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please someone explain to me someone with the shitty sense of humor to find ‘meatbag’ hilarious managed to also be the best tactical mind of their generation, much less savior of the republic and sith lord.

have some winter sasodei


When she tilts her head like a bluebird into the nest
of your collarbones and insists on loving all of you,

pretend you didn’t find a boys hair
in the rough drafts of her poems.

When you ask her what she loved
about him, she says I know this is bad

but he was so terrible to me, I never ran
out of things to write about.

You wonder if she wants a lover
or a writing prompt.

In the morning, you wake up holding hands
like otters do. She memorizes how you take
your coffee; no sugar, all cream.

You light peppermint candles in her kitchen.
She feeds you fresh fruit and babybell cheese wheels
while you play with the red wax.

She listens to you babble on about your childhood
and first dog and favorite color and all of the
strange things your parents did growing up.

She kisses you on the nose. Points at your
poetry. Forces you to acknowledge your knack
for dragging art from trauma by the wrist.

She insists on making you watch Star Wars
with her- because apparently it’s a cultural sin
to be eighteen years old and still have never seen
Star Wars-  and then she doesn’t even watch it!

She watches you watching it, to make sure
you are reacting properly.

You insist on reading her daily horoscope.
Even though she doesn’t believe in it,
she at least tries to act interested

in astrology and tarot cards and all the other
hippy dippy trippy shit you believe in, but can’t prove.

You fall in love with her quickly, the way
she wanted you to- all skin and poem and Diet Coke
listening to Regina Spektor on her bed

while she calls you babygirl
and plays with your hair.

One afternoon, she mentions how you’d look so cute
with a gap. That night, you stop wearing your retainer.

When she tells you that she loves you
and that she has a lying problem on the same day,

you know you are completely and utterly fucked.

Because she will never admit that loving you
is the kindest thing she almost did.

She knows you are not stupid enough
to look love in the face and say no.

When she takes you on a date
to the same rink she used to roller-skate
with her last love, do not cry.

When she apologizes for how his ghost
still haunts her mouth like a last meal,

grit your teeth. Kiss the top of her
scalp. Assure her it is no problem.

Do not be jealous of his sheer good fortune.
Do not hate him for being the slam poem

she never stops writing. Do not hate her
for being the flood in your backyard.

Do not hate yourself for falling in love
with a storm dressed like a girl.

Do not hate yourself for falling in love
with feeling loved.

Do not point out the irony as she explains
how unhealthy your relationship is

between drags of her cigarette.

The first time she shouts at you,
your name foams madly at her mouth.

She tells you, I don’t know how
to love anyone with my whole being

and you remind her Well,
I don’t know how to not.

In an effort to get her to stay, you promise
I will be whatever you want me to be.

She tells you that is the problem.

is it just me or has the past 2 months been really shit for youtubers? like their content hasnt been as good as it was in say december?? am i the only one?

wait so now SOME kaisoo stans are saying chansoo love yourself cover is SM making them do a cover to hide kaisoo?? YOU GUYS ARE NUTS IN THE HEAD OMG. And also the stuff about SM should be promoting chanbaek instead because chanbaek are ‘closer’ where the heck did this evidence come from???????? Like can’t we just enjoy the cover without you throwing your ships everywhere???? Why does everything Kyungsoo do have to be related back to Jongin??? my god.

i literally have no idea how to write this essay, it’s two in the morning, and i’m dead inside