Ok but one of the best things about Tormund possibly* still being at Winterfell and near Sansa is that you know he’d be making all kinds of unflattering jokes and insinuations about Littlefinger’s little finger, and LF is exactly the kind of dude who’d pretend to laugh it off publicly but would be EATEN UP INSIDE over it, and Tormund would know he was and that would make him do it even more. 

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*p o s s i b l y, I am aware that this is all wild, baseless speculation on my part


These new photos of Jon and Theon are making me utterly sad. More shit for Theon to take. Another person who gets angry at him. Sure, Jon has his reasons - I wouldn’t ever blame him for being angry - but I’m sooooo tired of people giving Theon hell for the mistakes he has done in the past. Just leave him alone, for fuck’s sake.
But I also got some trust in Jon’s character. I’m quite optimistic that this might be just an initial outburst and that he’ll eventually see how much Theon has changed. I think (or at least hope) that at some point Jon will pay his respect to Theon for regretting what he has done and for trying so hard to become a better person.

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Why the fuck would petyr try to isolate Sansa from her family though. She has no power right now no position. Jon is king, arya is playing assasins creed right now, it looks like bran is revealed to be alive to them this season too eliminating any claim Sansa could make. Does petyr want power? or does he simply want to smash? Like Sansa is nothing but a cat look a like fuck toy with out her connection to the Starks why the fuck would he be trying to turn her on them.

Because isolating her is how he can exact control over her. Making her believe he’s the only one who can help her. The only person she has. The only person who will steer her right. His manipulation of her situation enables him to control her, and by extension, her claim to winterfell.

Keep in mind in the books Petyr and Sansa are pretty sure the rest of her family is dead and gone at this point, and he has a plan to have the North rally behind her. The shows blown that out of the water, so of course the current plan (and petyr even being alive after the bolton fuckery) looks beyond stupid.

But point is he’d much rather have all the other Starks out of the way because A) they have claims of their own and B) they’re more than likely not going to approve of him using sansa for his own ends

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a fair amount of the leaked got plot has turned out to be true. in terms of jon and davos arriving at dragonstone, meeting tyrion on the beach, bran/arya arriving at winterfell, gendry in KL making weapons, and he is found by Davos, etc. so what if there is a possible chance that the leaks (LF pitting arya & sansa against each other & arya is the one who executes him) are true. i hate this idea but knowing d&d this could possibly happen.

i swear to the MOTHER

I’m just gonna make a huge post debunking these ridiculous theories. Because no one seems to listen when I say “ignore them they’re garbage” unless I waste my time writing huge meta when I could be doing homework, writing fic or literally anything else. The things I do for y’all.

Read the reddit spoilers here.

NOTE: i am very, very done with receiving asks about these garbage guess-spoilers so for the love of god don’t message me about them please i beg you let me REST

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Honestly if this were being written logically arya is about the worst thing that can happen to petyr. She's got faceless men skills and the itch to kill her family's enemies. She gets wind of any of the many things he's done to the Starks and he's pretty much dead and the body is never found. And she can spy on his ass to get the info out of him she can get a confession rip off the face and be like surprise mother fucker I got you now and slice him up.

yes arya technically could kill anyone, of course she’s got the skills, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be the go-to kill girl. Her point in the story isn’t to just kill anyone who needs killing. It’s like if Tyrion had sent Bron to kill Tywin.  All narrative impact is gone.Arya killing Petyr does BOTH characters a disservice imo.

After not having been able to escape the GoT “spoilers” (god knows) floating around internet for a while, I finally forced myself to read them to see what all the hoopla was about.

Seriously though, I find the spoilers super depressing. Not because they feature Jon and Dany, but because - if they are true - the writing for season 7 will then SUCK. My god, all the season 7 fanfic I’ve read so far is better than that sh*t. All. Even I could have come up with something better and I suck at writing.

If the spoilers indeed are true season 7 is going to be super boring. And GoT is a lot of things but never (*coughs* apart from the Sand Snakes *coughs*) boring. The spoilers don’t capture my interest, they are illogical and they scream of bad writing. And I SO don’t want GoT to be bad. Please gods, this is my favourite tv show ever. Please, please don’t let these spoilers be true.


I just refuse to believe GRRM or D&D would ever approve of something like that. 

(It’s so bad I find I don’t give a flying f*ck about Jon/Dany happening or not happening anymore. I just want the writing to be BETTER. Please, gods of fiction, let the writing of season 7 and 8 be better than that.)