got season 2

ok but at the start, they seriously told us with visuals who would pilot the lions, other than their designated pilots………………….

pidge and hunk are the only ones for green and yellow….

we don’t see a mini blue lion or learn anything about what it looks for in a paladin because lance interrupts, but we only get shots of allura and lance while the blue lion is being discussed….. allura goes on to pilot blue.

the red lion is in between keith and lance…. lance pilots red at the current time. this makes the shot of the black lion and who is shown with it very intriguing….

shiro is there, of course… then keith, his head completely in the frame. he’s now piloting black. then — barely there but there, nonetheless — there’s lance.


7 years of Daenerys & Drogon

Drogo would be so proud

things we have by the end of 2A:

- The Wedding Kiss™
- The Balcony Scene™
- The Sleeping Beauty Kiss™
- The Date™
- The Gift™
- The Balcony Makeout™
- The Face Grab™
- The Hugs™
- The Forehead Touch™
- The I Love You™


my fave tweets about stormborn (7x02) part 1  [part 2]

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Close enough

i spend too much time on this 


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