got season 3

Interesting how they’re never happy at the same time

Every since Emma and Hook first got together in the season 3 finale it’s been a back and forth with Emma and Regina trying to find happiness/love.

As soon as Emma and Hook became a thing Marian was back effectively messing up OQ.

Then as soon as Regina and Robin worked through the whole Zelena thing, Emma became the dark one and CS took a turn for the worse.

Next it turns out they can’t bring Hook back but OQ are still going stro- wait nope Robin’s dead and Zeus brings Hook back.

They just never seem to get to have happiness at the same time. 

Hmmm why is that?

Conclusion: They’ll find happiness at the same time when they get together for the first time.


“Unsullied!” Dany galloped before them, her silver-gold braid flying behind her, her bell  chiming with every stride. “Slay the Good Masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who wears a tokar or holds a whip, but harm no child under twelve, and strike the chains off every slave you see.” She raised the harpy’s fingers in the air… and then she flung the scourge aside. “Freedom!” she sang out. “Dracarys! Dracarys!”

“Dracarys!” they shouted back, the sweetest word she’d ever heard. “Dracarys! Dracarys!”

And all around them slavers ran and sobbed and begged and died, and the dusty air was filled with spears and fire.