got so lazy after that discovery


hello :> My name is Emma, and this is my humble little studyblr. i had been pondering if i should make this whole introduction post thing since im not that good with introducing myself but i just really wanted to make this post since ive reached a 100 followers recently.

i also really wanted to thank this studyblr community for contributing advice, tips, which actually motivated me to study. i used to be such a lazy person and would sulk at the thought of making notes for my subjects, but after the discovery of studyblrs????? it sparked my interest in note making, bullet journals, and i guess just keeping organised in general! so thank you :3 i posted a photo of my geography notes and i got so many praises and words of encouragement which really made me sosososo happy that people actually found my notes to be an inspiration as i didnt think it would ;_;

if i were to name a few of my favourite blogs it would have to be 

@elkstudies ( we have the same name and age but she’s goals af :< and she’s sooooo friendly )





im currently taking the ib diploma and i’m in the graduating class of 2016

the subjects i take are:

  • HL biology
  • HL chemistry
  • HL geography
  • SL English Lang Lit
  • SL chinese B
  • SL math

so if anyone else here takes the ib diploma, lets cry together shall we :”(  hmu hahah

sadly this is my side blog! my main blog is @parkjiminology so i’ll follow you back through there if you want :-) 

im really nice as well, so if you wanna message me or need someone to talk to, im here for ya :D