got the hots

Nikolaj calling out narrative and character inconsistencies (and captaining the SS Braime), Isaac exposing that a relevant Bran scene was cut for the sake of “shock value” but just left everyone confused, Sophie dragging Littlefinger apologists on Twitter, and Emilia and Kit physically gagging at the atrocious storyline they were written into, I love this cast.


Jessica Henwick photographed by Stas Komarovski for Interview Magazine (Feb. 2017)

Nearly all of the rebel fighter [Jessika Pava’s] scenes were filmed on a pivoting platform while Henwick communicated via walkie-talkie. “Most people couldn’t take more than ten minutes, and I was like, ‘Keep going!’“ she recalls. “Most of my lines were improvised; I just made them up.”

I’ve heard that Slytherin find good friends in Hufflepuffs