got no other options only one thing to do

Just for a second, let me pretend

I’m not even sure what I’m doing at this point, this was supposed to be a one shot but hey here’s another chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

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Luna can’t really say she is panicking, she is far beyond that, she has actually reached a realm of existence where she panicking so much she is actually calm. Or maybe her neurones just got fried. Any of those options seems likely, the only thing she knows is that Matteo is making breakfast for her and his parents, while she is changing into something other than Matteo’s shirt, which was the first things his parents saw her in, and now they must be judging the hell out of her and trying not to since she is Sol Benson. And she is not panicking, she is just noticing, very calmly that none of the clothes she keeps at Matteo’s are actually appropriate enough for his super rich parents and nor is the change of clothes she brought with her the day before. Very calmly, so calm it’s actually unsettling. She settles on colorful flower patterned shorts and a white cold shoulder top that Jazmín gave to her long ago and is still at Matteo’s because she never wears it. She checks herself on the mirror of Matteo’s room and decides she is ready to go out.

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Before, I’m holding on to this: when you love someone, even if every single thing in your lives fucked up, leaving each other will never be an option, giving up is the last thing you can do. But, now, I’ve realized that, what if those things are only can be solved by you two individually? Fixing it apart, cleaning up the mess without the help of one? And then, after that, when you finally got your issues back in the track again, continue what you both had, make better memories. Because sometimes, destiny is twisting us up to learn and experience the opposite what we believed in.
—  // 8-25-’16, 11:08pm

Messy desk picture, but I got so excited after finishing this outfit for Beatrix. Now she looks like her true self in modern realm. My beautiful Black Orchid. So maybe I’m ready to make that alpaca wig for her?

From other things, I just went to Resinsoul’s page out of curiosity and saw their new addition, SD girl, Mi. I’m not fond of many RS sculpts but she’s stunning. Somehow makes me think of mature Mei. I wouldn’t hesitate a moment and save up for her, if only there was better option for body. The one RS has in offer, simply does not impress me.

Also, do you think dirty blue is in this season? Cause apparently something in my washing machine dyed all of my pretty, light coloured tops dirty blue. I’d probably cry but at least colour is even. xD Still no idea what the culprit is, and yes I know, it’s not very smart to wash light with other colours. No idea what was I thinking about.