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“Every time,” he said quietly. “Every time I think I’m missing a piece of me, you give it back.”

There were no words, so she didn’t say any; just turned around in his arms and kissed him on the cheek. He was beautiful under the night sky, the stars shedding their light down over him, gleaming against his hair and eyes and the Herondale ring shining on his finger, a reminder of everything that had been, and everything that would be.


femslash aesthetics | sansa stark x margaery tyrell (a song of ice and fire)

“some women like tall men. some like short men. some like hairy men, some like bald men. gentle men, rough men, ugly men, pretty men, pretty  girls. “


female characters meme: [2/5] deserve better | Sansa Stark

The snow drifted down and down, all in ghostly silence, and lay thick and unbroken on the ground. It was a place of whites and blacks and greys. White towers and white snow and white statues, black shadows and black trees, the dark grey sky above. A pure world, Sansa thought. I do not belong here. Yet she stepped out all the same.