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Among the Humans

A gothic, modern day vampire romance between a young human named Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles, ancient vampire and gentleman. Creatures of the night come with more trouble than they wish to make it seem.

The Larry vampire Au nobody asked for but I thought of anyway. Thank you to my fave @nsfwtomlinson for all your help with the fic and the gifset and making sure I actually get this done.

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Misc AU’s Pt. II
  • ♡ person a is an english teacher and person b is the drama teacher, and when person a hears about person b’s plans to do shakespeare as this year’s spring show then person a decides to offer their assistance and their class as some actors and stagehands. thing is, both person a and person b have very differing opinions on how the play should be and therefore spend the entire time bickering much to their students collective amusement. the students have even formed a pool betting on when their two teachers will finally get together.
  • ♡ person a is part of a family who runs a ranch just outside of town, every year for the summer they host a type of summer camp where kids can come out and stay at the ranch while getting to help and see all the animals, as well as play with them and do other summer camp things. person b is one of a few adults hired to help over the summer as counselors. Person b catches person a’s eye, much to the amusement of person a’s family.
  • ♡ person a and person b’s family have been friends for ages, starting with their parents, and so person a and person b both grow up in each other’s pockets. They bicker and fight almost all the time, until it’s high school and person b sees someone else picking on person a, in which case they go after the person picking on person a, claiming only they can pick on person a. This happens throughout the years on many different occasions with both person a and person b fighting off people interested in the other person until it’s the end of their senior year and they finally get together after all their friends force them together to talk about what they’ve been doing the past few years.
  • ♡ person a works as a firefighter and person b is a fire and trouble magnet. person a has a suspicion that it’s person b lighting all these fires, but person b just so happens to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • ♡ person a works for an art supplies store and person b is the person who always comes ‘round at weird hours with paint all over their skin, but none on their clothes.
  • ♡ person a works at a bar as a bartender and has seen person b fail time after time to pick anyone up or go on any single successful date-night, they try their own hand at asking person b out and everything goes swimmingly.
  • ♡ person a works for an art museum/gallery as a host and person b’s art is up on the walls. person b’s friend convinces them to take a selfie for their facebook/instagram to help spread the word about their showing and person a catches person b taking pictures, telling them they ‘can’t take pictures of the art’, in which person b stutters out that they were only taking a selfie, and person a smirks and says ‘i know’ before winking and wandering off to go great a group of people who just came in the door. 
  • ♡ person a restores and sells vintage cars and takes some of their work to the local car show, where they meet person b - a single parent with a kid who’s absolutely obsessed with cars. 
  • ♡ person a and person b are neighbors in an apartment building with very thin walls. person a keeps hearing person b arguing with family that they really need to stop sending them on blind dates, and when person a stumbles upon person b’s family in the lobby of their apartment (where person b’s family is still trying to convince them to go out and meet people) they decide to take mercy on person b and walk up to them pretending to be dating them, grabbing their hand and kissing them on the cheek before turning to ask what’s going on. pretend dating hijinks ensue.(then real dating hijinks occur)

“What is going to happen to One Direction now?”

“We are definitely going to stay together, this isn’t the last of One Direction” - Zayn Malik

“As long as you guys stand by us we will be there” - Zayn Malik

“It’s beautiful being in this position but it’s also difficult at times. It’s nice to have guys you can turn to” - Liam Payne

“One Band. One Dream. One Direction”

“You are family to me now, not just band mates” - Niall Horan

“I’ve always wanted a brother - now I’ve got four of them” - Liam Payne

“I’ve just realized laying in bed I never thanked my four new best friends, thank you so much Harry,Liam,Niall and Zayn! ” - Louis Tomlinson

“Some places we’ve gone to we’ve seen zero of - maybe we’ll all come back together in 15 years” - Louis Tomlinson

“You never get used to this”  - Liam Payne

“It’s nice to spend time with people who know what i’m actually like” - Harry Styles

“Every now and then you have like a realization moment where you get goosebumps and think: I am literally the luckiest person in the world” -Niall Horan

“The important thing is we are all in this together” - Harry Styles"


fThe masterpost of masterposts of Larry moments. Buckle up for a myriad of GIF’s and videos! (actually I reached a post limit with videos allowed in a single post so some are only linked)

LINK TO PART I: Events covered: 132 LARRY moments during: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Johannesburg, Capetown, Dubai, The Late Late Show With James Corden, Billboard Music Awards, Cardiff, Capital FM Summertime Ball, Cardiff, Vienna, Brussels.

I had to make a new one because the first one started behaving funny, it was too big!


133) This lil pixie is so competitive but when it comes to Harry.. he’s just praying the water won’t catch him.

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