got them awards

Everyone at the bbmas
  • *bangtan performing*
  • Person1: yo who's that?
  • Person2: I think it's that korean group but I don't think they're any good
  • Bangtan: spits fire
  • Person2: I take it back rOGERD I NEED AN ARMY BOMB

[►] I’m sick as crud right now and want to do nothing more than to just go back to sleep, but I got out of bed and forced myself to make these gifs because HIGHT DIFFERENCE FEELS! Ian stands up on his tiptoes to say something to Anthony over the loud music which is ADORABLE, but what really put it over the top is when Anthony realised Ian’s struggle and BENT DOWN TO HIS HEIGHT! IT’S SOOOO FREAKING CUTE and the fact that you can only see their silhouettes makes it EVEN BETTER! Their height difference is so amazingly beautiful and gives me so much life! <3

Fangirling done. I’m going back to bed now. :P

Namjoon: *holding his glass up for a toast* to winning the best icon and artist awards
Rest of BTS (except one): *all raise their glasses* to winning the best icon and artist awards
Taehyung: *raises his glass* to Cypher 4 because I really love Cypher 4

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

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Currently Playing:

  • Gaster from Undertale
  • some OCs.

Have Played/ Might Bring Back:

  • the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who
  • Sam Winchester from Supernatural
  • Tony Stark
  • L from Death Note
  • Data from Stark Trek

Want to Play:

  • Papyrus or Sans, to be honest, including AU versions.
  • more OCs
  • the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton´s Alice in Wonderland
  • Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El

anonymous asked:

I honest to god hope the twins are okay. I think people forget how young they are sometimes; they've admitted in the past that they had moments where they were unsure about pursuing their current career. I hope they don't get sucked back into that mentality :( As everyone has been saying, the numbers don't lie; our votes were there and this has all been so disappointing.

I know my dear Anon.

More than anything, I believe all the fans including you and me are more worried and concerned about the Twins rather than the politics and twisted lies revealed at the TCA’s today. 

I don’t believe they’ll second guess their career choice cause the numbers don’t lie. We as a fandom got them the awards but we can’t fight what happens backstage and the drama the producers like to create for PR ratings and ‘good entertainment.’

I just want my babies to be happy and not doubt themselves for not having done enough or not having put in enough hard work cause that is simply not true.

Despite the crappy treatment that BTS got at the 2015 MAMA Awards, I want to instead express just how proud I am of the group. First of all, their comeback stage was AMAZING, not just from an ARMY standpoint but also from a musical point of view. The dance wasn’t their most exhausting one but it required a ton of skill. One wrong or inaccurate move and the whole routine would’ve become an awkward mess. And yet, they executed the performance perfectly (at least to the audience) along with crisp vocals. Speaking of vocals, both Bangtan’s vocalists and rappers have improved so much over these two years! Secondly, they won a huge award! People always save the most important awards for the ending portion, and Bangtan just won “World Performance Award.” As Korean artists from a relatively small company, it wasn’t easy for them to influence the majority of the people around the world that they do today. It was their hard work, genuine love for fans, and talent that got them such an honorable award. Lastly, even with the awards that they didn’t win, they were the only small group to be put together in categories with huge veteran artists such as Big Bang, Shinee, Exo, and so on. Just them being nominated alongside these “sunbaes” makes me so happy for them. So, despite some of the negativity surrounding the show, let’s all take a moment to truly appreciate and praise our boys for coming so far in such a short amount of time. I love this fandom- FIGHTING!❤️

honestly tho,,, got7 gave up of so much for this dream and now they are finally getting appreciated by the world – to the point of winning an international and important award like this. i mean, only god knows how much they worked and work every day for making us proud, so i’m truly the happiest for knowing we got to give them this award,, i hope it not only helps them to be even more acknowledged as a group but also makes them realize how worthy and talented they are, so they can stop looking down at themselves and feeling like they don’t deserve our love :( because wow, they deserve everything and i’m sure they are fated to another great things in this industry,,, i love my babies

Vic Fuentes singing with Yellowcard at the AMPAs


Chaeyoung as Yoon Myeongju, Dahyun as Seo Daeyoung, Tzuyu as Kang Moyeon, Jungyeon as Yoo Sijin

i literally cant stop thinking about this parody!!! THIS IS GONNA BE LIT !

Trajectory of the dagger

5x01 starts with hook feeling mighty entitled to the dagger…
Summoning Emma, nobody questions… his “authority” over the dagger…
Later that day, Snow is the beholder, her mom, she tries to control emma…
Even tho we know how regina feels about emma, she probably felt it wasnt even her place to hold or claim it. (which i think is beautiful) she just kind of stumbles across the background
Then emma accepts it from snow only to say to regina “It was you all along. You were meant to carry it. You are the beholder” 

This reflects why the emma centric episode’s dynamic focused on 
Hook, Regina and Snow reaction’s since only they held the dagger. 
 MORAL OF THE STORY: she chooses regina in the end
she will always choose regina in the end.

You just know how badly VIXX failed you remember that they never win anything, and Bangtan Boys came out and got an award before them. That’s the biggest fail I’ve ever seen in Kpop. That’s like worse than U-Kiss level failure, because even U-Kiss has awards, and they have an overseas following to make up for their lack of wins and weak Korean fanbase. VIXX just has no wins, and no popularity in Korean or overseas. VIXX is the definition of the words flop, and failure.