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I’m having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that the conclusion of Bleach means that’s yet another series gone that I drew my parodies for.

After Naruto I became completely absorbed into Bleach and I loved it enough that I wanted to dedicate a silly drawing every week for every chapter.
And I’ve got parodies from chapter 621 to 684 now.

That doesn’t mean I can’t just keep making Bleach comics unrelated to manga chapters, but I love making something really quick and really silly you know? It’s good fun.

Nevertheless, it’s been fun being in this fandom for this brief period, giving you all my strange sense of comedy. Of course that’s excluding all the random negativity I received.

I’m feeling emotional alright?

The Night Shift (Parody of Game of Thrones The Night's Watch Oath)

As medical students and interns, we are the Watchers on the Wards:

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my (brain) death. I shall have no life, hold all hands, bother no (sleeping) children. I shall wear my scrubs and win no mercy. I shall live and cry at my post. I am the scalpel in the darkness. I am the tired who spurn a common cold, the light that brings a yawn, the scorned who wake the beepers, the shift with cards overwhelmed with meds. I pledge my life and honor to the night shift, for this night and many nights to come.

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“Winds of Winter” Sing-Along

Reblog for the weekend crowd. SPOILERS!! BEWARE!!

The first line came to me and the rest was like low-hanging fruit.

I would greatly appreciate reblogs if you’re willing. I don’t usually travel in the GOT fandom, so don’t have a direct avenue to get this to the eyes of GOT fans. (I blazed through S1 - S5 over a few weeks in February, so I could watch the show “live” with other people this year.)


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What It’s Like To Read the Game of Thrones Books (NSFW)” by Brevity TV