got some new stuff today


One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3


Tanks, September 20th, 2017. 

(I think it’s been about a month since I did one of these?)

Today I got some new fish stuff off amazon. Eonwe (betta in the last pic) finally got a betta log, though he’s not using it and I think he’s just mad I don’t have an IAL in there for him to use as a hammock right now :p Also, I’m mad that the spixi snail completely devoured my dwarf sag that used to be all over those rocks, and now I have to start over and find something to do with the spixi since my boxes are full of fry and I don’t really have any tanks without plants. 

Also got a new heater for the 7, though it turns out my old one was fixable so now I have an extra. I have a bunch of temporary boxes with fry in them that I got airstones for, but the boxes aren’t very pretty so I didn’t take any pictures. As soon as I get the pH in the newest one to match the pH in the 2 gallon I’m going to move over the EDR fry and use the 2 gallon to try to breed my CPDs again! Fingers crossed! 


The Dota workshop has me feeling pretty burnt out lately, so rather than jumping right back onto my Tinker set (which will probably never see the light of day anytime soon), I decided to block out some more TF2 stuff last night and today. 

I got a new character started, the Soldier!  I only spent a few hours on her, the Spy and the Medic so far, but I got a solid start now and you can see where they’re heading.  I’d like to alternate between modeling out classes I haven’t done before and re-doing my old ones.

I’ve been hearing some talk lately on the subject of Overwatch and older characters (female ones in particular), and whether or not there’s a place for them in video games or if they’re just icky, and thought it seemed like a good opportunity to give it shot, myself.  I hope you like them!

Everything here done in Zbrush and 3ds Max.


Hi all! Did you remember I’m holding a summer fanart contest for fabulous Mighty Mega EXE prizes? Well, as of tomorrow, there is merely one month to go before the deadline! I have already received one entry (which is probably the earliest I’ve ever gotten one), and would be glad to receive more. You have until July 18th to submit, so get-a-drawin’!

Stlll chuggin’ along with new Beast stuff, and today I’ve got some much anticipated Zero.EXE scans! A Zero with a tupperware bowl head full of virus goo for a brain. He’s a good example for those thinking about entering Category 1 of my contest, which focuses on designing a Navi/Net Op that has never appeared in the series. His design really doesn’t deviate too much from his original X body, but still has enough unique tweaks to differentiate this EXE counterpart. You see it and it still screams Zero.


Along with Zero, there’s the Professor (sorry, no Ginger or Mary Anne), a suave dad Yuuichirou set, Machine Gunnin’ Rockman, Cross Fusion Netto, Link PET flexin’ Netto showing off his bicep holster (welcome to the Rock Buster show, ladies), and wrapping up with the less complete and detailed, outline Ditto-like version of those same poses for him.

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash

Got some new stuff today!
Nars liquid Laguna bronzer
Glamglow nude glow
Abh new sun dipped highlight palette
Dior ultra gloss in Fantaisie
Dior fluid stick in ceil rose
Abh shadows (thought I would give a chance the colors looked really pretty but I’ll see how pigmented they are on lid) the colors are pink champagne, rosette, deep plum, and dusty rose.