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[NEWS/TRANS] Getting off voluntarily from A Look At Me, Lee Hongki is already scheduled to guest in Happy Together 3 with Fujii Mina

On September 4, an official from KBS2 Happy Together 3 has confirmed the appearance of Lee Hongki - Fujii Mina, Kim Yuri-Ryohei, Choi Hui-Fabian, and chef Nam Seongryeol on the show. The episode will undertake the theme, “My friend is a foreigner”, and will be recorded on the 5th. 

Lee Hongki and Fujii Mina whose nationality is Japanese have both maintained friendship since the two of them were cast together on the Global We Got Married season 1. 


“A character I used to know” (GoT season 1: Somebody that I used to know parody)