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atlantis: the lost empire
sentence starters.

  • it’s just a myth, isn’t it? 
  • that is where you’d be wrong. 
  • impossible, you say?
  • i’ll take your questions now. 
  • don’t let it happen again! 
  • well, this is it. i am finally getting out of the dungeon. 
  • they can’t do this to me! 
  • i swear, he gets crazier every year. 
  • if i ever hear that word again, i’ll step in front of a bus!
  • i have new evidence that– 
  • we depend on you. 
  • you have a lot of potential. don’t throw it all away chasing fairytales. 
  • i can prove it exists! 
  • how did you get in here? 
  • i came down the chimney. ho, ho, ho. 
  • i’m acting on behalf of my employer who has a most intriguing proposition for you. 
  • are we clear? 
  • relax. he doesn’t bite… often. 
  • join me in a little yoga? 
  • he was crazy as a fruit bat, he was. 
  • he knew how much i liked my privacy.
  • i keep a low profile. 
  • he said if anything were to happen to him, i should give it to you when you were ready. 
  • i wasn’t born yesterday, son. 
  • yeah, looks like gibberish to me. 
  • it’s not gibberish to me.
  • i will make them believe. 
  • this is exactly what i wanted to hear. 
  • i am a man who keeps his word. 
  • i’m going to the afterlife with a clear conscience. 
  • if i could bring back just one shred of proof… that’d be enough for me.
  • don’t like to leave loose ends. 
  • i’m your man – you will not regret this! 
  • boy i am so excited, i can’t even hold it in! 
  • what in the cockadoodle is cilantro? 
  • i got your four basic food groups – beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard! 
  • alright, cowboy. pack it up and move it out. 
  • if you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there. 
  • you dropped your dynamite. 
  • what else have you, uh, got in there? 
  • when you settle a bet, you settle a bet. 
  • he always believed you couldn’t put a price on the pursuit of knowledge. 
  • this should be enriching for all of us.
  • you ask too many questions. 
  • do not be such a crybaby. 
  • now tell me your story, my little friend.
  • what have i told you about playing nice with the other kids?
  • i used to take lunch money from guys like this.
  • hard to believe he’s still single.
  • do you want to do my job? be my guest.
  • we’re getting killed out here!
  • we have a crisis on our hands. 
  • we’ve been up this particular creek before… and we’ve always come through, paddle or no paddle. 
  • from here on in, everyone pulls double duty.
  • looks like all our chances for survival rest with you. 
  • we’re all gonna die. 
  • put out that cigarette.
  • you didn’t just drink that, did you?
  • don’t move. don’t breathe. don’t do anything, except pray maybe.
  • you’re so skinny, if you turned sideways and stuck out your tongue, you’d look like a zipper. 
  • we’ve been pretty tough on the kid. what do you say we cut him some slack? 
  • don’t you ever close that book?
  • relax. we don’t get paid overtime.
  • sometimes i get a little carried away.
  • i guess i’m still a little rusty at this.
  • and now i’m telling you, you don’t wanna know.
  • i’m gonna kill him.
  • go back to bed.
  • alright, who’s not dead?
  • now don’t everybody jump up at once.
  • you really came through.they can smell fear just by looking at you.
  • about time someone hit him.
  • we come in peace.
  • someone’s having a good time. 
  • he’s like a kid at christmas.
  • this changes everything. 
  • this changes nothing.
  • your journey has been in vain.
  • a thousand years ago, you would have slain them on sight.
  • we were once a great people. now we live in ruins.
  • the kings of our past would weep if they could see how far we have fallen.
  • our way of life is dying.
  • someone needs to talk to her. someone with good people skills.
  • i have some questions for you and you are not leaving this city until they are answered.
  • you are a scholar, are you not? judging from your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else.
  • you got another question for me?
  • that’s what i do, that’s my job.
  • such knowledge has been lost to us.
  • how was my accent?
  • that’s an easy thing to miss.
  • i just wish he could be standing here with me.
  • we are not thriving. true, our people live, but our culture is dying.
  • we are like a stone the ocean beats against. with each passing year, a little more of us is worn away.
  • i have brought you to this place to ask you for your help.
  • you do swim, do you not?
  • why don’t you lead the way because i have no idea where we’re going.
  • what’s… what’s with all the guns? 
  • i am such an idiot. 
  • this is just another treasure hunt for you.
  • i would’ve told you sooner but it was strictly on a need-to-know-basis… and, well. now you know.
  • i had to be sure you were one of us. 
  • i’m no mercenary. 
  • mercenary? i prefer the term “adventure capitalist”.
  • you don’t know what you’re tampering with.
  • you take that away, and they’ll die.
  • if you gave back every stolen artefact from a museum, you’d be left with an empty building. 
  • we’re just providing a necessary service to the archeological community.
  • i’ve got to admit, i’m disappointed.
  • for once, do the smart thing. 
  • i really hate it when negotiations go sour.
  • tell them to drop their weapons now!
  • you’re not applying yourself.
  • i’d suggest you put a bandage of that bleeding heart of yours.
  • you don’t have the slightest idea what this power of capable of.
  • why don’t you translate and i’ll wave the gun around.
  • no don’t! don’t touch her!
  • but that’s what it’s all about, right? money.
  • you’ve read darwin. it’s called natural selection. we’re just helping it along.
  • we’re all going to die. 
  • this is wrong and you know it.
  • we’re this close to our biggest payday ever and you pick now of all times to grow a conscience?!
  • we’ve done a lot of things we’re not proud of, but nobody got hurt.
  • i followed you in, and i’ll follow you out.
  • well, i think we’ve seen how effective my decisions have been.
  • it’s been my experience that when you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.
  • i didn’t say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing to do.
  • we better make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.
  • bring jerky and ammo.
  • i love it when i win.
  • don’t get shot.
  • you told me he only had guns!
  • less talk, more saw.
  • looks like somebody’s working overtime.
  • i really wish i had a better idea than this.
  • you said we were in this together!
  • well, i have to hand it to you. you’re a bigger pain in the neck than i would have ever though possible. 
  • it takes a lot to get under my skin, but congratulations. you just won the solid gold kewpie doll.
  • if we don’t get out of here, we’ll die.
  • i only wish there was more we could do for you.
  • i don’t think the world needs another hero. 
  • i hear there’s an opening down here for an expert in gibberish.
  • you take good care of yourself.
  • let me get this straight… you didn’t find anything?
  • i’m going to miss that boy.
  • i hope this piece of proof is enough for you.
Barbie Ferreira Gif Pack

Under the cut are 315 245x160 or 160x160 gifs of Barbie Ferreira. All were made by me and are under 3mb. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Food tw. Flashing lights tw. Partial nudity cw. Animals cw. Do not edit these gifs, put them in gif hunts or make icons (gif or static) from them.

Gif icon versions of all of these gifs can be found here or here.

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And Suddenly Ballpoint Pens Were Her New Favorite Thing

Laura’s incredible Instagram story today. I recommend watching them to see Ben Platt’s full dance thing and Mike Faist being hilarious ahahahahahaha

An Unexpected Surprise - Liam Dunbar - Part 4

Requested by several readers

Word Count: 2,177

Warnings: Teen Pregnancy

Author’s Note: Not proof read. Ignore any grammar errors and enjoy!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 5 - Part 6

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Things changed over the past four months. Scott got his pack back, Theo was in hell, The Dread Doctors chaos was done with, and Scott had saved Hayden’s life by giving her the bite. Things were looking up… Well, almost.

Liam and Y/N became closer, but the closer then got, the more distant he became with Hayden. Liam hadn’t told his girlfriend he got his best friend pregnant, and he was lucky Hayden was still learning how to use her new werewolf senses, as she hadn’t been able to pick up the baby’s heartbeat. He was dreading to tell her, because, truthfully, he didn’t know how to explain it to her since his relationship with Y/N had changed too.

Y/N wanted Liam to tell Hayden. She was tired of holding on to a secret, especially one that would most certainly hurt Hayden. She had no problem with Hayden. In fact, she liked her and how she treated Liam. She knew Hayden loved Liam, but she had a feeling that might change the longer Liam kept their secret from her. It was only a matter of time before she found out, especially since Y/N was starting to show.

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Peters little nerd

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: Can you do a peter parker imagine where you wear glasses and peter teases you and its cute and fluff

A/n i know you wanted cute but this actually turned out angsty. The reader is kind of bitch towards the end. I’m sorry.

Originally posted by vintagejosh

 ‘Here goes nothing’ you thought to yourself before you knocked on Peters door. Over the weekend you had gotten glasses because your eyesight. You mentally kicked yourself for not taking what your mom said seriously because now you had to wear glasses. “It’s about time you showed-” peter stopped mid sentence when he noticed your glasses. “Aww don’t you look precious” Peter squeezed your cheeks together and made the top of your glasses touch your forehead.

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Cleanup in Aisle Five - Kylux, housewife!au

Another bit of housewife!AU. I’m still deciding if I want to post this on AO3 as-is or continue it, so I’ll leave it here in the meantime.

2100 words / light M / kylux modern AU

Hux always feels like a prey animal at the grocery store.

He pauses in picking through a colorful display of starfruit and papayas to do a casual scan of the produce section. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Richard Attenborough is narrating.

The male uses his superior height to evade detection by the females of the species while foraging.

Adding a couple of mangoes to the hand basket at his elbow, he snorts quietly to himself.

It wasn’t that he was antisocial. He generally liked being around people, especially when he could be in charge of group activities. But something seemed to happen to women his age who had moved to a rich suburb and produced the obligatory 2.5 children. It came with the territory, like one of those awful minivans with the televisions in them, or an affinity for kale smoothies. They would corner him with effusively friendly offers; invitations to play tennis, to join book club, to go shopping -  help me pick out a swim suit, you always have such good taste- or to come over for girls night.

We’re going to watch Magic Mike, Susan’s bringing the wine so we might get a little crazy, and I’m making these cute little fat free chocolate rice balls I saw on pinterest-

Meanwhile, Hux couldn’t escape the feeling that he was being hunted and bagged and mounted for display- the rare and elusive gay best friend to complete the appearance of the picture-perfect life for some aging California housewife.

That was better than the alternative, of course- that they were just being friendly because he was one of them. The thought makes him feel cold in a way that has nothing to do with the chilly air in the produce section.

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anonymous asked:

uhhh what about a set of headcanons for cyrus accepting himself as gay/bi/whatever u hc him as? and make it as angsty or happy as you want!

  • Cyrus had grown up in a rather accepting household
  • At least, mostly accepting
  • They were okay with gay people and such but always acted somewhat off put by them
  • One day while he was watching tv with his family two boys ended up kissing
  • Within the show it was a joke and his family all laughed but he didn’t see the humor in it
  • Once the show had ended and everyone was excused from family time Cyrus went up to his room and texted Andi and Buffy
  • (they totally have a group chat with a really dumb name)
  • He just kind of started talking about the show asked them what they thought about his reaction
  • Andi said she wasn’t sure but Buffy asked if maybe he identified with the characters who kissed
  • Cue sexuality crisis
  • Cyrus spent the rest of the night obsessively researching different orientations and stuff like that
  • He started to think about how he never wanted to date girls and how boys were intimidating but he was always intrigued by them
  • He spent that weekend holed up in his room trying to figure it out
  • It took him another month before being confident enough in is newly discovered sexuality to even think about coming out
  • He was terrified of what his parents would say
  • Gay people were always the ‘other’ in his family, never a part of it so he assumed it wouldn’t go to well
  • He came out to Buffy and Andi who, of course, accepted him completely
  • Then he started to think about his parents again
  • He did build up the courage after another few months
  • He was in the car with his mom and dad when he told them
  • There was silence 
  • Cyrus thought it must be worse this way then if they had shouted
  • After a few minutes of sheer terror is father spoke up
  • “I think you should stay at Andi’s house for a few days.” 
  • His mother nodded in agreement
  • They got home and packed him enough clothes for four days before sending him to the Mack’s 
  • Once they arrived Cyrus burst into tears 
  • He told Andi everything and they stayed in the shack for the whole night
  • Buffy snuck in at around nine and the girls comforted Cyrus
  • They told him that even if his parents don’t accept him (which they assured him they would) he would always have them to fall back on
  • He never wanted to leave the shack
I Can Count On You

Request/Summary: You and Bucky have been almost inseparable since he took you in when he was laying low in Bucharest. He waits until the eve of the day he is being frozen again in Wakanda to tell you about his decision.

Pairings: bucky x daughter!reader (kinda-ish eh close enough)

Words: 1868

Warnings: vague mentions of abuse, lil bit of swearing n stuff

Specific time/Important info: i forgot that Bucky only had one arm when i was writing this and i don’t think it actually matters but just a heads up incase anything i’ve mentioned has something to do with it, also civil war has already happened to Bucky but he hasn’t been frozen yet.

Bucky had taken you in over a year ago. Terrified, starved, beaten - you had found him after fleeing the environment that almost killed you and he had taken care of you like you were his own child since. You owed this man everything; he was (and still is) the best father figure you’ve had in your life. Both of you suffer from horrific nightmares and there isn’t a day that goes by without at least one of you being sleep deprived, but each of you had at least some form of knowledge and experience of what the other had felt - you two were the only people who had successfully comforted the other during every sleepless night. You knew everything about each other, he told you unsettling tales of what hydra had done to him and you explained the uncountable nights when your drunken parents had hurt you beyond belief and messed with your mind. Bucky trusted you with his life and vice versa.

Then the civil war occurred.

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So my friend and I found a website where you can order lots of different bugs, and we found a deal on a pack of four different millipedes, so we got them. 

Here’s her two,

Rowan: (Who’s a shy baby)

And Orianna: (So small but SO COLORFUL)

and my two, 

Parade: (she loved this HUGE GRAPE)

And Choo-Choo: (Or Chew-Chew)

We determined that the big guy (Choo-Choo) is a male and the other three are probably females. They’re small and everyone but Parade is a little shy, so it’s a bit hard to tell. Meanwhile CC is a CHUNKMASTER who likes to explore. He ends up getting a lot of attention.

They LOVE fruit and veggies. Their first encounter with sweet potato:

They didn’t even seem to notice when I put them back down, just kept eating.

Parade is a fearless little nyoom monster. I get her out of the box, and unless there’s a really good snack around or she feels ornery and starts chewing on me (which happens often), she is GO GO GO. She moves REALLY FAST for her size. 

Chew-Chew is a little more chill, and slightly shier. He usually balls up when I first pick him up, unless I’m VERY CAREFUL, but thirty seconds later he’s picking his head up like Nessie:

(this is from when he fell asleep on his food)

Just yesterday, he was climbing the walls so I got him out and let him explore my desk. I offered him a cookie crumble and he was ALL OVER it. 

and even made a lovely curl while eating (he holds small food in his first ten or so feet)

I tried to offer Parade some, but I scared her by accident so she went into NYOOM MODE and wasn’t interested in food. 

And one more cute picture: this was when he was exploring my hand, but I scared him by accident by breathing on him so just his head got a little shy…

…but then an inquisitive antenna emerged. 

I hope you enjoyed them! I love them to bits. They’re such fun little critters.

Oh my goodness. These fellas are amazing. Great names, great buggies! I didn’t realize how charming millipedes are- but look at the way he’s eating that cookie, how could you call that anything but charming?

Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 36

  The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

I’m losing the ability to tell at this point if it’s me or the manga or time slowly grinding to a halt, but I swear I’ve been reading this arc for the past six hundred years. This was probably my favourite season of the anime, and the fact that they’re in any way the same story is making my brain melt.


This whole arc is atrociously dull and refuses to move at any decent pace, like someone spilled a strawberry Fanta on it and now it’s all sticky and gummed up. AND YET THE MANGA STILL SOMEHOW MOVES TOO FAST. I think we need to send the damned thing to NASA, maybe they can unravel the secrets of space/time and we can develop warp technology or something.

Usagi and the Outers are still floating, which they can do sometimes For Reasons, and spying on Mistress Nine. NO WAIT IT’S HOTARU GASP SHOCK HORROR. Also the sky looks like– Okay, is anyone out there old like me and remembers those stickers way back when that were like SUPER PREMIUM BASSASS SHIT that had oil or something in them, and when you pressed them, they turned colours? The sky’s like that. By the way, describing those stickers brought me more pleasure than literally anything else in this arc. I WAS REALLY INTO STICKERS OKAY

Oh, and then Mugen collapses or something. Everyone’s dead, nobody cares. It’s nothing but rubble and ruins, except for this one fountain, floating out in the middle of nothing, as is of course typical fountain behaviour. Clustered around the fountain? The Inners! Unconscious, of course. OF COURSE. Usagi can’t get near them. She also can’t remember their names. No one is surprised.

“The sea remains uninvolved in this story and so retreats to create new fertile ground elsewhere,” Michiru doesn’t say, but should. Still, the sea’s up to some weird shit, and so’s the ground, and maybe it’s earthquakes or tidal waves, but it takes the government all of two seconds to declare martial law, which sounds about right. With everything about to go to shit (TOO LATE), the Outers stop floating and start doing, by which I mean they unite their powers to create a force field.

Two thoughts on this: First, that it’s unclear what the force field is meant to contain and/or repel, but I’m just going to assume they’re attempting to shield us from the story, and thank their brave if futile efforts. My second thought is that they sure do know a lot of what they can all combine their powers to do together considering Pluto was resurrected like ten minutes ago and they keep telling us they weren’t allowed to see or hear or talk to anyone in the Silver Millennium for reasons that I’m positive weren’t just arbitrary abuses of power and control.



“Man, my body SUCKS,” Mistress Nine complains, to which Hotaru says “Then fuck off, bitch, damn.” Somehow the fact that she’s 89% Pentium doesn’t seem to factor into anything, which shouldn’t disappoint me and yet still somehow does. Wanting more power to expel Hotaru completely, Mistress Nine goes to her local Circle K for a four-pack of Senshi. WHEN YOU’VE GOT PHARAOH 90-SIZED HUNGER GRAB THE ONLY SNACK THAT SATISFIES.


Maybe I can have one next. I’m so tired.

We learn through monologue that all of Hotaru’s actions are being dictated by a progressively less dormant Saturn, which I have to say fucking SUCKS for Hotaru. At least she was finally getting to do some shit, but nope, that gets yanked away from her and given to a Senshi who isn’t even fully awake yet. Nobody is getting served today, folks.


Anyway, the Inners wake up, and Usagi pretends to care, and then Hotaru dies I think. Maybe if they just turn her off and turn her back on again, she’ll be fine.

Somehow, for some reason, Mamoru senses this and wakes up with a gasp. I DUNNO PEOPLE DON’T FUCKING ASK ME. Oh no, wait, Hotaru’s not dead, she’s just delivering Chibs’ ginzuishou. Which it seemed she did last issue, but fuck it. Chibs wakes up, and she and Hotaru have a chat. THEN Hotaru dies. I KNEW THERE WAS DEATH IN THERE SOMEWHERE. I think she and Chibs get married first or something though.

Which normally I’d just be “ARE EITHER ONE OF YOU ACTUALLY IN YOUR TEEN YEARS YET”, but look, we all know there’s a horse around the corner, so fuck it, I’m clinging to this. HOTARU AND CHIBS, THE ONLY DESTINED MIRACLE ROMANCE I WILL ACCEPT

Chibs is sad that Hotaru died and stuff, but Mamoru doesn’t have time for that. “Can you fight?” he asks the grief-stricken ten-year old who just awakened from a deep coma brought on by intense physical trauma four minutes ago, and let’s all please take a moment to really think about that sentence. Chibs says that she’ll fight with all she has.

No snark here, complete sincerity, Chibi-Usa is the only character I hold any measurable degree of affection for, and I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but this is what the manga has done to me.

She says she’ll go fight, and Mamoru gets all maudlin




With Mamoru there, Usagi summons the Grail, and everyone pours their power into it like the two-legged batteries they are. And then CHIBS levels up just because Sailor Moon looks so awesome, I guess, SERIOUSLY FOLKS NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE ANY MORE THIS XP SYSTEM IS FUCKED AND WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK WITH THE DM. Chibs becoming Super Sailor Chibi-Moon triggers the twofer coupon Usagi’s had tucked in her bra, and a SECOND Grail appears! Because we need that I guess! Despite that Chibs has already just powered up! And still this arc isn’t over yet holy shit I’m dying inside!

isaac the slut

Originally posted by emmawathson

Summary: It wasn’t until about four months after Isaac had returned, when he and the beta were taking showers in the practically-empty locker room at the gym, that Scott realized something very, very important about Isaac that he’d miraculously ignored: Isaac was a huge slut. 

Pairings: Scott x Isaac, Kira x Isaac, Stiles x Isaac, Derek x Isaac, Boyd x Erica x Isaac, Mar (omg that’s me tho) x Isaac

Warnings: slut!isaac, sub!isaac, boyfriend!isaac, yoga pants!isaac 

A/N: My lovely friend Addison and I were talking about Isaac Lahey one night. Later, she decided to turn our thoughts into a fic–one that includes me in it. She is amazing and I am not worthy. (She even included my princess kink.)

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Okay, my witchy (or crafty) friends, I’m here to tell you how I made some cute little floral soaps to go in my new(ish) bathroom. They are incredibly simple and quite cheap. These pictures suck because I took them, instead of my very talented wife, but bear with me.

You’ll Need:
Assorted herbs (dried or fresh)
Bar soap of your choice (unscented is best, also look for the fewest ingredients)
Small glass dishes that won’t be used for food (I got a four pack for a dollar at Dollar Tree)
A grater that won’t be used for food
A microwave
A fridge

Here we goooooo!
1. So you wanna grate up the bar of soap, and then pack a medium layer into the bottom of the glass bowl.
2. Sprinkle some herbs in there. If they are dried, you don’t have to do much. If they are fresh, grind them a little with a mortar and pestle or just roll them around between your fingers to get the smells out. I also ground my hibiscus up with a tiny bit of pure lemon extract to get a lemony smell.
3. Add another layer of grated soap, pack that shit down.
4. Repeat until you have as many herbs as you want, but leave a little room for your soap to expand when you heat it.
5. When your happy with the amount you have, put your little bowl in the microwave. Set it for one minute and (THIS IS IMPORTANT) make sure you’re watching. Stop the microwave every time the soap starts to puff up. Pull it out, pack it down, repeat. When all the soap feels warm to the touch, scoop it out with your fingers and flip it over in the bowl. Pack it down good and tight. Start the microwave again, wait for it to puff up just once. Pull it out for good. Pack it down.
6. Stick the bowl in the fridge to cool.
7. When it’s completely cool (15ish minutes), you should be able to push it out of the bowl.
8. Set out to be used or store in a plastic baggie in a cool place. You can even keep it in the fridge if you want to be sure it won’t melt.
9. Clean up is easy, because you’re just cleaning up soap!

Combinations I used:
Lavender chamomile (for protection, healing, and luck, plus to calm nerves.)
Hibiscus and lemon (for purification and self-love, plus energizing smells.)
Peppermint (for healing, plus good for headaches.)

I got my glass bowls for a dollar, an 8 pack of Jergens bar soap for $4, and the herbs for a few cents each in bulk. Making this a project that costs under $10 to make 4 soaps, plus only takes a few minutes. Have fun with the herbs and smells you use! You can add intent to them, like I did, or just make them smell nice.

Anon asked 4 a pic of me n the babe… Here’s us in a dark car immediately after working seven hour kitchen shifts super hungover on ~four hours of sleep… We got home, immediately packed our entire house into a trailer, and took a ten-hour roadtrip… I am still without a shower or sleep since Friday evening but it feels really nostalgic to be back home. Cried a little a lot of times saying goodbye to good friends and when I got here I immediately wandered half a mile through patches of burrs in the rain… So I’m still picking burrs out of my tights.

Headcannons for the boys when Netflix started trending

I’m gonna rant real quick idk wtf happened but apparently this didn’t post last night so Here It Is Now

-I think we all know it took some persuasion from Pony to invest in an account but after a while he gave in and got the up to four screens at a time pack

-Was highkey pissed when all the boys started freeloading off of it

-He’s all comfy in bed at like 9:30 getting ready to watch OISNB and he gets the message on his tv telling him that too many people are watching at once
-He checks who’s using HIS account

-He picks up his old ass phone (idk but it’s pink and has the coiled wire the bell phones)


- He’s all causal eating popcorn “Listen, Darry. They just put Moana as an option and then I saw that they have Finding Dory too and I don’t have time to watch them separately so-”


-“PS Baby Dory is a-dor-a-ble. Totally deserved more screen time.”


-“Although…I do like Ellen Degeneres’ performance…I find it quite modern and realistic.”


-“Dar, chill it’s like, what? Twelve dollars a month”

-“eleven ninety-nine.”

- “Wait…why are you watching Orange is the New Black?”

-“you know what…forget it. ENJOY YOUR FREELOADING!” He slams the phone so quick. He doesn’t ask about the last show

-Darry hates Piper, thinks she’s a total bitch

-He watches all the trending shows or the unpopular documentaries there’s no in between

-He’s a HuGe fan of Stranger Things

-Watches Friday Night Lights thinking it’ll remind him of his high school days

-He threatens to cancel the subscription when the boys piss him off

-it’s such a powerful threat that it has never gotten to the point where he actually had to do it, they cut the shit immediately

-legitimately how he gets the boys to get their shit together

-He convinced Darry by telling him that it would cost less than going to the movies all the time and a lot safer

-He’s the one constantly reminding everyone that it’s illegal to use their account because they’re cheating the company

-They all look at other with serious faces then turn back to Pony and laugh their asses off because the law has never stopped them before

-It makes Johnny feel bad but he needs his daily fix of One Tree Hill so he got over it

-The one watching The Great British Baking Show because the American version isn’t there but he finds the accents soothing

-He gets frustrated because he’ll think he knows what they’re making but it’s just a word used America that turns out to be a different thing in the U.K. (Stuff like Biscuits)

-tbh doesn’t know what they’re talking about half the time…that or has never heard of what they’re making in his entire young life

-He has the masked icon as his “who’s watching” profile picture

-He somehow managed to convince Darry to get the four screen plan but it was never so that the other guys could use too it was just because he wanted the higher HD quality they didn’t offer in the other plans

-If he watches something he’s ashamed of, knowing everyone has access to his history, he’ll go delete it

-Its like the My Little Pony marathons never happened

-The one who gave the rest of the gang the username and password

-Worst mistake ever because now Dallas has Darry’s credit card information

-He doesn’t watch a lot of Netflix he mostly only went to movies to make Pony happy he only really enjoyed a few

-His attention span is just too short he can’t sit still to watch a movie for an hour or two

-Despite that, he can binge shows if he wants to

-If he’s sad he’ll watch Clueless and quotes the shit out of it

-Honestly Soda is the type to watch anything from a kids movie to a documentary on GMO foods like he only uses Netflix when he has nothing else to do

-To him it’s just one of those apps you don’t want to delete because you might need it but you never really use it

-His icon is the penguin

-He wishes they had a blue penguin

-but they don’t so he settles for the orange one

-he’s called the company multiple times to complain he’s waiting for them to call back

-Fought Pony the first couple of days


-“Listen, PoNyBoNeR. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY watches movies on Netflix it’s all about binging Baby Daddy, my friend.”


-He ignores that last comment and answers the question, “Yes. And I say movies suck.”

-“DUDE the reviews for Wonder Woman were crazy I wanted to see it.”

-“Yeah, like I want to spend my precious time watching a lil twerp watch a chick flick.”

-Truth is he already went to see it five times

-Actually watches every show out there but mostly comedies

-Rewatches Friends all the time

-He’s never actually watched a movie tho

-He’s like Soda he can’t sit still long enough

-He wouldn’t have a problem buying his own account if he had to but using The Curtis’ is much more fun

-He had the free trial for a month but he canceled his subscription when it was over like he does with every other free trial

-Only uses the account to watch porn in good quality

-That’s literally it I’m serious he doesn’t care for tv shows or movies it doesn’t have any other use to him

-Well he’s waiting for a good investment to come along and then he’s swiping that credit card info so

-He doesn’t use it for show watching purposes but he
does fuck around with profile names and changes the pictures to piss Soda off mostly

-He changes the penguin to the Panda and it is a problem because Soda likes penguins and Pandas just aren’t the same

-He watches the trendy shows and movies sometimes

-He takes Pony’s recommendations to heart because Pony loves this kinda thing so he figures Pony must know what he’s talking about

-He really likes Once Upon A Time

-And Raising Hope

-And literally any show that surrounds a group of friends because he relates to them for obvious reasons

-Okay but Gossip Girl is his shit

-The last profile has his name on it but the rest of boys share it

-Obsessed with Riverdale

-Pony didn’t fight with Johnny about using Netflix because he would tag along to movies before they got an account

-Always pushed Darry to sign up for Hulu instead because they update faster and it’s the same price for no commercials as the 4 screen plan

-Helps Dally mess up the names

-Shamelessly watches whatever he wants

-Toddlers and Tiaras? Sure.

-My Little Pony? Yep.

-Cupcakes Wars? Hell yeah!

-Just no OITNB because that shit gets too crazy for him (RIP Dylan)

-Watches New Girl like it’s his religion

- He watched Family Guy and American Dad in the actual order they came out except for the first few seasons bc the quality/art style sucked

- He’s the type of person who need need needs to have something to snack on while he’s watching a show

-like he’ll plan it out or just save his food until he watches his show

-Laughed at Pony for spending all his time watching movies but now he never leaves his house because he’s binging shows

-They had the same conversation as the one with Two except Steve watched Wonder Woman seven times and once was with Sodapop who made him swear not to tell Pony

-But he’s a bitch so he exposed him when Soda refused to admit that Rainbow Dash is better than Pinky Pie

-Pony flipped

-Then Two came forward and it was a huge mess

This is for @maxisprettygay and @matt-dillon-trash

IM STILL SO MAD LIKE WHY DIDNT IT POST?? But at least it’s going up now

Family Portrait Chapter Three: American Hustle Life

Part One   Part Two  Part Three     Part Four  Part Five Epilogue

Word Count: 3.5K

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) x Reader

Summary: You took a deep breath as you stared down at the pregnancy test with impatience. You bit your nails as time ticked down. Five minutes has passed and the results are in.


A week ago

Your friend suddenly spoke out loud, “I have a proposal, but it’s going to be a life-changing one.”

You stared up from your lap and at your friend with desperate eyes. You bit your lips nervously as she stared into your eyes.

“I got a new job offer.” You gave her a confused look, “In America.” You felt yourself deflate and your hands shake as you grip onto her shirt in a bone-crushing hug.

“Don’t leave me too.” You felt disgust as those words left your mouth. How could I say this to her? I should be happy for her.

“Come with me.” You felt yourself tense and you pulled yourself away from your friend.

“What?” Your friend bit her lip before repeating herself, “Come with me to America. You don’t have to suffer in this fucking apartment anymore filled with pain and loneliness.”

You felt yourself flinch as you understood what she was hinting at.
Whenever, Taehyung would leave for tour, practice, or anything BTS related. He had to leave you behind, all by yourself.

Nights spent with you in bed and reaching out for someone who’s not there. When you had a bad day at work, he was not there to rub your feet or give you kisses. He didn’t know if you were hurting or in pain because you either hid your sorrow from him or he wasn’t around. And when he did catch you crying, he would always beat himself up for it and instead of spending those rare times together smiling and laughing- it would be spent on him holding you tight and whispering empty promises into your ear.

You felt yourself tremble as you laid your head on your friend’s lap.

For three years, you endure loneliness, pain, and insecurities. You felt yourself frown. But you also spent your days filled with love and joy with him.

The day he finally debuted in BTS, he jumped up and down on the bed with you while holding your hands. The day you graduate from school- he bought you a strawberry cake only for him to eat all of the strawberries. You chuckled as you wiped away the pieces of strawberries from his mouth. He only gave you a box-shaped smile in return before yanking you in for a kiss. The day he finally came home after his first tour-  the most passionate nights were shared as the both of you held onto each other for dear life. You spent the whole night with him, catching up and making jokes. He was your best friend, lover, and he was the father of your child. You didn’t want to let him go.

Your friend stared at you in concerned as she felt your tears fall on her lap, she gripped your hand tightly making you finally stare back at her eyes. After a few minutes of silence, you finally made your decision.

“Okay.” You finally spoke. She runs her hand through your hair with a concerned smile, “Are you sure? Because once we leave… we’re not coming back.” You stared around the boring white walls and for once you didn’t feel happiness but instead you felt as though you were caged. This house made you feel trapped from all the happy memories you shared with him. You knew if you stayed there any longer, you would go crazy from all the nostalgia and the what ifs.

You needed to leave this place.

“I want to be free from this pain so please let’s go already. I’m tired of waiting to get hurt and I’m tired of pretending that I don’t care. Most of all, I’m tired of pretending to play house for someone who doesn’t even come home everyday.”

Your friend offered you a weak smile and got up, “We’re leaving in four days. Let me help you pack up.”


It took you and your best friend three days to pack.

The first day was spent on you crying and having minimal breakdowns as you forced yourself to leave behind his gifts. Your friend rubbed your back in comfort as you gently placed the stuffed toys and expensive jewelry inside a box. You really started to struggle when you saw pictures from your earliest dates with him. Your friend had to place them inside the box for you while you pack up your clothes.

The second day was slightly better- at least you didn’t cry the whole time. You packed all of your clothes and necessities. You searched around the apartment to see if there was anything else to pack. You went to the kitchen and saw your phone. You picked up your phone to see if it still worked, but the screen was beyond repair. You sighed as you threw your phone in the trash can. At least this would make my life easier.

The third day was spent on you and your friend talking about the living arrangements in America and getting a Visa. Luckily for you, you both were in good hands but you wouldn’t receive your Visa anytime soon.  

“Don’t worry about anything besides the baby.” Your friend gave you a reassuring smile.

“I need a job if I want to support this child.” Your friend rubbed your back, “Leave it to me.”


On the fourth day, the both of you woke up early to make sure you all had your luggage and to make it on time for the flight. When you reached the airport, you took a minute to admire the view of South Korea with a sad sigh.

“Maybe, One day I’ll return.” And with that, you got on the plane with your friend.

You absolutely hated planes and you felt yourself shake in fear as the airplane shakes. “Please tell me, we’re not going to crash or get lost.” Your friend held your hand and closed the window so you wouldn’t get motion sickness.

“That’s a one in a million chance. You have nothing to worry about.” You nodded as you stared around the airplane.

You felt your heart drop when you saw a father playing with his child. You felt envy as the woman stared lovingly at her family. The child giggled at her father as he made weird faces at her and the mother held onto her husband’s hand as they admire their happy child. You felt yourself sniffle and forced yourself to stare ahead. You closed your eyes and tried to force yourself to think about the future, but no matter how hard you tried your mind kept coming back to Taehyung.


A week later -Taehyung-

He woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. He sat up quickly and answered the phone, “Y/N?!”

“Nope, sorry. It’s Bang PD.” He felt himself deflate and he laid down on the cold bed.

“What?” He mumbled. Bang PD lets out a sigh, “Have you made your decision?”

Taehyung felt his eyes water. He rested his forearm on his head as he let out a shaky voice, “Yeah. I’m staying in BTS. She left and I don’t know where she went… I- I had no choice. S-she made the decision for me.”

“No, she didn’t.” Taehyung’s eyes widen as Namjoon’s voice spoke up. “You did. You pushed her away and told her it wasn’t your kid.  It’s takes two people to make that child and it takes two people to take that responsibility! So don’t place the blame on her when you had already made your decision. You didn’t own up and because of that she had to do what’s best for her and the kid. What were you expecting, Taehyung? That she would stay here and wait for you with chances of you not coming back or rejecting her. She had to do something, she can’t always be waiting for you.”

Taehyung sat up and growled into the phone, “What is it to you anyways? Why are you defending her? Are you the father?! Besides, I didn’t even tell her my final answer!” Namjoon let out a bitter chuckle.

“No, but I can’t fucking stand it when a man can’t own up to his mistakes. And besides, you couldn’t even make your own decision so of course she had to do what’s best for her kid. You can’t be indecisive in situations like this.” Taehyung’s eyes darken, “Don’t you fucking call my kid a mistake.”

“Since when have they become your kid? You rejected them, remember?” Taehyung’s eyes widen and he felt his chest ache, “ What do I do? I don’t want to let her go but I want to stay in BTS.”

Namjoon sighed, “It’s too late already kid. She left you behind and you basically abandoned her already. Besides you can’t have two things at the same time, Taehyung. That baby needs a father 24/7 not once a month if he’s lucky. So I’m going to ask again and this time I want you to be fucking truthful to yourself and think hard about it. You can’t be going back and forth with this delicate situation…One wrong move and you’ll destroy something. You pick the child and back out- you break the child’s and Y/N’s heart. You pick BTS and back out- your dreams and hard work will be destroyed. Be wise and stick to a decision.”

Taehyung lets out a choking sob as he laid down on the bed. He imagined a happy life with you and the child, but an empty feeling inside his chest as he realized that he would no longer be able to enjoy his youth with his six brothers. He imagined life in BTS without you- it would hurt him everyday to know that you were missing from his life and that the child he left behind will grow up without knowing their father. A child who felt like they were worthless because their father didn’t love them enough to stay. Taehyung punched a wall at the thought, but how can he build a future with you and that child if he couldn’t even find you.

Taehyung threw the lamp across the room as he let out a shout of anguish.

A week later….

You felt yourself stiffen as you stared back at your reflection. Your white blouse and black skirt were ironed and neat, but you couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“You can do it, Y/N.” Your friend squeezes your shoulder, you sighed as you stared back at her.

“What if I don’t get the job?” Your friend offers you a bright smile.

“Then, we can find another job. It’s not the end of the world.” You smiled at her before grabbing your purse. You stared at your watch. You had an hour until the interview.

You gave your friend a hug before you left. You rode the city bus to the office firm. You stared at your belly with a hopeful smile. I’m going to get this job for you, my love.

Your stomach hasn’t buldged yet, and in the next few months you will be forced to be on maternity leave. But, before that happens I need to earn and save money to buy my child the things they need. You stared determinely at the building in front of you. Today, you were going to get the job.
“So tell me why should you get the job?”

So I can eat and give my child a decent life. Duh.

You gave the man a confident smile, “I am a hard-working, and organized person. I am confident in my abilites and I believe I can represent this company in a responsible and professional way unlike the others you had interviewed.”

The grey-haired man stared at you with wary eyes but nodded in approval. He got up and you stood up from your chair to shake his hands.

“I will call you sometime this week.” You nodded and left his office. You felt yourself breathe again.

You checked your new phone for the news as you sat inside the bus. A news article grabbed your attention, BTS Kim Taehyung gets fever and misses another concert. Girlfriend, Sun-Hi, assures fans he will get back on stage soon.

You felt your heart ache as you read girlfriend. You turned your phone off and let out a scoff, “That should’ve been me.” You bitterly let out.


Another week passed and you got news that you got the job. Your best friend gives you a tight hug, “Let’s celebrate tonight. Food is on me!” As soon as the she said free food, you ran to your room to get ready for a feast.

“Damn.” Your friend mutters as she stares at her wallet sadly. You let out a content burp as your rubbed your belly with content.

“Me and the baby were hungry.” You let out an embarrassed giggle. Your friend smiles at you and rubs her hands on your belly, “Does that mean I’m the new sugar daddy?” Your eyes widen before you and your friend burst out in laughter.

Strangers walking past you two stared at you oddly. You hit her shoulder softly as she clutched onto her stomach.

She smiles at you as the laughter died down, “This has been the first time you laughed and smiled so much since leaving Korea.” You let out a sad smile.

“Well, good company is better than being lonely.” Your friend chuckles, “Obviously.”

“No, but really… I felt like if I stayed in that apartment any longer all my dark thoughts would consume me. I felt like I was suffocating so I was really glad when you chose me out of all people to take to America.” You said with a sad smile.

“Well, you are my best friend and besides, I didn’t want to be alone in America.” She let out a nervous giggle. You placed your hand over your chest with a fake hurt look on your face.

“And here, I thought you only invited me because you loved me more than your other friends.” Your best friend rolls her eyes at you before smacking your shoulder, “Idiot, I do love you more than my other friends.”

You smiled at your best friend as the both of you walk back to the apartment in contentment. Thoughts of Taehyung and the apartment you left behind in Korea were left behind as you walk towards the future. You smiled at your stomach. Your father may not love us, but I promise you I will give you all the love you need. And I will make sure, you get the best childhood ever.


Taehyung paced back and forward in the empty apartment. Sun-Hi rolls her eyes as her boyfriend keeps cursing under his breath. He reeked of alcohol and he had bags underneath his eyes. His usual neat, brown hair was shaggy and disheveled. The hairstylists tried to cut his hair but he refused to let them touch him.

He went to practice, but lost his passion halfway through practice. He would leave during breaks, irking the members and manager. They understood he was going through a hard time, but he still needed to get the job done.

His once shiny eyes were now as dull as a rusty blade, making anyone shudder in fear when he glared at them for mentioning your name.

“You need to let her go.” Sun-Hi suddenly spoke up. Taehyung quits pacing and whirled around, “What did you just say?” Sun-Hi sighed and got up, she stared Taehyung hard in the eyes, “I said let her go if you want to survive in this fucking industry.” Taehyung glared at her as she only lets out a sad smile.

“I understand what you’re going through. I had to give up my first love once and when I finally had the courage to choose them… it was too late. Another woman had claimed my love but I learned that once you make a decision- no matter how big or small it is… you can’t go back. Taehyung, you made your decision and you need to keep your word.” Taehyung stared back at her with tired eyes. He sat down on the bed and placed his hands over his face.

Sun-Hi grabbed her things and left without a word. Taehyung stared up at the ceiling as his phone started to ring with texts and calls from his hyungs. He turned his phone off as he felt himself shed some tears.

“I’ll find you one day, Y/N.” He muttered.


Eight months later..

Breathe in and breathe out… HOLY SHIT, Y/N! RELAX! OW, YOU’RE HURTING MY HAND! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!” Your friend howls in pain as you gripped her hand tightly. You let out labored pants as you felt the contractions within your body.

Your head whirled around so fast, silencing your friend in fear. Holy shit, it’s almost like a scene out of The Excorist. You friend thought as she paled at your harsh glare.

“WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PAIN? I HAVE A MELON SHAPED HUMAN COMING OUT OF MY SMALL HOLE!” Your friend’s eyes widen as you scream out in pain.

After several hours, you finally gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever. Your eyes brighten and you felt your eyes glisten with tears. Your friend quickly takes pictures as she weeped in joy. The nurse then directed her to the doctor to take a look at her sprained hand.

“What is the child’s name?” A nurse asks sweetly. You felt yourself smile as you placed a soft and chaste kiss on your baby’s forhead, “Taekwon L/N.” You signed the birth certificate and held the baby in your arms.

“Honey, we need the father’s name.” The nurse tells you gently.

“He has no father. He only has me.” The nurse nods and left the room.

“I’m his father and mother for now on.” You mumbled sadly to the baby.


It’s been months since you had left Korea and Taehyung searched for you. He hired private investigators, but they couldn’t find you in Korea. Meaning you had left the country altogether.

As a last resort, he checked your facebook, twitter, and instagram but you had deleted your accounts or been inactive. But today, by some small chance he found your best friend’s facebook. Maybe I can find Y/N if I click her profile?

He clicked on F/N’s profile and felt his heart drop.

His eyes widen as he’s met with a smiling young woman holding a baby boy in her arms. He clicked on the picture and zoomed in. He felt his finger caress the screen as it ran down on your face. His vision got blurry and he didn’t realize he was crying until the tear drops fell on his screen.

Welcome to the world, Baby Taekwon L/N! Born on Feburary 19, 2016 at 2:34pm, weighing in 9.5 pounds! He is a healthy, beautiful baby. Proud to be his new auntie T3T Also Congrats to the new mommy, Y/N. I know you will be the best mother in the world and I have never been so proud of you. I love you guys so much!! <3

Taehyung let outs a deep sob as he read the caption underneath the picture. I can’t believe she remembered. Taehyung fell on his knees catching the attention of the other members. They run towards Taehyung as he stared bankly at the screen with tears dripping down his face.


“Hey, Y/N. When I retire… let’s have a lot of kids!” Taehyung’s grip on your waist tighten as he digs his face lovingly into the crook of your neck.

“How much is a lot?” You laughed out. Taehyung placed a chaste kiss on your neck.

“Hundred.” You turned your face quickly to stare back at Taehyung’s with wide eyes, “You’re kidding right?” Taehyung nods.

“If it were possible I would want to have hundred kids with you.” You let out a soft smile before switching onto your side to peer into his handsome tan face.

“How about two?” You whisper as you placed a kiss on his pink, soft lips.

“I like that idea.” He smiled as you held onto him tightly.

“I want to have a boy and a girl. And I want my first son to be named Taekwon and my daughter, Taeguk.” You placed one final kiss on his lips before drifting off to sleep.

“You got it.” You whispered out quietly before finally closing your eyes.

That was a year ago, and he had thought you already forgot, but you didn’t.

Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s phone and gasps in shock as he stared at the baby. Everyone in the group saw the picture with mixed emotions of excitment, longing, and heartbreak. They’re all uncles of the newborn, but they knew now that they will never get to meet their little nephew.

Jungkook sat down next to Taehyung and hugged him as they both wept. “I really wish I could see him.” Taehyung sobbed out. Jungkook’s grip tighten around his hyung as the members sat down next to the new father. They each held onto Taehyung as he wept freely.

It was a happy and sad day for BTS and for you.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any long sterek married fics

For sure! We’ve got these fics for you! 

And I might have decided that werewolf married counts as married. jsyk. Also, fiancés count. Angsty and I checked. Also, Mail-Order Brides (Husbands?) totally count.

Somnus Interruptus by KaliopeShipsIt

19,448  I  Family Feels, post-Mpreg
Teen and Up  I  part of the Alliteration-Verse series
Derek and Stiles’ almost four months old twins make a pact with the Colic-Demon and sleep has never sounded like a better idea in the Hale-Stilinski house.


20,121  I  Actor!Stiles
Explicit  I   part of the Supernormal series
At any given moment, Stiles’s life is ninety-three percent more likely to become a horror movie cliche than the average twenty-eight year old actor.
A sequel to Just Act Normal, requested by Chaosdragon as part of the Wolf Pack Charity Project.

The Greatest Outcome. by tearsandholdme

25,119  I  MPreg
Mature  I  part of the The Beginning and The End. series
Six years ago they met in a chance encounter that would change both of their lives for the better. Now they’re happily married, two children, and two on the way, and now have to deal with the reality of their lives. For better or for worse they’re in it together no matter what the cost.

A Sour Wolf’s Guide to Life, The Universe, and Dirty Diapers by Renmackree

25,338  I  5/5  I  Magical Stiles
Mature  I  part of the World-Line Series series
Derek Hale finally got his shit together. Finally got Stiles, got the house, got the kids.
But that’s just the first of many, many stories.

we knew the hands of the devil by grimm

27,929  I  Kidnapping
Derek will never forget the sound Stiles makes when the alphas take him.
It’s small, so soft a human never would have caught it, but to Derek it’s as loud as cannon fire; a quick, panicked intake of air that’s not a shout, not a scream. It’s desperate and frightened and almost Derek’s name and it hurts him to the core. Derek roars as Kali lifts Stiles off the bed, the boy struggling against her hold like an oversized doll come to life. Derek fights against the twins, red mist boiling in his vision, fury and terror pumping through his veins.
“Say goodbye, Derek,” Kali says softly, triumphantly. “You’ll never see him again.”

airplanes by thepsychicclam

31,384  I  Family Feels
Stiles gets offered a research opportunity that requires him to travel for weeks at a time. To say that they’re not dealing with it very well may be a huge understatement. But Derek’s trying to be a supportive husband while keeping his two kids from driving him insane.

Practically 7th heaven by ChaelzChaelz

31,488  I  13/?  I  Domestic Fluff
Teen and Up
It’s like one day Stiles and Derek blinked and all of a sudden were married with children. Now they’ve got the pack and work and four kids (what?) ranging from a toddler to teenagers (WHAT?!?) to deal with. And you know what? They couldn’t be happier.

Uncertain Guardian by Trenchcoat Hunter (Reedt)

34,408  I  13/?  I  AU-Werewolves are known
Teen and Up  I  part of the One Who Stands Against series
The sizzle of meat almost covered up the whisper as Aiden asked, “Dad, do you really think it’s them?”
Stiles stopped his ministrations for a moment before turning to his teenaged son. “What do your noses say?”
Ethan looked up from the cutting board. “It smells like them.”
Liam wiped his forearm across his forehead. “At least how they smelled from years ago.”
Stiles turned back to the stove, but his sons could see how his shoulders were tense. “I think it’s them. I can’t ever forget. I still have nightmares about them.”
His sons could hear the rise in Stiles’ heartbeat as Ethan set the knife down. “What are we going to do? Derek’s invited them to stay. He can’t really just turn them away now.”
Stiles turned and sighed, bracing himself against the counter. “We’ll serve them dinner and hope they decide I’m not worth killing.”

These Four Walls by pandabomb

38,890  I  4/4  I  PTSD, Mail-Order Human
“Is your place a mess? Do you wish you had someone to take care of you and cater to your needs? Then reach us online at Your human companion awaits!”
In a world controlled by werewolves, lone alpha Derek Hale buys a mail-order human.
(3 chapters + side-chapter)

Together We Build by KouriArashi

40,737  I  9/?  I  AU-Werewolves are known
Mature  I  part of The Searching Ceremonies series
Everything has settled down after the last Searching Ceremony. Stiles decides to tackle a cold case that his father gives him - a 10 year old murder caused by a rejected werewolf bite. Meanwhile, Derek is trying to solve an even bigger mystery - what’s going on between Uncle Peter and Sheriff Stilinski, and how much does he have to worry about it?

wolfies by thepsychicclam

42,196  I  Domestic
Derek and Stiles try to deal with their rambunctious 3 year old werecub and 16 month old who may not be a werewolf. As if parenting wasn’t hard enough, Derek won’t stop angsting because Evie isn’t showing any signs of shifting. If Stiles makes it to the end of the year without a breakdown, it’ll be a miracle.

Happy anniversary baby by devilscut

61,551  I  9/9  I  Genderswap, Temporary Girl!Stiles
Stiles and Derek have been together for a long time now. Seven years in total, the last four of them happily married. Everything should be perfect.. successful careers, pack and family, a home together but Stiles wants more. Has started talking about kids and adoption.. and Derek’s scared. Scared because his inner wolf is insisting that the only child it will accept is one of their own.. of their blood, their dna. The tension that this has caused has Derek doubting his mate’s fidelity particularly when he starts to scent another female on Stiles. On this day of all days will Derek lose everything he’s ever wanted or will Stiles surprise him as per usual.
Happy anniversary Derek and Stiles.

Figuring it Out by bastillewolves

101,652  I  11/11  I  Homophobia, Cancer
Not Rated  I  part 2 of this series (it is recommended you read part 1)
Stiles and Derek have had a great ten years of marriage. They started a family, they have a large house, they are fiscally okay, and everything is perfect. Or so they thought. As their daughter starts feeling the effects of the moon, she finds out more about Stiles and Derek’s past, they soon get blasted with the the news that they didn’t expect and everything turns from bad to worse.
A sequel to the story “We’re Just Broken”
*Author’s Note: if you haven’t read “We’re Just Broken”, I highly suggest you read it to better understand the story

The Vanishing Proposal by thelionmutters

130,212  I  33/33  I  Amnesiac Derek, AU-Human
Stiles and Talia Hale wait for Derek to return from work. Except Derek doesn’t make it back to them.

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