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Hey Zen... I’ve been feeling really depressed for a long time. How do I stop being a little bitch

Fun fact, I am the actual worst™ at cheering people up. SO UM here’s a response? 

NANA Week - Day 4:  Cake

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i would literally give up my firstborn child for another genderswap au bcos jane potter is so hot im deadt

Jane, flirting, tells him his hair looks like a carrot fucked a fire hydrant.

“Charming.” Liam says.

“This is the part where you say something back and we verbally spar.” She responds, leaning with one muddy soccer boot up against the side of the library. McGonagall would have a fit. He puts his hands in his pockets and pretends to look at the street.

“Not today it isn’t.”

“C’mon,” she grins, ducking her head so her hair falls forward. “You’re making me feel bad. You’ve got to say something back otherwise it’s like bullying.”

“What do you mean ‘like’ bullying.”

“Please. If it was real bullying I would have your lunch money.”

“I don’t bring lunch money.”

“Good thing I’m not bullying you then.” She says, cheerfully, and he laughs. It appears halfway through this conversation he got bored with pretending to look at the road and has started actively staring at her again. He turns back.

“Your hair looks like you shoved a fork into a toaster.” He says, and she laughs now.

“’Knew you’d give in. Now we’re both bullying each other.”

He looks back at her. “I thought you said it wasn’t bullying.”

She smirks, soccer uniform covered in mud from making unnecessary slides across the pitch every time she makes a goal, which is often enough that he can see grass burn bleeding on her knees. He’s going to ask if she needs a bandage, and then she quirks her eyebrow at him, and he cannot for the life of him remember his name.

“Evans, you are aware I can see you ogling my legs.” Liam’s head snaps back to the street.

“I wasn’t ogling.”

“You bloody were.”

“I don’t ogle.”

“Fine. Staring. Gazing. Gawking, if you will.”

“I won’t.”

“Liam Evans, staring at my legs in front of everybody”

“There is no one else here.“

“You were ogling.” She pushes off the wall, arms folded and still smirking, advancing on him. “Perfectly understandable really, they are, dare I say it, the best legs this side of London.”

He scoffs, looking at the sky and not at her. “You’re so full of it.”

“I can’t help having great legs any more than you can help having hair that looks like a red traffic light threw up on Amy Adams.”

“Whose Amy Adams?” he feigns ignorance.

“I know you know who fucking Amy Adams is.”

He swings back on his heels. “Hmm, can’t say I do, but you had better watch your potty mouth or I’m going to report you to McGonagall.” He’s looking at her again. God goddammit.

“Minnie loves me.” She’s almost right next to him now, a good head shorter, bag over her shoulder, knees still bleeding. Her glasses are cracked in the left corner.

“She won’t once I tell her how you’ve been bullying me.” He says, and she smiles. The wind blows slightly, and God, she’s fucking pretty. His fingers itch to touch her jawline, the base of her throat, her cheekbone. There is always too much space between them.

“You know the library closes at six.” She breathes, looking at him, “and my practice ends at six-thirty.”

“I have no idea what you mean.” He lies, ridiculously.

“I mean,” her breath hitches, “You wait the extra half hour to see me.”

He wants to do something dumb, like kiss her or kiss her again, but she’s far too clever and pretty and he would have no idea where to put his hands.  The world is impossibly still. His heart is thudding loud enough she must be able to hear it.

A car screeches into the street and reels up next to them, almost clipping the curb. “Potter!” Sarah Black sticks her head out the window and yells to be heard over the radio, “if you get mud on my seats again I’ll punch you in the tit!” Spotting Liam, she nods and takes a drag on her cigarette, “Evans. You’re here again.”

“Well spotted.” He croaks, trying to act normal and doing a bad job. Potter’s arm brushes against his on the way to the car and he shudders.

“Wanna lift?” Sarah asks, and he shakes his head. Jane stares at him through the passenger window, and he stares back. The only reason he comes to the library is to kill time before her practice ends. He would wait in the rain if he had to.

“Amy Adams was in Enchanted.” He blurts out, and Potter grins. He’s so far gone it’s embarrassing. He would do anything to make her look like that.  

Black gives him a weird look. “Don’t take too many drugs on school grounds, Evans, Minnie doesn’t like you nearly as much as she likes me.” She peels away, almost taking out a letterbox in the process, and he starts walking home, thinking about how she has practice tomorrow, and the grass burns on her knees, and the way her breath hitches when she stands to close to him.

The streetlamps go on, and in the harsh light she roars into his head, laughing, covered in mud, a dream girl unbelievably rooted in reality.

my love is strong (i know yours is too)

by strong

Outside, the sky is a light grey that reminds him of the days where snow falls thick and coats the world in a thick layer of vanilla icing. He wants to believe that those days are coming soon, but with the unseasonably high temperatures, his heart refuses to let the hope dig its way too far into him. The garden is a forest of scraggly bushes, knee-high grass, and violet buds that Louis can appreciate but not name. Soon enough, he finds himself craving a shot of nicotine. Normally he avoids smoking when he’s here, especially in the house, but, since he’s alone, he swings the door open and lays back, plucking at the strings as he hums around a cigarette. He blows the smoke outside, watching it curl until it becomes too thin and disappears with the clouds.

“If you don’t post this photo, I’m going to,” a voice echoes in the hollow space. When it reaches Louis’ ears, he nearly drops the cigarette into the guitar. His wide eyes catch on the phone Harry lowers and tucks into his pocket, then follow Harry’s movements until he’s pressed right against Louis’ back. Suddenly it feels as though they’ve never been apart. “Hi. Can I have a hit?”

aka a behind-the-scenes look at louis’ recent harry-esque post on insta

Me any other day: Pakistan is a shit show with its corrupt government and needs to own up to its mistakes


caraluna; jaehyungparkian

summary: had any strange hallucinations since last night? jae types. he hits send before he can think much about it. 

no, mark sends back, simple and straight to the point like he always is when he senses jae is up to something. did you?


Read on Ao3 - 20k/blink and you miss it sungpil/magic/ghosts/jae-centric

when pressed, jae will always say that the ghost thing just kind of, sort of, well, happened.

“that’s not how this works and you know it,” wonpil will tell him when the pull gets too strong and jae starts doubting again. “it’s magic, you’remagic,” he’ll say and jae will huff and cringe and answer back something along the lines of that’s bulshit and don’t call me that, it’s dumb. and then, without fail, wonpil will laugh, eyes crinkled in amusement and fondness, say, “but you are, hyung. don’t try to deny it.”

and then, without fail, jae will shut his mouth and relent because - well.


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What You’ve Done (P2)

Warning: mentions of broken bones, pettiness, tension (not sexual you nasties), pointing out Dean’s insecurities coz he’s being a little shit, bit of a cliffhanger

A/N: so I realized like 20 seconds after posting the first part that I had a huge plot hole, so I had to go back and fix it lol—– also!!!!!! let me know if you wanna be tagged. This is gonna be a long series and I’m SO PSYCHED FOR IT so just let me know k thx

also!!!! shoutout to @random-superwholock-images​ for the monster I used:) she’s awesome and you should totally check out her writing

(Y/H/C= your hair colour : Y/N=your name)

Dean kept his eyes on the road- or, at least, that’s what he tried to make her believe. Y/N glued her eyes to the passing trees, but she knew he would glance to her from time to time in the rear view mirror. She could tell when his eyes were on her. It wasn’t exactly a foreign feeling.

Sam, however, was more… openly concerned about her.

The whole car ride consisted of him trying to get her to talk. The first five minutes featured him asking about Clyde. When she answered the questions about her father without giving any information, he switched over what she was doing in the forest.

“Why’d you come here?” he questioned her.

“I think you already know the answer to that question,” Y/N replied without turning from the window. Sam frowned at Dean.

“What do you mean?” he asked, slowly turning back to her.

“We’re both hunters,” she said simply.

“…That doesn’t mean we’d know anything about you,” Dean huffed. This girl was a real piece of work.

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welcome back fake texts!! hihi so here’s a dad! taehyung x daughter! Reader fake text!

Summary: your dad! Taehyung got a call from the principal’s office saying that you did something bad again, and you explain what you did to him.

sorry for being ia! But here’s a fake text to make it up to you friends!! I hope you like it! I hope it’s angsty enough for you guys! 💗

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I'm looking for advices on how to deal with trauma in a relationship. My partner and I are both survivors and we both have cptsd and it can be really hard bc we're both sabotaging your relationship. Do you have any ressources on that? Thx you very much for your awesome blog.

this is a pretty difficult question, because if you google it, you get a lot of sites saying “how to date someone with ptsd” where all they talk about is what the symptoms are, which obviously you both are already familliar with, and then you get a few results saying “how to date someone when you have ptsd” which is also unhelpful because all their advice is “try to act normal” and “dont tell them about the trauma right away” which. doesn’t apply at all to your situation.

this is the best i got, because there are zero resources for two people with ptsd dating. here’s the most helpful bit (copied and pasted)

People with PTSD can create and maintain good relationships by:

  • Building a personal support network to help cope with PTSD while working on family and friend relationships

  • Sharing feelings honestly and openly, with respect and compassion

  • Building skills at problem solving and connecting with others

  • Including ways to play, be creative, relax, and enjoy others

and frankly im not sure how helpful that really is either. so because there are no resources i can give you, i’ll try to give you some advice instead. this is from personal experience, as i have also been in a relationship where we both had ptsd. now granted, that relationship failed, but not because we kept messing up. anyway. this is going to be long, and im not saying everything will work for you, but try to give it some thought anyway.

1) like it says above, be honest with each other. as much as possible. but also try to be sensitive. maybe both of you could write a list of triggers for yourself, and give it to the other person, so that you know what to avoid. so for instance, say you get triggered by X, and you need support. but on your partner’s trigger list, it says they also get triggered by X. so going to them for help is just going to hurt them, and you won’t get any support from it. so maybe whenever you get triggered by X, go to a friend who doesn’t get triggered by X, and get support from them. and then (and this is important), let your partner know about the incident. you can say “i got triggered real bad by something on both of our lists”, and then say “and i went to my friend for support so that i wouldn’t trigger you”. and then, let your partner comfort you.

regarding mutual triggers, friends (or honestly even blogs like mine, but just having someone who can talk you down and calm you) are for support. partners are for comfort. so after you have calmed, maybe ask to cuddle your partner, or call them on the phone, or skype.

2) this ties into number 1. if part of the problem is that you both (or one of you) keeps trying to destroy the relationship because of low self-esteem (i.e. “i don’t deserve you”), then come up with a word or phrase that means “i don’t mean this and i love you but my ptsd is telling me to push you away”. lets say you choose the words “milk crate”. you want it to be short, and not something you say very often. so if your partner is acting destructive, and saying things that are clearly intended to make you break up with them, then ask them the phrase. and they can either reply “milk crate” right back, which is a confirmation and tells you that they dont mean it and can’t help it, or else they say “no”, which means that they are serious. 

the purpose of having a phrase like this is to make it easier for both of you to say what you mean. if im in a bad way, the last thing i’m able to do is rationally explain that i love someone and i care about them and i’m sorry. like. i cant do it. i’d rather isolate myself forever. but if i already have a set phrase that means exactly what i want to say, then it’s much easier to just say that phrase.

3) you can create codewords for everything. if one of you has memory problems, then write them down. carry a list in your wallet, if you have to. create a codeword for “i love you but i cant handle human interaction right now”. create a codeword for “if you keep trying to talk to me i’m gonna explode so please go away”. create a codeword for “please don’t leave me alone right now”. 

one of the parts of ptsd is a feeling that its impossible to get other people to understand, and there’s no point in trying to communicate with anyone else. having a system of codewords reinforces the fact that 1) you have a human who understands you and cares about you and 2) you don’t need to try very hard to communicate a few very important things.

4) understand that sometimes you will want love, and your partner will not even want to be in the same room as you, and vice versa. this might even happen a lot of the time. it will suck. but you have to remember that it’s nobody’s fault when it happens. you’re not being too needy. they’re not being too distant. you both have ptsd. this is unavoidable. if you need comfort and your partner absolutely can’t provide it, go to a close friend, explain what you need, and ask for it.

5. if this is a long distance relationship (or one where you dont see each other every day in school or work or home), try to check in every day. if one of you often has days where you go nonverbal (extreme difficulty communicating, sometimes a complete lack of ability to communicate), create a codeword for that. lets say the word you come up with to signify nonverbal days is “pillowcase”. if your partner hasn’t talked to you all day, text them “pillowcase?” to which they can reply yes or no. or, if you know you’re currently having a nonverbal day, try to text them first: pillowcase. and then they will know that you’re not ignoring them, you just cant talk.

6. if you are not already both in therapy, please book therapists appointments. there’s no shame in needing a therapist, and having one will help both of you, in general life, and also in your relationship. i understand if it’s not possible (if you are minors, or else if you can’t afford one), but if you can, do.

that’s all i can think of. i hope this was helpful, and i hope your relationship smooths out.




Platonic!Snape x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Hey guys, my friend @itskatiejames98 wrote an imagine in loving memory of Alan Rickman who unfortunately passed earlier this week. He was a large part of both of our childhoods and he will be remembered for his amazing portrayals of some iconic characters. RIP.

When you first joined Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry it was amazing, and you loved every minute that you spent there. Although you liked all of your lessons, you always looked forward to potions the most, you weren’t sure why professor Snape was so nice to you when it seemed like he hated everyone else. 

When you came back to start your second year things changed, people hadn’t really cared too much about your family in the first year, so you had managed to hide the fact that you came from a muggle family. However, people had found out, you weren’t sure how but they had and they began to bully and tease you at every opportunity that they got. They took your stuff, talked about you and made rumours about you and they would call you things, the worst one was Mudblood. You hated that word and every time someone called you it, you wanted to run away and hide.

Until one day when the bullying was at its worse, you were being picked on by three kids from Ravenclaw who were in your Herbology class when from behind you hard the voice of your favourite professor “What’s going on here?” Snape said through gritted teeth. “Um, nothing sir, just a joke between friends” said the boy who had been chanting Mudblood in your ear. “Really, because it doesn’t look like that” snarled Snape “10 points each from Ravenclaw and detention in my office after school, now get to your lessons.” 

“Y/N come with me, are you okay?” Snape said quietly. You nodded as you followed the professor to his office where he offered you a seat and went to a cupboard to retrieve a flask. “Here drink some of this, it should calm you down.” Snape said caringly. “Sir, why are you being so nice to me?” you asked cautiously. “You remind me of someone who I used to know, who I cared a lot about, she was clever and kind like you but I did something bad and I never got to say goodbye to her” he responded sadly “So, you’ve always cared about her?” you asked “Always” he said before sweeping out of the room and leaving you stunned and confused.

Joker Imagine - Kill For You

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Your P.O.V.

This situation was probably the most tense in my entire life. Whatever I would do next would determine the rest of my life, whether it’d be long or short, happy or sad, loved or not. Of course it made me nervous, although I was pretty sure what I would do next. 

How did I get myself into this?

I was a doctor, I worked at Arkham asylum. I wasn’t a mental doctor or a psychiatrist, but I was a real doctor. Joker was inside the asylum and he had somehow gotten a cut on his thigh. I was sent to go in and help him. Damn when they told me to go into Joker’s cell, I felt like that was it, he’d kill me for sure. Still I walked in and saw the green haired clown prince of crime. The second I laid my eyes on him, I felt something strange. I was attracted to him, even tho I shouldn’t.

I had stitched up his wound without a problem. He even talked to me, which was surprising because he refused to cooperate with anyone else. That continued for two weeks as I checked up on his wound. Our little sessions turned longer because he wanted me there, he wanted to talk. I felt special and it slowly made me pity him. He didn’t have to be here when he could be outside, making Gotham interesting again.

The day I was supposed to take off his stitches, he said something that changed my life. I knew I had a chance to say no and never go back, but I didn’t want to. I felt a need to help him. I still remember the conversation like it happened a minute ago.

‘’Oh doll face you will help me again, right?’’ Joker had asked me softly and looked at me with big blue eyes. I knew that whatever he had to say was different than stitching up his wound. ‘’Yeah’’ I breathed out and glanced at the door. The guards couldn’t hear us.

Joker had leaned closer to me, so close that I felt his breath on my skin. ‘’I need you to do something really brave’’ He started mysteriously, his voice getting deeper. I remember how I held my breath as I waited for him to continue. ‘’Say that I got something really bad and we need an ambulance. You should also get a gun, a really powerful one. You’ll find one next to the mall, there’s a club and there’s a backdoor in the alley. Come here tomorrow, take me to the ambulance and make sure you still have the gun’’ Joker whispered his carefully thought plan to me. It shocked me that he trusted me with that.

I had stayed quiet because I was in shock. Our eyes met and I watched his lips curving into a smile. ‘’What do you say baby girl?’’ He questioned me, calling me that to seem softer. ‘’Of c- yes, yes um.. I’ll do that’’ I stuttered and knew that it would turn my life around. ‘’Excellent’’ Joker had said and then I left his cell.

                         The next day things went exactly how he had planned. I had the gun in my jacket and I waited for him to act like he got a serious attack or something. I ran through the guards and got into the cell. He was on the ground, looking completely lifeless. ‘’We need an ambulance!’’ I yelled loudly and pretended to do something. I pressed his chest and tried not to give him fake mouth to mouth. 

It didn’t take too long until two ambulance men ran into the room and put him on a bed. ‘’I’ll come with you’’ I offered them. The ambulance men didn’t mind, they needed someone that knew Joker a little bit. So we hurried through the halls and outside Arkham Asylum. The guards shut the doors after us and just let Joker leave like that. I felt a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I knew it was wrong, but it felt right.

We were inside the ambulance where I still was. They were driving to the hospital as I sat in the back, next to Joker. The two ambulance men were in the front because I said I’ll take over. They trusted me because I was a doctor. Why would a doctor lie? Well, they would find out soon.

Joker opened his eyes and I saw him smiling. He looked at me and I noticed something weird, there was something dark  in his look. He was free, he could do anything. ‘’Good job Y/N’’ Joker purred and stood up. I tried to shush him, but it was too late. The ambulance slowed down and the men looked at us in horror. I knew I was the one who would determine the situation. I could shoot Joker and be a good guy, or then I would listen to Joker.

‘’Did you really think that I would need to go to hospital?’’ Joker laughed loudly at the men. His laugh as different, it belonged to someone crazy. That’s when I realised how serious this was. ‘’Y/N take out the gun’’ Joker demanded and  all eyes were on me. With trembling hands I grabbed the black gun that I found. When I got it, I felt like a criminal. Damn I had a gun.

‘’Now listen carefully’’ Joker said slowly and stepped next to me. I watched how scared the ambulance men were. Their eyes were big and they seemed like they had seen a ghost. ‘’I’ll show you what to do’’ Joker told me and then grabbed the gun. I stared at the gun in his hands. I should be scared, but I wasn’t. I stood next to the most wanted criminal who held a gun, but I wasn’t scared.

I was actually happy. He had managed to make me develope feelings for him. Damn it.

Joker pulled the trigger and suddenly one of the guys fell down on the ground, bleeding from his head. Joker had shot him straight through the brain. I had never witnessed something like this. Someone just died and I was a part of it. ‘’Now you do it’’ Joker broke the silence. The other man was panicking. He collapsed on his knees next to his friend and he tried to shake his body, but it wouldn’t help. Tears were rolling down his face and he was sobbing.

‘’Kill him Y/N to prove that you care about me’’ Joker demanded and it made me nervous. I felt like blushing. I glanced at Joker who seemed angry, yet he had a smile on his face. ‘’It’s obvious baby’’ He whispered quietly. I looked at my victim and then took a deep breath. ‘’No..d-don’t’’ He begged, his brown eyes full of fear. I loaded the gun and pointed at him. My trembling finger was on the trigger and I only had to pull it.

‘’Don’t! You could shoot the Joker! Think about how good that would b-be. Shoot him!’’ My victim tried to make me change my mind. Wrong move. It just pissed me off. I kicked his chest and stepped on his stomach. ‘’You’ll never say that again’’ I hissed and then pulled the trigger repeatedly, piercing bullets through his body in anger.

My blood was boiling from rage. Did he really think I would shoot J? I stopped when I felt a hand on my waist. I held my breath and stared at the bloody body beneath me. I had killed that guy. I killed someone for Joker. ‘’I’m proud of you. You really got a fire somewhere in there’’ Joker chuckled and made me turn around to face him. I felt dumbfounded. This all just happened so fast. I was surprised from my sudden anger. I really cared about Joker.

‘’Now let’s go. We can celebrate at my penthouse’’ He whispered into my ear and took the gun away from me. A smile spread on my face. ‘’So you won’t make me go?’’ I asked him a little too happily. Joker examined me for a little while until he sighed. ‘’Why would I let go of such a gem? You’re going to frighten the entire world with a few twists and turns’’ He let me know darkly. I had nothing to lose anymore.

‘’Now let’s go. I hope I can drive this thing’’ Joker thought out loud and sat down on the driver’s seat. I sat next to him and fastened my seatbelt. Although I wasn’t 100% sure what Joker would do to me, I hoped for the best. I really wanted to be by his side. I already proved my loyalty to him.

The Signs as Romano Quotes
  • Aries: "Thanks a million why don't you just stab me"
  • Taurus: "Shut up and carry your big brother home"
  • Gemini: "(broken sobbing) I'm going to give you ten seconds to say: 'I WON'T DO IT AGAIN'"
  • Cancer: "The weatherman is predicting a 99% chance of shitstorm and it's coming right at ya!"
  • Leo: "What the crapola?"
  • Virgo: "Why don't you ever say nice things about me?"
  • Libra: "So now you think you're an intellectual, huh, you son-of-a-bitch"
  • Scorpio: "Would you stop it with the hug therapy already"
  • Sagittarius: "I couldn't find the bathroom so I just pissed on the floor"
  • Capricorn: "When you get in a fight with Britain, make it clear that you want no bloodshed. That way, when he shoots you anyway, HE'LL look like the bad guy"
  • Aquarius: "Hey listen up I've got something dick-ish to say"
  • Pisces: "Just looking at you make me feel barf-y"

but i was blessed with bad eyes, there’s a lot that i miss, but i don’t mind, im not that old

i’ll find out what broke me soon enough

“Heart Song”

Summary: This is my first song fic. The song, “It Might Be You” from the movie “Tootsie”, sung by Steven Bishop. Roberta Flack also recorded her version and honestly, it blew me away! Enjoy and thank you for reading.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x PoC Audrianna Palmer OFC: Steve, Nat, Wanda, Sam

Word Count: 1,153

Warnings: None


The day James Buchanan Barnes arrived at the tower, he was a shell of a man; scarred psyche and tortured soul. He had no idea what life would be like outside of HYDRA. Yes, the triggers were removed in Wakanda, but that was only a smidge of what really lurked around inside his head. Steve did everything possible to make him feel comfortable.

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Sequel to ‘Kindergarten Boyfriend’ by Mercy @whatin–tarnation  

Inspired by ‘POV’ from McFly

(please read the first part before reading this one, it would be less confusing)

Warnings: self-loathing, suicide, major character death, angst


I never wanted everything to end this way
But you can take the bluest sky and turn it gray

Roman sat on his bed, holding onto the stuffed bear Virgil gave him years ago. Ever since they stopped being friends, Roman had missed their relationship when they were young, taking care of each other, being close. They were best friends. 

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