got sunglasses

You got that swag, boy ~ ᕦ(▀̿-̿-▀̿  )┐

If anyone’s looking for me, I’m over in that corner, lamenting my existence.

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how does junkrat just like….keep getting gayer the more content gets released for him

like there was the original twink discourse re: him being a skinny little blonde dude paired with a big leather bear stereotype

then he was revealed to like bubble tea

then there was the giggly little dance and the “draw me like your french girl” emotes

the fucking massive slit on junkensteins coat + fucking tights

and now he’s got kitschy sunglasses on while sipping a fruity cocktail with his pinky out

like….he doesn’t belong to you, straight people. he’s practically wearing a neon “can you tell I like men” sandwich sign at this point

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

Ooooh boy, we’re close to hitting the 5000 followers mark, that’ll unlock the whole-day request stream!

Some may remember, I mentioned a while back, tht when FromDustToMist hits 5000 followers, I’ll host a request stream that’ll last for as long as my body can function (probably around the 15-20 hour mark)

Now, I gotta get over the re-exam first (cause I was a scared emotional mess last time and it fucked me over), unless we hit the mark before Easter/10th of April, I will be hosting it during my Easter break.

So, just a lil headsup for an exclusive stream just for you followers that’ll probably be coming soon! :D

me talking to a person who’s one (1) month younger than me: look kid, *pops leather jacket collar* i know you think you’ve got the stuff *puffs cigarette* but the real world ain’t gonna be good to ya . *spits on ground* trust me kid i got experience *dons sunglasses* i been through shit you wouldn’t believe. *ruffles through their hair* you’ll understand someday *revs up motorcycle* stay gold ponyboy

I just wanted to draw Deacon doing finger guns…gun

that’s it that’s the only reason I made this