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I Always Get The Truth (Star-Lord Smut)

As requested by anon: Your starlord reader inserts are sheer amazing beautiful genius. Do you think maybe sometime you could do one where the reader is taken captive by the guardians for some reason and Peter’s in charge of “interrogating” her? (But in a smutty way)

Warning: NSFW

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Hello people, finally finish the faces of the Freedom Fighters and with their sentences. I hope you like it.
-When to the hair of Sally and Sonar.H cost me a little but it looks good and weird at the same time.
-And I will also include Shard in my AU, the idea of finding his face was a bit difficult but I got it, and the body is still in process. In this I was inspired by @drawloverlala and @thekkmclinic. And one more thing his visor is not clinging to him, so he will have his eyes.
Well enjoy and tomorrow I will put opacity, because it is late and I go to bed.


And a GIF: