grumbled.

Emotional ass. “Do you like Munchkin or do you just wanna fuck?”


As weird as it sounds, the strip club was the last place I wanted to be. Half naked bitches throwing themselves at me wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. Yaya had my ass stressing. Babygirl didn’t even want to talk to me and that shit was killing me. I’ve never been the type of nigga to stress over a female, but Mariya had me feelin’ some type of way.

“Right this way, sir." 

I followed after the lil attendant to a room in a back. Sean and Trey decided I needed a private dance to make me feel better. I hated them niggas sometimes. Always thought something could be solved by pussy.

I know a nigga aint have the right to, but I needed to pray to God tonight. I prayed that Jamie was not working tonight. I’d been ignoring her ass in favor of  Mariya for the past two weeks and she was salty. Bitch been blowing up my phone with bullshit, even more in the past few days.

Jamie was a good fuck, but she got too attached. Thinking she my wifey and shit. I don’t know where the fuck she got that idea. "Here you are, sir.” The attendant opened door and let me into the room. “Your dancer will be here shortly. Enjoy.” She flashed me a smile before closing the door. I frowned and took a seat on the small sofa.

I pulled out my phone while I waited for my private dancer. Opening my Instagram app, I was met with a few notifications. Ten new followers, some dms from thirsty hoes, and recent likes. I sucked my teeth at the name on my last three likes. Mariyaluv. She could like a youngin’ pics, but couldn’t return my calls. Women.

The door opened a few minutes later and I was met with the back of my dancer. She didn’t even speak, just walked right over to the iHome sitting on the table. If I was that paid for her ass, I woulda said some slick shit, but I wasn’t. Her movements were sluggish, like she didn’t want to be here. That made two us.

“Alright, lets get this over with.” She announced, turning around. I looked up from my phone and at her. Out of all the strippers I could of got, they chose her. Adriana. Ain’t this some shit? Well, it was a hell of a lot better than getting stuck with Jamie. “Ya sound like ya don’t wanna do this, ma.”

“I don’t.” She admitted. “I’m not really in the mood for any of this shit tonight.”

I left my eyes wander over her frame for a moment. She was bad as fuck. Perky breasts with a small waist and wide hips. “I’m not either ta be honest with ya.” I shook my head and went back to scrolling. “Sit down and take a break. Ya look like ya need it.”

She mumbled a quick “thanks” and sat on the chair across from me. A comfortable silence fell in the room for a while. I felt shawty’s eyes on me, but I ignored it. “Do I know you?” She questioned. “You look familiar, but I can’t place your face.”

“I can’t say ya do.” I mumbled. With the way Yaya spoke about Adriana, I doubted she told her about me. Then again, she was ignoring me. Maybe she finally decided to come clean about our “project time”.

“I do.” She declared. “You’re Jamie’s newest fling. The one she won’t shut up about.” I sighed and fixed my eyes on her. Jamie annoying ass again. I don’t know what threw me off more, the fact Jamie was tellin’ people about me or the fact she knew Mariya’s girlfriend. “Why you been ignoring her? Got her ass all emotional.”

“Iono know why.” I sucked my teeth. “She actin’ like we datin’ or sumn. I got my eye on someone else anyway.”

“Don’t you think you should tell her that?”

“She should know by the way I’m ignorin’ ha.”

Adriana rolled her eyes. “Men.”

“Ya got a problem, ma?" 

"No, I just don’t understand why someone would even waste their time on you.” She retorted. Ya girlfriend. I was so tempted to say that shit aloud, but I held it in. She was feisty, even more so than Yaya. “So, who’s this girl you like and why can’t you get her?”

“Who said I couldn’t I get ha?”

“If you had her you wouldn’t be sitting here across from me now, would you?” She smirked and I frowned. Shawty ain’t know how close to home she was hitting. “I guess ya right on that one, ma.” I admitted while stretching. “So, why you sittin’ here with me anyway? Ya ain’t got a man to be at home with?" 

"My relationship isn’t any of your business.” She stated with a growl. Sounds like her and Mariya weren’t on good terms. “Ya asked about mine so I can ask about yours.” I replied. 

She glared at me, but I was unfazed. “Glare all ya want. Ya might as well tell me seein’ as how ya ain’t gonna dance.”

We stayed like that for a second. Just staring at each other. I wasn’t backing down and neither was she. “….Fine. What the hell.” She grumbled to herself. “It’s my girlfriend.” She paused to glance at me. I nodded for her to continue. If it wasn’t for the fact I already knew Mariya, I probably would have been surprised. “What’s wrong with ha?”

“There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s… me. To make a long story short, she doesn’t like my job nor the hours I work. We don’t spend as much time as we should together. I promised I’d spend more time with her, but that didn’t work out.” She sighed. “So, now she’s ignoring me.”

I honestly wasn’t expecting all that. I was happy as fuck tho. At least I wasn’t the only one gettin’ ignored by her. “So, is ya job more important than ya girl?”

“No, why would you ev-”

I cut her off. “But where ya at right na? And where ya girl at?” She opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out. “Exactly. That’s probably what ya girlfriend thinks. If ya don’t stop puttin’ ya job before ya girl, she gon’ find someone else.

"Mari-” She paused. “She wouldn’t do that to me!” She shouted. It seemed I struck a nerve. “She’s not that type of person.”

“She may not be, but if ya push her away enough she might fall for someone else.” I said. “Lookin’ at ya, I can tell ya girlfriend gotta be just as bad. She probably got niggas and bitches lined up waitin’ to be with ha.” As if I didn’t know. “Look, if ya keep doin’ what ya doin, ol’ girl and gon’ stay aroun’ too much longer.”

It stayed quiet for a while after that. I expected her to go off on me, but she didn’t. “I hate to admit, but you’re right.” She conceded. “I need to get my shit together.”

“Glad you understand.”

She smiled at me for the first time that night. “Thank you. I’d never thought I’d be sitting here getting advice from a client.”

“I didn’t think I’d be givin’ it.” I shrugged. “Ya welcome, ma.” I pressed the home button on my iPhone. Our time was up. I stood up and headed toward the door. “It was nice talkin to ya, ma." 

"It was nice talking to you too.” She smiled. “Thanks again.”

“No problem.” I gave her a small smile before walking out the door.

I know I was foul for the shit I just pulled, but I didn’t really give a fuck. It didn’t really matter if Adriana kept fucking up or not. I wanted Mariya and I was gonna get her.